23 Pretty in Pink Gifts for Girls and Women

pretty in pink gifts for girls & women

A list of 23 gorgeous millennial pink gift ideas.

Are you looking for the perfect pink gifts for women and girls? Well, here is a list of 23 pink gift ideas (including hot pink and millennial pink presents) that you’ll love and that everyone would love to get. So take a look and pick your favorite pink gift idea on this pretty in pink gift guide.

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1. A Pair of Mirrored Sunglasses

a pair of mirrored sunglasses - millennial pink gift ideas

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Are you looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses? Then this pair of pink mirrored glasses might just be perfect for you. This is a great pink gift idea for every girl or woman out there. Because who doesn’t love a nice pair of stylish sunglasses? And these are perfect because their mirrored effect allows you to look at people without them noticing it. It’s a fun and stylish summer gift that any girl would love to get as a new accessory for the season.

2. A Cute and Traditional Piggy Bank

a traditional piggy bank: pink gifts

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You might think a piggy bank is just for kids, but it’s also a great place to keep your spare change and to do something fun with it at the end of the year. This piggy bank is the perfect traditional pink piggy. It also comes in some other versions, for example, one with pretty polka dots on it. And don’t worry, you don’t have to break it to get to your cash, it has a simple stopper at the bottom so you can open it up whenever you need some cash.

3. A Decorative Bubble Candle

pink bubble candle by LeBonCandles on Etsy (pink gifts for girlfriend)

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This bubble candle by LeBonCandles on Etsy is a great example of a gift that’s both pretty and relaxing. You can pick from a couple of different colors, including two types of pink and a lilac that’s pretty much pink as well. What’s even better is that you can pick the scent to go along with it or to leave it unscented. Though who doesn’t love a scented candle? And what makes this candle even better is its fancy shape. This way it doesn’t only smell great, it also looks amazing in your home.

4. A Millennial Pink Laptop Case

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A fun way to add some color to your laptop is to get a case for it. This hard-shell case fits perfectly on a MacBook, just make sure to check the model and year to make sure that it will fit. They offer a bunch of different colors including some different pinks. It also comes with a cover for your keys to turn your entire laptop pink. So, if you want to give them a fun accessory to their laptop, this is a great way to add some pink to it.

5. A Set of Pink Baking Utensils

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Another way to add a bit of pink to your life is to use millennial pink baking utensils. They’re perfect to be used for baking and to be put on display in your kitchen. These are heat resistant and dishwasher safe, so no worries about them falling apart or melting. This set has everything you need to bake the perfect cake or to make a nice dish of brownies, even though brownies are not pink, these tools will add your favorite color to it nonetheless.

6. A Fluffy Cotton Candy Maker

a cotton candy maker as one of the best pink gifts

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Cotton candy is one of the ultimate pink things to eat, and with this cotton candy maker, you can make it at home for a party or for yourself. You get a set of sugars with it and the appliance is easy to clean by taking it apart. So, if you’re looking for pink gifts for a kids party or for an adult who loves a good dose of sugar, then this is the ultimate thing to get. It does take some time to get a hang of the skill to actually make a fluffy cloud of sugar, but once you do, you’re ready to keep going.

7. Pink String Cotton Ball String Lights

pink cotton string ball string lights: pink gifts ideas

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These string lights in different shades of pink are perfect to add a bit of coziness to your home. You can hang them above your bed or use them to decorate your living room. I just love how they look when they are on and when they aren’t they don’t look like Christmas lights like some other string lights do. So, if you’re looking for something fun that will add some pink to any room and add some secondary and cozy lighting, then this is a great option.

8. A Glittery Pink Wallet

a glittery pink wallet - pink christmas gifts

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Wallets or clutches are always a great gift to get. They look nice, are practical, and you can never have too many. This glittery pink gift idea is perfect for a glamorous night out or for daily use if you adore glitter and pink. This one even comes in three different shades or variations of glittery pink, so you can go with something a bit brighter or a bit deeper in color. So, be sure to check out the other fun pink options.

9. A Set of 4 Stackable Bowls

a set of pretty stacking bowls (pink gifts for women)

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A set of bowls doesn’t immediately scream: “great gift idea”. However, these ones are both fun and practical at the same time. The handles and the fact that they are stackable make them great bowls to have for heating up things in the microwave or to eat soup and ramen from. The square design and the blush pink glaze make them more than just a set of handy bowls. You can even use them in your kitchen decor if you leave them out.

10. A Pink Biodegradable Phone Case

a biodegradable phone case - pink stuffs for girls

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Are you looking for a pink gift that is smaller, yet really useful and eco-friendly? Then this pink biodegradable phone case might just be the perfect gift. It adds a bit of style to your otherwise bland-looking phone and the fact that it’s made from biodegradable materials just adds that touch of thoughtfulness. Make sure to check that the case will fit their phone before getting it. Otherwise, you can get one of the many other options offered on Amazon.

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11. Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

a pink keurig mini coffee maker: pink christmas gifts for her

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This adorable little coffee maker looks amazing in pink and will fit perfectly into their kitchen. It’s small enough to fit on every kitchen counter without taking up too much space and can make a cup of coffee in no time using the Keurig pods. It’s a good idea to pair this pink gift with a set of Keurig pods, preferably a variety pack to get them started straight away as they open up this fun and practical gift. This is especially great for anyone moving out on their own or as a housewarming present.

12. A Pink Stainless Steel Water Bottle

a millennial pink water bottle

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Everyone needs to drink water, and if you can do it in style, why wouldn’t you? This stainless steel water bottle comes in a variety of colors, but the pink one really stands out as a pretty pastel pink version. It comes with a couple of different nozzles and lids to make it a great bottle to use for different types of activity. There’s also a more bright pink option that leans a bit peachy if you’re looking for a brighter colored version instead.

