29 Weird Gifts for Friends and Family

weird gifts for your favorite weirdo

Fun and silly gift ideas for friends and family. 

Trying to find the weirdest gifts out there? Then take a look at this list of funny gifts for the weirdo in your friend group or family. You’ll find some of the most unique and strangest gift ideas out there. This list is filled with goofy and hilarious gifts that won’t break the bank and will make anyone laugh and sometimes slightly uncomfortable. So, take a look and find the best weird gifts right here on this gift guide.

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1. A Pair of Weird Fish Flip Flops

 fish flip flops: gifts for weirdos

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The first item on this list of weird gifts is this pair of flip flops that look just like fish. They come in a couple of different colors and all sizes, so you’re sure to find one for the person you want to give a funny gift like these sandals. It’s quite out-there and only for the truly brave people to wear outdoors. This pair of fish sandals is the perfect weird and silly gift idea for friends you want to prank or if you’re looking for a gift to put a smile on someone’s face. I’m not sure just how comfortable they are, but they sure don’t look comfy, but they do look decidedly weird.

2. A Potty Putter Set

a potty putter set (weird gift ideas)

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Another great weird gift idea is this potty putter set to play golf while on the toilet. It also exists in a basketball version, though the golf one is probably a bit less likely to cause a mess in your bathroom. This is great for anyone who’s into golf and likes to spend too much time on the toilet. I think it’s one of the best weird presents on Amazon to give golf fans and anyone who spends too much time in the little boy’s room. So, if you’re looking for a fun and stupid gift, then this is it.

3. A Bag of Unicorn Poo (Bath Bombs)

 a bag of unicorn poo bath bombs as weird gifts for friends amazon

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This gift idea in itself isn’t all that weird, since it’s just a bag of small bath bombs. However, the branding and packaging turn this otherwise nice gift into something funny and hilarious. These unicorn poo bath bombs are great funny gifts for girls and women who will love having a fun bath while also loving unicorns. This is a great example of how a nice and more traditional gift can be turned into a funny gift idea by packaging it in a funny or weird way. Here are some DIY ideas to wrap up a gift to make it wacky, it’s an easy way to prevent spending a lot of money on a useless gift by instead wrapping it up in a fun way.

4. A Slightly Creepy Sleeping Mask

a slightly scary sleeping mask - weird gifts for best friend

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If someone travels a lot by plane or just uses a sleeping mask at night, then this one is a great weird present to give them. It comes in a couple of versions and is just creepy enough to make anyone slightly uncomfortable. It’s a cheap and fun gift to give friends or family and it won’t be a waste of money, since it’s not expensive and actually usable. You can also go for one of the many other funny and weird sleeping masks on Amazon, including some with animal faces on them or curse words.

5. A Nutella Cookbook: weird gifts for friends

 nutella cookbook; weird gifts for him

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Do you have anyone in your life who’s obsessed with Nutella or chocolate? Then this cookbook filled with thirty Nutella recipes is a great gift idea for them. Not only is this cookbook filled with Nutella recipes, it’s also shaped like the pot of your favorite spread. It’s also a pretty affordable cookbook that won’t break the bank and is a great funny gift idea to go along with something else or as a fun gift to give. It’s not one of the strangest items on this list of gifts for weirdos, however, it’s not entirely normal either. Another option is to get someone a huge jar of Nutella that you can also get on Amazon.

6. A Bob Ross Toaster

a bob ross toaster oven; gifts for weirdos

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This next one stays in the realm of foods and it’s another useful but strange gift idea. It’s the perfect weird housewarming gift for friends or family who like Bob Ross and eat toast from time to time. This awesome toaster will make all of your pieces of bread into happy accidents with Bob Ross’ face on them. It’s one of the most ridiculous gifts on this list and perfect for a housewarming party or to give to your sibling who just renovated their kitchen as a joke.

