22 Best Legend of Zelda Gifts for Zelda Fans

best legend of zelda gifts

A list of the unique and original gifts for Zelda fans. 

Are you looking for some gift inspiration to help you find the best Legend of Zelda gift ideas? Then take a look at these great Legend of Zelda gifts to find the perfect present for fans of the franchise. This list includes Zelda merchandise and small Zelda trinkets in different price ranges. So, you’re sure to find the best gift ideas for Zelda fans right here.

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1. A Doormat With the Hylian Shield

A Doormat With the Hylian Shield - gifts for zelda fans

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Are you looking for Zelda-themed gifts that you can add to your home, then check out this great Legend of Zelda doormat with the Hylian shield on it. There are a couple of different Legend of Zelda doormat designs available on Amazon. So, if you like the idea, but not this particular design, be sure to take look at the other options as well. I would say a doormat like this is probably one of the more unique Zelda gifts out there, it’s unexpected, but a great gift nonetheless. All in all, a fun and original option.

2. A Navi Keychain

navi keychain by LootCaveCo on Etsy (legend of zelda gifts)

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This keychain by

3. A Sheika Wireless Charger

a Sheika Wireless charger; zelda gifts

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One of the more expensive Legend of Zelda merch pieces on this list is this wireless charging pad that lights up like one of the terminals in Breath of the Wild. It almost feels like you’re unlocking one of the many shrines in the game whenever you activate the charger with your phone. Because of its price, I suggest you make sure your phone can actually charge with this wireless dock, otherwise you’re stuck with a useless gift. If your phone is compatible, then this is a great addition to your desk to turn it into something every Zelda fan would be proud of.

4. A Pencil Case

legend of zelda pencil case by JustPeachyHandmade on Etsy - legend of zelda merchandise

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This pencil case made by They also make this in a couple of different prints, so you have loads of options to choose from to help you find some great affordable Zelda presents.

5. Hyrule Historia: A Legend of Zelda History Book

Hyrule Historia: A Legend of Zelda History Book (legend of zelda gifts amazon)

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Another great addition to this list of gifts for Zelda fans is this book called ‘Hyrule Historia’ that talks all about the complicated history and storylines in the Zelda games. You’ll read more about how the different games intertwine and how the Zelda games are created. It’s a great read if you love the stories behind the Legend of Zelda games. To me, the stories are what makes these games so much fun to play. So, this book is a great gift idea for those that love to learn more about the games and the history of Hyrule.

6. A Korok Plushie

a Korok plushie; best gifts for a zelda fan

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No need to turn over every rock in the game in the hopes of finding a Korok for this one. You can just order one online on Amazon. This Korok plush is probably one of the cutest Legend of Zelda pieces of merchandise on this list. This is just one of the many cute Zelda-themed plushies that you can order online. All in all, this little Korok seed is a great gift idea, even if you’re not the biggest fan of the broccoli man in Breath of the Wild with his annoying maracas.

7. A Triforce Nightlight

A Triforce Nightlight - gifts for zelda fans

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This piece of official Legend of Zelda merch is a great way to add some Zelda decor to your bedroom. This triforce nightlight can be plugged in or used with batteries. So, you can put it wherever you want. This is one of the more traditional Legend of Zelda-themed items on this list that you might have seen before in a game shop, and that’s because the triforce is just such a classic symbol for the games. In other words, if you’re looking for Zelda gifts for a boyfriend, then be sure to check this one out on Amazon.

8. Enamel Pins: Legend of Zelda Gifts

zelda pins by LilyXiaDesigns on Etsy as legend of zelda gifts

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These gorgeous pins are great Legend of Zelda trinkets to get. You can choose from these four pretty designs or get the set of all four. These enamel pins made by

9. A Sheika Slate Case for Your Nintendo Switch

A Sheika Slate Case for Your Nintendo Switch; best zelda gifts

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 If you’re looking for something specific for your Switch, then this carrying case for your Nintendo Switch is a fun gift idea that will turn your switch into the Sheika Slate of the game (I mean, it already kinda is.) This case for the Nintendo Switch is both fun and practical, so a great Zelda gift as is. Be sure that you don’t have the Switch Lite, though, because this case is for the standard switch. This would also be one of the best Legend of Zelda Christmas gifts on this list, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then be sure to consider this case as well.

10. A Handy Notebook

a handy notebook - zelda gift ideas on Amazon

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This notebook is one of the many Legend of Zelda gifts for him on this list. A notebook is always one of those gift ideas that you can’t really go wrong with, except of course for people who don’t use them. But even then, it would look nice on their desk as a piece of decor. There are a couple of different notebooks like this on Amazon and they’re all great Zelda gifts for a boyfriend because of the combination of usefulness and a touch of fun.

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11. A Triforce Necklace

A Triforce Jewelry as zelda gift ideas for her

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This necklace is just one example of Legend of Zelda Jewelry out there, though it is one of the daintiest. The triforce necklace comes in three different metal colors and you can get matching earrings. This is probably one of the best small gifts for female Zelda fans to get. It’s also extremely affordable and a great unique gift idea for her. So, if you’re looking for a small Legend of Zelda gift, then this piece of jewelry is a great present to get.

12. Zelda-Themed Cookie Cutters

Zelda cookie cutters by LootCaveCo on Etsy (best gifts for zelda fans)

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Are you looking for a Legend of Zelda gift idea that is both original and fun? Then take a look at these Zelda-themed cookie cutters by LootCaveCo on Etsy. This cookie cutter is one of the more unique gifts on this list and a great Legend of Zelda Christmas gift at that. So, if you like this gift idea, then be sure to take a closer look at the different options. The shop also offers some other great cookie cutter sets such as one with Korok seed shapes in it.

