21 Fabulous Gifts for Women in Their 50s

Fabulous Gifts for Women in Their 50s

A list of original gift ideas for women over 50. 

Don’t know what to give a woman in her 50s and don’t know where to start? Then check out this gift guide for her filled with unique gifts for women in their 50s to find some gift inspiration and ideas. Scroll down and check out these fun gift ideas for women over 50 that are great to give. They’re especially great if she is one of those people who has everything and already owns half of the ideas you had in mind.

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1. A Gift Set of Hand-Poured Scented Candles

gift set of hand-poured scented candles as gifts for women in their 50s

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This gift box of three scented soy wax candles is a great example of a simple but lovely gift idea for women in their 50s. There are a bunch of different sets like this available all with very different styles and scents. Though this more rustic-looking one is a great and affordable option that comes in pretty reusable tins that will fit in with everyone’s decor. Something that can’t be said about some of the other candle sets on Amazon.

2. A Set of Eco-Friendly Face Maskseco-friendly skincare face masks (gifts for 50 year old woman who has everything)

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Taking the time to deeply nourish your skin is something all women should do more often. This set of eco-friendly face masks that is perfect for more mature skin is a great addition to this fabulous gift guide for women over 50. You get six different masks all with different ingredients and benefits. This is just an example of the many different skincare masks out there, though these ones do have really pretty packaging that most women will love.

3. A Luxurious Spa Bathrobe

a luxurious bathrobe - gifts for 55 year old woman

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A nice luxurious bathrobe is something you can’t really go wrong with and this fleece one that comes in a bunch of different colors and options is a great choice. Depending on her favorite color or the colors used in her bathrobe, you can pick whatever color you want. So, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for women over 50, then a comfy bathrobe like this or a nice pair of fluffy slippers is always a good option to go with.

4. A Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

a personalized cutting board: gift ideas for women over 50

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If you want something unique and personalized, then a custom-made cutting board like this is a great gift idea. This one can be customized with the family name and their wedding date. For the board itself, you can pick from a couple of different woods and colors and a bunch of different sizes. So, you can go for a smaller board that is really affordable or go down the more expensive route with a big board perfect for charcuterie or as a bread cutting station at barbeques.

5. A Fitbit Activity Tracking Bangle

a fitbit activity tracker accessory (gift for 50 year old woman)

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Most activity trackers are pretty clunky and not very elegant, but this one transforms the Fitbit Flex 2 so it is. It’s a simple bracelet by Fitbit to put the tracker from the Fitbit Flex 2 in and comes in silver and gold and in two sizes. There’s also a necklace option if you think she’ll like that better. It’s a great accessory if she already has the activity tracker that fits in this bracelet or is great in combination with it if you have the budget to get both.

6. A Box of Godiva Chocolates

a box of godiva chocolates - gifts for women in their 50s

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A box of chocolates is something you can never really go wrong with (except if she hates chocolate) and this box by the Belgian brand Godiva is a great choice. It’s filled with Belgian ‘bon bons’ which are all unique in flavor and filling and look just too delicious not to try. So, if you’re looking for a surefire gift for women in their 50s, then a box of chocolates like this is a great choice. Just make sure that they don’t get too hot while transporting them.

7. A Good-Quality Dutch Oven

a good-quality dutch oven; gifts for old lady

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A dutch oven is one of those things everyone wants to own, but most people don’t have one. If she doesn’t, then this is the perfect occasion to give her one as a present. This one by Lodge comes in a couple of different colors and sizes with the 6 Qt one being the standard-sized one. You can go with a classic red or pick something that will look great on the dinner table. And don’t worry this one is not as ridiculously expensive as le Creuset pans, which are just way over-priced in my opinion.

8. A Skincare Jade Roller Set

a jade roller set as gift ideas for 50 year old woman

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A jade roller is a fun skincare gadget that’s both fun to use and affordable. This set comes with a two-sided jade roller and a face massaging tool. You can pop them in the fridge to make them even colder and are a great way to work in your moisturizer and to basically give you a bit more of a facial at home without the cost of going to a beauty salon. So, if she loves skincare, then a jade roller like this or other skincare gadgets are great presents for her.

9. A Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

a kindle e-reader (gifts for 50 year old woman who has everything)

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A Kindle e-reader is perfect for anyone who enjoys reading or travels a lot. It’s a lot more affordable to read books in an e-reader than to buy each book you want to read. You can also read the paper on your Kindle and lots of other things. So, if you know she will be traveling a lot and can’t take a bunch of books with her or if she just reads a lot, then this is an investment piece that she’ll love. Be sure to check out all the different versions and options that are available to pick the one that’s perfect for her.

10. A Cocktail Shaker Set: Gifts for Women in Their 50s

a cocktail making kit - gifts for old women

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Does she enjoy a good martini and would love to make a great one at home? Then this cocktail shaker set that has everything you need to make any cocktail you want (except the drinks) is a great gift idea. You can even pair it with the ingredients for her favorite drinks to get started straight away. This set from Amazon comes in a couple of different colors, including the more traditional silver, though the other metal colors are also a lot of fun. All in all, one of the best gift ideas for women in their 50s.

