24 Awesome Pokémon Gifts for Fans: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

awesome pokemon gifts

Original gifts for Pokémon fans. 

Find some great Pokemon gift ideas for adults and for kids on this Pokémon gift guide filled with fun presents and original merchandise that any fan of the franchise will love to get. So, scroll down to find some fun and cut Pokemon gifts to give a Pokemon fan!

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1. Eevee and Pikachu Plushies

Pikachu and Eevee plushies as gifts for pokemon lovers

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These two 8-inch stuffed animals are great gifts for pokemon fans to start with. This set is a great option if you don’t know what their favorite Pokemon is, but you want to give them a stuffed animal anyways. If you do know which one is their favorite, then simply type it in and you’re sure to find a stuffed animal version of it. These two are a great classic option you can’t go wrong with. They would also be a great baby shower gift for a mom who loves the franchise.

2. A Creative Pokémon Origami Book

pokemon origami book: pokemon gift ideas

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This book will teach you how to make your own Pokémon origami figures. It’s a fun activity for anyone who can use something fun and easy to do that’s purely to relax and the end result is a fun piece of decor or a pretty gift for another Pokemon lover. Depending on which pokemon you want to fold, they can be pretty easy or quite a bit more complicated. You can then decorate them so they’ll actually look like themselves. It even comes with the colored origami paper you’ll need to make your favorite characters.

3. A Snorlax Onesie for Adults and Teens

A snorlax onesie (pokemon gifts for adults)

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There are a bunch of Pokémon onesies out there that would be great Pokemon gifts, though this Snorlax one is a personal favorite and I think the one that’s most appropriate to get a onesie of to laze around the house in. Of course, there’s also the classic Pikachu onesie, though I think that one is a bit overdone. So, if you want something cute and cozy, then this is the perfect present to get a Pokemon fan. This one is for adults, so if you want one for a child, take a look around on Amazon using the link above, since they have a ton of other onesies to offer in your favorite Pokemons.

4. Charmander Candle Holder

Charmander candle holder by Artsysaurs on Etsy - pokemon gifts

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This adorable handmade Charmander candle holder by Artysaurs on Etsy is a great gift for Pokemon lovers who chose Charmander as their first Pokemon or just really for all the players who think Charmander is adorable. A tea light slightly trimmed down will fit perfectly in its tail to make your Charmander come to life. I love this Pokemon gift idea and I think it’s one of the cutest items on this list. And yes, it’s not super cheap, but then again it’s handmade and pretty unique.

5. A Cute Pokémon Bedding Set

cute bedding set - what to buy a pokemon fan

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This is a pretty affordable Pokemon gift to give, though keep in mind that the price tag has a corresponding quality, so don’t expect too much. It’s a cute set that’s reversible depending on which design you like best. It comes with all your favorite Pokemon on the comforter and will look great on any twin bed. I think it’s the perfect pokemon gift idea for kids that would like to decorate their room in Pokemons, though their parents don’t want them to start painting on the wall (which is completely understandable).

6. Makeup Brushes: Pokemon gifts for adults

a set of makeup brushes (pokemon gifts for kids)

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You’re probably as surprised as I was when I was looking for original gift ideas that there is such a thing as Pokemon-themed makeup brushes. This supplier makes a lot more themed brushes, but of course, the Pokemon ones are the ones we’re interested in right now. They’re a great gift for anyone who’s both into makeup and the whole franchise. It’s a cute and quite affordable present to get that I’m sure they’ll love.

7. Colorful Pokemon Socks

colorful pokemon sock; pokemon gifts for boyfriend

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Socks are usually the type of gift I wouldn’t put this high on the list, let alone even put in the gift guide, though these once are just too cute and fun not to. You can get a set of five different pairs of socks all with a different Pokemon on them. They only come in one size, so check to see if they would be a good fit. These are great fun and small gifts to give any Pokemon lover and they’ll love wearing them. There are a couple of versions you can choose from, though these ones have the best Pokemon on them in my opinion compared to the other socks out there.

8. A 1000-Piece Pokemon-Filled Jigsaw Puzzle 

a jigsaw puzzle (best pokemon gifts)

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You’ll be busy for quite some time trying to make this puzzle filled with a bunch of different Pokemon (I tried to count them for you, but I gave up). This is a fun activity and you’ll spend hours staring at these Pokémon as you’re making the puzzle and recognizing your favorites. There’s also a Pokedex puzzle on Amazon, though I prefer this vibrant one a bit more. A tip is to make the puzzle on a picture frame, this way you can move it as you’re puzzling and easily frame it afterward if you want.

