19 Original Gifts for Uncles

original gifts for uncles

Great uncle gifts to give. 

Wondering what to get your uncle for Christmas? Then take a look at this list of original gifts for uncles to find what to get your uncle for his birthday or for Christmas. Scroll down to find affordable and more luxury gift ideas for your uncle right here.

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1. Craft Beer Glasses

craft beer glasses - gifts for uncles

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If he loves a good glass of beer, then getting him this set of craft beer glasses can be a great idea. It’s a set with some basic glasses that can be used for pretty much all beer types. Now, if you know which craft beer is his favorite, then maybe you can even get him the glass that the beer provides if it’s a European brand. Especially Belgian beers all have their own custom glasses with their logo and the perfect shape for their beer.

2. Mini Pac-Man Arcade

mini pac-man arcade: uncle gifts

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For any uncle who loved gaming as a teen or kid, he may have very fond memories of this classic game. This mini arcade is a fun accessory for on your desk or bookshelf and even comes in a couple of different versions, including this Pac-Man one. Just make sure he actually played the game before getting your uncle this as a gift. Either way, something retro game-inspired is a great idea. You can also go with something a bit newer if they’re not that old.

3. Bacon Duct Tape

bacon duct tape - gifts for uncles from niece

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Who doesn’t have an uncle that uses duct tape to pretty much solve everything in his life. And if you need a gift for this particular uncle, then getting them a fun printed duct tape is a great idea. This bacon one is just one example of the many fun options out there, others are camo print and others are filled with cats or puppies. So, if you like this idea, make sure to check out all the fun options. I think this bacon one is a solid choice, but for me, the kittens come in second.

4. The Uncle Book

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One of the best gifts for uncles is this book filled with tips on how they can become your favorite relative. It’s more of a gag gift than anything else and perfect for Christmas. You can also give this to your sibling if they’re about to become an uncle for the first time. You can also go with another uncle-themed book, because there are a couple of options out there. So, take a look around if you don’t really like this option.

5. A Heavy Duty Key Chain

a heavy duty keychain; gifts for new uncles

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This one would be a great gift for any guy or male relative in your family. But if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer idea for your uncle, then this is the thing to get. The one feature it has is the bottle opener on the back, and it’s probably the most important one. It also has two key rings and a carabiner to easily use it. But let’s be honest, the bottle opener feature is the main attraction for any uncle. Of course, another fun keychain is also a great idea.

6. A Personalized Docking Station

personalized docking station by GretaOtoDesign on Etsy (personalized gifts for uncle)

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This gift idea by GretaOtoDesign on Etsy is one of my favorite personalized ideas for uncles. It’s a fun gadget to have on your desk or side table to be a catch-all for all your stuff. So, if you’re looking for something custom and unique, then this is a great idea to go with. You can pick the wood color and finish to get something that will suit his style and home. There are also some options out there with a wireless charging pad in them, but they can be a bit superfluous.

7. A Cast-Iron Burger Press

cast-iron burger press - funny uncle gifts

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If your uncle loves grilling or making burgers from scratch, then getting them a burger press or something else grill-related is a really safe gift idea you can’t go wrong with. It’s best to be used with parchment paper so you can easily move from burger patty to burger patty. Of course, getting them an actual grill or something bigger is better, but it’s not always worth it. And if you’re looking for something affordable or small, then an accessory like this is a better idea.

8. Bottle Opener Play Gun

bottle opener; uncle gift

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Make drinking a beer even more fun with a bottle opener that allows you to immediately shoot the cap to the wastebasket (or any person you want to irritate). This would be a great stocking stuffer for your uncle or really anyone who loves a good beer. You can get a pack of two if you have more than one uncle to get something for. Then they can immediately start using it on one another. Just make sure there are enough bottles with caps around.

9. Ice Cream Maker: gifts for uncles

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Now, this is a great gift for pretty much everyone that enjoys ice cream. This soft-serve ice cream maker is perfect for barbeques and parties and to just have around the house if you love a good soft-serve ice cream cone at the end of the day. It’s not the best idea for someone who’s lactose intolerant, otherwise, it’s a great fun gift that most people will like and not already have. Make sure to also get them the necessary ingredients so that they can get started straight away.

