82 Great Gifts for Older Women

Great Gifts for Older Women

A gift guide for her with the best gift for elderly women. 

Are you wondering what the best gifts for older women are and what to get a senior woman for her birthday or as a Christmas gift? Well, take a look at this list of the best gift ideas for older women that will help you find the best presents for her. So, scroll down and see for yourself what to get an older woman if you’re wondering what to get an older woman who has everything.

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1. Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

luxury egyptian sheets as gifts for older women

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The first item on this list of gift ideas for elderly women is a set of high-quality bed sheets. This set comes in a couple of different sizes and a bunch of different colors to choose from. It’s a great thing to get, because it’s so comfy to sleep under a good set of bedsheets and these ones are probably the best you can get for a reasonable price. The wide array of colors allows you to pick the perfect color for her. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea that’s both practical and comfortable, then this set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets is the perfect item to get.

2. A Versatile Kindle E-Reader

a Kindle e-reader (gift ideas for older women)

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A great present for an older woman if she’s relatively good with technology, is an e-reader. It’s an easy way to read as much as you want without having to go to the book store constantly or ordering books online. On top of that, most ebook formats are a lot more affordable than a paperback or hardcover edition. This Kindle e-reader is one of the best on Amazon and comes with a couple of color options for the back, including a sage green, soft pink, light blue, and neutral black. So, if she loves reading, then this is a great option to make it a bit more affordable and fun.

3. An Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oils diffuser - gifts for old ladies

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Essential oils are great for changing the mood in a room and making your house smell amazing. And a diffuser can amplify this effect. This pretty diffuser comes in a couple of different wood tones for its base and is a very neutral diffuser that also looks good on your shelf. You add some water and a couple of drops of oil into the diffuser and it will slowly release the aromatherapy into the air. You can set a time and choose to use its light or not. It’s a great small gift idea for people who love the smell of essential oils. Though, be aware that they are not recommended to be used around people with lung issues.

4. An Eight-Piece Gardening Set

gardening kit; gift sets for older ladies

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This is probably one of the best gifts for women who love gardening. It’s a set of gardening tools that comes with an easy carrier bag, so you can simply pick up all your tools at once and take it to the next flower bed. There are a couple of different versions of this set, with a different style bag and a different number of tools for each. So, you can choose whichever one you think is the perfect gift idea for her. This is truly the perfect gift for older women who love gardening, because this set has everything they need to do what they love doing most.

5. A Mini Instant Photo Printer

instant photo printer (birthday gifts for older women)

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A great present for grandmas who love taking loads of pictures is a small photo printer like this one. It’s easy to use and allows you to print good-quality pictures on photo paper from your home. So, no need to go to a store to get your pictures printed anymore. And if there is a family member visiting with a picture on their phone she might also want, then they can quickly connect to the printer via WiFi and print it out. It’s a great solution for transferring pictures from anyone’s phone to a frame in grandma’s house.

6. A Custom Date Necklace

 custom date necklace - gifts for older woman

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If there’s a special date they hold close to their heart, then you can turn that into this lovely necklace. The numerals spell out the date and it’s a pretty pendant necklace she’ll love to wear. It comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and is a great gift for any mature woman. Make sure the date is truly memorable, for example, when someone was born or passed away. Be careful not to choose the birthday of one of their grandchildren, because the others might not really appreciate that it’s not theirs that’s on the necklace. It’s really a unique and personal gift idea for a senior woman.

7. A Traditional Pasta Maker

 a pasta maker (presents for older women)

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If they recently retired or all their kids finally left their house, then they probably have the time on their hands to do things such as cook things from scratch. This pasta maker is a great way to start making their own fresh pasta for spaghetti or lasagne. It comes with a couple of different settings and can cut three different types of pasta. This present is great for women who love to cook and now finally have the time to properly do so. Another similar gift idea in this vein is, for example, a bread machine.

8. A Key Finder that Doesn’t Need an App

 A keyfinder; gift ideas older woman

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Most key finders nowadays need an app on your phone for you to find your keys. However, this one doesn’t. It comes with two finders and four different keychains. On the back of each finder, you can put one of the included stickers, so you know what each color stands for and what it will help you find. Whenever you press one of the colors, the corresponding keyfob will start to make noise, this way you can quickly and easily find your keys when you’re in a bind. It’s a great gadget for older people that don’t always carry their smartphones with them or aren’t all that handy with them.

9. A Leak-Proof Water Bottle

 a leak-proof water bottle as one of the best gift ideas for old ladies

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A water bottle is always a good gift to give, and this one has some bonus features that make it a great present for elderly women. First of all, it has markings on the side to help you keep track of how much you drank that day, since older people tend to not drink enough water. On top of that, the easy lid makes it very easy to drink while you’re walking around or maybe riding your bike. And to really make it the perfect present, it comes in a lot of different colors for you to choose from. With this salmon-pink one being a personal favorite, though the other colors are also pretty nice.

