21 Original Gifts for Sisters

Original gifts for sisters

Find some great unique sister gifts to give. 

Don’t know what to get your sister for Christmas or for her birthday? Then take a look at this sister gift guide filled with unique gifts for sisters. You’re sure to find at least one idea that your sister will like. So, scroll down and see for yourself. These are all suggestions and the products linked to are just illustrations and examples of some of the best gift ideas for sisters.

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1. A Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

cold brew coffee maker - unique gifts for sister

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If she loves cold brew or iced coffee, then this cold brew maker might just be a great gift idea for her. There are loads of different types and designs out there. So, have a look around and see which one you like best. This one here is made from glass and comes in a couple of different versions. You could also go for a cheaper plastic option, if she’s not particularly known for being the handiest sister around. Either way, making your own cold brew from home is a great idea.

2. A Custom Morse Code Bracelet

a custom morse code bracelet (gifts for sister amazon)

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Pretty bracelets would already be great gifts for sisters on their own. However, if you can get something custom-made or personalized, then it’s even better. This morse code bracelet is a great example of that. It’s a simple and subtle bracelet that is personalized without it being immediately your name on it. You can pick her name as the message, or something funny that she’ll only discover if she ever takes the time to figure it out.

3. A Makeup Travel Bag

a makeup travel bag; gifts for sister

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If she travels a lot, then this is thé gift idea to get. Either way, a makeup bag is always a fun idea. It doesn’t have to be as big as this one, though the bigger it is, the more it will carry. So, if she has a lot of makeup or beauty products, then going for something like this is a great choice. This makeup bag comes in a couple of different colors and folds out to easily hang up on a hook in a hotel bathroom or really anywhere you want.

4. An Ember Temperature-Control Mug

an amber mug - christmas gifts for sister

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You might have heard of this mug before. It’s basically a mug designed to keep your drink hot for longer. You’re able to control the preferred temperature using an app, or just use the default option. So, if your sister loves coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and drinks it while she’s working, then she can probably use one of these. It comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes, so have a look around to see which mug is the perfect present for her.

5. A Fun Umbrella: sister gifts

a fun umbrella; birthday gifts for sister

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This gift idea might seem a bit random. But, hey, if she lives somewhere where it rains a lot, then she’ll love to have a fun umbrella to enjoy the bad weather with. You can choose from a bunch of different umbrellas, and they tend to be pretty affordable overall. This one here is fun and colorful and the fact that it’s see-through also adds some fun to the mix. So, have a look around and see if you can find some cute umbrellas as gift ideas for your sister.

6. A Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

a revlon hairdryer brush - sister gift ideas

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This has become a bit of a classic to add to most gift guides for women. This affordable hot air brush is a favorite for many who love to get a blowout at the salon, but don’t like the price tag that comes with it. So, instead, you can get this hair dryer that makes it easy to smooth out your hair at home without any fancy equipment. It comes in a couple of different versions and colors, so if she loves pink, you can even get a bright pink one for your sister if you want.

7. A Pair of Comfy Slippers

a pair of comfy slippers as sister gifts

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Who doesn’t like a cozy pair of slippers? Well, that’s why they’re on this list of great gifts for sisters. This pair here is a great example of comfy and cozy-looking slippers that aren’t too expensive. You can also go with something a bit more luxurious like a pair of UGG slippers or pick out some really warm socks. Either way, keep their climate in mind and just find them something comfortable and cute, and you can’t really go wrong with this gift idea.

8. What I Love About You Book

what I love about you book - gift for sister

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Looking for something personal and handmade, without you having to be really creative and crafty? Then this little book is a great option. It’s filled with short writing prompts to help you fill it with all the things you love about your sister. It comes in a couple of different versions and is a great example of a gift idea for sisters that’s both thoughtful without being expensive. Of course, you can also just DIY this yourself if you’re creative and already have things in mind to write about.

9. A Mini Waffle Maker

a mini waffle maker (brother to sister gifts)

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This mini waffle maker comes in a couple of different colors and is the perfect present for any girl who loves breakfast above all other meals. If she doesn’t like breakfast or waffles, then this is not the gift to get. But if she does, then you can even pick from a couple of different including some fun prints. You could also go for a hot plate if she actually prefers pancakes. Either way, keep it affordable and fun and you’re good to go.

10. A Magnetic Wall Key Holder

a magnetic key holder: best gift for sister

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Now, these come in a bunch of different versions and designs, with this cloud one being just an example. For example, you can also get animal-themed ones. No matter the design, if she keeps losing her keys at home, then a keyholder is a fun and cheap gift idea to get her. Just pick the one you like and don’t spend too much money on it, because these should be pretty cheap. And make sure she would love something cute like this on her wall.

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11. A Personalized Christmas Ornament

personalized christmas ornament by Keptsake on Etsy; gifts for sister birthday

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If you want to get your sister something unique for Christmas or the holidays, then a personalized ornament is something you can’t really go wrong with. This one here by Keptsake on Etsy is a great example. You can customize the names on it and the text. There are some other great options out there as well that are illustrations of people that are also super cute. I think this would be a great stocking stuffer to get your sister for this Christmas.

