21 Best Mermaid Gifts for Girls

best mermaid gifts for girls

A mermaid gift guide filled with gifts for mermaid lovers. 

Looking for the perfect mermaid gifts? Or wondering what to get a mermaid fan for her birthday or for Christmas? Then check out this mermaid gift guide that is filled with fun and sparkly mermaid-themed gifts that any girl and woman will love to have if they would love to live in the ocean. So, scroll down to find the best mermaid gifts for girls that will help you come up with fun gift ideas for her.

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1. A Mermaid Tail Blanket

mermaid tail blanket - mermaid gifts for girls

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Turn yourself from a couch potato into a mermaid with this fun blanket. This mermaid blanket comes in a variety of colors and is a great mermaid gift idea if you are looking for something fun that they’ll actually use. You can use it for trips or just to sit on the couch with. It’s pretty affordable and still big enough to keep you warm and cozy while watching a movie. And what makes it so great, of course, is the fact that it actually turns you into a mermaid.

2. A Bubble Bath Bomb

a bubble bath bombs; mermaid gifts

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Give a little girl an amazing bath experience with this bath bomb that has a fun surprise inside. This is not as much fun when you’re an adult, but it can still be entertaining to get a nice fizzy bath bomb. Take a look around at all the bath bomb options out there to turn your bath into a colorful mermaid bath. There are even some out there with glitter in it, just make sure they’re biodegradable to keep the ocean clean for all the mermaids out there. All in all, fun-colored bath bombs are great mermaid gifts for girls.

3. A Mermaid Scaled Phone Case

a mermaid scale phone case (mermaid gifts amazon)

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Turn your phone into your favorite accessory with this mermaid phone case. This scaled phone case is a great gift for mermaids because they’ll recognize the pattern straight away. Add in a bit of sparkle and the right colors, and you have the perfect phone case for mermaids. It also comes in some other pretty colors, but it’s the pattern that makes it so perfect for any mermaid fan. If you’re getting this as a gift, just make sure it’s a case for the right phone.

4. An Actual Mermaid Tail Set

an actual mermaid fin and tail set - mermaid birthday gift ideas

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Do you want to take it one step further? Then you can get this set that includes a monofin and a matching tail to slide over it. Make your wildest mermaid dreams come true and swim around with an actual mermaid tail in the ocean or pool. You can also get the monofin on its own, if you’re more into the swimming than into the look of the tail. This set is probably one of the best mermaid gifts on this list and comes in a couple of different colors. Though make sure that the user is a strong swimmer because a monofin is not the easiest type of flipper to swim with.

5. Sea Life Earrings: mermaid gifts for girls

sea life earrings as mermaid gift ideas

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This set of stud earrings is perfect for anyone who loves everything to do with the sea, the beach, and, of course, mermaids. You get a set of three pairs of earrings and you can pick between a couple of different colors. Of course, you can also go for one of the many other options out there, but I think these ones are especially great for little girls, as they’re cute and affordable. In general, stud earrings are just a bit more practical for kids.

6. A Colorful Waterbottle

colorful water bottles as mermaid gifts for adults

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A great way to save the ocean is to prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean, and you can help with this by getting a water bottle instead of buying bottled water from the store. On top of that, this one is mermaid approved, just look at the colors and the little fin on these. This bottle comes in a couple of different colors, so take a look and pick your favorite. If you can find one that sparkles, that could make it even better, though this one here is also pretty good quality.

7. A Mermaid Pearl Necklace

a mermaid pearl necklace: little mermaid gifts for adults

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Show off your love of mermaids with this necklace. It’s clearly mermaid-inspired, but still subtle enough to wear on a daily basis. The pearl is a great reference to the sea and the setting is shaped like a mermaid to top it off. All in all, one of the most gorgeous mermaid gifts for adults. You can pick from a couple of different colors and comes with a pretty and minimalist packaging that makes it a lot easier to wrap up. This would make for a great stocking stuffer for mermaid lovers.

8. A Sequined Makeup Bag

a sequin makeup bag - mermaid gifts for girls

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Another great addition to this list of mermaid gift ideas is this sequined makeup bag. The combination of the color and sparkle turns it into the perfect bag for mermaids. There are also the sequined ones out there that change color, but they tend to get a bit messy after a while. Take a look around and find out what you like. This one is a good option and a great size because you can use it for makeup, toiletries, or as a pencil case.

9. A Mermaid Pool Float

a mermaid pool float (mermaid gifts)

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Are you planning on going on a trip to the beach or have a pool party planned? Then having a fun pool float is a great essential. That’s also why it’s such a great mermaid-themed present for summer or spring. This one is big enough for adults as well and comes in more than one color. This is great for anyone who’s planning to spend a lot of time in the water this summer and will be able one of these. They would also make for a fun addition to a kid’s bedroom as a piece of decor you can sit on.

10. A Mermaid Barbie

a mermaid barbie - mermaid toys for girls

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When it’s not summer and you’re still looking for a fun mermaid present for girls, then maybe getting them a mermaid doll like this Barbie is a great alternative to the typical summer-related items. There are a bunch of mermaid dolls out there, so if this Barbie isn’t really their thing, then have a look around on Amazon. You can also go for a smaller gift by giving them a mermaid outfit for their Barbies instead if they already have a couple of dolls to play with.