10. An RFID-Protected Travel Wallet.

 a travel wallet - gift ideas for older woman

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This big wallet is perfect for older women who travel a lot to visit their family or just for fun. It has enough space for all the documents you need whenever you’re on the road or flying. On top of that, it has RFID protection in it, which means that no one can steal the information on your card by using a hand-held scanner. It also comes in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from. And you might not expect this, but this wallet is also pretty affordable. All in all, a great gift for elderly women who travel a lot.

11. A Heart Locket for Mementos

 a heart locket as a gift for old women

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A great small gift or stocking stuffer for older women is a locket like this one to keep a moment or pictures of loved ones in. This heart-shaped locket comes in silver, gold, and rose gold as shown here. It’s a great gift idea because of the low price and small size, yet it’s something they can carry with them at all times. You can either already put some pictures in it yourself, or leave that up to her to pick what she wants to keep in the locket.

12. A Dozen Red Roses as Gifts for Older Women

 a dozen of red roses: gifts for old ladies

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Did you know that you can order fresh flowers from Amazon these days? Ordering flowers online is a great gift to send when you don’t live nearby but want to give her a bunch of flowers anyway. You can choose from a variety of flowers, including this bouquet of a dozen red roses that even comes with a vase. You get to add a message to your order by selecting that you want it to be a gift. It’s a great gift to give your mother or grandmother for mother’s day if you can’t be there on the day itself.

13. A Wake-Up Light

a wake-up light (birthday gifts for older women)

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A great way to improve your sleeping pattern and to make getting up in the morning a little bit easier is to get a wake-up light alarm clock. It simulates the rising of the sun and doesn’t suddenly jar you awake as a normal alarm clock would. Instead, you slowly wake up with the simulated rising of the sun. This one also comes with a sundown function, that slowly lulls you to sleep with the setting sun. It has a lot of different setting for you to find the perfect way to get up in the morning. It’s a great gift idea for older people who might not have to stick to a strict schedule, but still want to get up at a reasonable time in the morning.

14. A Personalized Dishtowel

 a monogrammed dishtowels as personalized gifts for old women

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Another great small gift idea is a personalized dish towel like this one. It’s a lovely waffle weave dishtowel monogrammed with whatever name you want. You can get one dish towel or a set of multiple ones from this brand. I think this is a fun and pretty gift that is sure going to be used and will look great in any kitchen. So, if you’re looking for something small to give a senior woman, then something like this that’s custom made for them is a great direction to go in.

15. A Magnifying Mirror

a magnifying mirror - gifts for mature women

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A magnifying mirror is a great tool to help you put your makeup on no matter your age. It’s especially useful when you normally wear glasses, because it’s often a struggle to see what you’re doing when you don’t have them on. So, a great item on this list of gifts for older women is this tabletop magnifying mirror. Not only does it help you to see better because of the built-in light and magnifying panes, but you can also sit down with it at a table instead of doing your makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s a great gadget any woman would love to get.

16. A Planner for the Coming Year

a planner for the coming year; gift ideas for older woman who has everything

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A planner to keep track of everything is a must-have for any woman who has kids or just a very busy life. It’s great for keeping track of birthdays and special events as well as dinner dates with friends. This planner comes in a couple of pretty designs, including this floral one. It’s a pretty design with a great organization system within, including color-coded tabs per month and an overview of each month. All in all, it’s a pretty and functional planner that every woman would love to get.

17. A Mug & Cup Warmer

a mug & cup warmer (gifts for an older woman)

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This set can both keep your drink warm for longer and can even reheat it without using a microwave. You can also use other ceramic mugs with this warmer beside the one you get with it and is perfect for reading your paper in the morning for as long as you want without having your coffee go cold on you. It’s the perfect gift idea for women who drink a lot of coffee or tea and take their time doing so. It starts to heat your drink whenever something is put on the top of it and stops once it’s lifted, so you do have to keep an eye on it.

18. A Makeup Organizer

 A makeup organizer: gift ideas for older women

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This may not be the most exciting item on this gift guide for older women, but it sure is practical. This medium-sized acrylic organizer stores different sized products and is also a place to put your jewelry while you’re showering or putting on makeup. It’s a small organizer that can fit a lot of things. Whether you use it to hold your makeup or skincare, this organizer is perfect for smaller spaces such as a bathroom and keeps the counter free of clutter, and makes it all easier to clean.

19. A Set of Scented Candles

 a set of scented candles as gifts for old woman

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Candles are always a great gift idea, because you can’t really go wrong with them. This gift set from Amazon comes in three different versions with different scents in them. A set contains four full-sized candles to make your home smell and look great. So, if you’re looking for something like this to give as a gift, be sure to check out this set or take a look around at all the other great options out there. But really, you can’t go wrong with a good candle.

20. A Fleece Blanket for the World’s Best Grandma

 A nice cozy blanket: gift ideas for 70 year old woman who has everything

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If you’re looking for gifts for grandma, then this blanket is a fun option to give as a birthday gift or Christmas present. It’s a fleece blanket that shows how much you appreciate her as a grandmother. It’s a great size to travel with or to snuggle under on the couch. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for a grandmother, then this one is a great option. You can also go for one of the personalized options on Amazon or Etsy, though they tend to cost a bit more.

