22 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Wife to Give

mother's day gifts for wife

Find the best mother’s day gifts from a husband. 

Are you looking for some inspiration on what to get your wife for Mother’s day? Then scroll down and take a look at these great Mother’s day gifts for your wife to help you find the perfect present she’ll like. From luxury to more affordable mother’s day gifts from a husband, you will find it right here on this mother’s day gift guide for wives.

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1. A Custom Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone necklace by MignonandMignon on Etsy: mother's day gifts for wife

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This necklace by is a great first Mother’s day gift for your wife. You can get it customized with however many birthstones you want. One for each child is of course the obvious option, though including yours and your wife’s is also a fun idea if you want a fuller necklace. You can get up to eight different stones and you can pick the metal, so either gold, rose gold, or silver. Of course, the more stones you pick, the higher the price. But it’s a great custom Mother’s day gift idea.

2. A Nice Little Self-Care Kit

self-care kit by LittleFlowerSoapCo on Etsy - wife mother's day

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This self-care by LittleFlowerSoapCo on Etsy has everything she may need to take a moment to herself. From bath salt to muscle balm, this simple gift box is a great gift to give. You can even pick the scents you want in the box. If you don’t know what she likes, just take a quick look at the lotions she has or her perfume to see what scents are in there to get an idea. All in all, this is a simple, affordable, and thoughtful gift for your wife that she’ll enjoy using.

3. A Travel Jewelry Case

a travel jewelry case (mothers day gifts for wife amazon)

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A pretty traveling case for her jewelry is a great small gift and one she’ll actually use. So if she travels a lot and likes to change her jewelry regularly, then this is the perfect gift for her. It comes in a bunch of different colors and two different sizes for you to choose from. I think the small one is perfect for traveling, though the bigger size is also great to store your jewelry in at home. All in all, a pretty jewelry travel case is a great mother’s day gift idea for your wife.

4. Custom Illustrated Family Portrait

family illustration by TheUniqueBoutiqueLM on Etsy: personalized mother's day gifts for wife

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You can get your own illustrated family portrait by

5. A Colorful Instant Print Camera

a colorful instant camera as mother's day gifts from husband

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Having your phone with you to take pictures wherever you are is great, though there’s one issue. We all don’t get around to actually printing them off. This affordable instant camera is a great gift because it allows you to have the pictures instantly to hang on the fridge or to put in a scrapbook. It comes in a bunch of bright colors and black and white if you prefer a more neutral option. This is a great mother’s day gift for moms who want some fun pictures of their kids around the house, but don’t have the time to get any of them printed.

6. A ‘What I Love About You’ Fill In Book

A what I love about you booklet (mother's day gifts for wife)

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This gift idea for wives is a bit more involved and takes some more effort, but that’s what makes it so good. You can simply fill in this booklet as you go using the leading questions as an easy guideline. Don’t worry, you won’t actually be writing a book, just some short sentences or descriptions as you go through this book. Take your time and fill this in to give her a truly personal and sentimental gift. It also comes in a bunch of other versions, but this one is perfect to give to your wife (just make sure to fill it out first).

7. A Pretty Set of Scented Candles

a pretty set of scented candles - mothers day gifts for wife

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Does she love her candles? Then, this simple gift is a great option. This set of four scented candles doesn’t only smell nice it also looks great and comes in a pretty gift box. It comes in a couple of different sets, so you can pick what kind of scents you like best. It’s really a perfect affordable gift for mother’s day you can’t go wrong with. Just make sure she actually like a good candle and will enjoy burning these around the house.

8. A Keychain Filled with Family Photos

a personalized keychain photo roll as a mother's day gift for wife

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This is probably my favorite sentimental mother’s day gifts for a wife on this gift guide. You can customize it with your favorite five pictures and you’ll get a film roll she can unroll whenever she wants. It even comes in a pretty box, so easy to wrap up as well. All you need to do is upload the pictures you chose and they’ll customize it for you. And it’s really not expensive at all for how personalized it is. It’s truly a great sentimental gift idea for wives and moms.

9. A Comfy Monogrammed Robe

A Monogrammed Robe by JoyfulTidingsBridal; mother's day gift ideas for wife

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This comfy custom robe by

10. A Cute Custom Family Print

robin family print by PawprintIllustration on Etsy (mothers day gifts from husband)

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This adorable custom print by on Etsy is a fun way to get a family portrait without needing any pictures, or the fear of your kids growing up and not looking anything like the illustration. This Robin family is just so adorable and fun, though if your wife has a favorite animal, be sure to check if maybe a similar print is available on Etsy with her favorite animal instead. Most animals are on there, and this shop even offers the majority of them, so be sure to check them out for these fun mothers day gifts from a husband.

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11. The CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

a Chemex pour over coffee maker - mothers day ideas for wife

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If you’ve been scrolling around the internet lately, then you probably recognize this weird-looking contraption. It’s basically a simple pour-over coffee maker that makes great fresh coffee. It’s perfect for anyone who love their coffee and is willing to spend a bit more to make the best coffee possible. So, if your wife loves caffeine above all else (perhaps even you), then this is probably one of the best mother’s day gifts for your wife you can get. It is quite pricey, but apparently worth it.

