18 Cute & Fun Gifts for Toddler Girls

gifts for toddler girls

Adorable toddler girl gifts to get a little girl. 

Looking for cute and fun gifts for toddler girls? Then take a look at this toddler girl gift guide filled with fun toys and other things that she’ll love to play with. Some are your more traditional gifts for toddler girls while others are a bit more unique, but most are fun and original presents that every toddler girl will love to play with. So, scroll down and take a look at these fun and cute gifts for toddler girls.

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1. A Toddler-Sized Play Kitchen

a play kitchen (gifts for toddler girls)

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One of the most popular toddler toys throughout the years is a play kitchen. You can give a toddler girl this play kitchen as a gift and add a bit of extra to it by getting them a set of groceries to play with in their new kitchen. There are many different types of play kitchens out there, but this one is the best quality for its price. So this kitchen is a great gift idea for toddler girls and will probably last them for years to come.

2. A Duplo Set for Toddler Girls

a duplo set for girls - toddler gifts

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A great gift for toddler girls to train their motor skills with is a Duplo set. Duplo is basically LEGOs for toddlers and they have some great sets to play with. This pony stable is a fun and affordable gift for toddler girls because it’s both fun if they like to build things or if they like to play make-belief. There are a lot of other Duplo sets out there, if you don’t like the pony stable one. And with each set you can build so many other things as well. So, having more than one is not a bad thing at all.

3. A Smaller Doll for Toddlers

a smaller doll - toddler girl gifts

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Dolls can be pretty big and bulky to play with when a girl is still young and small herself. So, a great doll to give a toddler girl is this smaller one. It’s easier to carry along with you and easier to play with as well. This doll comes in a couple of different colors and variations including some different ethnicities, so pick your favorite. A doll like this one is a great present for a toddler girl to get and you can also give her some other clothes and accessories to play with in addition to the doll itself.

4. An Adjustable 3-Wheel Scooter

an adjustable 3-wheel scooter; best toddler gifts for girls

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A great toy to play with outside is a scooter. However, sometimes the balancing can still be a bit tricky for young kids. With this scooter, you already give the toddler better balance because of its 3 wheels. On top of that, it also has a removable seat to make it even easier to get started with. This scooter will last them for years to come because of its flexibility and adjustable height. A scooter like this is a great gift for toddler girls and this one comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can pick the one you like best.

5. A Play-Doh Fun Tub

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Dig in and teach your toddler how to play with Play-Doh. This set includes all the basics a toddler might want such as a couple of tubs of clay, and your basic cutters and extruders. A set like this is a great gift for toddlers who don’t have any Play-Doh yet because it has all the basics and is more than enough to entertain them for hours to come. And over the years, you can give them more to make it more difficult and more intricate to play.

6. A Pretty Wooden Dollhouse

a pretty wooden dollhouse (useful gifts for toddlers)

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A dollhouse is another one of those gift ideas for toddlers that will stay a favorite for years to come. Every toddler girl loves playing in a dollhouse no matter the story they come up with. This dollhouse is big and bright and is easy to play with even if you’re with more than two. It comes with the furniture in it, so the basics are already there. But don’t let that limit your toddler. You can, for example, put your Duplo in it as well. This is one of the more pricy gifts for toddler girls on this list, but if you have the budget, it is worth it.

7. Bath Toys as Gifts for Toddler Girls

bathtoys as gifts for toddlers who have everything

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Make bath time even more fun with this set of pipes and tubes to play around with. They have suction cups on them so they can be stuck to the bath or bathroom tiles. Let your toddler girl enjoy her bath while she’s messing around with water and learning how these tubes work. It is a fun and educational gift idea for toddler girls that will improve their logical thinking skills and will make bath time even more fun. So, a bonus for everyone involved.

8. A Toy Vet Set

a toy vet set; gifts for toddler girl 3 years old

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What toddler doesn’t enjoy playing doctor for their stuffed animals? With this vet set, your toddler can enjoy the game and have all the proper accessories to do so. It comes with all the doctor essentials a girl needs to play doctor with. It also comes with a carrier and stuffed animal, so that the set is complete. This is a great set for any toddler really, as playing doctor is one of those activities that will make sure they’re not afraid of the doctor themselves.

9. A Cute Crawl-Through Tunnel

a cute crawl-through tunnel (unique toddler gifts for girls)

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If you want to have something that’s big to play with but small to store in your garage, then a crawl-through tunnel like this one is a great option. You can use it outside on the grass or inside to play with and is just a lot of fun. It’s something different and unexpected but great for small kids to have some adventure without even leaving the house. You even use it as a sort of tent, as you can close the sides if you want. This is a great and fun present for toddlers.

