30 Sentimental Gifts for Your Girlfriend

sentimental gifts for your girlfriend

Find the best thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend. 

Are you looking for sweet and sentimental gifts for your girlfriend? Then check out this romantic gift guide for her filled with thoughtful and meaningful ideas for your girlfriend that she’ll love. From custom and personalized gifts on Etsy to romantic gifts for her from Amazon. Scroll down and find the best sentimental gift ideas for her.

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1. Love Language: the Card Game

love language card game - sentimental gifts girlfriend

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So the first present on this list of romantic presents for your girlfriend is this card game all about your love language. If you’ve never heard of that term, then do a quick Google search to find out more. It’s all about growing closer as a couple and finding your ways of expressing your love for each other. This card game is a fun way to explore your relationship and to get to know each other even better or to simply reminiscent on some great memories using the prompts on the cards.

2. Personalized Home Print

Personalized Home Print with Coordinates on Etsy: christmas gifts for girlfriend

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This digital print by FlourishByTina on Etsy is a great simple and personal gift idea that she’ll love. It’s perfect for when you just moved in together or have recently moved into a new place. This thoughtful gift idea is easily ordered online and you’ll get the digital file to get printed locally. So, all you need to do is get a nice frame and a good-quality print job. It’s also great as a last-minute option, because you don’t have to wait for shipping and they typically send you the file within 48 hours after you order it.

3. A Compass Necklace

simple compass necklace (sentimental gifts for girlfriend)

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If you’re looking for a small and thoughtful piece of jewelry, then this compass with a sweet message is a great idea that isn’t too expensive. It’s a necklace that doesn’t scream its meaning, but you’ll both know the message behind it. It’s a sweet and thoughtful gift idea for a girlfriend that she’ll love no matter her age. All in all, it’s a simple gift idea that shows that you care, yet doesn’t have to cost a fortune or a lot of energy to come up with something nice and thoughtful.

4. A Rosé Spa Set

a rosé spa kit - cute sentimental gifts for girlfriend

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Does she enjoy a glass of rosé? Then pairing a bottle of her favorite drink with this gift set is a great way to give her a moment to herself and have an at-home spa day. This spa set is completely rosé themed and comes with everything she may need for a relaxing soak in the bath. So, if she loves taking a bath and a good glass of rosé, then this is the perfect sentimental gift for your girlfriend. She’ll also appreciate the gesture of a moment to herself.

5. Our Adventure Book from the Movie Up

our adventure book from up; sentimental gifts for her

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This small scrapbook to keep your favorite memories in is a great gift for anyone who loves the movie Up. Or you can plan to see the movie together and then end it by giving her this book as a nice anniversary date idea. It’s a really affordable and thoughtful gift that she’ll love and would be perfectly paired with a polaroid camera to capture your upcoming adventures and memories. Don’t be fooled by the size though, it’s more notebook-sized and will fit on your shelf, so it’s not as big as it is in the movie.

6. An Engraved Heart Bracelet: sentimental jewelry for your girlfriend

dainty heart bracelet on Etsy: girlfriend gift ideas

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Are you looking for a nice piece of jewelry for your girlfriend that’s meaningful and thoughtful? Then this dainty heart bracelet by  on Etsy with one of your or her initials engraved in it is a really nice option. It comes in three different metal colors and a bunch of different sizes and you can even choose the letter style you want the letter to be engraved in. It’s a nice keepsake and a great sentimental gift idea for your girlfriend that she’ll love.

7. A Funny and Sweet Card

cute gifts for girlfriend - best sentimental gifts ideas for her

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If you’re looking for something small to go along with one of the other items on this list, then this funny and sweet card is a great option. It’s perfect for an anniversary or valentine’s gift because it’s funny without being vulgar like most cards are nowadays. Make sure she has a silly sense of humor and you’re good to go. I would make sure to include it together with something else, for example, a sort of voucher for a fun date or experience you have planned.

8. Fondue for Two

fondue for two as a sentimental gift for girlfriend

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This is a great present for your girlfriend to make date nights at home so much more fun. This small fondue set is perfect for both cheese and chocolate and is a great activity to do with just the two of you. So, if you love fondue, this is the gift for you (just to make sure you noticed, I made that rhyme). It’s one of my favorite sweet gifts for girlfriends to give, and it’s especially sweet if you use it with chocolate. Anyway, it’s the perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys a bit of fondue action. Make sure you also include the ingredients to start using it for your date.

9. A Tiny Locket Necklace: sentimental gifts for your girlfriend

a locket as one of the best romantic gifts for her

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This small locket necklace is a great modern take on your more traditional heart locket. It looks great as a necklace by itself, but the charm opens up and allows you to put two tiny pictures or a small keepsake inside of it. So, if you want a sentimental piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, then this locket that comes in three different colors is a great option. Of course, if you like the idea of an actual heart locket, then that’s also perfectly fine as a gift, though it’s generally not very wearable and tends to be pretty bulky.