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21. A Beautiful Satin Long Robe

 satin robe: best gift for older woman

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This gorgeous robe is perfect for lounging around the house or wearing over your pajamas when you need to. It comes in so many beautiful different color combinations to choose from and is just a great robe for older women. It’s made from satin, which makes it a lot easier to wash than silk, and is a great robe for all seasons. In the summer, you can use it after a swim or after showering and in the winter you can use it to wear over your pajamas as an extra layer of warmth and style.

22. A Note Taking Bundle

 note taking bundle (best gifts for women over 60)

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These notepads and notebooks are great gifts for women over 60 or even more, though definitely great for all adult women really. In this set, you get two notepads, a little notebook, and a golden matching pen. It’s a great present to keep on hand. It’s also relatively affordable, considering you get multiple items. It’s a lovely mother’s day gift idea or Christmas present for older women who are difficult to shop for because they just seem to have everything already. They also have another bundle like this on Amazon with a different design, though this one is probably the prettiest in my opinion.

23. A Set of BBQ Tools for Grilling

a set of BBQ tools as birthday gift ideas for older women

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Does she love cooking and grilling in summer, but doesn’t have the proper tools to do so? Then you can get this set of grilling tools for them as a gift for the summer months. It includes all the basics you need and comes in a nice case to store them over the wintertime. The case is also handy for when you go camping or want to grill somewhere else. It’s just a great present to give someone who enjoys grilling and could use some better tools for it. It’s an affordable set you can get from Amazon and has everything you need for a great barbeque meal.

24. A Custom Stamped Spoon

custom stamped spoon by LeBreux from Etsy (older women gift ideas)

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If you’re looking for something small and fun to give that would be a great stocking stuffer for her, then one of these spoons that you can personalize by LeBreux on Etsy is a fun gift idea. You can get it in two sizes, either as a teaspoon or tablespoon, and can get a message with up to 48 characters engraved on it. It’s a good idea to pick short words, so they can nicely distribute the text across different lines. It’s a fun gift they can use as their personal coffee spoon that no one else gets to use or as a spoon in the sugar jar. Either way, they’ll love this little present.

25. A Personalized Recipe Book

 family recipe book - old lady gifts

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A great way to keep track of your family recipes and fun dishes that were successful is a recipe book like this that you get to fill with your own favorite recipes. This hardcover recipe book is durable and great to keep around. It’s also a fun way to pass on any family recipes that you have, by either lending it out or letting them take pictures of your notes. The recipe book is formatted for each recipe to keep track of the date you wrote it, the necessary ingredients, and so on. Once you’ve filled some of the pages, you’ll have a great log of all your best recipes at hand.

26. A Luxurious Rose Gold Pen

 a golden pen; gifts for older women

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Another small gift idea on this gift guide for older women is a pen like this that looks great and is nicely packaged. It’s a great gift to go along with something else, like a good planner or notebook, since it’s also a really affordable gift, even if it looks expensive. This pen also comes in silver, gold, and a combination of the two, so you’re sure to find a color you like. It’s maybe not the most unique or exciting present, but it is a nice and practical one that you can’t really go wrong with.

27. A Nice Cashmere Scarf

 a nice cashmere scarf - gift ideas for older women

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This cashmere scarf is another more luxurious gift for elderly women that they’ll love. It’s the best type of scarf you can get as it’s both warm and soft to wear. This one comes in a lot of different colors, including some more neutral options, like the one pictured above, as well as some brighter colors with the red one being perfect for Christmas. Just think about their winter clothes and what their favorite color is and there will be a good match available. It is more expensive than your average scarf, but that makes sense for a real cashmere one.

28. An Old-Fashioned Photo Album

 A photo album as one of the best gifts for older women

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If there’s one thing every grandma loves doing, then it’s taking and collecting pictures of their family and particularly of their grandkids. This photo album allows them to put them all together and leaf through them whenever they want. You can either give it to them empty or already filled with pictures of your family. It’s a nice gift idea and a fun way of capturing memories for them to relive whenever they look through the album. The one pictured here comes in a lot of different colors for you to choose from.

29. A Pretty Medication Case

 a pretty pill organizer; gift for older woman

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As you grow older, you typically have to take some medication or supplements to stay as healthy as possible. In general, medication organizers are pretty ugly or plain, though this one is actually quite cute. It has the typical plastic containers within but also has a nice case around it that comes in quite some different colors: some have a fun pattern and the others are a bit more neutral. So, this might not be the most fun gift, but it is nice to get, since finding a good looking medication organizer can be pretty tricky.

30. A Funny Mug for Grandmas

a funny mug as gifts for grandma

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If you’re looking for a funny gift idea for women who are grandmas, then a mug like this one is pretty fun. It shows exactly what it takes to be an awesome grandma. A fun mug is always a good gift to give and can easily be filled with some chocolates to really finish it off. It’s a small gift idea that’s also great for first-time grandmas or to say ‘thank you’ for babysitting when they help you out from time to time. All in all, it’s a nice and funny gift for grandma.

