25 Great Soccer Gifts for Soccer Fans & Players

great soccer gifts for soccer fans

A list of the best soccer gift ideas. 

Are you looking for gift ideas for soccer fans and players that they’ll love? Then scroll down and check out this soccer gift guide filled with great and original soccer gifts that they’ll love. This includes soccer gift ideas for her and him, so you’re sure to find the best gifts for soccer fans and players right here.

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1. An Eat-Sleep-Soccer-Repeat Hoodie

an 'eat sleep soccer repeat' hoodie: soccer gifts

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The first present on this list of gift ideas for soccer players is this hoodie that’s perfect for anyone obsessed with soccer. It’s a simple hoodie that’s great for soccer practice or to wear around the house to stay comfy. It’s a gift idea that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and therefore great for anyone who knows that their love for soccer can go a bit far from time to time. So, if you’re looking for something simple and funny that they’ll also actually use, then a simple hoodie like this is a great option.

2. A Funko POP! of their Favorite Player

A De Bruyne Funko Pop - gifts for soccer lovers

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Another great soccer present is a Funko Pop of their favorite player. You can get these from Amazon for pretty much all popular players, including this one of Kevin De Bruyne. Depending on what their favorite team is, you might want to go with one of their players, though popular ones such as Hazard, Messi, Mbappé, and Salah are always safe options to go with, because they’re well-loved in the entire soccer community. Though stay away from someone from the rivaling team. This is an especially fun gift for kids.

3. Zonal Marking Book for Soccer Fans

zonal markings book (gifts for soccer fans)

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If you’re looking for soccer gifts for adults or teenagers, then this book all about the recent history of European football is a great option to get. It discusses some of the most interesting things that happened in the world of soccer in the last couple of decades and how the different nations have left their own unique mark on the world of football. It’s an interesting read for anyone who wants to dig a bit deeper into football as it stands today and wants to learn everything they need to know to keep up with the constant shifting of soccer power in Europe.

4. A Solo Soccer Trainer: soccer gift ideas

a waist football trainer; amazon gifts for soccer fans

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If you want to train your agility and ball control on your own, then this soccer trainer you can strap around your waist and put the ball in is a great idea. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have siblings or parents that have the time to constantly train with them but want to train nonetheless. It’s great for anyone who mainly wants to train their ball control. It comes in a couple of different colors, so you can pick the one they’ll like best. I think this is a great gift for a soccer fan who plays the game themselves as well.

5. A Coach Whiskey Tumbler

soccer whiskey glass by JMCreations18 on Etsy - cool soccer gifts for guys

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Another great addition to this soccer gift guide is this whiskey tumbler by JMCreations18 on Etsy that’s perfect for your coach. They’re an original way to say thank you to your soccer coach, or really any type of coach. It’s perfect for the guy who enjoys a glass of whiskey while watching a game and they’ll look great on any bookshelf. It’s a subtle way to reference your love for soccer without having a black and white ball in your living room.

6. A Set of Soccer Stress Balls

soccer stress balls as gifts for soccer player boyfriend

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Are you looking for small gifts or stocking stuffers for a soccer team? Then this pack of stress balls is maybe just the thing you’re looking for. Of course, you can use these for so much more than just as a stress ball. It’s a fun little soccer gadget that most people will love to get. It’s especially great for kids, since they’re not too hard, so won’t break things in the house and won’t hurt the person they’re throwing it at. It’s a great option if you’re looking for smaller soccer-themed items that would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for the end of the soccer season of their team.

7. A Foosball Table: gifts for soccer fans

a foosball table: gifts for soccer players

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Are they huge soccer fans, but don’t necessarily play it themselves? Then getting this foosball table is a fun way to join in on the fun without even having to leave the house. This is perfect for any mancave or games room, since it doesn’t cost a lot, is a lot of fun, and will keep them busy for a while. It’s big enough for adults to play as well as not being too high up, so kids can join as well. And a foosball table like this is not as expensive as you might think.

8. Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

soccer ball bath bombs - soccer gifts for her

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Most soccer gift ideas on this list are primarily aimed at guys and boys, though this one would be perfect for any girl who’s really into the game. This set of bath bombs that look just like soccer balls is a great girly soccer gift idea. That doesn’t mean that all girls will like it, many of the gifts on this gift guide are also perfectly good presents for girls or women. Though, I must say these bath bombs would be great for any girl who both love soccer and enjoys soaking in a nice bath after a match.