12. A Set of Face Masks to Get ‘Sheet Faced’

a set of funny sheet masks as a great mothers day gift for wife

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Giving your wife some well-deserved me-time is probably one of the best Mother’s day gifts you can give. So let her have a spa day at home with this gift box of sheet masks. On top of that, the funny pun on the box makes it just a bit more fun than a set of regular or face masks. The set has six different types of masks with a total of fourteen in it. So, that should be more than enough to last her for a while. It’s also very affordable, so if you’re making a mother’s day gift basket, then this can be a great addition to that as well.

13. The Ultimate Cookbook

a julia child cookbook: good mothers day gifts for wife

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Does she love cooking, then she’ll love this book (if she doesn’t already have it). This cookbook by the legend Julia Child will teach you everything you need to know about the more advanced techniques from the classic French cuisine, without having to know French. This is an anniversary edition of a pretty old book and a classic to most experienced cooks, and as such a great mother’s day gift for your wife if she loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

14. A Pretty AirPods Case Cover

a pretty airpods cover - best mother day gifts for wife

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Perhaps getting her a pair of Airpods is already a great gift, but if she already has a pair, then a case like this is a great more affordable present. You can pick from a bunch of different colors for the silicone case, and all of them have a pretty rose gold keychain ring. Of course, you can also go for one of the many other options, though only pick something bold like a floral pattern if you’re absolutely sure she’ll love it. Because florals are a pretty personal thing to either love or hate.

15. A Pretty Monogrammed Mug

a pretty monogrammed mug (best mothers day gifts for wife)

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This pretty personalized mother’s day gift for a wife comes in a bunch of colors to pick from and is perfect for anyone who loves a good mug (not a cup) of coffee. You can get it customized with their name and first letter and it’s just a simple but lovely gift to give. I would fill it up with some chocolates or her favorites sweets to really turn it into a great small gift she’ll actually use. And now she has a mug no one can steal or use except for her.

16. A Custom Morse Code Bracelet

what to get wife for mother's day? a custom morse code bracelet

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This subtle personalized bracelet is a great mother’s day gift, whether you get it to spell out ‘mom’, ‘mother’, or her name, or really anything else you might want. You can go up to 20 characters, which is more than enough for any personal message you might want to put on it. You can also choose the length and the material, so either a golden or silver bracelet. It’s a great piece of jewelry with a message without getting anything engraved or too obvious put on it.

17. A Stylish KitchenAid Stand Mixer

a stylish kitchenaid stand mixer; mothers day gifts for my wife

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If you have the budget for it and she loves baking, then getting your wife a KitchenAid stand mixer for mother’s day is a great idea. There are a bunch of colors for you to pick from, so make sure to get the scoop on which one she likes best. You can also make a gift card and say she can pick the color she wants and you’ll order it. Simply print out an overview of all the color options and let her pick. Do make sure to then promptly order and not forget about it until next year’s Mother’s day.

18. A Handy Bathtub Tray

a handy bath tray as one of the best mothers day gift ideas for wife

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This bathtub tray caddy comes in a couple of different colors and will fit in every bath because it simply slides out until it fits. It’s the perfect way to upgrade your spa-feeling while taking a bath. So, pick the perfect color for in your bathroom and there you have a gift your wife will love. It can’t get any simpler than this if you’re looking for something to get your wife for Mother’s day if she enjoys taking a nice long bath from time to time.

19. A Pair of Luxury Dangly Pearl Earrings

what to get your wife for mother's day - a pair of pearl earrings

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A gorgeous piece of jewelry you can’t really go wrong with is a classic pair of pearl earrings like these ones. You can pick from a couple of different pearl colors and they are definitely worth their higher price tag. They’re a classic and great luxury mother’s day gifts for a wife that she’ll love and will wear for years to come. The only thing you need to check is if she actually has her ears pierced, otherwise, it could get pretty awkward.

20. A Smart Mug to Keep Your Coffee Warm

a smart mug: great mother's day gifts for wife

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Does she love her coffee, but regularly has to top it off to keep it warm? Then this smart mug is the perfect present for her. It charges on the base that’s included and will keep your mug at your desired temperature for one and a half hour without its base. You can connect it to an app on your phone to truly make this a smart mug. So, if you are looking for a nice gadget and have a bit of a higher budget, then this is a great gift for your wife.

21. A Cricut Joy Machine

a cricut joy machine (mother's day present for wife)

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If you’ve never heard of a Cricut, then you probably don’t have a clue what this machine is for. It’s basically a cutter that allows you to make your own stickers and vinyl stickers at home. This is the smaller more portable version that’s perfect for someone who loves organization and keeping things organized by using labels. You hook it up to your computer, print out your design on vinyl stickers and the Cricut does the rest. It’s a great gift, and I suggest getting one of the available bundles so she can get started straight away.

22. A Custom Disk Necklace

disk initials necklace by GIGIMEY on Etsy - mother's day ideas for wife

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This necklace by GIGIMEY in Etsy is really trendy right now, though it’s also a pretty classic piece of jewelry. You get a disk for each person with their initial on it. You can get up to five different disks and you can choose the finish and length of the necklace. It’s really one of my favorite mother’s day gifts for wives, because it’s so personal, yet very wearable at the same time. The necklace would be pretty even without the initials, though that is what makes it such a great gift.

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I hope this helped you find some gift inspiration on what to get your wife for mother’s day. It’s a list to help you find easy Mother’s day gifts for your wife or to help you find some ideas on what to look for. Wrap it up really nicely like one of these mother’s day gift wrapping ideas and there you have a great mother’s day gift for your wife.

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22 Best Mother's Day Gifts for Your Wife

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