19 Great Gifts for Tea Lovers

great gifts for tea lovers

A tea gift guide for tea drinkers. 

Find the best gifts for tea lovers on this list of original gifts for tea lovers that they’ll actually want to have. These tea gift ideas range from actual tea to fun gadgets but also include some fun tea-themed merchandise that has nothing to do with actually making any tea at all. So, you can scroll down to check out this gift guide for tea drinkers and find the perfect gifts to give someone who love tea.

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1. Dinosaur Tea Infusers

Dinosaur tea infusers as gifts for tea lovers

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Of course, the first thing you think of when you think about tea are dinosaurs, right? Or maybe not… Either way, this set of loose tea infusers is both easy to use and clean as well as incredibly cute. Not only will it make your cup of tea look like the monster of Loch Ness lives in it, it’ll also make you a great cup of tea. All of that together makes these adorable tea infusers great gifts for tea lovers. You can also find infusers like this in a bunch of other animals, so take a look around to check out all the fun options.

2. A Tea Kettle With Different Tea Settings

a tea kettle (tea gifts)

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Did you know that depending on the tea you want to make, you need to heat up your water to a different temperature? Well, this kettle has these temperatures and settings that allow you to make the perfect cup of tea. On top of these very handy settings, it also looks amazing in your kitchen. This tea kettle comes in two different colors and is one of the pricier tea gifts on this list. Though, it’s also one of the most useful ones that will also look great on your kitchen counter.

3. A Set of Double Wall Tea Glasses

double-walled tea glasses; gifts for tea lovers amazon

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A set of tea glasses like this is one of the basics tea supplies every tea lover should have in their home to be able to serve people tea in the perfect type of cup. Yet most people don’t actually own a set of them. So, that’s why a set of glasses like this is a great gift idea for a tea drinker. The glass double walls keep your tea warmer for longer and the glass is easy to clean because glass doesn’t stain as easily as ceramic does. All in all, a pretty great gift to give.

4. A Green Tea Face Mask

a green tea face mask - gift ideas for tea lovers

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You can also pick this green tea face mask as a gift idea for the tea lover. The face mask will hydrate your skin and calms any redness in your skin. So, if you’re looking for a tea-inspired beauty product, then this face mask is a great option. It has a jelly texture when you put it on your face and will make your skin feel as if it had of cup green tea (you know because it hydrates…). Anyways, this green tea face mask is just a fun gift to give tea drinkers, especially if they love a nice cup of green tea.

5. A Tea Travel Set

a tea travel set (best gifts for tea lovers)

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You’re probably wondering what this is. Well, this is a traveling set to make tea wherever you are. You fill the top with tea and hot water and press the button when it’s done, which will pour it into the cup at the bottom. It comes with a handy carrying case to make it easier to take it all with you wherever you go. This is a great gift to give, because it’s very unlikely that they already have something like this. It’s a really fun and original tea gadget.

6. A Tea for One Set

a tea for one set; top gifts for tea lovers

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This tea for one set contains a tiny teapot with an infuser and a cup that fits below the teapot to store it easily. This is probably one of the most unique gifts for tea lovers on this list, since it’s not something you see every day. If you don’t like this design, there are some other options out there that work the same. Either way, this set is a great tea drinker gift idea, especially if they are the only tea drinker at home or live alone. It also comes in white if you don’t like the black version.

7. Loose Leaf Tea Drops: gifts for tea lovers

Loose leaf tea drops as gifts for tea drinkers

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There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this before. But these are tea drops, they’re sweetened loose leaf herb blend cubes that you just put in hot water and wait for the tea to be done. It comes in a fun box and in different sizes. This is a great way to give someone some new teas to try without the gift being boring. All in all, a pretty good gift to give I would say that’s both unique and original to try out. It comes in two different sizes, so take your pick.

8. A Dainty Necklace for Tea Lovers

a dainty necklace - gift for tea lovers

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Are you looking for small tea-themed gift ideas? Then a piece of jewelry like this is a great option. This necklace is dainty and fun as a gift idea. It also works so great as a present because the packaging is fun as well. The brand also has a pair of tea-themed earrings, though I think the necklace is the better option design-wise. So, if you’re looking for a smaller present or stocking stuffers, then this one is it. The charms would even be a lot of fun to hang on your keychain as well.

9. An Airtight Tea Container

an airtight tea container (gifts for tea lovers)

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If you like using loose tea, then you know it can be a pain to store it properly. This is a nice container to give as a gift for the tea lover. It will keep the tea airtight and away from moisture while also being a cute addition to your kitchen. Either way, nice tea containers are great gifts for tea lovers because they keep your counters from getting cluttered with bags of tea. In this set you also get a matching container for sugar and coffee, so you have a nice matching set that will look great in most kitchens.

