21 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Men Under $10

Inexpensive Gifts for men under $10

A list of original and cheap gifts for men. 

Are you looking for inexpensive gifts for men? Then check out this affordable gift guide for him filled with cheap gifts for him under $10. You’ll find the best affordable gifts for men under $10 on this list to stay within your budget. So, scroll down and pick your favorite cheap present for him to get for his birthday, to add to a gift basket, or as a fun Christmas stocking stuffer for him!

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1. A Keychain Multitool

A Keychain Multitool: inexpensive gifts for men

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A practical and small gift for men under $10 is this multitool keychain that has everything you may need when you’re on the go and you don’t have any tools with you. It contains a bottle opener, a screwdriver and even a couple of different sized wrenches as well as a ruler. There are even some other ones that I haven’t mentioned. So, if you looking for small inexpensive gifts for men under $10, then this keychain is a great gift to give him.

2. A Fun Coffee Mug

a fun coffee mug - gifts for men under $10

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A fun mug is one of the more traditional inexpensive gift ideas on this list. This mug has a fun heat-changing print on it and is just a fun cheap gift idea for him. You can add some more fun to this by filling it up with his favorite candy or snacks and there you have one of the more neutral items on this list that any man will appreciate. Of course, there are also a bunch of other fun mugs out there that are typically around $10.

3. A Small Tin of Hand Cream

a small tin of hand cream (cheap gifts for men)

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Men need skincare too, and one of the most useful skincare gifts to give is a tin of hand cream. This is technically not a cream, but a salve. Nevertheless, it’s a great gift because of its fun packaging and usefulness. So, if you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for men who work with their hands a lot, then this gift idea for him is a great one to choose. It would also make for a great stocking stuffer because of its size and price.

4. Mini Hot Sauce Bottle

Mini Hot Sauce Bottle; inexpensive gifts for a guy friend

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Another fun gift idea on this list of inexpensive gifts for men under $10 is this mini hot sauce bottle you can carry with you wherever you go. Fill it with his favorite hot sauce and there you have a fun gift to give that is also budget-friendly. If he doesn’t like hot sauce, you can even fill it up with some other sauce he likes. It’s perfect as a keychain on your keys or on your bag to take with you wherever you go. Just add a bottle of their favorite hot sauce to really finish this present off.

5. A Tiny Cards Wallet

a tiny cards wallet - affordable birthday gifts for him

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This cardholder is a great affordable gift idea for him because it’s cheap, yet so practical and useful to have. This cardholder is great for traveling or for keeping your business cards in. So, if you’re looking for a practical and affordable gift idea for him, then this is the gift to get. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, so you’re sure to find a version or color that he’ll like. Though, the black one is always a great neutral option that you can’t really go wrong with.

6. Meat Claws: cheap gifts for men

meat claws as small gifts for men

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For the man who loves meat and particularly pulled pork or just generally cutting up meat in a dramatic fashion, these meat claws are a great gift to give. These claws are made for shredding up meat and are also useful to toss a salad or cutting up meat with the knife edges on the side of the claws. Either way, if you’re looking for something fun that he can use to cook with (or eat with), then a set of these meat claws is a great choice.

7. A Handy Passwords Notebook

a handy passwords notebook; cheap gifts for guys under $10

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This gift idea for men is probably the cheapest gift on this affordable gift guide for him, but it’s also a fun one to give. This notebook is made to keep all your login data and passwords safe without having to keep them on your phone. So, if you’re looking for a gift to give someone who always struggles to remember their password, or just has a lot of different accounts, then this notebook is a fun gift to get for him.

8. An Insulated Tumbler

an insulated tumbler - inexpensive gifts for boyfriend

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Everyone can use a good insulated tumbler to keep their water fresh or their coffee hot. This tumbler is great to travel with or take along on a hiking trip. It comes in a couple of different colors and is a great addition to anyone’s collection of water bottles and such. It’s a really cheap gift as well, so don’t worry about the price. There are loads of tumblers out there, though this one stood out because of its simplicity and great price point.

9. Novelty Socks: gifts for men under $10

novelty socks as mens gift under $10

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A pair of socks is one of those gifts for men that needs to be included on every gift guide for him. A pair of novelty socks, in particular, are great cheap gifts for men that are also a lot of fun to have. These ones are perfect for taco lovers, though there are a bunch of other options and designs out there as well. So, figure out what his favorite food or game is and you’re sure to find a matching pair of socks that are great small gifts for him.

10. A Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

a millenium falcon bottle opener - amazon gifts for him under $10

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Is he a Star Wars fan? Then check out this bottle opener as one of the best inexpensive gifts for men under $10 on this gift guide for him. It’s a small gift that’s really cheap and is a great gift to give if you have to stick to a budget. If he isn’t into Star Wars, there are some other novelty bottle openers out there that he’ll surely love. And as long as he loves a good beer, then you can’t really go wrong with a fun bottle opener, can you?

