21 Original Pharmacist Gifts to Give

original pharmacist gifts

A list of great and unique gifts for pharmacists. 

Wondering what to get a pharmacist for Christmas or their birthday? Then take a look at these great pharmacist gift ideas to find the best presents to get your friend, colleague, or family member. These gifts are all pharmacy-themed and perfect for anyone working as a pharmacist or studying to become one. So, scroll down to find the best gifts to for pharmacists.

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1. Chill Pill Soap Bars

chill pill soap bars as best gifts for pharmacists


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These soaps are such cute gift ideas for pharmacists. They’re made by KcSoapsNmore on Etsy and come in a set of four different colored ones. Each soap weighs about 1 oz and they’re the perfect small soaps to travel with or to use in the guest bathroom. A nice soap is a gift idea you can’t really wrong with and these ones shaped like pills are the perfect soaps to give as gifts, whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or their graduation.

2. A Glass Mug with the Caffeine Molecule

a glass beaker mug - pharmacist gifts

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The second present for pharmacists on this gift guide is this glass mug decorated with the molecular make-up of caffeine. It’s a fun gift idea for anyone who’s into chemistry and pretty much lives on coffee. It’s also pretty because it’s made from glass which also makes it great for drinking tea out of. So, if you’re looking for something for a pharmacist who’s also a caffeine addict, then this is the perfect gift to give. It’s also a nice gift idea for a colleague, because a mug is very affordable and a typical gift to give a coworker.

3. A Set of Pill-Shaped Cufflinks

 pill-shaped cufflinks: gifts for pharmacist students

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These cufflinks are the perfect pharmacist graduation gifts for him. They’re subtle, yet fun at the same time. When the pills are closed they look like a nice set of cufflinks, yet they’ll know that they’re actually wearing pill cufflinks. A set of cufflinks is always a good graduation gift idea for men, and because these are pill-shaped, they’re perfect for pharmacist students. So, if you’re looking for a nice gift idea for someone who’s a pharmacist, then this set is a great option.

4. Chemistry Enamel Pins

 enamel pins (best gift for pharmacist)

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If you’re looking for small gifts that would be great stocking stuffers for chemists or pharmacists, then this set of enamel pins is the perfect thing to get. It’s great for accessorizing their lab coat with some fun chemistry-themed pins. You get nine different pins in this set as well as a nice satchel to make it more of a gift. They’re all backed with small rubber closures and are just really cute gift ideas to give. It would be great to give anyone who’s in the chemistry or medicine field really.

5. A Bottle of Capsule Letters

bottle of letters - personalized gifts for pharmacists

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This is a great personal gift idea if you have the time to fill it up with messages. However, it’s also a great graduation gift idea to fill up with short messages from friends and family. Just send an email or text around asking everyone to email you a short message, all that’s left to do is print them out and put them in the little pill capsules. It’s a really thoughtful gift for anyone for their graduation. If you do want to fill it with only messages of your own, then there are also smaller bottles available with fewer capsules. This big one contains 100 pills, so that should be enough.

6. A Serotonin Necklace

 a serotin necklace (pharmacist gift ideas)

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Serotonin is the molecule that causes the feeling of happiness, that’s why it’s the perfect molecule to put on a necklace. This necklace comes in three different colors; silver, gold, and rose gold. It’s a great pharmacist gift idea for a girlfriend or daughter and it’s very affordable to make it even better. If she’s a caffeine addict, then there’s also a caffeine molecule necklace, though personally, I would give the serotonin one since the message is so sweet.

7. A Coloring Book for Pharmacists

 an adult colouring book - gift ideas for pharmacist

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This coloring book for adults is filled with relaxing pictures to color in along with some puns and drawings that are perfect for pharmacists. It’s an affordable and slightly ridiculous present, though they’ll love it if they want something to fill their spare time with. You can choose to give them the book by itself or to add a set of pencils or markers to go along with it. All in all, this is another great affordable addition to this list.

8. A Tie Covered With Medicine

a funny tie: christmas gifts for pharmacists

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Another addition to this list of pharmacy novelty gifts is this fun tie as a great present for male pharmacists. The nice blue background and relatively subtle print make it really wearable and perfect for pharmacists or pharmacy students. It’s a nice tie to wear to work or for formal events. It’s a great novelty gift idea that’s both small in size and low in price, the perfect combination for funny gifts. So, if you’re looking for something small, funny, and usable, then this medicine tie is a great gift to get.

9. A Pill Bottle Keychain: pharmacist gifts

a pill bottle keychain (gift ideas for pharmacist)

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This funny gift idea is a nice little thing to give as a stocking stuffer or in-between gift to a pharmacist. It literally reads; slinging pills to pay the bills. It’s a fun little gift idea that’s also great for pharmacy graduates about to start their careers. These kinds of novelty gifts are things you can’t really go wrong with. And is there someone who can’t use a good keychain to make your keys more recognizable? It’s a great small gift to give and a fun addition to this gift guide.

10. A Pair of Rose Gold Resin Pill Coaster

resin pill coasters for pharmacists from Etsy - pharmacist christmas gifts

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These coasters are really nice pharmacist gift ideas made by AlchemyArtByReanna on Etsy. They have all sorts of pills and rose gold leaf in them to make really pretty coasters. This is one of the more expensive gifts on this list, though they’re definitely worth it since they’re so pretty. If you don’t like the rose gold, or that they’re see-through, then check out her Etsy store for even more options. I think this is probably one of my favorite gifts on this list.

