23 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women under $10

best inexpensive gifts for women under $10

Find great and fun gifts under $10 for her. 

Find the best inexpensive gifts for women on this budget-friendly gift guide for her. Are you looking for a small gift to give that won’t blow the budget? Then take a look and check out these cheap gift ideas for women to find the best gifts under $10 for her.

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1. A Journal To Deal With Everyday B.S.

a journal - gifts under 10 for her

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Give someone the gift of not giving a fudge. This journal is all about letting go of the bad things in life and trying to find some fun and ridiculousness while doing so. If you’re not a fan of profanity, then this is not the gift for you. However, if you frequently use colorful language to make your feelings known, then be sure to check out this fun present on this list of gifts under 10 for her. A notebook or journal is one of those cheap presents for women that you just can’t really go wrong with.

2. Minimal Hairclips: gifts for her under $10

pretty and minimal hairpins as inexpensive gifts for women

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With a nice set of hair accessories, you can’t really go wrong when you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for women. This set has 10 different hair clips in gold and silver. Every woman is sure to find a clip in there that they love, if not multiple. Be sure though, to give it to someone who can use it. So, don’t give these to someone with really short hair, because they won’t have any use for this gift idea. You can also go with a set of scrunchies as a good alternative.

3. A Handmade Soap Bar

a handmade soapbar; gifts for her under 10

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One of the best inexpensive gifts for women under $10 is a bar of handmade soap. There are loads of different designs and scents to choose from on Amazon. The soap shown here is from a company whose soap bars can serve as a great solution when trying to find gifts for her that are small and affordable. This one here is a classic with a fresh and clean scent, though there are many more to choose from if you don’t like this design. Either way, a handmade soap bar is a great affordable gift idea for her.

4. A Mug For When You’re Having One of Those Days

a fun and cute mug (cheap gifts for women)

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Who doesn’t love a funny mug with a joke on it? Well, this mug is perfect for the not-so-perfect days everyone has. So make sure people know how you’re really feeling while drinking a cup of coffee. A novelty mug is just one of those classic small presents for her. You can also easily add a bit more personality by filling it up with their favorite sweet or with some chocolate and there you have an affordable gift that will be perfect for any woman.

5. Enamel Pins to Tell Them How You Really Feel


enamel pins as inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything

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These pins are great for adding a bit of sass to your bag or jacket without being too in your face. There are loads of different enamel pin sets available on Amazon, of which this one is the funniest in my opinion. A set like this is great because fun enamel pins are great small gifts under $10 for her. You can also find single pins if you’re looking for something specific and sets like this if you’re just looking for a small present to give.

6. A Personal Recipe Book

A recipes journal: christmas gifts under $10 for her

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Are you looking for a personal, practical, and inexpensive gift? Then this is the perfect gift idea for every woman who has to cook every now and then. This journal is great for keeping track of your favorite recipes and gives you a place to keep all the printed-out ones in one spot. So if you’re looking for a gift under $10 for her and she loves to cook or bake? Then this one is the gift to get. Just make sure that she will like the floral design.

7. A Sparkly Rose Gold Nail Polish

a rose gold sparkly nailpolish - $10 gifts for her

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Bring a bit of sparkle and glitter to your life with this gorgeous rose gold nail polish. It’s right on budget, so you’ve got yourself a great gift under $10 with this one. There are loads of different colored versions of this nail polish all for the same price. So if you’re looking for cheap but fun stocking stuffers, then be sure to take a look at the many different options this idea has to offer. And if she doesn’t like glitter, then you can always go with a more simple nail polish.

8. Llama Socks: fun and cheap gifts for women

cute llama socks as $10 gifts for women

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There’s not a woman on this planet that wouldn’t love these llama socks. It’s a staple in every woman’s wardrobe that you just need to have, right? Besides this llama version, there are loads of other cute options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift to give. But, keep in mind, every adult woman needs a good pair of llama socks, it’s an unspoken rule (maybe no one talks about it, because it isn’t true?) that you just need them.

9. A Set of Cactus Magnets

set of cactus magnets (gifts under $10 for her)

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A nice set of magnets is always nice to have, yet most of the time you just have a mess of different magnets or a set of boring ones. This set, on the other hand, is both fun and cohesive. This set has 24 small magnets shaped like cacti. It also comes in the shapes of clouds or balloons, so if you’re not into cacti, you can choose one of those. The cacti one, though, is pretty adorable and it brings some plants into a room that you don’t need to take care of. (Yeah, that was maybe a bit farfetched.)

10.  A Set of Rose Gold Reusable Straws

reusable straws as small inexpensive gifts for ladies

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Another great addition to this list of inexpensive gifts for women is this set of rose gold reusable straws. They’re one of those gifts that you’ll actually use and they’re good for the environment to boot. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and practical gift, then this set of straws is a great option. It comes in a couple of different colors, though this rose gold option is one of my personal favorites. But if they are a bit of a neat freak, then consider getting the glass variety instead.

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11. Scalp Exfoliator & Shampoo Massager

 a scalp massager and exfoliator; inexpensive gift ideas for women

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Another great cheap gift idea for her is this scalp exfoliator. It’s great for anyone with curly hair or long hair that struggles to actually get to their scalp while washing their hair. This gadget is great for a bit of extra luxury added to your shower without spending a lot of money. This one comes in a couple of different colors and is just one of those things you can’t do without, once you’ve tried it. So, if you know someone who takes their hair routine seriously, then this is a great inexpensive gift to give.