7. A Custom Pillow of Their Face

 custom pillow of their face: funny gifts for friends

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If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, then getting their face or your face printed on a pillow is a fun option. You can choose the size of the pillow and get it customized with whatever picture you want. Most people make these types of pillows for their pets, however, someone’s face is way more fun. I think it’s an especially funny present if you go with the bigger sizes, since it will just look so much more weird and hilarious.

8. A Dinosaur Head Lunch Box

 dinosaur lunch box (weird christmas gifts)

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This dinosaur lunch box is not only a great gift idea for kids who love dinosaurs, it’s also an awesome weird gift for adults. It’s perfect for any adult who’s still into dinosaurs, or who’s maybe a paleontologist (yes, I had to look that word up but remembered if from Friends). Or if your friend used to be obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, then they’ll love this gift. And if they don’t get ashamed easily, then they’ll actually use it. It’s maybe not the most practical lunch box as it’s pretty small, but that doesn’t take away from its charm as a ridiculous gift to give.

9. A Cereal Bowl Candle

 a cereal bowl candle - weird presents

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I think you agree when I say that all candles should look like this from now on. This is a great and confusing gift if you wrap it up as if it’s actually just a bowl of cereal, because who would wrap up a bowl of cereal? It’s a decent size and has three wicks to keep it burning. This is not one of the weirdest items on this list, but it’s a nice and funny one that anyone who loves a good candle will enjoy. And to make it even better, it doesn’t only look like fruit loops, it also smells like a bowl of cereal. All in all, a nice and cute gift to give.

10. A Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

 a unicorn head squirrel feeder - weird amazon gifts

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Bring all the squirrels to your yard with this unicorn head squirrel feeder that will make any animal eating out of it look both ridiculous and slightly scary-. It’s one of the best weird gifts you can get for your friends or family who have a yard and wouldn’t mind putting something so ridiculous in their garden. It’s not as expensive as you might think and is just a great hilarious gift idea for any animal friend. There are some other heads out there that basically do the same, so if you don’t like the unicorn one, then be sure to check out the other options.

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11. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

 How to tell if your cat is plotting you: silly gifts for friends who own cats

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If you’re looking for silly gifts for cat owners, then this book all about the evil masterminds that cats can be is the perfect gift to get them. It’s a book filled with cat jokes and funny cat scenarios. So, if they love cats and you’re looking for a present for weirdos, then this is perfect, or should I say “purrfect”. Anyway, a funny book like this is a simple and unusual gift you can give anyone who has a cat or maybe distrusts their neighbor’s cat.

12. A Best Farter Ever Mug for Dad

 best farter ever mug - weird gifts

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Another great addition to this funny gift guide is this awesome and weird father’s day gift for every dad with a stupid sense of humor. The perfect mug to give any father who struggles with flatulence, or just doesn’t care when he lets one rip. The mug comes in a couple of sizes and colors and is a great gift idea for dads or for someone who’s about to become a first-time dad. So, if you’re looking for something to give dads who will appreciate a good dad joke, then this is a great option to get.

13. A Grow Your Own Boyfriend

 a grow your own boyfriend kit (funny gift ideas for friends)

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Looking for weird gift ideas for women? Then this grow your own boyfriend is a fun novelty gift idea. It will start growing once you put it in a glass of water, it won’t get really all that big, but then again, a tiny boyfriend may just be what you’re looking for. They also exist in a girlfriend version, so no matter your sexual orientation, you can grow your own partner at home. This is a great gift idea for single ladies who don’t mind being single or as a gift for a bachelorette party.

14. The Very Hungover Caterpillar

 the very hungover caterpillar (hilarious gifts for adults)

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Instead of giving new parents the typical Hungry Caterpillar book, you can them this version for adults if they still enjoy a good night out from time to time. It’s also perfect for that friend who doesn’t handle his alcohol very well or perfect for any college student really. It’s a great funny and unique gift idea, since most people won’t even know that this version of the book exists. I personally wouldn’t read it as a nighttime story, though children probably won’t even know what’s going on, so no damage done.

