23 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Potterheads

Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Potterheads

Find the best gifts for Harry Potter fans. 

Reading Harry Potter is something lots of people have done, but have you become an actual Potterhead? If so, this Harry Potter gift guide will be a road down memory lane for you. Step into the world of Hogwarts and Dumbledore and leave your muggle mess behind to check out these fun Harry Potter gifts for men and women. Take a look at these Harry Potter-inspired gift ideas and find some great Potterhead gift ideas.

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1. A Hogwarts Letter Seal Set

a hogwarts letter seal set - harry potter gifts

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Seal your letters with a wax stamp from Hogwarts in the hopes that an owl will pop by to pick it up. (Though, personally, I wouldn’t be too happy about a sudden owl in my room). With this set, you get to customize your letters and get to spread the Hogwarts seal with everyone you want. Though, don’t go sending out fake Hogwarts acceptance letters, because people might get too excited. You can also use this set as a fun way to customize your invites for a Harry Potter party. And don’t worry, it’s pretty cheap.

2. Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace

Hermione's time turner necklace (harry potter gifts for her)

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Try to travel back in time yourself with this time-turner necklace. The time turner was given to Hermione in the third book to make sure she could go to all her classes and was even used towards the end of the novel as a vital part of the story’s conclusion. So maybe you can use it to get more done, by going back in time or just reliving a bit of the magic of Hogwarts. If it doesn’t work, you can also just wear it as a nice accessory. This necklace is a great Harry Potter gift idea for Hermione Granger fans and even comes with a pretty box to hold it in.

3. A Marauder’s Map Puzzle

a Marauder's map puzzle; harry potter gifts for him

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With this puzzle, you get to slowly explore all the details on the Marauder’s map and find out the secrets of Hogwarts yourself. You’ll be able to spend your pastime doing this puzzle and finding the right place for all its 1000 pieces. So, take your time and dive into the world of Hogwarts with this gift idea for Potterheads. It’s particularly great for anyone who loves doing puzzles and loves Harry Potter, as this is a great combination of the two.

4. Chocolate Frog Molds

chocolate frog molds for diy harry potter gifts

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DIY your own chocolate frogs and hope that they don’t hop away with this DIY chocolate frog mold. This is a fun gift for Harry Potter lovers because they get to enjoy one of Hogwarts’ favorite treats for on the train. And you can even go a step further by crafting your own box to go along with it. This is perfect for anyone who would like to make a fun gift without coming off as being cheap. You can either keep the mold for yourself or include that in the gift as well.

5. A Set of Harry Potter Earrings

a set of earrings as a harry potter gift set

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If you are looking for a smaller and cuter Harry Potter gift, then these earrings are a great option. This set contains a couple of different pairs of earrings that you can wear and you can even mix and match if you like. For example, mixing the recognizable lightning bolt with the deathly hallows will show everyone you love HP. You can pick from two different sets and both are great Harry Potter gifts for women and girls.

6. Your Own Personal Elder Wand

your own personal elder wand - harry potter gifts amazon

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Get your own version of the elder wand and become the most powerful wizard of all. If you loved Dumbledore (who didn’t?), then you’ll love this gift idea for Potterheads. With this wand, you get to place one of the central story items of the last two books into your own home. And you can try using it whenever you want, I can’t guarantee results though. There are also some other recognizable wands available on Amazon, though this one is probably one of the best to get and it even comes with a proper box, like in Ollivander’s.

7. A Cauldron Mug

a cauldron mug; gifts for potterheads

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Go for a more traditional Harry Potter present with this mug that looks like a Cauldron straight from Snape’s classroom and has the Hogwarts sigil on the front. You can use it to drink your daily coffee or tea from, or use it to store your wands (aka your pens). This mug is adorable and a fond reminder of one of your favorite books. It also comes in a couple of different versions, including ones with the sigils of each house of the school.

