20 Best Luxury Gifts for Her That Are Worth It

Best Luxury Gifts for Her

Elegant and luxurious gift guide for women. 

Looking for an elegant and luxurious gift for that person who deserves to be spoiled with some elegant gifts? Well, then this list filled with luxury gifts for her will hopefully help you find that perfect and classy gift idea for her. So take a look and pick your favorites. All of these gifts are timeless and elegant and worth the money. Most of them cost quite a bit, but there are also some that are very affordable. So whether you have the money for it or not, you can find great luxury gifts right here.

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1. A 14K Gold Knot Bangle

14k yellow gold knot bangle bracelet by KaratCarat on Etsy as luxury gifts for her

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This gold bangle by KaratCarat on Etsy is perfect if you are looking for a neutral and safe gift that every woman or girl will be happy with. Of course, this is just an example of the many bangles available on Etsy, though the knot design definitely makes it stand out. If you’re looking for luxury jewelry, then make sure that it’s solid gold and not plated, since solid gold just lasts a lot longer and looks a lot better. But that’s really the only thing to look out for with higher-end jewelry.

2. Cartier ‘Baiser Volé’ Eau de Parfum

cartier baiser volé perfume (luxury gifts for sister)

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Are you looking for a perfume that is perfect for all ages, then this is it. I love the scent of this perfume, because it’s so pleasant and nice, yet pretty neutral at the same time. This perfume comes in different sizes, so if you’re not sure she’ll like this one, then getting one of the smaller ones is a good idea. Being mindful of whether she’ll use all of the perfume is always a smart idea when you are buying perfume for someone else. This way if they like it, they have quite a bit of it, and if they prefer another scent, then the bottle isn’t too big to get through.

3. A Dyson Hairdryer

a dyson air dryer - luxury gift ideas

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You might’ve seen this hairdryer before, this is because it’s very popular and successful. Dyson managed to create one of the most powerful and most elegant-looking hairdryers in a long time. So, if you know someone whose hair takes up a lot of time, then this might be the perfect luxury gift for them. And don’t be scared of the bright pink, they also offer other color options, though the pink is pretty iconic by now for their hair care products.

4. A Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

charlotte tilbury face palette; luxury gift guide

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Are you looking for an elegant makeup gift idea? Then this might just be the perfect gift. Charlotte Tilbury is a brand know for its luxury makeup and this palette is no exception. It’s the perfect neutral and elegant makeup gift to give from the iconic Pillow Talk line. It has everything you need for a full face of makeup from eyeshadow all the way to blush and highlighter. It is a bit pricier than other makeup out there, but definitely worth it for the high-quality products you get.

5. A Sparkly Michael Kors Watch

a sparkly Michael Kors watch - luxury gift ideas for her

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Watches are some of the more typical luxury gifts for women and men that people get. But this watch is different, it doesn’t scream “this is expensive”, yet it is so elegant and gorgeous that everyone will love it. It comes in a couple of different colors and band options, so pick the one you think she’ll like best. And don’t worry, if she doesn’t like the band, you can order another one separately. A nice watch is always a staple on a good gift guide.

6. A Kate Spade Mini Tote

a kate spade tote bag (classy gift ideas)

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A more practical luxury gift idea for her is a handy tote bag. These handbags are perfect for moms or people who are always traveling. And this Kate Spade tote is classic and elegant, yet the smaller size gives it a fresh and modern touch. You can pick from a couple of different colors with a standard black always being a good neutral option. If they do need a bigger size, then be sure to check out all the other great tote bags available on Amazon.

7. Rose Gold Pearl Necklace

14k gold pearl necklace by FIEMMA on Etsy - classy gifts

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This pearl necklace by FIEMMA on Etsy is both simple and luxurious at the same time. Giving someone jewelry can be tricky. You never know what they like or what jewelry they wear. This is why I chose a necklace that is both simple and elegant at the same time, perfect for everyday wear, and can easily be worn with evening attire. A nice pearl necklace doesn’t have to be a full string of them, which can look a bit dated, this dainty option is a great alternative.

8. A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

a KitchenAid stand mixer as elegant gift ideas

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Kitchen Aid stand mixers are a must-have for people who bake, yet most people don’t have one because they can be pretty expensive. Now, if you are looking for a luxury gift for someone who loves being in the kitchen, then this is the perfect gift to get. Everyone knows how good and gorgeous Kitchen Aids are and they are one of the most well-loved luxury gifts for her out there and a splurge item for all bakers. There are so many colors to choose from, but personally, I like this grey and the pistachio green color best.

9. A Pair of White, Rose or Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

14k solid gold bar stud earrings by EnveroJewelry on Etsy: top luxury gifts for her

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If you’re looking for something small and subtle, then one of these pairs of stud earrings by EnveroJewelry on Etsy is a great option. This pair comes in three different colors of gold, so you’re sure they’re good quality and won’t fade in color and finish over time. This is just one example of the many stud earrings available on Etsy and a great one at that. It’s a good choice to pick something solid gold without a gem, since gems really hike up a price if you want a good-quality one.

