23 Great Gifts for Tomboys

Great gifts for tomboys

Tomboy gift guide for kids & teenage girls. 

Find the best gifts for tomboys on this gift guide for tomboy girls of all ages. I remember being that girl who despised pink and anything too girlish. This was probably because I only have brothers and 4 of them at that. So, I know what a tomboy will like and what she won’t appreciate getting. Always be mindful of whether a girl is more of a tomboy or not before looking for gift ideas. Here’s a gift guide for tomboys to help you find the perfect gifts for a tomboy girl. The first ten gift ideas are more for younger tomboys, while the last ones are perfect gifts for tomboy teenage girls.

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1. Inline Skates to Keep Rolling

inline skates as great gifts for tomboys

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Inline skates were probably my most used toy as a kid. I skated on them from the age of 6 until I was 17, yet was never really great at it. It’s one of the most fun things to do and you get to spend some time outside practicing and playing around with them. So, if you are looking for a sure gift that any tomboy will love, then inline skates it is, and these ones allow you to adapt the boot size over time. These also come in a more pink variant, but I think the light blue one will be more appreciated. All in all, a pair of inline skates is one of my favorite gifts for tomboys.

2. A Playmobil Camper Van

playmobil camper van as a gifts for 11 year old tomboy

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I don’t know how familiar you are with Playmobil toys, but I would describe it as a gender-neutral cross between Barbies and Legos. This Playmobil camper, in particular, will give a tomboy hours of playtime without being given another Barbie that she won’t play with. Playmobil is huge here in Europe and is one of those staples every boy and girl grew up with playing. So take a look around and see for yourself if you like these as gifts for 11-year-old tomboys.

3. A Fun Soccer Ball as a Gift Idea for Tomboy Girls

a soccer ball; gifts for 11 year old tomboy

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Playing soccer is one of those things that a lot of boys won’t let a girl join in. So encourage her to do so anyway if she wants by giving her this soccer ball that looks a little more girly, but is not pink. This way, she’ll feel encouraged to keep enjoying it while also having a ball that’s perfect for her. A good (and pretty) soccer ball is a great gift idea for any tomboy who enjoys playing soccer.

4. A Nintendo Switch To Game On

A Nintendo Switch to Game On - gift ideas for tomboys

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If you don’t know what a Nintendo Switch is, well it’s basically a cross between a GameBoy and a Wii, if that helps in any way. It’s a great gift idea, although it is the most expensive one on this list. But, if you have the budget for it and she doesn’t have one already, then splurge on a Switch. If she already owns one, a good game for it is another great gift idea for her. Games such as Mario Party or one of the many Pokemon games are really popular and well-loved

5. A Penny Board To Take With You to School

a penny board - gift ideas for a not so girly girl

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Skateboarding is not just for boys and with these smaller ones that you can bring along, everyone can enjoy it. This penny board comes in a variety of colors on Amazon, but this teal one is one of my favorites. A penny board is basically a smaller and more agile skateboard that is a lot lighter and easier to take with you wherever you go. It’s great for girls who enjoy trying out new sports and playing outside. Just make sure you stay away from the pink color options.

6. A Lego Tree House That Is for Girls But Not Pink

 A Lego Tree House That Is for Girls But Not Pink: birthday gifts for tomboy girl

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Lego Friends is a part of Lego targeted to girls. However, this means that it can be a bit too girly from time to time. This set, on the other hand, is the perfect gift idea for a tomboy that loves playing with legos and building things, yet normal legos can be a bit too boyish for her. There are a lot of other Lego Friends sets out there that she’ll like as well, just make sure that it’s not too pink and the characters are not too frilly and girly. This set, for example, has a girl figure in trousers for once.

7. A Snorkeling Set for Summer: The perfect summer gifts for tomboys

 a snorkeling set (summer gifts for tomboy girl)

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Snorkeling is another thing every kid loves to do. Especially swimming with flippers on is everyone’s favorite hobby during summer or on holiday. This set comes with a mask and snorkel and a set of flippers, of which you can adapt the size over time. What’s even better is that this snorkeling gear comes in a lot of different colors available on Amazon. So check them out as these are great gifts for tomboy girls.

