21 Best Quarantine Gifts for Friends & Family

quarantine gifts

The best lockdown gifts for friends and family. 

Although you maybe can’t have a party for someone’s birthday, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with some fun quarantine gifts for friends and family. Here are some great lockdown gift ideas you can order online and get delivered to their doorstep and that are great birthday gifts for friends and family. So scroll down, and find the best quarantine gift ideas that are fun, comfy, or thoughtful to give to your friends in quarantine.

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1. Self-Care Birthday Gift BoxKit

self-care birthday gift box - quarantine gifts

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This is the perfect quarantine gift set to give for someone’s birthday or perhaps for Mother’s day. This self-care set has all the essentials to take a moment to yourself and just enjoy a bit of relaxation. This set of lockdown gifts includes a candle, bath bombs, hand creme, and of course, chocolate. So if you’re looking for a great quarantine gift set, then this one is a perfect gift idea to go with. This is just a ready-made example because you could also make a gift set like this yourself. All you need is a pretty box and stuff you know they’ll like.

2. A Lightweight Bathrobe

a lightweight bathrobe; lockdown gifts

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In these times of barely leaving your house, there are probably some days where you just want to stay in your pajamas as long as you can. To make this even comfier, get a nice bathrobe, and you’re ready to stay inside all day. This robe is perfect for the warmer weather because it’s made from lightweight cotton and comes in a couple of different colors. So all in all, this is a pretty great quarantine gift to give. It’s especially great if you have to open your door for a package but are a bit ashamed of your PJs.

3. A Fun Holiday Puzzle for Adults

a fun holiday puzzle for adults (quarantine gifts for friends)

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Solving a funny jigsaw puzzle is a great way to spend your time during this time of social distancing and isolation. This is one of the more funny quarantine gifts on this list. As you solve it, you’ll see more and more funny things happening on the scene. All in all, a great gift idea for lockdown times. There are a bunch of different puzzles for adults out there with one like this being one of the funnier ones. Of course, you can also go for something that would look really pretty if framed afterward.

4. A Kit with Herb Garden Essentials

a herb garden kit - lockdown gifts for friends

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Always wanted a herb garden, but never had the time? Well, now you do. This kit allows you to grow your own herbs on your window sill. It’s a great lockdown gift idea because it has all the herb garden essentials you’ll need and you’ll have time to tend to them and use them. So, if your friend loves a bit of gardening or cooking, but doesn’t have the space for a full-blown herb garden. Then give her this Herb garden kit as one of the best quarantine birthday gift ideas.

5. An At-Home Gel Manicure Set

an at-home gel manicure set; quarantine birthday gifts

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Now that pretty much everything is closed, you can’t get your nails done like you normally would or might not feel safe doing so. And you also can’t gift someone a manicure in a box. However, you kinda can with this quarantine present. This at-home manicure set has everything you need to do your own gel nails at home. So, if you want to find the perfect gift for someone who loves having their nails looking good, then this is it. All in all, this manicure kit is one of the best quarantine gifts for women.

6. A Yoga Mat: quarantine gift idea

a yoga mat; funny quarantine gifts for friends

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It can be pretty tricky to get any working out during this time where all sports facilities are pretty much closed or have limited their number of visitors. So, instead, you can bring it inside your home by just getting a yoga mat and using the internet to find the best workout routines for free. This is also why this is one of the gift ideas on this gift guide. It’s an easy and small thing to have, but it can help you stay in shape until everything goes back to normal again (hopefully that will happen.)

7. An E-Reader

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Now that most libraries are closed and you suddenly have more time than ever to read, it can be tricky and expensive to keep ordering paperbacks. A great solution is to make the one-time expensive purchase of an e-reader, and your books will be a lot cheaper from now on. An e-reader is always a great gift to give a book lover, and now more than ever. This is one of my personal most frequently used items during this time and is one of the best quarantine gifts to give an avid reader.

8. A Set of Scented Candles

a set of scented candles (quarantine gift ideas)

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Are you looking for a more traditional gift idea that you can get delivered at their doorstep that will bring some relaxation into their home? Then maybe these scented candles are the best lockdown gift ideas for your friends or family to order online. They come in a couple of different designs and scents, so take a look and see which one you like best. Overall, sage is a scent you can’t really go wrong with as it’s not too floral and men and women tend to like it.

9. A Forget Me Not Necklace

a forget me not necklace - quarantine gifts for friends

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One of the more sentimental and meaningful presents on this list of lockdown gifts is this necklace with a forget me not pendant. It comes in a couple of different color combinations and is a great gift to give. It really shows that you haven’t forgotten them, even though you might not have seen them in quite some time. This is a great smaller gift to send to someone to let them know that although you haven’t seen them in a while, they’re still in your heart.

10. A Funny Coloring Book for Adults

a funny coloring book for adults (funny lockdown gifts)

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Can’t wait to get together to have a drink? Well, remind them of what’s to come with this fun coloring book all about cocktails, wine, and just parties in general. This coloring book is one of the more funny quarantine gifts on this gift guide, so it’s sure to be well-received. And besides its humorous side, it’s also a great way to relax, by just coloring. If you want, you can pair it with a set of markers to make it a ready-to-go set. And, of course, you can also include some of their favorite booze with it.