10. A Scrabble Coaster Set of Your Names

a scrabbel coaster (best sentimental gifts for girlfriend)

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This gift idea is perfect if you actually share a letter in your names, otherwise it becomes a bit pointless. These custom coasters are great meaningful gifts for her and will look great on any table. It’s also a nice conversation starter at a party, so that’s an extra pro for this gift. You can also choose one of the many other personalized coaster and trivet designs they have to offer. It’s pretty affordable as long as you have short names. Something personalized is always a nice thoughtful gift to give.

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11. ‘Where It All Began’ Digital Print

Where It All Began Map Digital Print on Etsy (simple and sentimental presents)

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This digital print by MarketaDigitals on Etsy is a great piece to hang up in your home to remind you of where it all began. There are a bunch of customizable options, from colors to fonts to how quickly you get it. It is a digital print, so make sure to get it printed somewhere on some high-quality paper and get a frame for it, and there you have one of the best personalized meaningful gifts you can get. And because it’s a digital print, you don’t have to worry about damage during shipping.

12. Love You to Pieces Puzzle

Love you to pieces puzzle (thoughtful gifts for girlfriend)

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With this gift idea, you get the personal touch without having to write any of the messages yourself. Once you remove the outer sleeve, it can even be a secret message, as they will just see the scene without the message. Then the message is revealed once the puzzle is done. You could also do this with a personalized puzzle from Etsy to make it even better. Though a fun puzzle is already a great and affordable gift idea you can’t go wrong with.

13. A Truth or Dare Game for Couples

truth or dare for couples - sentimental gift ideas for girlfriend

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This tin is filled with fun and more spicy truth-or-dare questions made for couples. It’s a fun set of cards to bring up every now and then to keep your relationship fresh. This is a great tool to open up the conversation on topics that are typically a bit more taboo. So, if you’re looking for something fun and sweet then this is a nice way to spend some quality time together while also getting to know each other a bit better as well.

14. The Date Night Cookbook

a cookbook for date night (good sentimental gifts for girlfriend)

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This date night cookbook is filled with romantic recipes that are perfect for an at-home date night. On top of that, there are also some great easy recipes for when you’re both not in the mood to put in a lot of effort. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking. So, a great romantic gift for your girlfriend if paired with some post-it notes for her to mark the dishes she wants YOU to make, otherwise, it might come across as if she’s going to have to do all the cooking, which wouldn’t be very nice.

15. A Custom Morse Code Bracelet

Custom Morse Code Bracelet on Etsy - unique gift for girlfriend

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Another great piece of jewelry for your girlfriend on this sentimental gift guide is this custom morse code bracelet by LAminiJewelry on Etsy. You can get any message or name turned into morse code, as long as it’s under 25 characters, because a wrist only has so much space. You can pick the color and there you have a great subtle piece of jewelry that is really meaningful to you without it being the stereotypical heart. I think it’s one of the best jewelry options on this list.

16. ‘I Wrote A Book About You’

I wrote a book about you (sentimental relationship gifts)

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Don’t worry, it’s not a completely empty book for you to fill in. This book is filled with short writing prompts and pages to fill in that will end up being one of the best sentimental gifts to get. It takes one to two hours to fill out, so take your time and fill its pages with everything you love about her. It’s a nice thoughtful gift idea for her that she’ll love to get and she’ll treasure it for years. So, if you like the idea of writing personal messages but don’t know where to begin, then this book is the perfect present.

17. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Long distance touch lamps as sentimental girlfriend gifts

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These lamps are connected to one another and react when one of them is touched. You can use it when you live far away from each other and show the other that you’re thinking of them. It even comes with different colors, so you can choose which color to send and what each color means. It’s a great thoughtful gift for long-distance relationships, though it is pretty expensive to get two of them. And its design isn’t horrible or stands out too much, so it will blend in fine in most rooms.

18. A Custom Wooden Postcard

an engraved custom card; romantic gifts for girlfriend

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If you want to send someone a gift and are thinking of sending a nice card, then this wooden one is perfect, since it’s a keepsake for years to come. You can customize it for the occasion and get it personalized. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift idea that she’ll keep for years without it wearing down. So, if you don’t live nearby this is another great gift option or as something to go along with a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates to turn it into a more meaningful gift for her.

19. Cute Custom Couple Avocado Mugs

Cute Custom Couple Avocado Mugs on Etsy = sentimental gift for girlfriend

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Some great more practical but thoughtful gifts for a couple are these custom mugs by PacificCustoms on Etsy. They’re so cute and you can customize them to have your names on them. Whether you use them side by side at home or each of you use them at work, it’s so adorable and sweet that it deserved a place on this list of sweet gifts for your gf. And a mug is always a nice useful gift that won’t go to waste, because you can never have too many mugs.

20. Better Together Puzzle Keychains

love gifts for her (small sentimental gifts for girlfriend)

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Are you looking for an affordable and small meaningful option, then this pair of puzzle keychains are a great option. They’re simple and get the message across, and everyone can use one more keychain. It’s one of the easiest meaningful and sentimental gifts on here, so if you want to keep it simple, then this is the gift to get. It comes in a couple of versions, so pick the one you like most and make sure to actually hang your part onto your keys as well, otherwise, the present is pretty pointless.