9. An Embroidered Ash Ketchum Cap

Ash Ketchum embroidered hat - pokemon gifts for him

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Want a nice Pokémon accessory without it being too obvious? Then this nice embroidered cap will make you feel as if you’re living in the world of Pokemon without most people around you noticing that the hat is anything special. It’s a fun gift for Pokemon fans and it’s quite affordable and practical, since a cap is something most people wear in the summer months. So, if you’re looking for something fun and simple, then this Ash Ketchum cap is a great present to get.

10. A Set of Pokémon Luggage Tags

luggage tags as best gifts for pokemon lovers

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Planning to travel any time soon? Then these luggage tags make sure you’re traveling in style. There are two Pokémon designs you can choose from, one with all Pikachus and this one with an assortment of different Pokemon. I think these are great Pokemon gifts for adults and kids, because they are practical and cute at the same time without being expensive. And it makes it a lot easier to spot your bags when you’re waiting for them after your flight.

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11. Three Cute Pokeball Bath Bombs

pokeball bathbombs: unique pokemon gifts

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Another great addition to this Pokemon gift guide is this set of Pokeball bath bombs. The concept is simple but effective and that’s why they’re on this list. They even come with a tiny surprise pokemon in the middle of it. So, in my opinion, this is a great present for the female Pokemon fan to pamper herself with a Pokemon-theme bubble bath, or it’s a great way to get your kids to want to take a bath more often, which for some kids seems to be a horrible experience, so these Pokeball bath bombs can make it a bit more fun (and will make them smell better).

12. A Nintendo Switch Poké Ball Controller

Nintendo switch pokeball controller (gift ideas for pokemon fans)

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Do they love the Pokémon Go games on the switch? Then they’ll love this add-on controller you can use in the game itself. It’s basically a real-life Pokéball you can use in the game to catch them all (or at least try to). Be sure that they have a Nintendo Switch and the Pokémon Go games and not the Sword and Shield games, since those don’t work with this controller (find out more about the different games here). So definitely check that before getting one of these. It’s also one of the more expensive gift ideas on this list, but definitely worth it for an avid player of the Pokémon Go games.

13. How to Make Pompom Pokémon Book

how to make pompom pokemon book - gifts for pokemon fans

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This book is perfect for the crafty Pokémon fan. It’s filled with detailed instructions and templates to make your own pompon versions of 32 different Pokémon. It’s quite finicky, so not for kids who aren’t patient while crafting. It doesn’t come with all the material you’ll need to make them, so a good idea is to pair this Pokémon gift idea with a set of basic supplies including felt, some pompons, or yarn to make your own, and craft glue to put it all together. And the results are just too cute not to love.

14. Starting Pokémon Shot Glasses

Pokemon shot glasses by CustomShot on Etsy (pokemon gifts for men)

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These four shot glasses of the starter Pokemon and Pikachu by CustomShot on Etsy are a great set of Pokemon gifts for fans of the games. It’s definitely a gift idea for adults, so if you’re looking for gifts for kids, keep scrolling this one isn’t for you. But for adults, this is a great small and relatively affordable set of gifts to get. The seller also offers some other Pokemon sets, so have a look. They’re simple engraved shot glasses that will look great to serve your liquor in when you’re together with fellow Pokémon fans.

15. A Comfy Pokéball Hoodie

a comfy pokéball hoodie (gift for pokemon lover)

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This hoody for kids has a huge Pokéball on the front of it that’s made from tiny Pikachus. It’s one of the best gifts for Pokemon fans that they’ll love and it’s not too bright or in your face, at least I don’t think it is. There are a bunch of different Pokemon hoodies and T-shirts out there to choose from, so if you don’t like this one or it doesn’t come in your size, then be sure to check out all the other options. Though, this one is my personal favorite and looks great for a piece of merch.

16. A Togepi Airpods Case

a togepi airpods case (christmas gifts for pokemon lovers)

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A cute addition to this Pokémon gift guide is this Togepi case for your Airpods. You can use it to protect your Airpods while on the go. It’s just too cute not to include on this list. There are a bunch of different Pokemon to choose from, but this Togepi case is my personal favorite and a bonus is that it’s made from silicone, so it will also protect your Airpods from any hits and bumps. Do make sure that the person you’re giving it to does in fact own a pair of Airpods that can fit in this case.