31. A Pretty Bird Feeder

 a bird feeder; gifts for older women who have everything

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A great way to enjoy your garden even in winter is to have a nice bird feeder that will attract birds to your garden year-round. The one pictured here has a nice ledge for the birds to balance on and a generally very detailed design. It’s a great gift idea for when you have to be indoors a lot, but have a lovely garden to look out onto. This is just one example of a pretty birdfeeder that you can get on amazon.com. Tough, the other ones seem to be a bit plainer than this detailed one.

32. A Nice Knitted Blanket

 knitted blankets -birthday gift ideas for older woman

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A good-looking knitted blanket is not only cozy during the colder days, but it’s also a nice piece of home decor that can bring some color and texture into your home. This one, in particular, comes in a lot of different colors and two nice patterns. It’s a great gift idea during wintertime, though also great for summertime if they spend their night outside a lot. All in all, it’s a great addition to this list of gifts for older women. If you are a knitter yourself, then you can also make one from scratch to make it even more meaningful.

33. A Cookbook for Grandma and Grandchild

 a cookbook for grandma and me (gift idea for older woman)

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Most grandmas have a lot of cooking and baking experience in the kitchen, though not a lot of those dishes will be doable together with a child. This book is made specifically with that in mind. It’s filled with recipes a grandchild can make together with a grandparent. This means most recipes are pretty easy, and most of all, safe to do together with a child. This cookbook is great for elderly ladies who enjoy cooking and baking but don’t always know how to incorporate kids into the mix.

34. A Box of Bath Bombs

 a box of bath bombs as a gift for an older woman

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A great way to bring some relaxation and a bit of a spa feeling into their life is by giving them a set of bathbombs like this one. It’s a great gift for older women who enjoy relaxing in a nice bath and would enjoy using bathbombs and bath salts. It’s a set of 7 bathbombs all with different scents and a great gift set for her. There are a lot of bath bomb sets out there like this, though I like this one a lot because of the nice packaging it comes in and the scents that are included.

35. A Set of Six Cheese Markers

 cheese markers; gift for older woman who has everything

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Does she love making cheese platters? Then this is the perfect gift for her. This set of 6 cheese markers are great for adding a bit of luxury to every cheese platter or party tray you put together. It’s a fun gift idea and a great small Christmas present for older women. So, if you’re looking for something food-themed, then these ones are perfect. Though, you are limited to these six kinds of cheeses. If you want some more versatility, then maybe consider getting a set of cheese markers you can write on with a sharpie.

36. A T-Shirt for Everyone’s Favorite Grandma

 a perfect grandma t-shirt (gift for elderly woman)

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Elderly women have more than one title, though being a grandma is probably one of their favorite if they are actually a grandparent. This T-shirt is a great gift idea for the grandchildren to get her for mother’s day or her birthday. It comes in a couple of different colors, including blue, red, green, purple, and black. A funny t-shirt is just one of those gifts you can’t really go wrong with. Whether they will actually wear it or use it as a pajama t-shirt that’s up to them. All in all, a pretty standard, but fun gift to give.

37. A Set of Bamboo Cutting Boards

 bamboo cutting boards: gifts for the elderly woman

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A good quality cutting board is a great item every kitchen needs. Not only will they keep your knives sharp for longer, they also serve as nice platters to put cheese or snacks on. These bamboo cutting boards are great gift ideas for older women because the different sizes are perfect depending on what you need to cut or serve. There’s also a set of 5 available, though that’s probably a bit much. So, if you’re looking for a good-quality kitchen item to give as a gift, then this set is a good option.

38. A Nice Weighted Blanket

 a weighted blanket; gift ideas for elderly women

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Weighted blankets have become quite popular in the last couple of years. They’re basically heavy blankets that will give some weight to your covers and apparently that helps to improve your sleep quality. This one, in particular, also comes in a lot of different options. From different pattern options to size and weight options, you can find the perfect one for her. Just make sure to figure out what weight to get her, as you need to be careful not to make them too heavy. On top of the many options, this blanket also doesn’t use a metal mesh inside, instead it uses glass beads, which allows you to wash it in the washing machine.

39. A Custom Charm Bracelet

custom grandma bracelet - gifts for senior woman

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A great sentimental gift for elderly women is this bracelet that has a charm you can customize. There are lots of options to choose from, whether it’s for your mother or grandmother. It’s a lovely bracelet to give and comes in a nice box you can wrap up for their birthday or as a Christmas present. If the design isn’t really your thing, then have a look around, because similar bracelets that also have some text on them are available as well.

40. A Foot Care Set

 foot care set - gifts for women in their 60s

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Foot care is something you need to pay more attention to as you grow older, and that’s why a set like this is a great gift idea for an older lady. It includes everything you need to give your feet a spa day at home. From a foot scrub to a massager to a balm, it’s everything you need to take care of your feet. It’s a good gift idea especially if she likes to wear sandals and such for summer, because then you need a bit of moisturizer and care for your feet. So, a great mother’s day gift for mature women in the run-up to summer.