10. Double-Walled Coffee Cups

double-walled coffee glasses: gift ideas for uncle

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These mugs come in a couple of different sizes and are great for anyone who likes to slowly drink a cup of coffee while reading the morning papers. The fact that they’re double-walled will keep your drink hot for longer and they also look a lot better than most coffee mugs out there. Of course, a plain mug with a funny message is also a great idea in my opinion. But if you want to get them something a bit more stylish, then these are the way to go.

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11. Fun Oven Mitts

fun oven mitts as uncle gifts from niece

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I think these oven mitts are one of the best gifts for uncles on this list. You can pick from a couple of different options, but the principle is the same; make it funny. There are loads of other funny oven mitts out there on Amazon besides these bear ones. For example, if your uncle loves fishing, then you can probably find some fish-themed oven mitts instead. So, take a look around if these bear ones aren’t your to your taste.

12. A Pizza Stone

a pizza stone (uncle fathers day gifts)

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Another kitchen to add to this list of uncle gifts is a pizza stone. It’s great for the uncle that likes to cook and would love to make great pizza at home. And everyone knows that that can be pretty tricky, but a pizza stone is an important step in the right direction. You simply heat it up in your oven before you add the pizza to your oven. This way, the stone will make sure the pizza bottom will come out nice and crispy instead of soggy.

13. A Handheld Phone Gimbal

a handheld gimbal; gift for uncle

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Improve all your videos with a gimbal. This is typically a tool for professional videographers, but with this gadget, you can even use it to shoot better videos from your phone. It is a bit more expensive than some of the other gift ideas for uncles on this list, but it’s definitely worth it for any uncle that shoots a bunch of videos and would like to improve the quality of his videos. Just make sure you have the budget for it.

14. A Travel Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag - gift for uncle who has everything

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A good toiletry bag to travel bag is a classic gift for men that you can’t go wrong with for your uncle either. This one here has a handy hook on it so you can hang it up in the bathroom instead of it taking up counter space in the hotel room. You can pick from a couple of different leather colors to make sure he’ll like it. You can also get a more classic toiletry bag if you don’t like this one. There are a bunch of different ones out there to choose from.

15. A Magnetic Wrist Band

magnetic wrist band; birthday gift for uncle

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Does your uncle spend his weekend fixing things around the house? Then this handy magnetic wrist band might just be the perfect gadget to get your uncle. It easily holds screwing bids and all screws or nails you’re working with. It’s super useful to have while you are working on some chores or handiwork. It’s also really affordable and definitely worth its place on this list of gifts for uncles. Just make sure he’ll actually use it.

16. A YETI Cooler: gift idea for uncle

a YETI cooler (uncle presents)

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This uncle gift idea is perfect if they love camping or going fishing on the weekends. It’s a sturdy cooler that will keep your food and drinks safe and cool while out and about. It’s really versatile to take with you on trips or to just keep in your car to keep stuff in your car from getting too warm. It comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes to choose from. So, if he has a favorite color you can go for something a bit brighter than this safe grey option.

17. A Hot Sauce Gift Set

a hot sauce gift set: new uncle gifts

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If you’re looking for something fun that isn’t something they’re going to be stuck with for years to come, then a gift set like this is a great idea. This gift set has a bunch of different hot sauces to try out. It’s almost like an advent calendar, but more fun and more original. It’s not super expensive, but it’s definitely something to get for the uncle that loves a good hot sauce and barbeque. So, take a look to see if this is something for your uncle.

18. May the Fork Be With You Apron

may the fork be with you apron (christmas gifts for uncles)

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Funny aprons are already great gift ideas for the men in your family. But there are more original ones out there than the typical naked lady one. This one here is a great example of Star Wars fans to get. So, if your uncles love Star Wars and cooking or barbequing, then you can’t really go wrong with this apron. I think most aprons with a good pun are always great affordable gift ideas as everyone can use another apron in their lives.

19. A Espresso Machine

an espresso machine - what to get your uncle for christmas

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For every caffeine lover, a nice espresso machine is probably on their wish lists of things they want, but won’t buy themselves. This one here not only makes a nice cup of espresso, it also looks great on your kitchen counter. So, if you know they love espresso or any espresso-based drink, then this is a great gift to get. If they already have an espresso machine, then getting them a nice set of espresso glasses or cups can also be a great option.

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I hope you now have some ideas on what to get your uncle for his birthday, or for Christmas. If you want to go with something handmade, then check out this blog post filled with DIY options. Whether you make something yourself or order something online, you’re sure to find some gifts for uncles that they’ll love.

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