8. A DIY Slime Kit to Make a Mess

 A DIY Slime Kit to Make a Mess: tomboy gifts

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Slime is still as entertaining as ever. With this slime kit, tomboys can do whatever they want and customize their slime. So, when the weather isn’t so great, keep them entertained with a kit like this and let them make a mess. It’s a nice crafty gift set you can get on amazon.com. Just make sure that they enjoy doing crafts and such before getting them this kit. Also, make sure they’re not too old for this, this is really more for kids than teenage girls.

9. A Hockey Set: because girls can play hockey too

 A Hockey Set: because girls can play hockey too

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Playing hockey is relatively easy and loads of fun. With this hockey set, you get goals to use indoors or outdoors and two sets of sticks. The shorter sticks are for playing knee hockey indoors and the longers ones are for outside. So if you are looking for a great game to play, then this set is it. You can do it just on foot or even go a step further and put on your inline skates and give it a shot. All in all, one of the more active gift ideas for a not-so-girly girl.

10. A Nerf Gun to Join In the Fun

A Nerf Gun (gifts for a tomboy)

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Nerfs are everywhere and they are a fun outdoor game. And no don’t get the pink edition as a gift for a tomboy, because the normal ones are more than good enough. Especially if she despises pink, then don’t go for the pink one. This Nerf gun is a pretty popular one though there are many other options available. Just make sure to check which ones she already has before getting one.

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11. A Bluetooth Speaker for Teenage Tomboys

 A Bluetooth Speaker for Teenage Tomboys

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When you’re looking for gifts for teenage tomboys, then getting them electronic gadgets like this speaker is always a good idea. Just make sure you stay away from all the gold and rose gold options. Instead choose a neutral black, or a dark blue if that is an option. This Bluetooth speaker is a really affordable option that will look great in her room. It’s a good gift idea for girls who aren’t into the pink thing.

12. A Set of LED Strip Lights Instead of Fairy Lights

A Set of LED Strip Lights as gifts for tomboy teenage girl

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A typical gift to get a teenage girl is a set of fairy lights to decorate their room, it does look pretty though probably not very appreciated when they aren’t into the girly girl style. Instead, a set like this that comes with color-changing LED light strips are a fun way to decorate their room with secondary lighting. It’s an original way to add some color to the room of any teenage girl. So if you’re looking for a unique present for a tom boy, then check this one out.

13. A Spikeball Game Set

 A Spikeball Game Set as a gift for tomboy girl

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If you’ve never heard of spikeball before, then you’re missing out. It’s a relatively easy game to start with and great fun for kids and adults to play together. This kit comes with all the essentials and can be easily taken with you wherever you go. The goal of the game is to keep the ball in motion, you do so by bouncing it off the trampoline-like net and you can play it with two or more people. It’s a great outdoor game for any age and great for girls who love sports activities. This is truly one of the best gifts for 13-year-old tomboys.

14. A Book All About Women Who Shook Up The World

A Book All About Women Who Shook Up The World (gifts for tomboy woman)

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A book to show that not all girls are the same and that any girl can become whatever she wants. This book tells the story of 50 women in history who did extraordinary things, from scientists to artists, to leaders. It’s a great book to leaf through from time to time to get acquainted with some of these amazing women. Then if you want to know more you can always read up on them online. I think this book is great for any girl to learn more about women and the history of female empowerment in general through the accomplishments of these 50 women in history.

15. A Water Bottle With Swappable Lids

 A Water Bottle With Swappable Lids - gifts for tomboy

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A water bottle is another great gift idea for teenage tomboys. This one, in particular, comes with three different lids which makes it the perfect bottle for an array of different activities. The bottle comes in a couple of different colors, though this blue ombre and the black and white one are my picks for a tomboy girl. Not only does it come in a lot of different colors, but it also has different sizes and will keep your drink cool for longer. All in all, a pretty great water bottle to give as a gift.