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41. An Instant Pot

an instant pot; presents for senior women

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One of the most versatile appliances you can have in your kitchen is an instant pot. It’s basically a pressure cooker, though, it is able to do so much more. You can use it as a slow cooker, a vegetable steamer, a rice cooker, a yogurt maker and to keep your food warm once cooked. It’s a great gift to give older women who love trying out new recipes and dishes. It’s not the most inexpensive gift on this list, however, it isn’t truly expensive either if you compare it to other kitchen appliances like this. You can choose from a couple of different sizes to find the perfect instant pot to get.

42. A Comfy Long Cardigan

 a long cardigan (gifts for the elderly woman)

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A nice cardigan is something every woman can use. This cardigan, in particular, is a great gift to give, since it’s comfy during the winter months and it can also serve as a coat during spring and fall when it’s too cold to go without, but too warm to put on an actual coat. This cardigan comes in three different neutral colors: grey, beige, and black. It’s truly a very comfy gift idea for her that you can’t go wrong with and would be great for the holidays.

43. A Personalized Pillow Cover

 personalized pillows as gift ideas for elderly ladies

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A personalized pillow cover like this is truly a unique gift to give. You can choose the font and the text you want on the pillowcase. It’s a fun gift idea for older women to get, if they love this kind of a thing. You can choose to go with a first name or with their last name to personalize it in whatever way you want. It is on the more expensive side for a pillow cover, though it is custom made, so it makes sense. If you’re looking for another design, then you can check out Etsy, where they also have some great personalized pillow covers.

44. A Fitbit Activity Tracker

 a fitbit activity tracker (gift ideas for elderly woman)

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Staying active is important as you grow older and a great way to keep track of your activity throughout the day is an activity tracker like this one. It keeps track of the time, distance, counts your steps and so much more. It’s a great gadget to give as a gift and this one comes in three color options, though this deep red one is my favorite. It basically replaces your watch and helps you to stay active throughout the day. This is probably one of the most expensive gifts for older women on this list, but definitely worth it.

45. A Bamboo Cookbook Stand

 a bamboo cookbook stand: gift for elderly woman who has everything

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This gift idea is primarily meant to hold cookbooks, though it’s also a great way to prop up an iPad or phone while you’re cooking. It can lean in a couple of different settings depending from what angle you’re looking want to have your cookbook at. It’s a great way to keep your recipe clean and easy to follow. All in all, this is a handy gadget for in the kitchen to make cooking and baking just a tad bit easier and just an overall great present for women.

46. Loose Leaf Tea Drops

 loose leaf tea drops as gifts for older people

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You are probably wondering what these exactly are. Well, they’re called tea drops and are a mixture of tea and sugar to create a bagless tea from loose leaf tea leaves. This sampler contains a couple of different flavors to try, so you know what flavor to get if you like it. You can also get a bigger sampler or an entire gift box that’s filled with even more of these tea drops. They’re really easy to use and make for a delicious cup of tea, without a lot of clean-up.

47. A Personalized Grandmother Print

chicken family personalized print by PaperAmorCo on Etsy - gifts for old lady

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This gorgeous print from PaperAmorCo on Etsy can be personalized to your family and style. You can choose the chicken and little chicks depending on the design you like best. It’s a lovely piece of wall art that they’ll surely appreciate. It comes in a couple of different sizes and there you have a great personalized gift idea for a grandmother. I think this is probably my favorite gift idea from this entire gift guide for eldery women.

48. A Personalized Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet: gift for 60 year old woman

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This is a great sweet gift idea you can get from ForeverMy on Etsy. You can customize the number of hearts and the names to make the perfect charm bracelet for her. Whether you fill in the names of her children or of her grandchildren, it’s a sweet gift idea to give. It is quite expensive for a charm bracelet, but it’s definitely worth it considering that it’s specially made for her and made from real gold. All in all, this is a great small and precious gift to give.

49. A Set of Trivia Cards about Their Younger Years

trivia cards as gifts for lonely elderly lady

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These trivia cards are all about the year 1980 and what happened in it. Let’s see how much they still know about that year. You can get a set like this for pretty much any year you want and is a great small gift idea or stocking stuffer. It’s also just a deck of playing cards, so you can also use it for that or a good game of solitaire. The size and price make it a great small Christmas gift for older women and is a great way to look back on some of the best years of their youth and what happened in that year in history.

50. A Large At-Home Spa Basket

 a spa set - birthday gift for 65 year old woman

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This spa set has everything you need to treat yourself to an at-home spa day. You get a nice basket filled with everything you may need to have a moment of self-care. It includes bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, shower gel, body butter, and so much more. A spa set like this is a great gift idea for women to give on mother’s day to show that they need to take the time to care of themselves as well. This set has a lovely lavender smell. So, if you don’t like lavender, then there are other options out there, so just have a look around.