13. A Legend of Zelda Backpack

a Legend of Zelda backpack; zelda gifts for him

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There are a lot of different types of backpacks on Amazon inspired by the Legend of Zelda that you can choose from. Though, this one is the best pick in my opinion. Because it looks as if you’re about to go on your own adventure, though hopefully, you won’t have to actually kill any monsters on the way. Yes, it is definitely one of the more expensive Legend of Zelda gifts on this list, but it’s worth considering the practicality and its design.

14. A Bib with Cape for Babies

a bib with cape as a great zelda gift

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This may not be a good gift idea for everyone, though if you know someone who is a huge Legend of Zelda lover and is about to or has just had a baby, then these are probably the best Zelda gifts you can get them. This set of a bib and an attachable cape that looks like the Hylian shield is just too cute not to get. And it helps you make sure the next generation will love the Legend of Zelda as much as you do. All in all, a pretty unique Legend of Zelda present for kids I would say.

15. The Actual Master Sword 

the actual Master Sword - unique zelda gifts

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If you’re looking for even more Zelda gifts for kids, or for someone who is still a bit of a kid inside, then this sword from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a great choice. It is child-sized, so don’t expect something full-sized. It also happens to look very similar to the master sword from Breath of the Wild, which is really handy as that’s probably the game kids are most familiar with these days, though. This would also be great as a piece to hang on your wall.

16. A Zelda Themed T-Shirt

a Zelda-themed shirt; legend of zelda gifts for him

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This T-shirt comes in sizes for men, women, and kids. A novelty T-shirt is a classic and affordable gift that should be on everyone’s list when it comes to fandom gifts. This is one of the best Breath of the Wild gifts on this Zelda gift guide and a great present overall. It comes in five different colors for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you like. If you’re looking for a more classic Zelda style T-shirt, then take a look at this one as well.

17. An Actual Ocarina of Time

An Actual Ocarina of Time (gifts for zelda fans)

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Did you know that an ocarina is an actual instrument? (I didn’t, I just learned this right now.) And that means you can get one and learn how to play on them. This one here is the right color and theme and included a booklet of songs you can play on the ocarina from the Legend of Zelda. So, if you’re looking for fun Zelda-themed gifts, this is a great one to add to your list. From the reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that it’s an easy instrument to get the hang of, and if you add on a very pointy green beanie, you’re pretty much Link himself.

18. Breath of the Wild Stickers

breath of the wild stickers by GeneralPixel on Etsy as breath of the wild gifts

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If you’re looking for more small Zelda-themed gifts, then stickers are always a great option. This Zelda sticker set by GeneralPixel on Etsy is a great option if you’re specifically looking for Breath of the Wild gifts for Zelda fans. Included in the set are the four champions of the divine beast, Link, Zelda, and more. All in all, I would say these are probably the best Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gifts to get because you can decorate your Switch with it or the charger dock.

19. Zelda Themed Makeup Brushes

Zelda Themed Makeup Brushes - legend of zelda gift ideas

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Another more affordable gift idea on this list is this set of Zelda-themed makeup brushes. It adds a bit of fun to your morning routine without it being actual makeup or anything. These makeup brushes are great Legend of Zelda gift ideas for her that she’ll love. The set includes references to different games from the franchise and are just great Legend of Zelda items to have. You can get these brushes on Amazon and you’ll have a unique gift idea for her.

20. A Legend of Zelda Heat Changing Mug

A Legend of Zelda Heat Changing Mug (zelda themed gifts)

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This mug is one of the best The Legend of Zelda gifts on this list. A mug is one of those gifts that everyone will appreciate and this one is heat-changing, which makes it even better. When you fill the mug up with a hot drink, the glass stained windows will start to fill with gorgeous pictures of the Legend of Zelda games. So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable gift idea for Zelda fans, then this heat-changing mug is a great option.

21. Hylian Shield Blanket

a hylian shield blanket; zelda christmas gifts

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This is a pretty unique addition to this Legend of Zelda gift guide. It’s basically a fleece blanket that looks like a huge Hylian shield. It’s a great housewarming gift idea for someone who loves the franchise or as a present for a kid’s bedroom. I think this is just such a great addition to anyone’s room as it doesn’t involve anything permanent like painting a wall but will still transform any room. And it’s just really comfy to make it even better.

22. A Legend of Zelda Puzzle

an awesome puzzle (gifts for zelda fans)

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A puzzle can be a great piece of merch and most of the time there are loads of puzzles out there for any popular franchise. Zelda doesn’t have as many. Though this one is pretty iconic. It would look great when you frame it once finished so that you can also use it as a piece of wall art. I wish there was actually a puzzle of the map from Breath and the Wild, but I haven’t found one yet. Though, you could get one custom-printed if you like that idea.

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After taking a scroll through this list of Zelda gifts, you now hopefully have some fun gift ideas for Zelda fans in mind. If you’re looking for even more gift inspiration and maybe want to make something Zelda-themed for yourself, then check out this list of great DIY Zelda gifts to try.

A great tip to keep your costs low is by combining one of the more affordable Zelda-themed gift ideas on this list with one of the DIYs that you can make yourself. Have fun and spread the gifts and be careful outside because it’s dangerous to go alone! Take this… (and with this I mean to make sure to bring a gift to whatever party you’re going to, whether you made it yourself or got it from this gift guide for Zelda fans.)

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