16. A Drone to Fly Around

 A Drone to Fly Around - gifts for teenage tomboys

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Another gadget that any tomboy would love to have is a drone. Now, luckily there are smaller and more affordable versions out there. And because of that, they are great gifts for tomboys. So, if you’re looking for the best gifts for tomboy teenage girls, then a drone should probably be on it. This affordable one links up with your phone and captures video directly to your smartphone. It’s a great gadget any teenager would love to have.

17. A Book with a Kickass Heroine

 A Book with a Kickass Heroine

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If you’re looking for a great book as a gift for tomboys, then this book called Poison Study is the first part of a series that is centered around a strong and young female character. It’s great for teenage girls to read and doesn’t center around a love story. Instead, it’s all about a young woman finding her way in a dangerous situation. I first read it when I was a teen and still think it’s one of my favorite books to read every now and then.

18. Affordable Wireless Earbuds

Affordable Wireless Earbuds as gift ideas for tomboy girl

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A pair of wireless earbuds is another great option from this gift guide. They’re a great Christmas gift for tomboys to get, since they’re versatile and will be used for many years to come. If you don’t have the budget for AirPods, then these black alternatives are a great option to get. Black is always a great option for electronics for girls who aren’t girly girls, though the other options, blue, grey, red, and white are also pretty nice. So, all in all, this set of affordable wireless earbuds are some great gifts to give.

19. A Soccer Solo Trainer

 A Soccer Solo Trainer - for girls who play soccer

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Does she enjoy playing soccer and you’re looking for a soccer gift for her? Then this training kit for soccer players is a great gift idea. You slide the waistband around your waist and slip a ball into the holder and you’re ready to practice your kicks without having to run after the ball all the time. The elastic is also great to train your ball control. It’s a fun device that allows you to practice your soccer skills by yourself. It comes in a couple of different colors, with this blue one being my personal favorite.

20. A Scratch-Off World Map

 A Scratch-Off World Map (birthday presents for tomboys)

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This gift idea is also a great piece of decor for on their bedroom walls. It’s a world map that has a layer on it that you can scratch off country by country and state by state. The map comes in two sizes. This is a great gift idea for tomboys who either already travel a lot or dream of traveling when they’re older. And, not only is this a great piece of wall decor, but it’s also educational since they’ll spend some time staring at all the countries they wish to visit someday.

21. Throw Throw Burrito: what to get a tomboy

throw throw burrito - gifts for tomboy sister

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If you’re looking for something fun they can play with their friends that doesn’t involve any technology, then a game like this is a great option. It’s a mix between a cards game and dodgeball, so make sure to play it somewhere where you won’t break a lot of your parents’ stuff. It also comes in an outdoors version, if you want to play it safe. Really, any board game is a great gift idea because most of them aren’t too girly, so perfect for a boyish girl.

22. An Eco-Friendly Phone Case

An original phone case - gift ideas for tomboy

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One of those gifts for teenage girls that you can’t really go wrong with is a good phone case. And this one is even eco-friendly. So, if you’re looking for teen tomboy gifts that she’ll actually use, then this is a great example of a good phone case to get. It’s small, affordable, and definitely not pink. It’s just one example of the many options that she’ll like, just make sure to stay away from anything too girly or pink. If you keep that in mind, you’re good to go.

23. A Fishing Rod

a fishing rod: gifts for teenage tomboys

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This idea might be a bit unexpected, but it’s a great one for girls who love the outdoors and live near great fishing spots. It’s something my friends did in high school and I always wanted to try, but never go the chance. This is also a great activity to do together with your kid if you or their dad knows how to fish. Depending on their age, you can also let them figure it out themselves. I think this present is perfect for the girl who loves the outdoors more than anything.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at all of these gift ideas for tomboy girls, you’re sure to come up with a fun gift to give the not-so-girly girl. If you’re looking for more ways to make her birthday great, then check out these birthday party ideas for tomboy girls. I would say that the one thing to keep in mind is to give them something they actually want, not something you or their parents want them to like (which is a mistake many people make). The most important rule is to stay away from pink because that seems to be one thing most tomboy girls of all ages hate (me as a kid and teen included).

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