15 Spectacular Gymnastics Gifts

spectacular gymnastics gifts

Inspiration for gifts for a gymnast. 

Don’t know what to get a gymnast for their birthday or for Christmas? Then take a look at this list filled with great gymnastics gifts to get inspired and come up with some great gift ideas for gymnasts.

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1. Hair Scrunchies

hair scrunchies - gymnastics gifts

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Who doesn’t love a good scrunchie? It’s one of the easiest way to add a pop of color to a simple hairstyle. Not only is it great for keeping your hair back during gymnastics practice, but you can also use them to upgrade your hairstyle during competitions. I would advise you to add them as an accessory and not as the actual hairband securing your hair during competitions, as they’re not as secure as other hair styles. This set here has a couple of fun and bright colors as well as some more neutral options.

2. Grips for Bar Routines

bar grips; gifts for gymnastics

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These basic grips are great gifts for gymnasts that work a lot on bars. They come in a couple of different colors and sizes and are a great way to protect your hands as much as possible for calluses. Make sure to get them in the right size, so maybe consulting with the gymnast or their parents would be a good idea to get the sizing right. The finger holes are on the smaller side, so you can cut them to fit perfectly if they’re a bit too tight.

3. An Insulated Water Bottle

an insulated water bottle (gymnastics gift ideas)

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If there’s one thing all sports have in common, it’s that you need to stay hydrated to stay healthy and perform well. This insulated bottle comes with a couple of different lid options and has a bunch of colors to choose from. The size is also something you can choose for this one. I particularly chose to include an insulated bottle, because most gyms can get pretty hot which is often better for your muscles, but not great for your water temperature.

4. Colored Pre Wrap – gifts for gymnasts

colored pre wrap as gymnastics gifts for girls

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If you’ve been doing gymnastics for a while now, then you have gotten bored of the white pre-wrap tape. So, these fun-colored pre-wrap tape rolls are great practical gymnastics gifts to get. There pretty affordable and come in a bunch of different colors. And don’t worry, you will end up using all of it. These are especially useful for floor and vault, as those are especially tough on the wrists and can use some good protection in preparation with these.

5. Slip-On Slides

slip-on slides - gymnastics christmas gifts

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Walking around on bare feet or socks in the gym isn’t always the best option. Instead, getting a gymnast a pair of slip-on slides is a great gift idea, as they can easily wear them whether they train with socks or have bandaged their toes. These ones here by Adidas come in a bunch of different colors and sizes, including child’s, women’s, and men’s shoe sizes. So take a look and see if this practical item is one to add to your list of gymnastics presents.

6. A Folding Practice Beam

a practice beam (gymnastics toys)

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For any gymnast who loves practicing beam, this practice beam for at-home would be a great gift to get. It comes in a couple of different colors and can be folded in two to easily store. Its firmness is like an actual beam, but you can just use it in your yard or anywhere else you want to practice without the risk of falling from the beam height. In its folded state, it should fit in most closets and cars, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

7. Fun Hair Clips: gymnastics gifts

fun hair clips as gymnastics presents

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Keeping your hair in place can be quite the struggle while doing gymnastics and you’re sure to need a bunch of hair clips. With this set, you get a bunch of different colors and fun designs that are great for kids. If you’re looking for gymnastics gifts for adults, then maybe go with a set that is a bit less childish, but the idea remains the same. You can never have too many hair clips as a gymnast, and having a bunch of colors allows for coordination with your leotard, which is always more fun.

8. Flavored Lip Balm

lip balm; gymnastic gifts

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The gym can get pretty dry and something all gymnasts need from time to time is some lip balm. Getting them a set of flavored lip balms like these ones is a great affordable gymnastics gift idea. It doesn’t cost much and can also be used for multiple people as a small gift or stocking stuffer. They come in a bunch of different flavors and themes and are just great to keep in your backpack while training or at competitions.

9. Comfy Joggers

comfy joggers: gifts for gymnasts

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You’ll always want to have a nice pair of joggers to wear over your leotard while out and about. And these ones here look super cute and are really comfortable. They come in a couple of different colors, with the pink and purple being personal favorites. Of course, they are also great gift ideas outside of the gymnastics theme, because you can also use them to just lounge around the house without being active whatsoever.

10. A Good Hairbrush

a good hairbrush - gymnastics accessories and gifts

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A good hairbrush is a must for any girl or woman who does gymnastics. And this tangle teezer hairbrush is perfect for both wet and dry hair. It comes in a couple of fun colors and is a great brush to get your hair slicked down and under control. Because its teeth are super flexible, it won’t pull too much on knots, but still allows you to easily detangle wet and sweaty hair. So, a great gymnastics gadget to carry with you.

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11. An Upside-Down Shirt

a handstand shirt: gymnastics stuff for girls

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Does she love doing handstands? Then this funny shirt might just be a great addition to her closet. It’s the perfect shirt to do handstands in as the text is actually upside down so you can read it while someone is upside down. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colors and is just a fun small gift idea that doesn’t involve doing any gymnastics and is great for any girl who is always trying out her hand-standing skills.

12. Panel Mat Set – gymnast gift ideas

a panel mat set (gymnast gifts)

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Want to practice more gymnastics at home, but you don’t have any soft surfaces to do so? then getting a foldable panel mat like this is a great idea. It’s not super cheap, but you’ll definitely get your use out of it if you like practicing at home. You can pick from a couple of different sizes and colors. These mats are great gymnastics gifts for kids who want to practice their tumbling and skills at home. Use it outside on the grass to get even more padding.

13. Resistance Bands

resistance bands - gifts for young gymnasts

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A set of resistance bands can be a great gymnastics gadget to help you stretch and improve your flexibility. This set comes with three different strength bands. And depending on what you need it for, you can use the strength band that’s best for that purpose. You have a bunch of sets like this on Amazon, so if you don’t like these colors, be sure to check out all the other options as well. It’s an especially great gift for teen gymnastics who struggle with their flexibility.

14. Recognizable Keychain

a recognizable keychain as one of the best gifts for a gymnast

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Maybe they’ve gotten a backpack from their gymnastics team and now it’s more difficult than ever to keep the bags apart. A great little gift idea for gymnasts in this situation is a fun keychain like this one with their initials or name. This one in particular is both pretty and recognizable without being childish. You can also go with something brighter or obvious, but I like how this one combines prettiness with practicality.

15. Colorful Wrist Bands

colorful wrist bands - best gifts for gymnasts

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A pair of colorful wristbands is another fun addition to this gymnast gift guide filled with original gadgets and gift ideas. These wrist bands don’t offer a bunch of support, but they can add that little bit of extra support that you may need and keep your wrists nice and warm. They come in a couple of different colors including a pretty purple-pink gradient. It’s another one of the more affordable gifts for gymnasts on this list that they’ll love.

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This list of gifts for gymnasts is a great starting place to find fun and original gymnastics gifts for kids and adults. But use this list as a starting point to find even more fun stuff related to the sports to get them something special for their birthday or Christmas. This list of gymnastics gadgets can be another place to look for inspiration.

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