17. A Small Ceramic Bulbasaur Planter

Bulbasaur mini planter - pokemon related gifts

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This small planter is perfect for any Bulbasaur fan and will look great on your desk to stare at while you should be working. You can paint it yourself or keep it as it is, that’s actually how I prefer it. It’s a simple and cute Pokemon gift that any fan will love to get, especially those that are also into plants. It’s perfect for small succulents, because there isn’t a lot of room for watering or even any root really and succulents tend to have smaller roots. Of course, you can also put a fake plant in it if you want.

18. A Pokeball Mug

pokeball mug (cute pokemon gifts)

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This mug is great for anyone who wants to share their love for Pokemon. And though I looked everywhere for an alternative that could, these ones aren’t dishwasher and microwave safe, so handwash only and no heating things up in it. This might be a reason for some not to get it, though I think it’s still a pretty great present. Though make sure to fill it up with some sweets or something to turn a mug into a great present.

19. Pokemon Cookie Cutters: Pokemon gift ideas

pokemon cookie cutters: pokemon couple gifts

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Do they enjoy baking or meticulously decorating cookies? Then these cookie cutters are the best Pokemon gifts for adults and kids to enjoy. Some will enjoy the decorating more, while others will mainly enjoy munching on the results. The seven different shapes include Pikachu, Charmander, and the other starter Pokémon. They’re also dishwasher safe which is always a bonus. Now all you need is a good cookie recipe and some icing and you’re ready to make your own Pokemon cookies.

20. A Pokémon-Filled Charm Bracelet

a charm bracelet - pokemon things to buy

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If you’re looking for Pokemon gifts for girls, then this charm bracelet is a great piece of jewelry that any fan of the franchise will love. It’s also really affordable, so if they don’t want to wear it as a bracelet, then you can take it apart to create cute keychain hangers as well. I think this is a really cute gift, though not necessarily the prettiest charm bracelet, but a Pokemon fan will definitely love all the charms on it and maybe their favorite is one of them. You can also go on Etsy to get individual charms if they already have a charm bracelet to hang them on.

21. A Pokéball Herb Grinder

a pokeball herb grinder: pokemon gifts for boys

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If you’re looking for Pokemon gifts for adults, then this is the gift to get. This Pokeball is perfect for grinding any herbs you want to add to your dishes or because you just like grinding herbs… It’s not something you immediately think of when you think about Pokemon and gift-giving, but it’s a great one and anyone who loves herbs and Pokemon will love this herb grinder. And it’s actually big enough to also use while pretending to actually catch some Pokémon in your kitchen.

22. A How to Draw Pokemon Book

A how to draw pokemon book - pokemon birthday gifts for adults

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This present is perfect if you’re looking for gifts for creative Pokemon lovers. This book will teach them how to draw their favorite Pokémon and will increase their drawing skills while drawing things they actually love. It contains over 70 different pokemon you can learn how to draw and is just perfect for anyone who loves drawing and being creative. You can pair this gift idea with a set of high-quality markers such as these if they don’t already have some.

23. A Pickachu Piggy Bank

a pickachu piggy bank (pokemon gifts for kids)

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Got a lot of change? Then this little coin box is perfect for you. Each time you put a coin on the yellow tab, Pickachu will pop up to take it from you. It’s a fun gift idea for anyone who has a lot of coins and for any kid who is saving up for the next Pokemon game. It’s not super affordable, so only get this if you know they’ll like this. Otherwise, you’re maybe better of getting something cheap Pokemon-themed and getting them a gift card instead.

24. A Trading Cards Carrying Case

a trading cards case as part of a pokemon gift set

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If they actually have Pokemon trading cards, then a carrying case or storage case for them can be a really useful and fun gift idea. This one actually comes in a couple of pokemon-themed options with the Pokeball one being a classic. This is of course one of the best Pokemon gift ideas for adults that have been collecting cards since they were young or for someone who is just starting out with their collection. Either way, a great option.

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After scrolling through this list of fun Pokemon gifts for adults and kids, you now hopefully have some fun ideas on what to get a Pokemon fan as a present. Whether you found the actual gift you want to get or got inspired, I hope this Pokémon gift guide helped you find the gift you were looking for. At the end of the day, there are so many great pokemon gift ideas out there and these are just some of the best, so take a look around and find the perfect gift to give.

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