13. A Faux Leather Tote

a faux leather tote as millennial gift ideas

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A good gift is often a practical one. So give them something pink that they can use every day. This pink tote is a perfect example of that. Another option is to get them a nice toiletry bag as a good pink gift idea that they’ll use and love. And with a makeup bag, you can go a bit bolder in color. This tote, however, is a great muted pink that anyone will love and it’s subtle enough compared to some of the hot pink bags out there to use for work and more formal occasions.

14. A Set of Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

a set of sparkly christmas ornaments - millennial pink gifts

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Are you looking for a way to add a bit of pink to your holiday decorations? Then this set of stunning Christmas ornaments is perfect. It’s really affordable but looks expensive and glittery, so a great way to add a touch of luxury to your Christmas tree without breaking the bank. The set contains a couple of different Christmas baubles with different textures, shapes, and shades of pink. So, if you want to give the pink lover a pink Christmas, this is a fun decor item to give them.

15. Knitted Pink Gloves

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Another really cozy millennial pink gift idea is this pair of knitted gloves. It is knitted on the outside but has a fleece lining to keep your hand nice and warm. I love this as a gift because they look so cute and are really useful, so whoever you give them to will actually use them. Though, make sure that you live somewhere where it gets cold or that they travel places where they’ll need gloves. These are a great pink Christmas gift or stocking stuffer that’s perfect for the winter season.

16. Polka Dot Wall Decals

pink polka dot wall stickers (pink gifts)

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These wall stickers are a fun and easy way to add some pink to any room without having to paint any walls or doing some damage to the walls. These are hot pink, though there’s also a metallic rose gold version available if that’s more their style. Either way, wall stickers and decals like this are the perfect solution for people who want more pink in their room and on their wall without having it be too permanent.

17. A Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

a rose gold eyelash curler; pink gift ideas

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Are you looking for a pink gift for a makeup lover? Then you have a few options. You can go for actual makeup or for a pink makeup bag. Or you can take a look at this pretty eyelash curler. It has great reviews and looks really great with its rose gold design making it a nice addition to this pink gift guide. This is more of a gift for adults because you don’t want to give a child something metal that needs to go close to their eye on purpose.

18. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker in Baby Pink

pink gifts for her: a waterproof bluetooth speaker

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There is an abundance of Bluetooth speakers available out there, including pretty pink ones like this one by JBL. It’s waterproof and has a battery life of 12 hours before you need to recharge it. It’s great for summer parties by the pool or as a nice speaker in your room. So, if you’re looking for pink gadgets for the music lover, then a nice Bluetooth speaker like this one is a gift idea you can’t really go wrong with.

19. Pink Glass Drop Earrings

pink dangly earring by MissBeaujangles on Etsy (pink christmas gifts)

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A nice pair of earrings is always a great gift to get. And this pair by MisBeaujangles with its opaque pink glass is a great example of a pretty in pink gift idea that’s both classy and oh-so-pink at the same time. Because they’re made from glass they’re also really affordable and a great example of a nice piece of jewelry that’s a great gift to get without having to spend a lot of money on it. If this isn’t their style, then be sure to take a look around at all the other great options that Etsy has to offer.

20. A Set of Fluffy Pink Cushion Covers

a set of pink fluffy cushion covers: millennial gifts

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These cushions cover are a great combination of two fun trends: pink and textured decor. These cushion covers immediately add a bit of texture and coziness to a room while remaining subtle and classy because of their color. Make sure to give this to someone who doesn’t suffer from allergies, because these do tend to cling on to dust and need to be washed quite frequently to keep them free of dust mite. Otherwise, they’re just fun and fluffy decor items no pink lover should do without

21. A Pink Toolkit With All the Essentials

a pink toolkit for women as pink things for gifts

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This little toolkit has it all; from a battery-powered screwdriver to a hammer and putty knife. With this kit, every woman (or man that loves pink) can do whatever needs to be done around the house. This is a great pink housewarming gift or moving out gift for someone who doesn’t have any tools yet and can use the essentials. Personally, this is one of my favorite items on this list of pink gifts for women to get. And don’t worry, it’s not all that expensive either.

22. A Pretty Retro Smeg Toaster

a pretty smeg retro toaster (pink gift ideas for her)

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Smeg household items are all perfectly retro and the pink color of this one makes it a great addition to this gift guide. It fits two slices of bread and will look great on anyone’s counter, or at least if they like pink. Make sure to check that all people living in their house won’t mind a pink toaster, otherwise it might be hidden in a cupboard, which defeats its purpose. This is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys a good piece of toast on the regular and will use it frequently, because it is a pretty expensive toaster.

23. A Pink Marquee Letter

a pink marquee letter - gifts pink

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If you’re looking for pink gift ideas for baby girls or for someone who can use some decor items in their room, then a pink marquee letter is a fun way to add some light to a room. You can pick the letter and this is just perfect for in a nursery or the room of a little girl. It’s battery-powered and uses LED lights, so it’s doesn’t get hot and you don’t need to deal with hiding wires or anything. There’s a simple on-off switch on the side and the pink color makes sure it looks nice even when it’s turned off.

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These pretty in pink gift ideas have hopefully inspired you to go out and find the perfect pink presents to get her. If you want to create an entire gift basket filled with small pink gifts, then be sure to check out this blog post by Amber from CrazyLittleProject that shows you how you can style it and offers some pretty and free printables to finish it off. Either way, any pink lover will love getting one of these gifts.

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