14 No-Fail Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Fun and affordable toddler stocking stuffer ideas.

Don’t know what to get a toddler as a stocking stuffer this Christmas? Then take a look at this list to get ideas and inspiration on what kind of stocking suffer gifts for toddlers are out there. You’ll find small and larger items that can be used as original and fun stocking suffer ideas for toddlers.

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1. Cute Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet magnets for 2 year olds

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This box is filled with adorable magnets that might help them teach the names of each object, animal, fruit, or vegetable. You can give them the entire box as a stocking stuffer for your todler, or split it up in parts for twelve days of Christmas or use them to fill an advent calendar. Either way, it’s a fun idea. Just make sure you have a fridge that magnets will stick to or something else that will work. If you don’t have anything that it will stick to, consider getting something else of this list.

2. Projector Flash Light

projector flash light toy as a toddler stocking stuffer idea

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This is another stocking suffer idea that is both fun to play with and educational. It has a range of images they can choose from to project on the wall. The flashlight will then say what color and animal it is. There are a couple of other options on there as well that they can play around with. If you’re not the parent yourself, make sure the parents don’t have an issue with toys that make sounds or need batteries, because this is one of those toys.

3. A Set of Play-Doh Clay

toddler stocking stuffers: play-doh

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It’s a classic that couldn’t be missing from this list. A set of Play-Doh is perfect to start playing with textures as a toddler. It’s a fun activity that all toddlers will love. This set here is the most basic set of colors, and a great starting point. At first, you don’t need shapes or any of the more difficult Play-Doh sets, as they will initially just love playing around with the clay. A good tip is to just give them a plastic knife to play with and to put some clear plastic on the table before letting them go wild.

4. A Christmas-themed Book

A Christmas themed board book

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A fun board book is always great to get any young kid and this is no exception. The Christmas-themed ones are especially great as stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers as any parent will love to give their child more books. You can also get a more general book, like The Hungry Caterpillar or The Rainbow Fish. There are loads of great toddler books like this out there and you are sure to find one that is perfect for the toddler you’re trying to find a gift for.


LEGO DUPLO as christmas gifts for 2-year-olds

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These LEGO DUPLO sets are great gifts for toddlers, no matter the occasion. However, they also vary strongly in price and size and for stocking stuffers, I would stick with a smaller one somewhere under or around the 15 dollar range. This one here is a great example of a great set to get a toddler. It has a base to build on with the provided blocks, but it’s also just a toy in and of itself. So, if they’re not able to really build anything yet, they can already play with the car as just a car.

6. A Set of Chubby Crayons.

Chubby crayons - an example of stocking suffer ideas for toddlers

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Crayons are one of those more traditional stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers that you might have thought of yourself or not. For toddlers, it’s especially smart to choose a set that doesn’t have too many colors and in which the crayons are a bit bigger, so they’re a bit easier to handle. You can go with the classic Crayola brand, or go with a less well-known brand like this one here that uses beeswax. Either way, crayons are a fun way to be creative and the chubby ones are the perfect starting point.

7. Sesame Street Socks

Sesame street socks for kids

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Now these are a bit of an unexpected stocking stuffer. Who really expects a sock full of socks? Anyways, socks with fun characters can be a great gift idea for toddlers. However, for toddlers who are already tempted to continuously take off their socks, this might not be the present to get. These ones here are Sesame Street-themed, but there are loads of other cute characters out there that are on socks. Just pick something they love, like Paw Patrol or Sesame Street.

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8. Toy Car Keys

toy car keys for toddlers

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Are they constantly taking your car keys and making them difficult for you to find? I remember my baby brother always stealing my mom’s keys and putting them in the toy chest, which made it quite difficult to find them. Anyway, even if they don’t do that, a set of play car keys can be a fun gift to get a toddler to play with. If they have a toy car to ride, it can even make the play pretend feel more real. It’s also small enough that it will be a great toddler stocking stuffer idea.

9. No-Spill Bubbles

no-spill bubbles - stocking stuffers for 18 month old

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What toddler doesn’t love bubbles? But also what toddler doesn’t struggle to use a normal bubble blower? This one here is made specifically for toddlers to use and to prevent pouring soapy water all over the ground. This is a great affordable toy for outdoors that is just a fun small item to add to a Christmas stocking. It’s available in a couple of different colors. You could also get them a bubble maker that you can control as an adult, but I think the one they can use themselves might be a bit more challenging for them to learn dexterity.

10. Foam Bath Stickers

foam bath stickers for toddlers to play with at bath time

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Bathtime is always great fun, but you can make it even more fun by getting them a set of foam animals that can stick to the bathtub. This set here is just an example, but there are loads of different sets like this out there. From letters to animals to cars and trucks, these sets are great for toddlers to play with and you don’t have to worry too much if they start chewing on them. Of course, other bath toys can also be great stocking stuffer ideas to get any toddler.

11. Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand - toddler stocking suffer

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If your toddler loves playing in the sandbox, but it’s too cold out in winter, then you can get them a set of kinetic sand to play with inside. This set here is a great example of such a set. It comes with a couple of colors of sand and some tools that can do some fun things with the kinetic sand. I typically stay away from sand-colored kinetic sand, as that might confuse them as to why certain sand is able to do more than the other sand. So, a set with bright colors is always a good idea.

12. A Dump Truck Toy

dump truck toy for toddler boys

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What kid doesn’t love to play with trucks and enjoys dumping out the stuff they put in it? This one here is really simple and well-made and has a truck bed that lifts up just like a real dump truck. The same brand also has a garbage truck and a scooper which are also great choices. So, if your toddler loves to play with trucks, or is obsessed with the garbage pickup each week, then one of these trucks is a great gift to add to their stocking for this year’s Christmas.

13. A Toy Fishing Pole

a toy fishing pole - christmas ideas for toddlers

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I know this is not the first bath toy on this list of stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers, but that’s because there are some great bath toys for this age range out there. This one is a fishing pole that has magnets on it to catch the fish toys with, being no exception to the bath toys being great fun. It’s an item that I frequently add to gift guides for toddlers as it’s just such a classic toy you can’t go wrong with. So, if you’re looking for something small and simple, this is a great choice.

14. A Simple Set of Stacking Cups

set of stacking cups for toddlers

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Sometimes, a great classic like stacking cups is just something you can’t go wrong with. And if they don’t already have a set like this, I think this might just be the best stocking stuffer on the list. It’s also one of the cheapest choices on this gift guide and one of the most educational ones at that. They’re so simple, but a classic for a reason. You can use them to stack and to nest, but also to play with in the bath or in a sandbox. In other words, something you really can’t go wrong with.

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I hope you found some inspiration and toddler stocking stuffer ideas from this list of toddler present ideas. Going with basic toddler toys is always a good idea, or going for a fun Christmas-themed book. You can also make something yourself for your toddler this Christmas, though that will involve some more effort. So, have a look around and get them something fun and magical this Christmas.

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