15. A Rubber Chicken Purse: gifts for weirdos

 a rubber chicken purse (weird gifts for her)

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Do they love getting new handbags or love chicken? Then this is the perfect weird and off-the-wagon gift to get. It’s perfect for anyone who is afraid that people may steal their stuff since everyone will notice someone carrying this bag. It’s not the most high-quality handbag out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great present. I think it’s one of my favorite items on this fun gift guide filled with weird gifts for friends and family. And just brainstorming, but a rubber bag would be great to take with you to a pool to protect your stuff, so it can also be really practical.

16. A Fun Wall Key Holder

 a cute elephant wall key holder: silly gift ideas

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With this small gift, you’re not only giving someone a cute elephant keychain, but also a wall holder for the elephant to live in when you’re at home. It’s a cute gift idea, though it’s also slightly strange to have a tiny house hanging on your wall with a mini elephant on it. To make it even weirder the elephant is also a whistle if you blow into its trunk. It’s mainly for safety, of course, to draw attention when necessary, though blowing on the trunk of an elephant does sound a bit weird, right?

17. A Box of Pizza Socks

 pizza socks as weird gifts for men

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Socks are often seen as an all-purpose gift for men to give for every occasion. And if you want to give something useful but with a twist, then you can get them this box of pizza socks. The socks themselves are already pretty weird gift ideas, but the packaging just turns it into an awesome present to give. This box comes with four different pairs of socks, including the crust. I think these socks are great useful but slightly stupid gifts to give your friends or siblings.

18. A Raining Men Umbrella

 an It's Raining Men umbrella; quirky gifts for friends

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Do you love the Bridget Jones’ Diaries’ title song ‘It’s Raining Men’, then you’ll love this weird and original gift. This umbrella is filled with tiny men, so you can feel as if it’s truly raining men around you. It’s a great gag gift for girls (or men) who’ve been single for a while and looking for a man. The design is subtle enough, that not everyone will notice the pattern, especially when it’s raining, so you can actually go outside with this umbrella and use it for what it’s made for.

19. A Pimple Popper Toy

 a pimple popper toy - weird gifts for kids

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Some people claim it’s satisfying to pop the pimples on this toy, I personally think it’s disgusting. Either way, it has definitely earned its place on this list of gifts to give a weirdo, because they might like it. It comes in two sizes and comes with a bottle to refill the pad when you’ve popped all the pimples. It’s one of the most disgusting gifts on this list, but it’s also weirdly hilarious. So, if someone would enjoy fidgeting with a toy like this, then this is a great silly gift idea to get.

20. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

 fifty shades of chicken cookbook (off the wagon gifts)

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Did she read the Fifty Shades of Grey books or loved the movies? Then getting her this chicken cookbook is a great funny gift idea. It’s a parody of the book series and filled with some good chicken recipes. There’s also a bacon version of the book, though this cover is just too good to resist as a funny gift for them to open at Christmas in front of the family. Just be sure that she’ll think it’s just as hilarious as you think it is.

21. A Poster with Shakespearean Insults

 A shakespearean insults poster; unique funny gifts

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If they are into literature and fun book jokes, then they’ll love to get this poster filled with Shakespearean insults. It’s a great piece of decoration for any dorm room of an English student or as a conversation starter in your home. Also a great gift for people who curse a lot to extend their most frequently-used vocabulary. I never expected to put a Shakespeare-related present on this list of strange gifts, but it suits just fine.

22. A Delicious Burrito Blanket

 a tortilla blanket - stupid gifts

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This blanket looks just like a tortilla ready to be filled and turned into a burrito. It also comes in a waffle and pizza version, though this one is my personal favorite. It’s weird and comfy at the same time, which makes it such a good gift. You can choose between a couple of different sizes depending on who you’re shopping for. It’s a simple and funny gift idea that’s perfect for anyone who loves burritos and really everyone can use an extra blanket in the house.