8. A Hogwarts Battle Board Game

A Hogwarts battle board game (harry potter gift ideas)

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Join the Batte of Hogwarts with this board game and immerse yourself into the world of witchcraft and wizardry with this game. Play as your favorite character and join in the fray. This is a great gift idea for Harry Potter lovers who also enjoy playing board games. If they already own the game and enjoy it, then be sure to check out the expansions that are available to add a new feature to the game. This is perfect for any games lover.

9. A Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

a charm bracelet - harry potter gifts for women

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One of the best pieces of jewelry for Potterheads is this charm bracelet. It’s packed with fun Harry Potter charms. So, you can either keep them all on or only leaves those on that mean the most to you. From the sorting head to the golden snitch, there are pieces of the entire book series and story present on this bracelet. This is probably one of the best Harry Potter gifts for girls that you can get, especially if they love something cute like this.

10. The Books: Harry Potter gifts

the actual books as the best gifts for potterheads

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If they don’t own the set already (which I highly doubt, but still), then this is THE gift to give a Harry Potter fan. Let them relive all of their favorite adventures in the complete box set. There is also a hardcover set, but that one is quite a bit more expensive, so it’s up to you to see what fits your budget, with the hardcover version being a nice upgrade. Either way, this is great for any newer fan that has only ever borrowed the books or doesn’t have all of them yet.

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11. Platform 9 3/4 Bookends

the platform 9 3/4 bookends as harry potter gifts for him

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If you have the Harry Potter books, then you might need a pair of fitting bookends to keep them on your shelf. These ones on Amazon are pretty amazing. There are a couple of different Harry Potter-themed ones out there, but this one of the 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross is pretty iconic. So, if you want something fun for the book lover and something that will add a touch of magic to your bookshelf, then this is the present to get.

12. The Unofficial HP Cookbook

the unofficial HP cookbook (harry potter gifts for her)

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The Harry Potter world is filled with strange and unexpected foods and drinks that you can’t get anywhere in the muggle world. However, this cookbook is filled with fun meals and recipes that are perfect for fans of the series. It includes magical meals as well as some typically British meals that you would typically find in the world on Harry Potter. So, if you want to get them something they can actually use, or something for a housewarming, then this is a great choice.

13. A Wizards Welcome Doormat

A 'Wizards Welcome' doormat; harry potter presents

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Another great addition to this list of Harry Potter gifts is this doormat that would make for a great housewarming gift idea to add a touch of magic to your home. It’s a fun version of something that is typically not very exciting, though a doormat with a fun theme or saying on it is a great alternative. There are a couple of different versions of this mat out there, so take a look around at all the Harry Potter doormats that are all great additions to anyone’s front door.

14. A Knit Harry Potter Scarf

a knit Gryffindor scarf: great harry potter gifts

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The majority of the storylines of the books happen in winter and one of the more iconic dress pieces are the scarfs that they wear. This scarf here is a replica of the ones in the movie and it comes in four different versions: one for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. So, depending on the house they belong to, you can get a matching scarf. This is a great Harry Potter Christmas gift as it’s perfect for winter and will be put to use straight away. And unlike the robes, you can actually wear them in your day-to-day life.

15. Harry Potter Candy

Harry Potter candies as gifts for harry potter fans

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This set of candy is another great example of something from the movies that have such a great touch of magic and whimsey. These are all candies that Harry, Ron, and Hermione eat on the train on their way to Hogwarts. It includes the ‘Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans’ that are dangerous as you can’t know for sure what they will taste like. You also get a chocolate frog, though this one won’t jump away when you open the package. Either way, this is a great Harry Potter gift set to add to a gift basket or to give as a fun set on its own.

16. A ‘Smells Like Draco’ Candle

a 'smells like Draco' candle (harry potter gifts amazon)

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If they are a Draco Malfoy fan or just love the evilness of the character, even though he did make a good change towards the end, then this is the gift idea for them. This candle is scented to immediately bring the Slytherin house to life and comes in a fun box and has a nice label to make it clear what exactly the candle is. It’s not too expensive and is a great gift idea if you don’t know what to get them and don’t want to give them something too over-the-top.