10. A Black Steel Cocktail Shaker Set

a black steel cocktail shaker set (luxury gift sets for her)

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Are you looking for luxury gifts that are perfect for the host? Then this black steel cocktail set might be a good idea. This set includes all the necessities to make your own cocktails and it looks so classy with this black steel finish. It also comes in a couple of other finishes and colors for you to choose from if the black isn’t really your thing. The handed stand makes sure that it won’t take up cupboard space and can be displayed in their dining room if they want. And you can start using it straight away if you also supply the ingredients for their favorite cocktail.

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11. A Retro Style Instant Camera

a retro styled instax camera - luxurious gifts

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Polaroid pictures are loads of fun. And did you know that this gorgeous instant camera is perfect for that? It comes in a few different colors, all of which scream luxury and elegance. Make sure to also get a pack of film to put in it and you’re ready to get started. It’s a great gift idea to bring to a party because you and the guests can start using it straight away. So, if you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive and a great gadget, then this is the thing to get.

12. A Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

a Bose wireless speaker as high end gift ideas

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A great luxury gift for the homebody is this Bluetooth speaker. The brand Bose is known for its high-quality sound and designer features and this speaker is no different. I personally love the black color, but it also comes in a grey metallic finish if that is your preference. You do pay a pretty penny for it, but the quality definitely makes up for that and makes it more than worth it. So great for any music lover that doesn’t own a speaker like this yet.

13. A Leather Wallet by Fossil

a fossil leather wallet - elegant gifts

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I got a wallet like this a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite gifts I ever got. It lasts forever, looks amazing, and is really practical. So if you don’t know what to get someone, then I highly suggest a wallet like this. It’s great for traveling because it fits a lot of different cards and such and is RFID protected to make sure that no one can steal any info from your cards without even getting to your wallet and makes sure that no magnets can make your cards invalid.

14. A Soft 100% Cashmere Scarf for Winter

a cashmere scarf or shawl (luxury gifts for your love)

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If you are looking for the perfect luxury Christmas for the colder days, then this cashmere shawl might be a great idea. It keeps you warm and cozy all year round and is one of those luxury staples every woman wants to have in her closet. This one comes in quite a couple of colors and is big enough to use as a scarf or even as a small blanket while on the road. It’s a gift idea that will last for years to come and that any woman needs.

15. A 14kt Gold Link Bracelet

a 14k Gold link bracelet as luxury gift ideas for women

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Another classic piece of jewelry is a pretty link bracelet like this one. It’s a bit more elevated than a simple link bracelet so it can easily be worn on its own or in combination with other bracelets. You can also use it as a high-end base for charms to turn it into a charm bracelet. If you don’t like the yellow gold, then be sure to have a look around at the other options available. Of course, going to your local jeweler is also a great place to look for one of these.

16. Drunk Elephant The Littles Travel Size Essentials

drunk elephant gift set (luxurious gift ideas)

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A good set of skincare is a great luxury gift idea for women that like to try out new products. This Drunk Elephant kit is the perfect example of that. All the products are travel-sized, which makes sure that not a lot of product goes to waste if she doesn’t enjoy it and makes a kit like this within a reasonable price range. Of course, if you know exactly what she likes from which brand, then you can get a full-sized kit as another great high-end skincare present.

17. A Luxurious Dior Lipstick Set

a dior lipstick set - small luxury gifts

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Are you looking for a luxury gift that is makeup, then this lipstick kit is a lot of fun. The design of the lipsticks and the packaging also make these lipsticks perfect luxury Christmas gift ideas for her. You get a couple of different colors, including some more muted nude colors and some bright reds and pinks. Luxury makeup from high-end brands such as Dior, Estée Lauder, and YSL are always great gifts to give.

18. A Stylish Fitbit Activity Tracker and Smart Watch

fitbit activity tracker and smart watch: expensive gift ideas for her

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Do you know someone who loves working out and you want to find them a gift? Then this is a great choice. This handy Fitbit watch has some great features that will make the wearer fall in love with it for its activity tracking abilities and its smartwatch features. It can be connected to your phone and keeps track of your steps, heart rate, and calories burned. It comes in a couple of different color combinations for you to choose from on Amazon.

19. A Small and Elegant Coach Clutch Bag

a coach clutch bag (best luxury gifts for her)

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Or if you are looking for a smaller, more fashionable gift idea, then this Coach clutch is a good option. It looks young and elegant and is useful at the same time. You can use it as a nice clutch or as a small crossbody bag. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes and is a great basic for everyone’s closet. This is just one example of the many clutches and evening bags out there that are great gift ideas for her. If you know her style really well, then you can go for something a bit riskier if you want.

20. A Pair of AirPods Pro

a pair of airpods pro as the best expensive gift for wife

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To finish off this list, this pair of wireless earbuds by Apple is probably the most over-the-top item on this list. But it’s oh so luxurious. So if you really don’t know what to get someone and you have money to spare, then take a look at these AirPods Pro. Of course, if you think these are a bit much, the basic AirPods are still great high-end tech gadgets that anyone would love to get. Just make sure she doesn’t already own a pair.

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I hope you found what you were looking for and are going to make some people very happy with their perfect luxury gifts for her! Now if you didn’t find these gifts luxurious enough, then this article filled with over-the-top gifts might just be perfect for you, so take a look.

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