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11. Syringe-Shaped Highlightersa set of syringe highlighters - best gifts for pharmacists

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These novelty highlighters are more fun little pharmacy-themed gifts to give. They also come as pens, though I think they’re more fun as a highlighter set. It’s a really affordable set of gifts and would be great to hand out as an office party favor or to give as a stocking stuffer. You get a set of 6 highlighters all shaped like syringes and these are just fun and silly gifts to give. Luckily, they’re also really cheap, so you’re wasting a lot of money on this fun little gift. It’s also a great gift idea for students, because they actually use a lot of highlighters.

12. A Personalized Prescription Mug

 prescription mug (personalized pharmacist gifts

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This mug is a great personalized gift for a pharmacist. It shows a funny prescription with their name at the top as the patient and is just a fun gift idea. You can put it in the microwave and dishwasher without worrying about the print fading and it comes in a fun bright orange color. It’s a great gift idea that would also work for a doctor or nurse. All in all, this is a great personalized and custom item on this list of fun and original gifts to give.

13. Erlenmeyer Earrings

 erlenmeyer earrings - gift for a pharmacist

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These earrings are the perfect gifts for pharmacists and chemists. They’re stainless steel and look like tiny Erlenmeyer which would make any chemistry nerd excited. They’re a nice small gift to give really anyone who works with beakers and measuring tools. It’s a great piece of jewelry that’s both cute and looks nice. These earrings are a great example of affordable but fun pharmacy graduation gifts for her. So, if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that she’ll love, these earrings are a great choice.

14. A Chill Pill Lapel Pin

chill pill lapel pin; pharmacy themed gifts

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This is the smallest gift on this entire list. This little ‘chill pill’ lapel pin is an enamel pin that’s great for men to pin to their blazer or to pin to their lab coats. It’s a cute pin that’s a great tiny gift to give anyone who works in a pharmacy or is in the medical field. Do keep in mind that it is really tiny and maybe a bit overpriced. But if you really like it and you know the receiver will like it too, then it’s worth it. If you’re in doubt then keep scrolling, because there are loads of other options as well.

15. Shower Steamer Fizzies

 shower steamers - presents for pharmacists

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This gift idea isn’t per se a gift strictly for pharmacists, however, they would surely love to get this. It’s a set of six shower bombs that are sort of a bath bomb but for in the shower. They release their smell while you’re taking a shower. You just put them on your shower floor and make sure they get a bit of water on them during the shower and they’ll release a really nice smell. It’s almost like at-home aromatherapy. It’s a great gift for all women, pharmacists included because of their pill-like shape.

16. Pharmacist Patent Prints

pharmacy patent prints: pharmacy gift ideas

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If you’re looking for a piece of home decor to give as a gift to a pharmacist, then this set of six patent prints of pharmacy tools and equipment is a nice choice. This set is available on Amazon and shows inventions such as the prescription bottle and cap, the tablet press, and four other useful pharmacy pieces of equipment. It’s a nice set of prints to give someone who studies pharmacy or a pharmacist to hang in their office or actual pharmacy.

17. Medicine-Themed Socks

 medicine themed socks (best gifts for a pharmacist)

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Another fun novelty gift idea for someone who works at a pharmacy is this pair of socks filled with medicine-themed drawings, including syringes, pills, and a medicine bottle. It’s a fun little gift they can actually wear without anyone noticing, except of course if they want to show them off. They’re a nice little Christmas present for a pharmacist or more of a gag gift to give. They only come in one size which should fit most men and women, though not people with bigger feet. I think these socks are a great little gift to get a laugh from the recipient.

18. Beaker Shot Glasses

 cute shotglasses as pharmacy graduation gifts

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These are probably the cutest gift idea on this list as well as the only one that’s strictly for people over 21 years old. These shot glasses are shaped like beakers and erlenmeyers and are really cute and perfect for the pharmacist who enjoys a party or having a shot (not the kind with a syringe this time). They are really cute and would also serve as a nice piece of decor in your kitchen that’s both fun to look at and useful. This set contains four shot glasses and is priced quite fairly, in my opinion.

19. Six Mini Highlighters; pharmacist gift ideas

 mini highlighters - funny gifts for pharmacist students

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If you’re looking for a small gift for a pharmacy student, then this set of tiny highlighters shaped like pills is a great gift to give. They look cute and fit in any pencil case and are perfect for on the go. So, if you were wondering what to get a pharmacist student, then this is the gift idea to get. It has six different colors to use and the packaging might look pastel, the highlighters are bright enough, just like a highlighter should be. They’re also really affordable, so another small and cheap addition to this list of pharmacist gifts.

20. Sugar Molecule Cookie Cutters

molecule cookie cutters as pharmacy gifts

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Do they love baking cookies? Then this is the perfect set of cookie cutters to get them. They’re three molecule cookie cutters of sucrose, glucose and fructose. And as you can see sucrose is actually the combined molecule of fructose and glucose… The more you know. If they don’t like making cookies, maybe you can make them and give them the cookies as a gift or add the cookies to a simple gift basket with other sweets.

21. Hospital-Themed Sticky Notes

sticky notes; gift ideas for a pharmacist

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This is another one of those gifts for pharmacists that can also be used for anyone else in the medical field. It’s basically a booklet filled with hospital-themed sticky notes. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t use sticky notes (I definitely do at work). So, if you’re looking for something they can use that’s also fun and cute, then this is the perfect solution. Maybe pair them with one of the syringe pens and you have a really nice set to give.

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Hopefully, you now have a list of nice gift ideas for pharmacists in mind and know what to get your friend, colleague, or family member that works in a pharmacy. Of course, there are loads of other unique gifts for pharmacists out there as well that aren’t so chemistry or pharmacy-themed that they’ll love as well. But this list mainly focused on original and fun pharmacist gifts to give.

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