12. A Pretty Scented Candle

a pretty scented canlde - inexpensive birthday gifts for her

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A nice scented candle is another great example of gifts for women under $10, and this one is even closer to being under $5. Though you need to have a good look around since candles can get pretty expensive. This one here is a nice candle that looks and smells great without breaking the bank. It comes in a couple of different smells and variations for you to choose from. I think it’s a candle that’s perfect for on your vanity or in your bathroom to add a bit of luxury to your space at a really low cost.

13. Rose Gold Opal Stud Earrings

 rose gold opal earrings as amazon gifts under 10 for her

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A pair of nice stud earrings are another great option if you’re looking for good gifts for women under $10 and these ones are a great example. They come in a couple of different sizes and the stone itself is a pretty white opal that will look pink because of the rose gold setting. They look a lot more expensive than they are and any woman would love to have a pair of pretty earrings like this. They would also be great small stocking stuffers for her since they’re so small and affordable.

14. An Adorable Tea Infuser

adorable tea infuser: gifts for her under 10

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So you’re looking for gifts for women under $10? Well, then this one is perfect for the tea drinker. There are a bunch of different loose leaf tea strainers out there that are all just so cute and this llama one is the perfect example. It actually comes in a bunch of different animals, including a sloth, an elephant, and a bunny to name a few. So, if you know they enjoy loose leaf tea, then this is a great option. It’s one of those gifts that you can’t really go wrong with.

15. A Coloring Book for Adults

 coloring book for adults - cheap gifts for women

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Coloring books for adults are another type of cheap gift for her that come in many different varieties. This one is my personal favorite because it combines the relaxing activity of coloring with a bit of swearing, which is also a great way to get rid of stress if you ask me. This coloring book stays far below the $10 budget and is a nice in-between gift to give to yourself or someone you know who also loves to swear from time to time. It’s a simple and affordable gift idea for her.

16. A Pretty Tassel Keychain

 a pretty tassel keychain - small gifts for women

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Keychains were probably something you thought of as well when you were looking for cheap gift ideas for women under $10, however you probably didn’t think that it would be a good gift because they tend to be ‘cheap’-looking as well. Well, if you get a pretty keychain like this tassel one, then it’s a great affordable gift for her. This one comes in a lot of different versions and colors and is a bit bigger than you might think. They’re a great small gift idea you can’t really go wrong with because everyone can use a good keychain for their keys.

17. A Nice Small Credit Cardholder

 a card holder (gifts for women under 10)

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This inexpensive gift idea is great for women who don’t like lugging around a big wallet that makes every bag you carry ridiculously heavy. This small cardholder is protected with RFID and looks great for something that can fit in your pocket (yes even in women’s trousers). You can also use it to hold your business cards or loyalty cards so you have them with you wherever you go without them taking up space in your wallet. It also comes in a couple of different colors to make it perfect as a simple present.

18. A Pretty PopSocket for your Phone

 a pretty popsocket - gifts under 10 for her

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Giving someone a pretty popsocket is another great idea if you’re looking for a gift to give on a budget. This popsocket is a great example of something most women will like. There are loads of different designs out there to choose from, so take a look around on Amazon to find one you think will be perfect for her. It’s just a handy little gadget for women under 10 that anyone would love to get and they will actually use it. It’s really a great small gift for women under $10.

19. Bubble Bath Powder

 bubble bath powder: great gifts for women

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If you want to give someone something to relax with, then this bubble bath powder will be a great gift to get. It’s just under $10 and is more fun to give than your standard liquid bubble bath, since it offers something unique. The color and packaging turn it into a pretty cheap gift to give that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. They have a couple of different scents to choose from and they are all within the gifting budget.

20. An Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle

 a glass water bottle; cheap gift ideas for her

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A good water bottle is always a nice gift to get, since everyone can use it. This one is made from glass which makes it easy to clean and comes in a couple of different colors. The entire bottle is quite eco-friendly while still being affordable. It’s a nice practical thing to get since everyone needs to drink something and I actually prefer glass water bottles since they’re so much easier to maintain and better for the environment. So if you’re looking for inexpensive gift ideas for her, then this water bottle is a great option.

21. Canvas Grocery Bags: inexpensive gifts for women

 Three canvas grocery bags as inexpensive gifts for women

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These fun and adorable grocery bags are one of the best gifts under $10 that are also really practical and cute. You get a set of three and they are great for grocery shopping so you don’t need to use any paper bags. They are perfect for carrying vegetables and fruit, though of course, you can also use them to carry some wine or snacks. They’re a fun gift to give and if you’re looking for cheap gifts for women then maybe getting this set and giving each woman one of the bags can be an even cheaper gift to give.

22. Comfy Hair Scrunchies

comfy hair scrunchies - small gift ideas for women

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Hair scrunchies have been becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years because they’re great to keep your hair healthy. This set comes in a bunch of different colors, with different prices. So, make sure to check which ones are under 10, and which aren’t. I think the more neutral soft tones are the best choice if you’re not sure which color scheme she’ll like best, as something so neutral is something you can’t really go wrong with.

23. Funny Socks

funny socks (inexpensive gifts for her)

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One of my personal favorite items on this cheap gift guide for women is this set of funny socks. This is just one example of this kind of sock with the added benefit that they’re actually wrapped up and ready to give. Now, these ones are perfect for wine lovers, but you also have them for chocolate, beer, and coffee. So, have a look around and you’re sure to find a pair of cozy and funny socks to sit back and relax with in the hopes that someone reads your socks.

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Now that you have some ideas on what to get as gifts under $10 for women, all that is left to do is wrap it up nicely. Here are 5 fun and cheap ways to wrap up small gifts, so maybe you’ll find some inspiration to add a bit of extra interest to your inexpensive gift for her. So, whether you found something here or were just able to get some inspiration on the best gifts for her under 10.

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