15 Relaxing Self Care Gifts to Give

relaxing self care gifts

Create a gift box of self-care essentials.

Ever wondered what to get someone who needs some me-time and self-care? Well, wonder no more. Below you can find a list of self-care gift ideas that any woman would love to get. From skin and haircare to gadgets that will help you relax, this list of self care gifts will help you find inspiration on what to get.

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1. A Nourishing Hair Mask

briogeo hair mask - self care gift idea

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A good hair mask is one of those presents for women that you can never go wrong with. Make sure to always get a hair mask that will work for their hair type. A hydrating or deep conditioning mask will work for pretty much everyone, but if you know they struggle with a particular hair challenge, then finding one targeted to that is also a great option.

The one shown here is by Briogeo, which is a more high-end brand, but you can definitely find more affordable options out there as well. Though, if you have the budget for it, this one is a great option. Pair a hair mask with a microfiber hair towel or a silk scrunchie, and you have a fun self care gift set.

2. Facial Steamer for an At-Home Spa Day

facial steamer as a self care gift

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You might expect a spa gadget like this to be pretty expensive, but actually, it’s pretty reasonably priced. A facial steamer helps you open up your pores (and nose) to get out the gunk in your face. This particular face steamer also has different settings to also function as a humidifier or towel warmer and comes with a set of tools for cleaning out pores.

Pair this self-care gift idea with some hand towels and you have again another bundle ready to go. Another option is to pair it with a fun hairband to keep your hair out of your face while using the steamer.

3. Cookies in a Jar Mix

cookies in a jar mix - self care package

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A cookies in a jar mix is a great gift for anyone who loves fresh cookies or brownies. It can be as simple as ordering a ready-made jar from Amazon or Etsy, or you can make it yourself. I would personally make it yourself, as it’s really easy and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry and a mason jar is probably hidden somewhere in the back of your kitchen cabinet as well. The post I created a couple of years ago on how to make these offered three options: brownies, M&M cookies, and peanut butter cookies can help you get started. But if you have a great recipe that you think is way better, be sure to use that instead, as it can be much more personal and meaningful.

4. A Gel-Nail Manicure Kit

gel nail set (self care essentials)

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Some people might already have a mani kit like this, but if they don’t, then you’ve just found a great self-care gift to get any woman who loves nice nails. Going to get a manicure is a great self-care moment, but not necessarily something you have to go out for. With this set, you can do most of it yourself after a nice relaxing bath. Though, if you know they love getting pampered in a salon, then you can also get them a gift card to their favorite place. It can even be something you can go do together if you enjoy getting a mani or pedi as well.

5. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

laneige lip sleeping mask: selfcare product

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Now, this self-care essential has become a bit of a cult classic at this point. The lip mask by Laneige is known for deeply nourishing your lips while you sleep. It is pretty expensive for a lip mask, so if you don’t have the budget for it, go for another gift, or for a more affordable lip mask. I would say, a lip mask is one of those skincare gifts that you can’t really go wrong with as everyone has lips and there are not really other issues with your lips than them being dry or chapped. Therefore, one of the safest skincare or self care gifts to get.

6. Comfy Slipper Socks

slipper socs as self care gifts

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What’s more comfortable than a pair of fuzzy socks? It’s great to have when you spend a day at home getting some me-time or when you have just gotten a pedicure. This set is ankle-high and has non-slip spots at the bottom so you won’t go sliding around the house (though that can be fun too.) I would think to give this as a gift set in combination with something else, like a nice set for making hot chocolate or a nice pajama set. That way, it becomes really more of a self-care gift bundle almost and something they can relax an entire day with.

7. Paint-By-Numbers Kit

Paint-by-numbers (by LetsPaintAnywhere on Etsy)

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Looking for something to give them that will actually keep them busy as its own activity? Then something like this paint-by-numbers kit by Letspaintanywhere on Etsy is a great option. You can get these kits for all ages and skills, so a great idea for teens, but also for adults. I really like the landscape ones and the ones based on well-known paintings, though another great option is to get one customized of for example their dog. So, this activity kit can even become a customized selfcare present to get someone.