51. A Cute Stand for Your Glasses

 a glasses stand (gifts for old people who have everything)

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This truly original gift idea is great for people with glasses. Whether they wear them all the time and can use this on their bedside table or they have reading glasses that they’re always looking for. This is a great item to get them. It comes in a bunch of different designs, each of a different animal. It’s a really great gift idea for women over 60 who are probably wearing reading glasses at this point. I love the flamingo best and they’re all especially great to put in the kitchen to put their reading glasses on whenever they’re cooking.

52. A Family Tree Wall Sticker

 a family tree decal; gifts for senior women

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A fun way to display pictures of all your family members is to put up this wall sticker and turn it into a family tree. The stickers come with frame stickers to stick the pictures into. It’s a great piece of wall art, though, you’ll probably have to take some group pictures if you have a big family. You can give them just the tree sticker or you can also include pictures for them to hang up. Either way, it’s a great sentimental gift for older women. Just make sure this is something that would suit their home design and style.

53. A Diary to Write your Own Biography

 story of my life diary: birthday gift for elderly woman

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This diary is a great way to look back on your life and to write down some of your best stories and memories. It comes with prompts on each page to guide you along to help you know what to write about. This a great gift idea for someone who enjoys writing, but doesn’t really know what to write about. It’s also great to bring back old memories and stories and share them with your friends and family. Because some of those stories might have been very far in the back of your mind.

54. A Carry-On Suitcase

 a carry-on suitcase (elderly gift ideas for her)

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This is probably one of the best gifts for women who are grandmas or a bit older and still travel a lot. This carry-on suitcase has a hard shell, so it will last longer and keep your luggage safe from airport handling. It comes in a couple of different colors and you can get other sized suitcases with the same look. It also has four swivel wheels, which makes this suitcase a lot easier to pull and it also has a built-in lock. All in all, this is really the perfect gift idea for the woman who still travels a lot.

55. An Air Fryer – a gift for an elderly woman 

 an air fryer - gifts for seniors who have everything

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An air fryer is basically a tiny oven that doesn’t need preheating. They say you can fry foods in them without oil, which is true, but it won’t come out quite as crispy. However, that doesn’t make it useless, because it can do so much more. From preparing vegetables to meats to fish, it’s a quick way to cook without having to pull out any pans or without preheating your entire oven. It is one of the most expensive gifts on this list, but it’s really worth its price tag because of its versatility.

56. A Set to Grow Your Own Herbal Tea

 what to get an older woman who has everything: herbal tea growing kit

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Do they love tea and enjoy gardening? Then this kit to grow your own tea is a great present to give them. It has everything you need to grow four different types of teas and with everything you need to turn them into tea. It’s a great gift idea for tea lovers and gardening enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for something unique for her on this list of gifts for an older lady, then this might just be the perfect gift to give.

57. A Set of LED Candles

 LED candles - gift for women over 60

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This set of LED candles is a great gift idea for fall or winter to add some coziness to your house, without risking a fire if you were to forget a candle. These ones come with a remote and you can set a timer for how long you want them to be turned on. It’s a great thing to have during the holidays and just for the darker nights in general. Another great use for them is to use them as part of a centerpiece on your dining table during a dinner party without having to worry that someone might knock them over.

58. A Decades Circle Necklace

a decades circles necklace (senior citizens gifts for women)

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This gift idea is perfect for an older woman as a birthday gift for her 60th birthday. It’s a necklace that has the number of rings that each correspond with one decade. These necklaces exist for pretty much any age from 50 and up. This would be a great small birthday gift and it also just looks like a pretty necklace, so it’s a great subtle and meaningful gift to give her. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for her 60th birthday, this might just be the perfect gift to get.

59. A ‘Remember When’ Book

 a remember when book: gifts for senior citizens in quarantine

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Take a step back in time to go back to whatever year you want, since these books exist for many different years. It’s a fun way to compare modern-day life with how life was back in the ’70s or’80s. From the cost of living to movie trivia, this small booklet of 24 pages takes you back to your younger days. You can get the year they were born or pick a year when they were in their twenties, since that’s probably a time they remember well. It’s a fun little booklet filled with trivia and facts of that year in time.

60. A Iron Enameled Dutch Oven

an iron enamel dutch oven (gifts for the elderly women)

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A dutch oven is a great piece of kitchenware that is perfect for making delicious stews. This dutch oven is a more affordable option than most, since some are a couple of hundreds of dollars. And honestly, one like this does the job just as well. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes with this one being big enough to fit 6 Qt in it, so perfect for family meals and gatherings. Another tip: it’s better to have one that’s too big than one where everything can’t move around in.

61. A Personalized Mug with Her Name

 a custom mug - personalized birthday gift ideas for 60 year old woman

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Another great gift idea for an older woman is a mug like this that’s personalized with their name. This mug is customizable with whatever name you want and you can choose from a bunch of different colored floral designs. It’s a simple and fun small gift to give that she’ll really appreciate. You can also get a set of mugs all with different names, which is a fun idea if they have grandchildren staying over a lot to give each their own personal mug.

