19 Fun Gifts for Toddler Boys

fun toddler gifts for toddler boys

Find the best toddler boy gifts for little boys. 

Wondering what to get a toddler boy for his birthday or Christmas? Then take a look at this toddler boy gift guide that is full of fun and adorable gifts for toddler boys. So, scroll down and check out these awesome toys for toddlers to play with. Ranging from trucks to trains to making pizza, you’re sure to find a fun present on this list of gift ideas for toddler boys.

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1. A Toy Train Set

a toy train set (gifts for toddler boys)

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The first gift idea for toddler boys on this list is a classic, namely a toy train set. A set like this lasts through years of playing and you can even get extra tracks to make it bigger as they get older. This set is a good size, while also remaining affordable. So if you are looking for a gift for a little boy, then this train set is a classic that they’ll love. The fun colors and creativity that is a part of playing with a train set like this is a great activity for years to come.

2. A Colorful Balance Bike

a colorful balance bike - toddler boy gifts

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It’s never too early to teach a child how to ride a bike and balancing on one is one of the biggest hurdles at the start. Kids tend to struggle to do the pedaling, steering, and balancing all at the same time. So here’s a great first step towards their first real bike. With this kind of a bike, a toddler can start to learn how to balance and steer, without struggling with the pedals just yet. Another great thing about these is that toddlers can go quite a distance relatively fast. It even comes in a bunch of different bright colors to pick from.

3. Foam Bath Toys

foam bath toys as toddler boy toys 3 years

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I remember having these myself as a kid, and I remember playing with them for years. And years later, they were a success with my younger brothers as well. So these kinds of bath toys are pretty much universally liked and enjoyed by small kids. It’s a great gift to give a toddler boy, because this set also includes letters and a slot where each letter fits into. So it’s both fun and educational. For sure, a great gift idea for toddler boys.

4. A Duplo Construction Set

a Duplo construction playset - best toddler gifts for boys

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If you don’t know what Duplo is, then let me tell you. Duplo is basically LEGO for beginners and it uses bigger blocks and brighter colors, as well as making sure that there are no small pieces that can be a choking hazard. Giving a Duplo set as a gift is great because it encourages creativity, while also giving toddlers something to learn how to build with. It’s especially fun because you can mix it up with other toys. I remember my brothers once building a parking garage with all their Duplo blocks. A set like this is a great base to start with and you can play with it as it is, if your toddler doesn’t like the building part. All in all, Duplo sets are just great toddler boy gifts

5. A Space-Themed Play Tent and Tunnel

a space-themed tunnel and play tent (best toddler toys 3-year-old boys)

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A crawl-through tunnel is already a great gift idea for any tunnel. However, this set is space-themed and even comes with an actual rocket-shaped play tent as well. The set is made from three different parts that you can either all hook up as one, or use individually. This is great for people with a small backyard or a rented house who can’t have anything permanent. Of course, it can also be used indoors and is easy to take with you as it simply folds up.

6. A Lawn Mower of Their Own

a lawn mower - useful gifts for toddler boys

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Why not teach them how to mow the lawn as early as possible? With this lawn mower, they will spend hours just walking back and forth over the grass, the best way to keep them busy so you can get the actual yard work done. They can also join their parents and ‘help’ them out. This little lawnmower is a great gift for a toddler boy to play outside with. It’s so simple, yet they will enjoy it immensely. It even has a key you need to turn and a jerrycan to fill up the gas.

7. A Play-Doh Starter Kit

a play-doh starter kit: gifts for toddlers who have everything

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Dig in and teach your toddler how to play with Play-Doh. This set includes all the basics a toddler can want. Such as a couple of tubs of clay, and your basic cutters and extruders, and the fun shapes to punch out. A set like this is a great gift for toddler boys because it has all the basics and is more than enough to entertain them for hours. To build on this starter set, you can get some more fun colors or more tools to play with.

8. A Tool Kit to Hammer Away With

a tool kit (gifts for 3-year-old boys)

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What’s cuter than a little boy with a hard hat on playing with plastic tools to help you fix up the house. This kit comes with all the basics at a very affordable price and it even includes a hard hat. Which is, to me, one of the most important items of the set. This is one of the best gifts for toddler boys because it’s so grown up in their eyes, and so cute in yours. You can even get them a tool belt to match to really finish it off. And the screws and bolts actually work with the wooden blocks that come with it.

9. Finger Paints: gifts for toddler boys

finger paints as gift ideas for 2-year-old boys

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Now, this one is a gift that you need to be careful because the parents need to have the time to properly supervise this activity. So, if you want to give this as a gift, make sure that there are not loads of younger kids running around messing with the paint and that the parents can keep an eye on things. Otherwise, mom and dad won’t be too happy with this gift. But the toddler will love getting this gift no matter what as messing about with bright colors is just always a lot of fun.