9. The FIFA Game of This Year

FIFA; soccer gifts for adults

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FIFA is not only a football league, but also a well-loved game that comes out with a new updated version each year. It continues to be a must-have for any soccer fan who enjoys gaming. The game has a version for pretty much all consoles and is just a classic game any soccer player will love. Make sure to get the most recent version out there, since there’s a new one each year. It’s one of the best Christmas presents for soccer fans, since the new game typically comes out right before the holidays.

10. Soccer Patent Posters

soccer patent posters by WunderkammerStudio on Etsy (gifts for soccer fan kid)

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These patent posters by WunderkammerStudio on Etsy are another great soccer-themed gift idea. They’re both stylish and soccer-related, something that doesn’t often go together. They’re great for in your office or in a teenage boy’s bedroom to add a touch of their favorite sports, without it getting flashy or tacky. You can pick the size and background color to suit your style. For example, the black and white version is pretty awesome looking and a great neutral option.

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11. A Marshmellow Goal Scoring Mug

a marshmellow soccer mug - end of season gifts for soccer players

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Giving someone a fun mug is just one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong with, and this fun soccer mug is no different. It’s a fun piece of soccer novelty to give someone for their birthday or for Christmas and the perfect mug for drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows out of. So, if you want to make this gift idea a bit more fun and special, you can add everything they will need to make a nice cup of hot chocolate, with the mini marshmallow being a necessity to score the goals with, of course.

12. Merch of Their Favorite Soccer Club

merchandise of their favorite football club (gifts for soccer lovers)

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This Liverpool scarf is a great example of gifts for soccer lovers that they’ll love and use to support their favorite club. You can get merch for the main clubs in Europe and Amazon and choose what item you like best. It’s a simple way to find a good gift idea for a fan of the game. All you need to know is what their favorite team is and how crazy they are about the team, because some people are more invested with singular players, rather than an entire team, so be sure to check that before picking out a present like this.

13. A Weighted Soccer Training Ball

a weighted training ball - soccer training gifts

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If you’re looking for gifts for soccer players, then this weighted ball that’s great for practicing your technique and ball control is a great gift to get. It’s a great tool to build power behind your kicks and is a great way to get more control over the ball. It’s also really affordable, and just a great item for any soccer player or soccer fan who wants to practice their technique a bit more. So, if you’re looking for something for a player of the game to practice with, then this is a great option.

14. A Manchester United Old Trafford LEGO Set

A Man U Lego Set (christmas gifts for soccer players)

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A LEGO set of an iconic soccer stadium is another great option if you’re looking for soccer gifts. These sets are out there for a couple of different famous stadiums and are really affordable and a fun activity. On top of the fun of putting it together, you’re also left with a great piece of decor for your room. Just make sure you have the budget for it, as these sets are pretty pricey. It think these are only worth it if they’re both a soccer and LEGO fan.

15. The Soccer IQ Book: gift for soccer lover

The Soccer IQ book (gift ideas for soccer fans)

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Whether you’re a soccer player or coach, this book is a must-read if you want to expand your soccer knowledge and tips on playing strategies. This is perfect for beginners, who may not know all the intricate strategies that come into play in a good game of soccer. Even if you do know more, then it can still be an interesting read to deepen your knowledge and offer some new perspectives on the game. The book already has a volume 2, so if they enjoy it, you can get the second one for them next time.

16. A Soccer Chair and Ottoman for Toddlers

a soccer ball chair for toddlers: soccer gifts

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Do you know a soccer fan who has toddlers that he can’t wait to include in his love for soccer? Then this chair and ottoman combo is just too cute to resist and a great gift idea for toddlers. It will be the perfect spot to watch the game from together with their dad. And when put together, it just looks like a giant football, what more can you want. It is quite pricy, but they’ll enjoy it for years to come and will even look great as a piece of decor in their room as they grow older. And it’s maybe also one of my favorite soccer gag gifts.