62. A Set of Nice Gloves for Winter

 A nice set of gloves as the best christmas presents for women

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These pretty gloves look like they’re made from leather, but they actually aren’t. Instead, they’re made to be able to be put in the washing machine, which is a huge plus for any winter gear. The gloves come in a couple of different colors, all with the pretty chevron pattern at the base. In the palm, they have a bit of faux leather to provide some anti-slip and the fingertips will work with your smartphone. It’s a nice gift idea for the holidays when it’s colder outside.

63. A Retro Candy Gift Box

 Candy from their childhood: gift ideas for old people

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If she loves sweets and candy, then getting them a box like this that’s filled with their childhood candies is a great idea. You can get these boxes for pretty much every decade and is a great gift idea that will take them back to their childhood. It’s also great fun for if she has grandchildren to look through together. It’s fun and nostalgic to go back to your childhood with one of these boxes. If you’re looking for a different decade, then scroll down a bit or take a look at the page of the seller. Of course, you can also try and collect everything yourself to make it a bit more affordable.

64. Magnetic Photo Sleeves

 magnetic photo sleeves - elder gift ideas

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This is a great way to hang pictures on your fridge without getting scratches on them from the magnets, or running the risk of them falling off when there’s a bit of wind if there’s a door open. These magnetic sleeves come in black and white and in different sizes, depending on the picture sizes. It’s not the most exciting of gift ideas for mature women, but it is a lovely thing to have. You can even put small drawings or prints in them as well to add some decor to your fridge.

65. A Pack of Glass Markers

 metallic glass markers - christmas gifts for old people

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These metallic glass markers are great for dinner parties to mark which glass is whose. It’s also a handy way to label your jars without having to actually stick a label on them. After the party, you can simply wipe it off in hot soapy water and the glasses are ready to be used again. It’s also great for when you have more children than you have different colored glasses, simply mark them with their names, and no one will get confused.

66. A Sleep Tracking Pad

 a sleep tracking pad: best gifts for seniors

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A gadget to help you improve your sleeping habit is this sleep tracker you put under your mattress. It will keep track of how heavy you sleep and for how long. This way, you can figure out what you can change to improve your sleeping habits. It’s a nifty gadget that any woman would love to get who struggles with getting a good night’s sleep every night and doesn’t know why. You can save a log of your nights on your phone. This is simple and doesn’t interfere with your sleeping comfort whatsoever.

67. A Pair of Orthopedic Slippers

 pretty orthotic slippers as gift ideas for elderly women

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As a woman grows older, it will become more difficult, if not impossible, to walk around on bare feet around the house. In general, orthopedic slippers tend to be pretty plain and boring. However, these ones actually look pretty nice. They come in a couple of different colors and are perfect to be worn with socks in them during winter or to use after the shower because they are so fuzzy. It’s not the most obvious gift, however, they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

68. An Apron for the Kitchen Queen

 funny apron as a senior lady present

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Too old to be a kitchen princess? Well, just move up a step to being the queen of the kitchen. This funny apron is a great addition to this list of gifts for older women. It’s the perfect small gift for women who love cooking and baking and spend most of their time in the kitchen. You can also look on Etsy to find some great custom aprons to give if you want something with their name on it. An apron is just a great affordable gift idea that’s also very practical and will be definitely be used.

69. A Set of Engraved Pencils of Hollywood Glamour

embossed pencils by ThePoshShopCo on Etsy as great gifts for elderly


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This set of pencils by ThePoshShopCo on Etsy is engraved with text that reminds you of Hollywood glamour. It’s a great small gift idea for an elderly woman and will definitely be used. You can get pencils like this from pretty much every movie out there. So, if you know what their favorite movie is, then you can search for that specifically. Otherwise, this set of classic Hollywood ladies is a great option that any woman would love to get.

70. A Bath Tray to Upgrade Your Bath Time

 a bath tray (gifts for homebound seniors)

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A bath tray is a great way to lift your bath time to the next level. This one comes in a couple of different colors and can be adapted to fit any bath. It’s a great place to put your shampoo, something to drink, and a book to entertain yourself while you’re taking a bath. It’s an easy way to make taking a bath even more luxurious. So, if you know she enjoys taking a bath, then this is the perfect gift for her. All in all, a great gift to give someone who enjoys having a bubble bath now and then.

71. A Pretty Set of Hand Creams

 set of hand creams as a gift basket for elderly woman

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Another self-care-focused gift idea on this gift guide for older women is the set of three hand creams. They come in a nice tin that turns it into a great present to give. It comes in a couple of different options, with each tin being a different color and including a different-scented set of hand creams. It’s a great gift idea for women who spend a lot of time in the garden or kitchen, where their hands suffer a bit and can use some good moisturization. Even just one of these tins is a great gift to give.

72. A Versatile Coffee Machine

 a two in one coffee machine: gift for old woman in nursing home

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A good-quality coffee machine is another great gift idea for older women. The issue, however, often is that they, most of the time, only need one or two cups of coffee, but they also want to be able to brew an entire pot in case the entire family comes over. This is the perfect coffee machine for them then. You can either use ground coffee to make a pot or use a Keurig pod to make just one cup. It’s a great way of keeping both options open without cluttering up your kitchen with multiple machines.

