17 Unique Ice Cream Lover Gifts

Unique Ice Cream Lover Gifts

Fun and life-changing ice cream gift ideas. 

Are you looking for fun kitchen gadgets and accessories to get an ice cream lover as a gift? Then check out this list of great ice cream lover gift ideas filled with affordable and more expensive ice cream-themed items. So, scroll down to find some great ice cream gifts.

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1. Ice Cream Toppings

coop's toppings - ice cream lover gifts

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The best way to make an ice cream lover happy is to get them something to upgrade their ice cream with. These two toppings by Coop’s are a great way to add some more fun and uniqueness to your ice cream. You can get both or just one of them as a great gift idea for ice cream lovers. Or you can get both and also add in a bunch of sprinkles etc. to make an entire gift basket out of it. Either way, it’s a great treat to get people that love ice cream.

2. Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

ice cream scoop and stack; ice cream gifts online

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Have you struggled before to actually stack up more than two ice cream scoops? Well, it’s not a problem anymore with this scoop and stack ice cream scoop. It looks a bit weird and maybe not as charming as a regular ice cream scoop, but it’s a lot easier to get a full scoop. So, if you want to get them a fun kitchen gadget that they can use for their favorite at-home ice cream, then this is a great option. It also comes in a couple of colors to choose from.

3. A Portable Ice Cream Maker for One

portable ice cream maker (fun ice cream gifts)

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Who doesn’t want to make ice cream for one in whatever flavor they want, whenever they want? With this one-portion ice cream maker, you can do exactly that. All you need is a plug and all the ingredients, and you’re ready to go. It comes in a couple of different fun colors to choose from, but the mint one will be perfect for making mint chocolate ice cream, I think. Keep in mind that you can’t expect this ice cream gadget to make the best ice cream ever, but it will do in a pinch.

4. Ice Cream Pop Art

ice cream print by BeJoyfulGraphics on Etsy - gelato gifts

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This piece of art by BeJoyfulGraphics is a great unique gift idea for ice cream lovers that doesn’t involve food or anything that needs to be frozen. If you don’t like this style, then take a look around, because there are a bunch of other options on Etsy to choose from. A piece of art like this will look great in a colorful kitchen and will make them love ice cream even more. So, if you’re looking for unique ice cream lover gifts, then art prints like this one are great options.

5. Classic Ice Cream Bowls

classic ice cream bowls; ice cream gift set

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If they don’t already own one of these classic ice cream bowls, then maybe it’s time to get them a set. There are a bunch of different designs out there that remind you of a classic ice cream parlor. This one here is perfect for sherbert or two scoops of ice cream. I think these look great for summer and immediately add this touch of luxury to a simple portion of ice cream. So, if you’re looking for something special, this is a great option.

6. A Waffle Cone Maker: ice cream gadget

a waffle cone maker (ice cream accessories)

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Now, this ice cream lover gift idea is for the culinary-skilled people. It’s a waffle maker that you can use on your gas stove to make a bunch of different ice cream cookies and waffles. You simply pour in the batter, let it cook and then roll it in whatever shape you want, including an ice cream cone shape. It’s maybe not the easiest or most obvious way to have an ice cream cone, but it’s definitely a fun way to do it yourself.

7. Straw Spoons for Milkshakes

straw spoons: gifts for ice cream lovers

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Did you know these existed? Well, I didn’t either until I started looking for anything that an ice cream lover would love or use. It’s a set of spoons that also work as a straw once your ice cream has melted. Or, if they also like a good milkshake, that also something these spoons would be great for. They might be a bit tricky to clean, and that’s why the set also comes with its own little brush to clean them. So, only give it to someone that will actually clean it.

8. A Popsicle Pool Float

a popsicle floatie - ice cream gifts

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Do they happen to love ice cream and going to the pool? Then this is the perfect gift for the ice cream lover in your life. It’s a popsicle-shaped pool float that actually has some more realistic coloring than most. There are a bunch of other color options and design options out there if you don’t like this one. But it’s a really affordable and fun gift idea that I don’t think you can go wrong with, as long as they’ll actually use it.

9. Rolled Ice Cream Maker

rolled ice cream maker (gift for ice cream lovers)

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You might have seen one of those videos online where they make ice cream on a slab of marble using little spatulas and rolling up ice cream. With this little DIY set, you can roll your own ice cream exactly like that, but just on a smaller scale. The set even comes with a recipe book to make your ice cream from scratch with this simple little kit. All you need to do is keep the bowl in the freezer before making your ice cream rolls.