10. A Tea Tumbler

a tea tumbler (best gifts for tea lover)

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Now you can stay warm and have your tea wherever you go with this tea tumbler. It comes with an infuser and will keep your tea warm for longer because of the insulated walls. This thermos comes in five different colors, so you’re sure to find one that you’ll like. This is a must-have for tea lovers, especially if they work outside or have to travel a lot for their job. So, this is one of the most basic, but also most useful presents on this tea lover gift guide.

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11. Botanical Tea Prints

botanical prints as tea related gifts

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If you’re looking for something tea-themed without it actually having anything to do with making tea or drinking it, then this set of botanical prints of different tea plants is a great idea. Of course, you can find a bunch of tea art prints or quotes around that are all great gifts for tea lovers, though these botanical prints are particularly great because they’re not too in-your-face and really great to learn more about some of the most commonly drunk teas around the world.

12. Tea Bag Dishes

tea bag dishes as tea gift ideas

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This is maybe one of the more practical items on this tea lover gift guide as it’s perfect for those people who never quite know where to leave their used tea bag. It’s perfect for when you have visitors over and they want tea and you want to provide them with a spot to put the used te bags. You can find these types of dishes in all different kinds of colors and shapes and more fun personalized options are available on Etsy. So, take a look around if you want a more fun design.

13. An Ember Smart Mug

an Ember smart mug; great gifts for tea lovers

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Maybe you’ve seen these mugs before or at least heard of them. They’re basically smart mugs that are able to keep your tea hot for a lot longer. You can even link up an app to set the temperature you want your drink to be kept at. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colors, so see which one you think they would like best. The black option is, of course, always a great neutral choice and doesn’t risk getting tea stains as much as the white one would.

14. A DIY Boba Tea Kit

a DIY boba tea kit; tea inspired gifts

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Do they love having some boba tea from time to time? Then maybe they would enjoy trying to make some themselves. With one of these kits, you can make your own bubble tea at home. You get enough to make over twenty-four portions and you even get a couple of different flavors. It also comes in a couple of different versions and is a great DIY kit that is fun to do and fun to consume. So, take a look and find out more if you like this gift idea.

15. An Assorted Tea Gift Set

an assorted tea gift box - best tea lover gifts

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One of the best gift sets for tea lovers is probably a box of different new teas to try and that’s exactly what this is. You can pick from a bunch of different themed boxes that all contain different teas to try out. You get five different types of teas in this box with two bags for each kind, so a total of 10 different tea bags. It’s a great option if you don’t have a clue what to get and you know that they like to try out new tea flavors. If they’re more into loose leaf tea, then check out the many gift boxes with those in them.

16. Honey Spoons as Tea Gifts

honey spoons as gifts for the tea lover

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These are a fun tea accessory that you can use to drink tea without it being a gadget or tea itself. These are spoons made from honey and perfect to stir your tea with if you like it with some honey in it. You can pick from a couple of different types of honeys and flavors, with these traditional being a great option that will go with most tea flavors. So, if you’re looking for something fun that would make for a great Christmas gift for a tea lover, then this is probably one of the best choices.

17. A Tea Enamel Pin

tea cup enamel pin by thecleverclove on Etsy (gifts for tea lover)

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This pin by thecleverclove on Etsy is just one of the many fun tea-themed enamel pins out there that are all great small gift ideas. This one is perfect for the person who doesn’t live on coffee but is actually fueled by tea and couldn’t imagine a day going by without drinking some tea. It’s also really affordable while being a lot of fun. And if they don’t end up liking it, it won’t take up a bunch of space in their kitchen. Though what tea drinker wouldn’t love to pin this on their bag or pencil case.

18. A Fun Bubble Tea Phone Case

a fun bubble tea phone case; good gifts for tea lovers

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If they’re in love with boba tea, or bubble tea, then they will probably like this phone case. It also comes in a more subtle version that is just a clear phone case with a print of boba teacups on it. Either way, a fun tea-themed phone case is great for teens who love to drink tea and love their bubble tea above all else. It comes in a bunch of different sizes for different phones, so take a look and make sure you get the right size for their phone.

19. A Matcha Whisk Set

a matcha whisk set - gifts for a tea lover

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Another great addition to this tea gift guide is this matcha whisk set. It’s probably one of the best gifts for matcha lovers on this list and you can pick from a battery-operated whisk set or a more traditional version to achieve the same result; a nice cup of matcha tea. This is great if they would like to make their own matcha or like to use foamed up milk for their tea from time to time as this whisk makes that so much easier to do at home.

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After taking a look at this gift guide for tea drinkers, you now hopefully have some fun and useful gifts for tea lovers in mind to get your friends and family. For some more tea gift inspiration, you can also check out these DIY tea gifts to create a small gift to accompany your gift or to fill a tea-theme gift basket with. Either way, have a look around at all the fun gift ideas for tea drinkers out there that they will love to have.

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