73. A Small Foot Massager

 a foot massager - gifts for elderly people

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Not only are they getting older, their feet are as well, so they can use a bit of extra attention. This heated foot massager is relatively small compared to others and will take care of your feet after a long day. It’s a gift idea that doesn’t cost as much as you might think, though it’s also not extremely cheap. It’s a great gift idea for people who still spend a lot of their days standing on their feet and can use some relaxation after a long day.

74. A Travel Jewelry Box

 a travel jewelry box - christmas gifts for seniors citizens

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A nice jewelry box is something every woman can use, and this one is still small enough to take along while traveling, yet can also fit a lot of jewelry. It has two layers and more than enough space for all your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. There’s even room for a watch or two. This jewelry box for women comes in a couple of different colors for you to choose from and looks like it should cost a lot more than it actually does. A great gift for older women, I would say.

75. A Personalized Cutting Board

 a personalized cutting board is perfect for what to get older women for christmas

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If you’re looking for something that can be custom made for them, then one of these cutting boards is a great gift to get. You can choose from three different sized boards and 11 different designs. Then you give them the text you want to be engraved on it, and there you have your custom-made gift. It’s probably not the most practical cutting board, however, it’s great as a serving platter or to use as the bread cutting board. It’s a fun and affordable gift idea for an elderly woman that she’ll love.

76. A Real Rose Dipped in Gold

 a truly unique gift for older women is this rose dipped in gold.

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If you’re looking for something unique and ridiculously expensive for what it is, then this is it. It’s a real rose dipped in real 24 karat gold. I would personally never give this to someone, except as a joke of extravagance. However, if you have the money to spare, why not? You can also get it in platinum, silver, and rose gold just to give you some options. It’s probably the weirdest gift on this list and one of the smaller ones that is the most expensive.

77. A Hydrating Matcha Face Mask

 A hydrating face mask - good gifts for seniors

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Skincare is one of the standard gifts for women that they’ll like. However, older women often already have a great skincare routine in place. So, instead, you can them a nice facial mask like this that is made from green tea matcha to hydrate the skin and will help to soften any signs of aging. Any facial mask will do, this is just an example of a good one you can get from Amazon. If you know they normally use a certain brand of skincare, then you can see if they have something similar that will fit in with their daily skincare routine.

78. Gorgeous Ceramic Flower Pots (gifts for senior women)

 set of small ceramic pots (senior citizens gift ideas)

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If she loves to have plants around the house or enjoys gardening, then these beautiful small flower pots are great gifts for older women to give. It’s a set of three ceramic pots that each come with a saucer for water drainage. They look really pretty and would look great indoors or on a balcony. You can either put real plants in them, or fake ones if they’re not that great with plants, but love the look of them. Another option is to give them a nice flower pot for outdoors, though, those can be pretty expensive.

79. A Collection of Small Handmade Soaps

 small handmade soaps as stocking stuffers for older women

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Finchberry has a lot of handmade bars of soap available on Amazon which would all be pretty great gifts by themselves. Bars of handmade soap would also be great stocking stuffers for older women. This set, however, is a collection of smaller pieces of different soaps for her to try out in a pretty tin. They are also great soaps to use for guests and will look really pretty on any counter. They’re basically samples of some of their soaps, so if they find one they really like, then you can order a full-sized bar of that one later on.

80. An Embroidery Set for Beginners

 an embroidery set - gifts for elderly lady

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It’s never too late in life to start with a new hobby. This embroidery kit has everything you need to get started with embroidering. You get loads of different colored threads to get started with. Perhaps you can get them a book or set of patterns to help them make a good start. A different kind of hobby they can get started with is quilting. Either way, getting them a kit like this is a great way to introduce them to a new hobby, especially if they recently retired.

81. A Pretty Set of Teacups

 pretty dainty tea cups for older women to give

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A nice set of teacups like this is another great item on this list of gift ideas for older women. It’s great for women who enjoy having people over for tea and this way the table will look fun and floral during the tea party. There are a lot of different tea sets you can find that would be great gifts to give. Just keep their style in mind and you’re sure to find a set of teacups that they’ll love. This set comes with 8 different cups in four different colors.

82. A Practical Shopping Basket

 a handy foldable shopper - gift ideas for senior women

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This tote doesn’t only look great, it’s also extremely practical as a strong and sturdy shopping basket. It comes in a couple of different colors and patterns for you to choose from. It’s a great way to take all your groceries inside in one go. You can easily keep it in your car because you can actually fold it down until it’s flat. A nice shopping basket is a must-have for older women because of its practicality and it needs to be pretty because it can.

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Hopefully, you now have a list of gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift to give. This list of gifts for older women was primarily filled with items you can get online. If you’re looking for something different, for example giving more of an experience or something, then be sure to check out this list of experience gifts for women of all ages. And keep one thing in mind whenever you’re looking for gifts, it’s the thought that counts, so stick to your budget and you’ll do just fine. All in all, have fun with it and you’re sure to find a great gift for an elderly lady.

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