10. A Small Whipped Cream Maker

whipped cream maker; ice cream gift ideas

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If they love a good sundae or just like to add whipped cream to their ice cream, then this small whipped cream maker is a great gift idea. It’s not strictly an ice cream gadget, however, it’s pretty close. It comes in a couple of colors and you can find a couple of different sizes on Amazon as well. So, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose present for anyone who loves all kinds of dessert, then this is a great thing to get. Just make sure to also get the correct cartridges to make it function.

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11. A Waffle Bowl Maker: ice cream lover gifts

waffle cone maker - ice cream themed gifts

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Another great kitchen gadget is this waffle bowl maker. It’s maybe not the prettiest gift on this list, but if they love a good waffle bowl, then this is a great idea. You can make two waffle bowls at once, you just need to perfect your batter. A little tip for chocolate lovers; fill it with some chocolate once the dough is done to get a nice coating on the inside and make the bowls more ice cream proof. It’s not super cheap, but it’s still pretty affordable.

12. An Ice Cream Neon Light

neon light (best gifts for ice cream lovers)

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Want to add some ice cream or popsicle decor to your kitchen or home? Then this small neon sign is a great addition. It’s USB charged and just a fun small addition to your office or kitchen. You can choose between a popsicle design or ice cream cone design, depending on their preference. Both options are available on Amazon in different sizes, so have a look around for the perfect option as ice cream lover gifts to give.

13. An Insulated Ice Cream Bowl

insulated ice cream bowl (ice cream lovers gifts)

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Keep your ice cream cold for longer with this freezable bowl. Of course, this is only a good gift idea for ice cream lovers that don’t like the melty ice cream part. Because then, you are basically ruining their favorite part. You can get just one of these or an entire set. It is a pretty big bowl, so not great for kids, as it seems like more of a salad bowl in their hands. Another option is to go with a stainless steel bowl, but they tend to also be too cold to actually hold. Something this bowl solves.

14. Ice Cream Bandaids

bandaids (ice cream gift basket ideas)

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Who knew that there were so many bandaid options out there. These ones come in a pretty tin and have a bunch of different bandaid designs. It’s one of the cheapest ice cream gifts on this list and would be a great addition to a gift basket that contains some nice ice cream toppings, some ice cream, and some fun paraphernalia like this little tin of bandages. So, if you want to give them something small and fun, this is a really original idea.

15. A Soft Serve Maker: gelato gifts

a soft serve maker - ice cream gadgets

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One of the best ice cream lover gift ideas on this list is this actual ice cream maker. This one, in particular, is to make soft-serve ice cream. On top of that, it also looks cute and has its own sprinkles containers to easily add some sprinkles to your ice cream. It’s one of the most expensive items on this list, but definitely worth it if they have the space for it and if they love soft serve ice cream. This machine is also great for parties or to use with kids to make their own ice cream.

16. An Ice Cream Lock

an ice cream lock: ice cream related gifts

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If their favorite ice cream is from Ben & Jerry’s and they don’t live by themselves, then they’ll love this ice cream lock by the brand. It will fit perfectly on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s very clearly a gimmick and novelty present, but a fun one nonetheless. Because, let’s be honest, a lock isn’t gonna stop anyone who’s really into getting the ice cream. But I think it’s a great one to get. You can even pair it with a pot of ice cream and already put it on there for them to figure out.

17. Cookie & Chocolate Spoon Molds

spoon molds as gifts for people who love ice cream

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Now, this is the perfect gift idea for sweet tooths. You can use it to make chocolate spoons or cookie spoons to eat your ice cream with. I do suspect that you’ll need a bunch of them to actually get through a bowl of ice cream. However, it will look great as a small add-on to a bowl of ice cream while serving it. So, I would say this ice cream gift is great for anyone who likes to host dinners and loves ice cream as the perfect dessert for any meal.

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Now that you’ve scrolled through this list of ice cream lover gifts, do you have the perfect ice cream-themed present in mind? Some of these items are also great additions to a fun gift basket or as a stocking stuffer. You can then DIY your gift basket for them to make their own favorite ice cream with all the supplies, like this one. Have fun with it and get them some great ice cream gifts to enjoy.

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