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11. A Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

a revlon hair dryer brush; gifts for 50 year old woman

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This hair dryer brush is a great gadget to have if you have hair that can use some styling and volumizing after taking a shower. You’re basically able to get an at-home blow-out without the hefty price tag that frequent hairdresser visits would carry. This brush comes in a couple of fun colors and is perfect for any woman who loves to look nice without having to put in too much effort. And don’t worry, it’s a really affordable gadget as well.

12. A Sourdough Bread Making Kit

a sourdough bread making kit (gifts for 50 year old women)

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Does she enjoy baking bread from scratch? Then this kit that has all the tools you need to make your own sourdough bread will be one of the best gifts for women in their 50s to get. It has everything you need to make bread from scratch without needing a lot of storage. All you need is the ingredients to make the bread and you’re good to go. This kit comes with proofing bowls, a dough scraper, and a bowl scraper as well as a dough whisk, so pretty much everything you may need.

13. A Custom Birthstone Necklace

birthstone necklace by Silveristic on Etsy - gifts for women over 50

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If you want something personalized and meaningful, then this birthstone necklace by Silveristic on Etsy is a great choice. You can get up to eleven different stones on the necklace representing someone important to her and you can pick the metal and length of the necklace. Birthstone jewelry in general is a great thoughtful gift idea for women over 50, especially if they have kids or grandkids to get the birthstones of.

14. A Lavender Heat Pillow

a lavender heat pillow as gifts for 55 year old woman

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A heating pad is something every woman can use and this one is so much better than an average pad or water bottle. The flaxseed filling will keep it warm for longer and the lavender in it makes sure that it won’t start smelling musty and will make you feel relaxed. The pretty design on the cover also adds that touch of luxury and it even comes in two different colors with both having a unique texture. So, if you’re looking for something comfy with a touch of luxury, this is it.

15. A Temperature Control Smart Ember Mug

a temperature controlled smart mug by Ember (birthday gift for 50 year old woman)

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Who doesn’t want a mug that will keep their tea or coffee hot for longer? You can connect this mug to your phone to set the perfect temperature and the mug will keep your drink at that heat level for over an hour. So, if she tends to forget that she’s drinking coffee or likes to slowly enjoy her drink while working or reading the paper, then this is a kitchen gadget to splurge on. It comes in a couple of fun colors like this one, though a plain white or black option is also available.

16. A Luxurious Spa Gift Basket

a luxurious spa gift basket; gifts for old ladies

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One of the best gifts for any woman is a bit of me-time and a gift basket like this filled with products to help her relax is a great start. This comes with everything from bath bombs and bubble bath to hand cream and body lotion. It also comes in a pretty bag and with a fun bath puff. This gift basket in particular is not only well-rounded it’s also pretty affordable in comparison to some of the options out there in the stores.

17. A Pair of Apple AirPods

a pair of AirPods as gifts for 50 year old woman friend

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Another gadget that you can’t really go wrong with is a pair of AirPods. Now, these are rather expensive, so make sure she’ll actually use them before you get a pair. This is great for people who travel a lot for work or are in their car a lot and don’t have hands-free calling in their car. So, if you want to go with a more pricey gift idea for a woman over 50, then a gadget like this is a great option. There are a couple of different versions available, so make sure they get the one that’s best suited for their lifestyle.

18. A Multi-Purpose Facial Steamer

a multi-purpose face steamer (best gift for 50 year old woman)

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If she loves skincare and going for facials, then she would love to have an at-home facial steamer to really clean out her pores. This face steamer is perfect for that, though it can also function as a face towel warmer or a humidifier for your home. So, really you get quite a bit for your buck with this skincare tool. This is a great small gadget to turn your bathroom into a bit more of a spa, especially if you’re not able to get a facial as often as you may want.

19. A Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

a jigsaw puzzle for adults: gifts for a 50 year old woman

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Making a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle is a fun relaxing activity that can take your stress away for a bit. This one comes in a couple of different prints and versions for you to choose from, with the jungle one being a personal favorite. There are a bunch of puzzles like this out there that would all make for great gift ideas for women in their 50s. Just make sure she actually enjoys puzzling and has the space to leave it out, because a puzzle like isn’t done in one day.

20. A Handy Bathtub Caddy

a handy bathtub caddy - gifts for middle aged woman

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An easy way to upgrade your bathing experience is by getting a bathtub caddy like this one. It makes it a lot easier to take something with you into the bath like a glass of wine or a good book. You could even take food with you if you want, though a nice face mask is also a good option. This caddy comes in a couple of different colors and will fit on pretty much all baths because it can extend out to fit whatever width it needs to cross.

21. A High-End Bluetooth Speaker

a high-end bluetooth speaker as gifts for women in their 50s

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be as high-end of a speaker as this one by Bose, though this one is known for its superb sound quality. A Bluetooth speaker is just a great gift idea because you can use it wherever you want. If they might want to use it outside while gardening or in the bathroom, then make sure to get a waterproof version to make sure that no drops of water can get a chance to ruin the speaker. So, have a look around and find the perfect one for her.

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I hope this list of gifts for women in their 50s has helped you find some gift inspiration and ideas on what to get the woman who has everything, which is quite typical for someone over 50. If you want to give her something you made yourself so that it’s even more meaningful, then check out these DIY gift ideas for her to find even more gifting inspiration.

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