17. A Personalized Soccer Necklace

a personalized soccer necklace (gifts for soccer players)

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A piece of soccer jewelry that’s both fun and personal is this personalized soccer ball necklace. It’s the perfect gift for soccer fans who want to wear their love for the game. I wouldn’t give it to someone to wear while playing it though, since it’ll smack you in the face while running. This soccer present is so great because you can customize it with up to seven letters, so if their name isn’t too long, you can go with that. It also offers a pair of matching earrings if you would be more interested in that.

18. An Agility Training Kit

agility training set as soccer fan gifts

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If you’re trying to find things for soccer players, then this agility training kit is a great idea. This kit allows them to do drills in their backyard or in the park with all the basics they need to do most drills to train their speed, agility, and quickness. It’s especially perfect for any teenager who’s serious about their game and maybe aren’t able to go to their training right now or want to practice more on their own time. It even comes with two ebooks full of drills to do.

19. A Football Clubs of Europe Poster

a football clubs of Europe poster (unique soccer gifts)

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Are you looking for something to give a soccer fan that would look great on their wall or in their room? Then this poster of Europe filled with all the football clubs is a great gift idea to get. It’s a fun reference map to keep track of exactly where each team comes from and it might also improve your topography skills at the same time. It comes in two sizes and will look great on any wall, since the colors aren’t too in your face.

20. A Soccer Water Bottle and Mister

a handy water bottle: amazon soccer gift ideas

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One of the most practical and useful soccer gift ideas on this list is this water bottle that’s also a water mister at the same time. No one can steal it for their hobbies, since it’s clear that this one is just for soccer. Its misting functionality is also great for the warmer days, when you can just spray some water in your face to cool down with this handy feature. And a good designated water bottle is something every athlete and soccer player can use.

21. A Set of Sports Balls Throw Pillows

a set of sports throw pillows soccer gifts for kids

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Another great option if you’re looking for gift ideas for fans of soccer that are for the home is this set of throw pillows shaped like sports balls. It’s great for any boy’s room, no matter their age, and would even look great if you have a man cave. You can get the soccer ball by itself, though the set makes it a more coherent gift idea and is also great for soccer fans who are into more than just soccer. So, if you’re looking for something that would be great for kids and for adults, then this gift idea is it.

22. Soccer Cufflinks for Soccer Fans

football cufflinks: soccer gifts for him

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Are you looking for small soccer gifts for him? Then these cufflinks are a great option. They’re pretty affordable presents and are the perfect stocking stuffer or a small gift for whatever occasion. The little balls are subtle enough that they won’t stand out, but obvious enough that everyone will know how much you love the game. They’re one of the more unique amazon gifts for soccer lovers available and sure to be a success for anyone obsessed with the sport.

23. A Large Portable Soccer Goal

a large collapsible goals as one of the best soccer gifts for players

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Probably one of the best presents for soccer players is one of these portable soccer goals that are a decent size. They come in a couple of different colors for you to choose from and fold up into a small carrier bag that comes with it. It’s great for soccer players that don’t have a big yard or would like to play on a smaller field without having to actually move any goals. So, if you’re looking for practical and useful gifts, then this set is one of the best affordable options.

24. Goalie Gloves: gifts for soccer players

goalie gloves as best gifts for soccer players

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If he’s a goalkeeper instead of a field player, or maybe he can do both, then a pair of goalie gloves is something you can’t really go wrong with. This pair here comes in a couple of different colors and sizes. You can also head over to Etsy for a personalized alternative instead. Though, you can’t know for sure, the quality of the gloves. Either way, it’s an easy shoo-in for any goalkeepers out there. And for all kids who sometimes have to be the goalie.

25. Bright Soccer Socks

soccer socks: funny gifts for soccer fans

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The last item on this soccer gift guide is a bit crazy and out there, but also one of the best small gifts to get a soccer fan. Soccer socks in general are already a nice gift, or maybe to add to a gift basket. However, these ones here are so bright and colorful that they’ll quickly become their favorite. They come in a couple of different colors, so take a look to see which one you like best. For me, it’s the orange set or the blue pair.

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Now, you hopefully have a list filled with gifts for soccer fans to pick from that you think any soccer fan or player would like to get. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate someone’s love for the game, then check out these soccer party ideas as a great spot to find some inspiration and decoration ideas. So, you now have everything you need to throw someone who loves soccer a great party with these awesome soccer gift ideas for soccer lovers.

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