10. A Sandbox Toy Set

a sandbox toy set: birthday presents for toddler boys

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If they have a sandbox in their yard or live near the beach, then this set of gifts for toddler boys is perfect. This set of sand toys will allow them to mess around with sand and water as much as they want. It comes with some decent-sized spades and rakes to keep them entertained for hours. It’s a great gift idea for the summer and for those times that they can play outside in a sandbox. So, just make sure that they have somewhere to use these before getting the set.

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11. ‘Who’: Peek-a-Flap Board Book

a peek-a-flap book; Christmas gifts for toddler boys

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A lift-the-flap book is one of the perfect books for toddlers to read through together or to look at on their own. It doesn’t have paper pages, so it’s a lot sturdier and the flaps make sure it’s also a fun activity of discovery. This one is all about animals that live in the forest and you learn where they live using the little flaps. It’s a fun way to get your toddler involved in the reading while also keeping it fun because they can join in by lifting the flaps for you.

12. Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket

Design & Drill rocket - cheap gifts for a toddler boy

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If you want to get a small boy a fun toy that’s also great to practice his fine motor skills, then this little rocket that comes with a working little drill is a great option. The drill can be used on the little bolt of the rocket and makes you feel as if you’re actually building a rocket. It also comes in a race car, helicopter, and truck version if you don’t like the little rocket. I think this toy for toddler boys is especially great if they always want to help their dad with the tools and such and with this playset he can.

13. Playmobil Noah’s Ark

toddler boy gift guide: Playmobil's Noah's ark

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Playmobil 1.2.3 is the branch of the brand that’s for young kids, so it doesn’t have any really small parts and is a bit simpler. This Playmobil is perfect because it has a bunch of animals to play with and the ark can actually float in water. It also has a handle, so you can use it to take with you, as you can store the animals in the hull of the boat. So, if they love animals such as elephants, zebras, or giraffes, then this is a great toy to give a toddler boy.

14. A Play Food Truck

a play food truck: gifts for toddler boy 3 years old

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Do you have a toddler that always wants to help in the kitchen or play shop? Then this food truck is a great mix of the two. It’s especially great for toddlers who are still too young to really help in the kitchen but always want to nonetheless. This food truck is basically an upgrade or your traditional play kitchen, which would also be another great addition to this list of gifts for toddler boys. The food truck has a part with a steering wheel and such and a part to prep and sell the food. You can play out so many stories with this fun food truck.

15. A Working Crane

a working crane (best toddler boy toys)

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Does he love trucks and other vehicles? Then this crane that you can control using a remote control is a great gift idea for little boys. It even comes with a truck to play with as well. The crane has a little platform that you can put a little car on to lift it up. It’s pretty affordable and great for any truck-loving toddler. You might want to weigh down the base to make it a bit more stable. And the best part; you can’t lose the remote, because it’s connected to the crane with a wire.

16. A Set of Magnetic Wooden Blocks

magnetic wooden blocks as best toys for 3-year-old boys

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A more traditional toddler boy gift is a set of wooden blocks. These ones here are actually a bit better because they are also magnetic which makes the building a bit easier. You can pick from a couple of different colors and they get to be creative with simple wooden blocks. The more blocks you have, the more you can make, though giving a lot of blocks at once can be a bit overwhelming. So, this basic set is a great starting point to begin with.

17. A Pizza Party Playset

a pizza party playset; best toddler boy gifts

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Making your own pizzas is a great activity to get your child involved in the cooking and with this playset, they can start practicing on their own already. You get everything you need to make your own pizzas with, from a base to the toppings and the pizza can actually be ‘cut’ in slices. It’s made from wood, so you know it will last for years and is sturdy enough to survive a lot of playing and occasional dropping of the pizza. So, if they love playing with food and playing pretend, this is a great present to get.

18. A Pedal Tractor With Trailer

a pedal tractor - toddler gifts for boys

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If you have a yard for them to play in, then a tractor or excavator like this to play with is one of the best toys to get that will last them for years to come. This one is a mix between a tractor and an excavator and even has a separate trailer, which is perfect for kids with siblings, because one can sit in the trailer while the other one rides on the tractor. This one has pedals, so no need to charge batteries and no need to fear it going too fast to control. All in all, a staple for any toddler boy to have.

19. A Construction Utensil Set

A construction utensil set (cheap gift ideas for toddler boys)

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Picky eating is a common struggle for toddlers and around that age. They need to learn how to use their own fork, though not every toddler wants to do that. This plate and utensil set can make the process a lot more fun for the toddler, as the utensils work as construction tools, such as an excavator. And the plate is made in such a way that it’s a fun activity, instead of just eating food. Even if they’re not difficult eaters, this can be a great gift idea for little boys. And don’t worry, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe.

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After scrolling through this gift guide for toddler boys, I hope you now have some fun gifts for toddler boys in mind to get for his 2nd or 3rd birthday. Are you looking for even more inspiration? Then, take a look at this collection of toys for toddlers that are also fun gift ideas to get. If you are going to splurge on something, just make sure that it will last for years to come, because some toys and gifts are relatively short-lived around this age.

And don’t be afraid to also check out the gifts for toddler girls, as most toddlers would happily play with both stereotypically ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ toys.

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