10. A Toy Cash Register

a toy cash register - toddler girl toys

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You don’t need an entire toy grocery store to play shop. This cash register has all the things a toddler girl can want, from the conveyor belt to the scanner to even a little scale and microphone. This cash register is a great gift for toddler girls, especially considering all it has to offer for a decent price. So, if you haven’t found that perfect gift idea for a toddler girl, then this cash register is it. And let’s be honest, everyone wanted one of these when they were little.

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11. A Magnetic Fishing Game

magnetic fishing toy (best toddler toys 3-year-old girls)

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This fun game is great to play in a tub of water, in the bathtub or a small paddling pool, though, you can also simply use it without any water. It’s a lot of fun for a toddler to try and catch the fish with either the fishing rod or the little nets you get. It’s a pretty big pack of magnetic fishes, so you could even keep some behind and add some new ones to the game every now and then to keep it new and exciting. This is also a gift idea for twin toddlers, as you get two fishing rods and nets. All in all, one of the best toddler girl gifts for summer.

12. A Wooden Pizza Baking Set

a wooden pizza baking set - toddler girl gifts

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Now, this gift is perfect for all toddlers that would like to help you cook, though they’re still too young to actually do so. This playset is all about making their own pizzas, from picking the toppings to sliding the pizza in the oven and serving it in a pizza box. It’s a really fun and adorable playset made from wood, so it will last for years to come and just looks adorable as is. And you get to pretend to get pizza way too many times from now on.

13. Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

spike the fine motor skill toy - toddler girl gift ideas

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There are a lot of toys out there that are not only fun to play with but also help toddlers to improve their motor skills. This hedgehog is a great example of that. You need to put all the spikes of the hedgehog in the holes and then you have the perfect little animal. You can handily store the spikes inside the hedgehog, if you want to take this toy with you on a trip and it will keep your toddler entertained and busy for a bit.

14. A Toy Piano Keyboard

a toy piano keyboard as one of the best gifts for toddler girl

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If you have a piano at home, or your kid just loves making noise (I mean ‘music’), then getting her a little personal keyboard to play around with is a great idea. It’s a fun toy that will teach them some finer motor skills using the keys and the noise will make them feel as if they’re making music all by themselves. This one comes in a couple of different colors and shapes and is great to bring some life to your house. Though, make sure to be ready for all the noise that comes with it.

15. Ice Cream Playset

an ice cream playset (cute gifts for little girls)

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Did you know that there are ice cream playsets with ice cream scoops that actually work? Because there are, and this is one of them. This set comes with everything you need to play at making your own ice cream cones. It has cones, bowls, sprinkles, syrup, banana, chocolate sauce, and, of course, ice cream. It’s so much fun to play with during the summertime when it’s the season for ice cream. They’ll also improve their fine motor skills using the little scoop as they have to press the lever to release a scoop as well.

16. Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

a lift-the-flap book; gifts for toddler girls

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A great type of storybooks for toddlers as toddler girl gifts to read with their parents are lift-the-flap books as they combine the act reading and a hide-and-seek game. This ensures that they remain captivated and it introduces them to book early on in a more interactive way. This one, in particular, is a lot of fun. It’s about a little boy that gets a pet send by the zoo and you discover what types of animals they might send before the actual pet.

17. A Pretend Work Station

a pretend work station (gift ideas for toddler girls)

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Have you been working from home a lot and do they want to join? Then, you can get them a working from home playset like this that includes a laptop, a phone, and even a headset. This is a fun way for them to get involved and feel like they’re working just like you do. It also helps them play pretend a lot easier, as it’s something they’re probably quite familiar with seeing. Just make sure that the parents will also think it’s a fun idea.

18. A Rainbow Stacking Toy

a rainbow stacking toy - gift ideas for toddler girl

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This last toy on this list of gifts and toys for toddler girls is a unique stacking toy that’s a bit trickier than your typical building towers. Or at least, that’s what it looks like. You can actually make the tower in a bunch of different ways and the silicone makes it a lot less likely to slip off each other than a wooden version of this rainbow toy. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colors and is also just a pretty item to add to the bedroom of a toddler as a piece of decor.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these toddler girl gifts, I hope you have some fun gifts for toddler girls in mind to choose from and to help you with your search to find the best gift ideas for toddler girls. Are you looking for even more inspiration? Then take a look at this list of DIY toys for toddler girls to find even more possible gifts for toddler girls that you can make using materials in your home if you want to get your toddler something without spending a lot of money.

At the end of the day, anything colorful and interesting will probably get their attention. You can also check out the gifts for toddler boys, as there isn’t that much of a difference between the two sexes at this point just yet.

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