12. A Fujifilm Instax Camera

an instax camera - gift ideas for sister

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An instant camera like this one by Fujifilm is a great example of gifts she’ll actually use. At least, she’ll use this if she enjoys taking pictures. It’s an easy way to also actually hang up fun pictures in the home, because you don’t have to get anything printed. Because let’s be fair, who of us actually gets around to doing so. This one here comes in a couple of different colors, so take your pick. The black or white ones are both great neutral options.

13. Luxury Hair Care: gifts for sisters

luxury hair care (sister presents)

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If there’s one thing pretty much all sisters have in common, it’s that they care about their hair, a lot. This is also why giving them some luxury hair care like this mask by Briogeo can be a great present. Just make sure to try and find something that matches their hair and hair problems. A deep-conditioning mask is something you can probably not go wrong with. Though if you already know their favorite, get that one instead.

14. A Personalized Name Necklace

personalized necklace by GlamourJewelryHouse on Etsy - personalized gifts for sister

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A name necklace is one of those classic gifts for sisters and all women really that everyone will love. This one by GlamourJewelryHouse on Etsy is a bit more unique because the name is spelled out separately instead of just having the name at the center of the chain. You can pick from a bunch of different fonts and some different colors. So, take a look if you like this idea. And if you want the more classic option, you’ll find that one on Etsy as well.

15. An Indoor Herb Garden Kit

an indoor herb garden kit; birthday gift ideas for sister

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Something a bit more original that’s great for adults is an indoor herb garden kit. In a kit like this, you get everything you need to create your own little herb garden from scratch. There are loads of kits out there like this one, or you could even make one yourself if you’re familiar with herbs and have a garden center near you. I think this is a great gift idea for any sister who loves cooking or recently moved house.

16. An Avocado Heating Pad

an avocado heating pad (best amazon gifts for sister)

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This gift idea is perfect to give your sister for that time of the month, where all women can use a nice heating pad. Not only will this make you more comfortable, it’s also too cute to resist. These heating pads come in loads of different adorable shapes. For example, there’s also a llama heating pad or even a sloth one. So, if you don’t like this avocado one, then have a look around on Amazon to see which one you do actually think is perfect for her.

17. Whipped Sugar Scrub Soap

whipped soap scrub by QueenBerrySoap on Etsy: christmas gift ideas for sister

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Looking for some more sister gift ideas? Then something like this whipped sugar scrub soap by QueenBerrySoap on Etsy is another great addition to your list of ideas. It’s an original and handmade body product that everyone would love to try out. The shop offers this product in a couple of different scents and colors, so if this one is a bit too pink and bubbly for your taste, then maybe consider getting one of the other more mature options.

18. A Jewelry Dish: sister gift ideas

a jewelry dish (unique gifts sister)

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A jewelry dish or holder would already be an easy and simple gift as is. Though, if you add some fun text to it, it’s even better. This one here comes with a couple of different text options. It’s simple and effective. If you wanted to make one yourself, it’s as simple as buying a plain small dish and writing in your best handwriting a personal message on it. Just make sure they’ll actually use it or will like the style of the dish.

19. Golden Hoop Earrings

golden hoop earrings as sister gifts ideas

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Earrings are really easy small gift ideas for sisters that are a bit dependent on their style, though something like a pair of hoop earrings is something you can’t really screw up. These ones here are pretty affordable, come in a couple of different colors and sizes. If you know she prefers stud earrings or something a bit more fun, then have a look around on Etsy or Amazon to find something that’s perfect for her. The only thing to check is if she has her ears pierced.

20. A Weekender Tote Bag

a weekender tote bag; special sister gifts

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A versatile bag is always a great gift idea for women, and this simple tote bag is a great example. It comes in a couple of different colors and is usable as a weekender bag or gym bag. There are loads of other bags out there that are the same idea, just a different design. A weekender bag like this is a great addition to this gift guide for sisters, because it’s not as style-dependent as a crossbody bag or a clutch. Though, if you know what she likes, then you can also go with one of those.

21. A Cute Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

a cute salt and pepper shaker set - gifts for sisters

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This one is another great one for anyone who loves cutesy things or maybe recently moved to a new place. It’s a salt and pepper shaker set that doesn’t actually look like your traditional salt and pepper shakers. Of course, this is just one of the many options out there. You can also go for a more design option that is not as cute but maybe suits their aesthetic a bit better. Either way, it’s a fun and useful present that your sister will love.

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I hope this list of ideas on what to get your sister for her birthday or for Christmas has helped you come up with the perfect present. Be sure to keep your sister’s taste and interests in mind as not all of these gifts will be perfect for YOUR sister. These sister gift ideas are a great starting point to find something fun and original. You could also go with a DIY idea instead if you want to keep it cheap and personal. Whether you make something yourself or go out and buy something, I’m sure you’ll find the best gifts for your sister.

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