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11. A Seashell Throw Pillow

a seashell throw pillow - mermaid gifts for women

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Are you looking for a mermaid-inspired gift idea for adults that’s a bit more subtle? Then this seashell throw pillow is a great option. It comes in a bunch of different colors and will look great without being too in-your-face. It’s a subtle reference to someone’s love of mermaids without being childish. So, if you know they would love to have a pillow on their couch that looks like this, then this is probably the best gift to get for her.

12. Mermaid Makeup Brushes

mermaid makeup brushes as gifts for mermaid lovers

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If you’re looking for something for girly girls (or women) that love mermaids, then you might just really like these mermaid makeup brush set. It comes with a bunch of different brushes for all different types of makeup, including a couple for eyeshadow and some for your overall face makeup. These are not only fun to use but will also look great on your vanity as a nice pop of color and a touch of personality. They’re just a really great mermaid gift set for anyone who loves makeup as much as they love mermaids.

13. Shiny Mermaid Scale Leggings

shiny mermaid scale leggings as best mermaid gifts

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A pair of leggings is typically one of the more boring items in your closet. However, these leggings would certainly not be that. They’re shiny and colorful and great for feeling a bit more like a mermaid. These ones here are for adult women, though they also exist for little girls. Either way, they’re probably better for a party than to wear in your daily life, but they sure are a fun addition to your wardrobe. They come in a couple of different colors including this brightly colored one.

14. A Playmobil Mermaid Cove Playset

a playmobil mermaid cove playset (mermaid gifts for kids)

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If they already have Playmobil in their collection of toys, then this addition of a mermaid-themed set is a great idea. Even to get started with Playmobil, this is a great option. It’s something between LEGOs and Barbies without the whole body-image issues involved of the latter. There are a couple of different sets out there like this, though this one with the slides looks pretty fun. And what makes Playmobil even better is that you can easily play with it in the bathtub as well.

15. A Pretty PopSocket

a pretty popsocket: mermaid gift ideas for adults

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A nice small gift idea that would be perfect as a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket is a PopSocket. And this one here is the perfect one for mermaid lovers. It’s brightly colored and has the fish scale design on it. The addition of the glitter is what really finishes it off. There is also one available with Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it. Though, that one is a bit less universal for all mermaid fans and instead a bit more Disney-themed.

16. A Personalized Mermaid Towel

mermaid personalized towel by MultipleMonograms on Etsy (personalized mermaid gifts)

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One of the best personalized mermaid gifts for girls is this adorable towel by MultipleMonograms on Etsy. It actually comes in a couple of different designs, including some other sea creatures, though the mermaid one is perfect for this gift guide. You then get it personalized by getting the name of the person embroidered on the towel in the color of your choice and you can even pick the font. It’s an adorable towel that comes with a hood and even has a tail attached in such a way that when a girl wears the towel, it will look as if she has a little fishtail from the back.

17. A Mermaid Craft Kit

a mermaid craft kit - mermaid birthday gift ideas

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Sometimes you don’t want to give a kid another toy to add to their mountain of stuff. Instead, you can get them an activity like this craft kit does. With it, you can create your own little mermaid ‘garden’ and spend some timing making it all by yourself (well, a parent will probably have to help from time to time). Once it’s done, you can put it on your bookshelf or windowsill as a piece of decor. It’s a great example of something creative and fun that you can give as a mermaid-themed birthday present.

18. A Seashell Compact Mirror

seashell compact mirror: girls mermaid gifts

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One of the best small mermaid presents is one of these compact mirrors in the shape of a pretty iridescent seashell. It’s perfect as a party favor or a small item to add to a gift basket. Annoyingly, you can only buy them in a set of four, though I’m pretty sure all little girls would love to get one of these. It’s not really for adults, because the mirror is pretty small, but can you can still use it as a small compact mirror. This is just one example of the fun mermaid stuff you can find on Amazon.

19. A Sebastian or Flounder Plush

A Sebastian or Flounder plush - little mermaid gift ideas for adults

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There are a bunch of different mermaid plushes out there. However, if they love the Disney movie, in particular, then a plush of Flounder or Sebastian might be an even better choice. Both can be found on Amazon and are relatively affordable, so you could even get both if you want. They’re probably the best Little Mermaid gifts out there for both girls and adult women as they can either be used as a stuffed animal or as a throw pillow substitute.

20. Mermaid Pajamas for Girls

mermaid pajamas as mermaid gifts for 4 year old

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A great mermaid Christmas gift idea is a set of pajamas with one like this one here being a great example. There are a couple of different versions and sizes of these pajamas available. So, take a look around and see which one will fit and which one you think looks best. Either way, a pair of pajamas is a great non-toy gift for kids and if you can find one in a theme that they love, then that’s even better. And of course, pajamas are also fun gifts for women.

21. A Mermaid Tail Mug

a mermaid tail mug; mermaid inspired gifts

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From some gifts that are more geared to girls to this mug that any adult woman would love to own. It comes in a couple of different colors and is a great elegant mermaid design that’s both cute and fun. The metallic handle makes it so pretty, though that also means that you can’t put it in the microwave, so, keep that in mind. Either way, no matter what color you pick, these mugs are one of the best mermaid gifts for adults out there.

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Now that you have some fun mermaid gift ideas for girls and adults to think about, be sure to save this mermaid gift guide to be able to find your favorite mermaid gifts again. If you want to include a mermaid DIY gift, then check out these fun DIY gift ideas for mermaids that are also great gifts for her. And have fun with it, the mermaid theme is such a fun one to be creative with. Really anything sparkly and oceany can probably be interpreted as being mermaid-themed, so enjoy finding new mermaid stuff online.

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