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21. Where It All Began Custom Pillow

a cute custom pillow (thoughtful gifts for her)

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This custom pillow is another great addition to this gift guide for her. You can get your own custom message printed on this pillow as a nice personalized gift to give. It’s not the most glamorous thing to get. However, it’s cute and can find its place in your home to remind you both of the first time you met. And don’t worry it’s not just a pillow cover, it is filled when it arrives. All in all, a nice touching gift idea for your significant other.

22. A Cup of Love for the Tea Lover

a cup of love for tea lovers: personalized sentimental gifts

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If she loves a nice cup of tea, then she’ll love this idea. This box is filled with rose tea and packaged to be the perfect romantic gift. You can choose between loose tea or satchels, depending on what she prefers. It’s a really nice small gift that I think she’ll love if she’s a frequent drinker of tea. It’s better than a box of chocolates, because it shows that you chose this specifically for her because she loves tea, though it wouldn’t hurt to pair it with some sweets to go along with this gift for your girlfriend.

23. Raw Birthstone Earrings: romantic gifts for her

Handmade Raw Birthstone Earrings on Etsy as sentimental gifts for girlfriends

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These gorgeous birthstone earrings by Borcik on Etsy are another great example of meaningful pieces of jewelry for a girlfriend to give. You simply choose her birth month and there you have a great piece of jewelry without it being a ring, which is always a risky move. It’s the perfect sentimental and meaningful option that she’ll love. However, I do have to point out that some months have a prettier stone than others in this raw version of them, so if you don’t like this version, then check out all the other birthstone jewelry out there.

24. DIY Exploding Memory Box

an exploding memory box (thoughtful birthday gifts for girlfriend)

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This gift idea is a bit more labor-intensive than the others on this list, though the effort is worth it. This gift will look like a normal gift box and when she opens it, it will fold out with all the memories you put in it beforehand. So collect pictures of your favorite moments and there you have everything you need for this gift. You do need to assemble the box yourself of course. If you are more for the DIY variant, then you can follow this tutorial to create this entire memory box from scratch as a nice meaningful gift for your girlfriend.

25. My Life Would Succ Without You Planter

life would succ without you planter - sentimental gifts for a girlfriend

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This funny and sweet planter for succulents is a nice gift idea for girlfriends if they’re into puns and succulents. It’s a bit cheesy, but it’s also terribly sweet at the same time. There are a couple of versions of this planter available, though this one is my favorite. If she doesn’t already have some succulents to fill it up with, maybe get a pair of those as well to complete the gift, you can order those online as well if you want.

26. Custom Couple Drinks Poster

Custom Couple Drinks Poster on Etsy; best valentine gift for girlfriend

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This is another digital print, this time by oflifeandlemons on Etsy, though they also have a version that they ship to you printed, so click here for that one. It’s a fun poster that you can customize however you want. They have pretty much all kinds of drinks to choose from, so be sure to check out all the options before picking the ones you think represent the two of you best. I think this is great to hang up in your kitchen or where you like to entertain. It’s just a fun and personalized sweet gift idea for a couple.

27. The Astrology of You and Me

astrology of you and me (sentimental gifts)

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This present for a girlfriend is perfect if she is into astrology and the idea that star signs matter in a relationship. You don’t have to believe in it yourself, because I don’t either, but this gift can show that you know she cares. It’s a book filled with relationship tips for all star signs and will give some great advice, no matter what your star sign is. So, if you’re looking for something to give your girlfriend who’s into astrology, then this is the perfect thoughtful gift to give.

28. Ninety Capsule Messages in a Bottle

mini messages in a bottle - sentimental jewelry for girlfriend

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Do you have the time and patience to put in some effort and come up with 90 small messages? Then this is one of the best sentimental gifts for your girlfriend. This bottle is filled with ninety capsules each with a small piece of paper inside for you to write a personal message on. It’s a sweet gift idea that will give them a special personal thoughtful message whenever they need it. So, if you’re looking for something sweet and thoughtful for her, then this is the present to get.

29. A Pretty Apron

a pretty apron - meaningful gifts for her

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Now, this gift idea is only a good idea if she loves cooking or baking. Because otherwise, it can be a bit rude. Pair it with a cookbook or something new for the kitchen and you have a simple and affordable option. There are loads of great aprons out there, from more funny ones to sweet ones like this one. So, take a look around and see which one you think she would love best. And if you can, pair it with something she’ll use or like.

30. A Couple’s Bucket List

couple's bucket list (thoughtful presents for girlfriend)

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Maybe you’ve considered this one before, and that’s because it’s a pretty original idea to find fun and engaging date ideas to make your life together more fun. It’s great if you’re in a bit of a rut or you can get an empty version if you want to make your own bucket list with actual goals you have as a couple. These can include travel plans or long-term plans such as owning a house. Either way, a great addition to this list of gifts for girlfriends.

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I hope you now have some great sentimental gifts for her in mind to get and know what to get her for her birthday, Valentine’s day, or your anniversary. This list is sure to help you find the best thoughtful gifts for your partner and she’ll love them without you having to do any legwork in the mall. These sentimental gifts for girlfriends are just ideas, so let them inspire you to find sweet gifts for her.

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