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11. A One-Pan Cookbook

a one-pan cookbook (gifts for men under $10)

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A cookbook is always a nice Christmas gift and this one is both a great resource for simple meals and is under $10. This cookbook is filled with recipes you can make with just one pan and that aren’t too tricky. A cookbook like this is great for beginners and men who are living on their own or moving out and want to improve their cooking skills. So, if you want something useful that they can learn from, then this book is a great option.

12. A Fun USB Flash Drive

a fun USB flash drive; $10 gift ideas for guys

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Did you know that there are a bunch of fun little USB flash drives out there that are not only a handy USB stick but also a fun keychain? Well, this little one is a great example of that. Some of them can get pretty expensive, depending on the design and the size of the storage on them. Though, if you take a look around and dig a bit on Amazon, then you’re sure to find one of these gadgets under $10 for him. This gaming controller is perfect for the gamers in your life.

13. A Pair of Pizza Scissors

pizza scissors as gifts under $10 for him

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Do they love pizza above all other foods? Then maybe getting them a pair of pizza scissors is a great option. There are loads of these out there, just make sure that you’re not paying too much for them. This one, in particular, has the option to take off the spatula, so you can also use the scissors separately. Though keeping these for pizza alone is a great option. Either way, this is a great cheap kitchen gadget for men that they’ll like.

14. A 1000-Piece Puzzle

a 1000-piece puzzle (inexpensive gifts for men)

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There are a bunch of puzzles out there that are really affordable and inexpensive, with this space-themed one being a great example. A puzzle is a great cheap Christmas present for men, so if you find one that they’ll like the design of, then this can be a great option to get them as a gift. So, if you like this idea, be sure to check out all the fun designs that you can get on Amazon. It can get a bit over the $10 mark, but none of them are ridiculously expensive.

15. A Beard Care Kit

a beard care kit - gifts under $10 for men

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If he has a beard, then this is probably one of the best cheap gifts for men that you can get. It’s basically a kit with all the essentials you need to take care of your beard. It’s a fun and original twist on some beauty products for men that are specifically for men with beards or who are trying to grow a beard. So, if you think they would like to get this as a present, then be sure to read more about it and what’s included in the kit.

16. A Fancy Pair of Playing Cards

a fancy pair of cards - cheap gifts for guys under $10

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A nice set of playing cards is another great addition to this affordable gift guide for men. There are a bunch of versions out there, some even with fun themes. These ones here are fancy black playing cards that are also waterproof, so perfect for trips where there will be a pool. So, if they enjoy playing card games, whether it’s poker or something else, then a simple set of playing cards is always a good gift idea. So take a look to check out all the options on Amazon.

17. A Magnetic Wrist Band

a magnetic wrist band ($10 gifts for men)

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A great gift idea for DIYers or handymen is a magnetic wrist band like this one. It’s a lot easier to keep track of all the screws and bolts you use without them rolling all over the place. There are a couple of different versions and colors out there and all around the $10 price point. This one here is the one that stays right under it. So, if you know they tend to swear whenever they’re putting stuff together and keep losing small bits, this is a great gadget to have.

18. A Set of Whiskey Stones

whiskey stones as gifts for men under 10

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A set of whiskey stones is always a good gift idea for men who love a bit of liquor and these ones might not come in the prettiest box, but are definitely still great gifts. It even comes with a little pouch and a pair of thongs to put them in your drink. And don’t worry, this set is also under the $10 budget. These are great luxury gifts that are really affordable and inexpensive for what they are. So, if you’re on a budget, these are great options.

19. A Headphones Stand

a headphones stand - affordable gifts for men

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This might seem like a redundant gadget to some, though it’s a great addition to your desk if you have a fancy pair of headphones. It’s a simple stand that will keep your headphones ready to go and you don’t risk denting it or having it on your desk and putting a bunch of stuff on it so you keep losing your headphones. It’s probably one of the best inexpensive gifts for men who tend to have a pretty messy desk and keep misplacing their headphones.

20. An AirPods Case Cover

an AirPods case; gifts for him under $10

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Does he own a pair of AirPods? Then you can get him a cheap case for the AirPods that makes them a lot handier. The case is made from silicone and comes with a keychain to hang it from. So, not only does it protect your AirPods and make them easier to hang from your keys, it also makes your case look a bit better. Instead of the standard Apple white, you can pick whichever color you like best. So, a great addition to your AirPods that doesn’t cost a lot.

21. A Pair of Leather Work Gloves

working gloves as inexpensive gifts for him

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Another great addition to this list of gifts for men under $10 is this pair of leather work gloves. This is perfect for the handymen that can always use an extra pair of work gloves. Because let’s be honest, they keep losing one of them and a mismatched pair doesn’t really look all that professional. These ones come in a couple of different sizes and there is even a version with a magnet at the wrist to hold screws and such on your glove.

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Now that you’ve hopefully found some inexpensive gift ideas for men under $10 to get, all that’s left to do is order your gift and wrap it up. If you’re looking for some fun ways to wrap up gifts for guys, then check out these gift wrapping ideas for men. All in all, you’ll now have a list of cheap gifts for him you can get and wrap up for him.

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