23. An Avocado Pool Float

 an avocado pool floatie; strange gifts

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Another food-related item on this weird gift guide is this pool float that looks like an avocado and has a removable core at the center. Just as a pool float, it’s already pretty of the wagon, but it becomes a truly weird present if you give it to someone who doesn’t have a pool and doesn’t go swimming or doesn’t go to the beach very often. I, myself have given someone who had no use for it a pool floatie before, and she was actually quite happy with it and thought it was hilarious.

24. Bob’s Burgers Clue Board Game

 Bob's burgers clue board game (weird gift ideas on amazon)

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If they love playing board games and want to grow their collection and they love the Bob’s Burgers cartoon. Then this is the perfect twist on giving a simple board game. This version of Clue is centered around the Belcher family and locations of Bob’s Burgers and is a great edition of a classic game. There’s also a Monopoly, though the Clue version seems like more fun. If they don’t watch the show, then look for other fun versions of classic board games to give.

25. A ‘Dad Bod’ Fanny Pack

 A dad bod fanny pack as a strange gift

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One of the truly weird gifts for friends on this list is this fanny pack that will give any dad the body they’ve been dreaming of. It comes in a couple of versions and is both funny and slightly disgusting at the same time. Then again, no one will try and steal it or even touch it. Fanny packs have been very on-trend in the last couple of years, so you’re even stylish according to the current trend. It’s big enough to hold about three cans of beer to help you grow an authentic belly so you don’t have to keep wearing this thing forever.

26. Cat Butt Magnets: weird gift ideas

 Cat butt magnets: silly gifts

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Another silly gift idea for cat lovers is this set of magnets that look just like cat butts. These magnets are great funny and weird gifts that would be the perfect weird stocking stuffers for family and friends for this Christmas. The idea is kinda simple, but so effective. And you don’t even really have to like cats, because if you hate them, then you would maybe want to see a cat severed in half like this. Either way, they’re great goofy gifts to give.

27. A Pair of Socks in Sandals

sandals socks as one of the weirdest gifts on Amazon

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These weird socks are great funny gifts for weirdos who enjoy a good fashion faux pas. A pair of socks is not something you can really go wrong with and these are the ultimate silly socks to wear. To make it even better, you can also execute the ultimate inception by wearing these socks in actual sandals. Try to explain that to the people around you that you’re actually wearing two sets of socks and sandals, without wearing two pairs of shoes. If that doesn’t weird you out, then I give up.

28. A Silly Garden Gnome

a silly garden gnome: goofy gifts

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Who wouldn’t love to get a weird garden gnome to put in their front yard? Well, probably most people wouldn’t, and that’s why it’s on this list. It’s a great gift for that weird friend and you can find them in a bunch of different designs. So, have a look around and see which one you think is the most hilarious. This is a personal favorite, though the ridiculously large garden gnome that’s also available on Amazon is pretty great as well, though a lot more expensive.

29. Watch Ya’ Mouth Party Game

Watch ya' mouth party game (weird gifts for friends)

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If you want to get them something fun and weird to do together, then this party game is a great choice. It’s basically a challenge on who can speak the best with a huge mouthguard in their mouth. It comes in a couple of versions and is great for families or people who aren’t afraid to drool a bit all over each other. So, if you were looking for a fun game, then this is the thing to get. The base game is a great choice, though the 90s version is great if you’re playing it with friends.

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After scrolling through this list of weird and goofy gifts for friends or family, you hopefully now have some great weird gifts to give in mind. If you want to go and make your own silly gift ideas for weirdos, then check out these gift ideas you can make at home. Either way, the one thing to keep in mind when you’re buying this kind of gift is to not spend too much money on it if you know it’s not going to be used at all. So keep your budget in mind and have fun browsing through the weirdest gifts on Amazon and the internet.

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