8. A Pretty Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket as best self care gadget

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Weighted blankets have been popular for a while now for people who want to improve their sleep quality and because of their popularity, they now also have ones with fun prints. You can find a bunch of different options on Amazon, but also pretty much anywhere else where they sell these blankets as self care gift ideas. A caveat to keep in mind when getting these for someone else is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all matter. The weight of the blanket depends on the size of the person who will use it, so make sure not to get one that’s too heavy. So, be careful of that and pick one they’ll like.

9. A Foot Spa

a foot spa: things to buy for self-care

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If they don’t have a bath, then a good foot bath is a great gift for self-care. This one here is a pretty cheap option. It’s perhaps not the pretties, but then again, that’s not really the purpose, is it? Combine this with a nice packet of bath salts or a bath oil, and you have a great gift that they’ll love. If you don’t like the look of the cheaper ones, you can always go for the pricier ones, though note that typically the more complicated something is, the easier it is for something to break.

10. Set of Sheet Masks

sheet masks as self care gift ideas for moms

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Maybe this is the one self-care gift that is the most obvious and you might have already thought of yourself. A set of sheet masks is just one of those items that come to mind for any moment of me-time. Because really, how much can you do while wearing these except sit back and wait? This set is just one of the many ones out there, and they also have some for men. Though, you’re probably looking for a present for women. Whether it’s used as a stand-alone gift idea or part of a gift basket, sheet masks are always welcomed with open arms. Just make sure there are no skin conditions or skin allergies they’re struggling with.

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11. A Warm Water Bottle

a warm water bottle - an essential for an at-home selfcare day

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This item is especially great for someone who’s sick or down because of period cramps. A warm water bottle is great whenever you have cramps or feel sick and can use some warmth. This water bottle comes with a cover to keep the plasticy cold away from your skin. An alternative, if you don’t like the risk of the water getting anywhere, is to get a cherry pit pillow. It’s the same principle, except no water is involved and you simply put the cherry pit pillow in the microwave to heat up. Either way, both of them are great for anyone to make them feel better.

12. A Pretty Puzzle

a pretty puzzle for a me-day

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This can be great for anyone who’s sick and stuck at home or for anyone who can use some disconnection of their devices. A puzzle is a great activity to focus on something that’s not important while still enjoying it. There are a bunch of pretty puzzles out there to choose from. From funny to pretty puzzles and from easy to more difficult ones. You can even get custom puzzles made of pets or pictures to make it a bit more personal. It’s always fun if you’re able to find a puzzle of something that they’re interested in, so try to look for something like that.

13. A Nice Candle

candle as part of a self care gift box

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Does she love candles? Then getting them one is always a great option. You can find stand-alone candles or ones that come in pretty packaging or jars. I, personally, prefer the jar ones, as I won’t have to clean up all the molten wax, but the stand-alone ones have some great fun shapes out there, like the bubble ones. So, have a look around to find one that you think they’ll like and try to go with a scent that’s relaxing. In other words, maybe don’t pick one that smells like cereal, no matter how cute and fun they are. Relaxing candles are really great and affordable self care gifts to give.

14. Shampoo Scalp Massager

shampoo scalp massager: something to buy for self-care

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A small gadget for some at-home spa time is this scalp massager that you can use in the shower with your shampoo or conditional. This one here comes in a bunch of colors to choose from, though there are also other options out there. I wouldn’t go with one that allows you to put shampoo in the brush itself, as they’re really difficult to keep clean. So, go simple and keep it affordable with a simple shampoo brush/scalp massager like this. You can also pair it with a set of shampoo and conditioner to get a set of self-care gifts to get your friend.

15. A Hot Chocolate Kit

hot chocolate kit - self care gift idea for winter

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Who doesn’t love a good mug of hot chocolate to relax? And that’s why this idea is added to this list of gift ideas. There are a bunch of sets out there and even options to create a set yourself from scratch, which would be a great DIY present to make them. This set here has a couple of different hot chocolates to try in cute packaging. Just make sure that they like chocolate, because that could be the only reason why someone might not like this idea.

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I hope this list helped you find some awesome self-care items and gadgets to get your friend, sister, mom, or wife. Of course, if this gave you some inspiration to splurge on yourself for a day, make sure to do that as well. Self-care is so important these days where sometimes you wonder if you even have time to properly take a breath.

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