17. An ‘Accio Coffee’ Spoon

an 'accio coffee' spoon - gifts for harry potter lovers

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One of the best cute and small Harry Potter gift ideas for men and women is this spoon that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee. It’s a great stocking stuffer or gift to add to a gift basket that is otherwise filled with everything else you may need to make a good cup of coffee. This can include coffee beans, a nice mug, and some cookies to go with it. If you have the time, you can even bake the cookies yourself to make it truly personal.

18. Witchcraft Witch Wizard Gift Set

Witchcraft Witch Wizard Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Gift Set by SevenAndSixCosmetics on Etsy (unique harry potter gifts)

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This gift set by SevenAndSixCosmetics on Etsy is filled with fun Harry Potter-themed bath products and is probably on of the best Harry Potter gift sets out there. It includes a dragon egg bath bomb, mini bath bombs, bath crystals, bath potion and a pretty bracelet. You can get it personalized with a fun message for the front of the gift package and you can even get part of the writing done in invisible ink. This is a great gift basket for all Potterheads.

19. A Wizard Chess Set

a wizard chess set - potterhead gifts

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Do you remember the living chessboard from the first book when they were trying to get to the philosopher’s stone? Then this miniature version of that that you can play at home with is a great gift. You get everything you need to play chess in a new and fun way. So, try to improve your game as well as Ron did and win the game. The only thing you need is someone to play against, otherwise, it’s gonna be a bit tricky. So, if they already enjoy playing chess, this is a great upgrade to your traditional chess set.

20. A Sorting Hat Christmas Ornament

a sorting hat christmas ornament; harry potter inspired gifts

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Don’t know what to get a Harry Potter fan for Christmas? Well, this fun ornament might just be the perfect thing to get. It’s the sorting hat, which was the first moment in the series that really hinted at the fact that a part of Voldemort, I mean ‘you know who’, was in Harry and that he was the final Horcrux to be destroyed. It’s a fun piece of Harry Potter merch that will look great on any Christmas tree and isn’t too out there for it not to blend in with the rest of your Christmas decor. 

21. A Personalized Harry Potter Mug

a personalized Harry Potter mug by Wolcraft on Etsy: personalized harry potter gifts

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This custom mug by Wolcraft on Etsy is another great addition to this Harry Potter gift guide. You can get it with one to six different people or characters on it and all you need to do is pick the hairdo and outfit to make it personalized. This is a great gift for anyone who loves Harry Potter and would love to be a wizard themselves. It’s a fun mug and a great custom gift idea. You can even fill it with sweets, or some of the Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans to really finish it off.

22. Cookie Cutters as Gifts for Potterheads 

cookie cutters to make harry potter diy gifts

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You can either give this as a gift to a baker or use it yourself to make cookies for them as a gift, though know that decorating cookies can be pretty tricky. This set includes some iconic shapes, including the lightning bolt scar shape and the triangle of the deathly hallows. It’s a fun gift idea to make Christmas cookies with, as sugar cookies are perfect because they tend to keep their shape a bit better than most other options. So, make sure that you use them for the right type of cookies, otherwise, they will all turn into blobs.

23. A Harry Potter Bathrobe

a Ravenclaw bathrobe (harry potter themed gifts)

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The last addition to this list of Harry Potter gift ideas is a bathrobe that looks just like one of the House robes that the characters wear in the movies. There is a robe for each House of Hogwarts and you can also find other sizes on Amazon. This one here is a great one for men and probably women as well since a robe can never be too big. This is perfect to get if you know what their House is, otherwise, you’ll need to figure that out first. And don’t just assume that you know.

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I hope that this list of magical Harry Potter gifts has helped you come up with some fun gift ideas for Potterheads. If you still don’t know what to get, then maybe try shouting ‘accio gift’ with a stick in hand and see what happens? Who knows, it might work. Either way, have fun with it and find something for the Harry Potter fan on this original and unique Harry Potter gift guide to make you feel as if you are truly better than all those ignorant muggles out there.

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