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11. Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise-canceling headphones as lockdown gifts for friends

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When you’re working from home, an essential everyone can use is a pair of noise-canceling headphones. It’s especially great for people who live together with others who are also in quarantine or working from home, perhaps even in the same room. These headphones will help you focus as they block out any outside noise or sound. It comes in a couple of different colors and is pretty affordable for its kind. So, have a look if you’re looking for a nice gadget.

12. A Mini Waffle Maker

a mini waffle maker (lockdown gift ideas)

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Some comfort food can make being in lockdown or quarantine a lot more bearable and here’s a mini waffle maker that’s perfect for making your own. It comes in a bunch of fun colors and even some adorable and funky prints to make it even more fun. It also has a heart version to makes the waffles heart-shaped. Either way, this mini waffle maker is a great quarantine gift idea for friends who can use a bit for comfort food during the lonely days of isolation.

13. A Boba Tea Kit: lockdown gift

a boba tea kit; gifts for friends in quarantine

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Do they love a good boba tea, but haven’t had one in a while because they prefer to avoid any unnecessary trips? Then this boba tea kit is a great gift idea for them. This brand offers a couple of different flavors and versions, so you can find the one they would enjoy best. It’s not only fun to drink, but also pretty fun to make. So, if you’re looking for a quarantine gift box that you can simply order on Amazon, then this is a great one to get for the tea lover.

14. A Heated Neck and Back Massager

a heated neck and back massager: quarantine gifts

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Are they going to be spending a lot of time hunched behind their desk and working from home? Then they can probably use a good back and neck massage at the end of their day. However, giving one to yourself can be pretty tricky. This handy heated massager that is about the size of a small pillow can do exactly that. It comes in a couple of different colors and is just perfect for a bit of relaxation at the end of your day without having left the house at all.

15. 300 Writing Prompts

a book with 300 writing prompts as a quarantine gift

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Have you always wanted to try your hand at creative writing? Well, now you might finally have the time to do so. This book is filled with three hundred writing prompts to help you get started and inspired when you don’t know what to write about or where to even get started. It’s also great for teens who think of doing some more writing. It’s a great creative gift idea that they can do one prompt at a time. Pair it with a fun pen and there you have a really nice gift for lockdown.

16. A Comfy Lap Desk

a comfy lap desk - best quarantine gifts

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When you’re quarantining at home, then you’re probably also working from home. This can be from a separate desk or from the dining table. It can be pretty annoying to be stuck in the same spot and the fact that you can’t change scenery a lot. However, with this lap desk, you can. You can sit on the couch with it, take it outside, or even work from the comfort of your bed. It comes in a couple of colors, so take a look to see which style would suit their home best.

17. A Beginner Embroidery Kit

a beginner embroidery set (quarantine birthday presents)

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Picking up a new hobby can also be a great way to break up the monotony from a stay-at-home order or being quarantined. Embroidery is one of those that is easy to get started with and you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want or need to. This set is a great example of such a kit that has all the basics you’re going to need. The patterns are printed on the fabrics, so they’re easy to follow and execute.

18. A Llama Heating Pad

a llama warmies - quarantine gifts ideas

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Did you know that there are heating and cooling pads that are also stuffed animals at the same time? This is great for someone who’s in quarantine because they’re sick and can use a heating pad and a stuffed animal. It can be heated up in the microwave because it’s filled with grains and smells like lavender. So, this is probably one of the best lockdown gifts for kids to make it a bit easier to get through. If you don’t like the llama, then check out the other cute animals that are also available on Amazon.

19. A Burrito Blanket

a burrito blanket - quarantine birthday gifts

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I wanted to add something fun and comfy to this quarantine gift guide for friends. So, I included this fun blanket that makes you look like a burrito. It also comes in a pizza and waffle version and is just a great fun gift for people in lockdown that will put a smile on their faces. It’s both comfortable and fun to have, so there’s really no downside to this. However, if they don’t like burritos or tacos, then consider getting them one of the other options.

20. A Healthy Air Fryer

a healthy air fryer as one of the best quarantine gifts for her

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Frying food at home is not something everyone likes to do. Not only is it pretty risky and tricky to do right, it also makes the entire house smell for days like the food you made. A handy solution for this is an air fryer. Now, it can’t do exactly what a fryer does, but you are still able to make some of your favorite foods. And to make it even better, it’s also healthier. So, take a look at this smaller model that comes in a couple of different colors. This is one of the best lockdown gifts for foodies.

21. A Box of Chocolates

a box of chocolates (gifts for lockdown)

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If you still don’t know what to get someone in quarantine, then one of the things you can’t go wrong with is food and snacks. This box of chocolaty snacks is a great example of that. Who wouldn’t love to get this box on their front step when they least expect it. Of course, if they’re lactose intolerant or can’t have gluten, then maybe this isn’t the gift to get. But overall, snacks or sweets are just great lockdown gifts for friends and family to send them some love.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these lockdown gift ideas and things to get someone online, it’s time to finish it by making their birthday extra special. Here are 11 ways to celebrate someone’s birthday in quarantine. Order one of the quarantine gifts for friends from above and there you have the perfect quarantine birthday celebration.

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