27 Great Gifts for Older Parents Who Have Everything

gifts for older parents who have everything

A list of the best gift ideas for older parents. 

Scroll down and take a look at this gift guide for older parents to help you find the perfect birthday Christmas gift ideas for them. These are all great gift ideas for elderly parents and parents who have everything, or so it seems at least. This original list of gifts for older parents will inspire and help you to find the best gifts for your parents, so take a look!

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1. A Digital Photo Frame

a digital photo frame - gifts for older parents

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I used to think that photos were only important to older people, until I remembered that Instagram is very much a thing. This photo frame is an original way to share recent pictures without having to change out any frames in the house. You can slot in an SD-card or USB-stick to instantly see the pictures on them. It has a handy stand and touchscreen so you can actually swipe as you go through pictures, without having to huddle around a cellphone. If you’re looking for gifts for older parents that love to see the most recent family pictures, then this is thé present to get.

2. A Homesick Scented Candle

a homesick scented candle: gift ideas for elderly parent

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This pretty and sentimental candle exists for each state of the US, you can pick their home state or the state they lived in for a long period of time. Just make sure to check if the scent is actually pleasant by quickly scanning the reviews, because there are apparently two states that don’t smell so good. Either way, this is a pretty big candle and a great gift to make their home smell like home, I guess. Of course, this is only a nice gift if they don’t live in that state anymore.

3. A Custom Family Coaster

custom family coaster by BabyBluuCo on Etsy (gifts for elderly parents)

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This adorable coaster by BabyBluuCo on Etsy is a great custom present to get your parents. It’s a ceramic coaster with a cork backing to keep your table tops safe from any scratches and can be personalized to fit with your family. It is made in the UK, so do keep the shipping time in mind. Of course, this is only an example of the many custom coasters out there on Etsy, but you have to admit this one is pretty adorable. This would be a great small Christmas gift for mom and dad.

4. A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

a hamilton dual sandwich breakfast maker as useful gifts for parents

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Do they love a good breakfast sandwich? Then getting this Hamilton breakfast sandwich maker is going to make their mornings that much easier and more enjoyable (especially for the person who would have to do all the cooking and clean-up). I think this is one of the best retirement gifts for older parents if they enjoy a more luxurious breakfast like this. It also comes in a single version if they live alone, or if there’s only one person who wants that for breakfast.

5. A Multi-Functional Record Player

a multi-purpose record player; tech gifts for older parents

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If they still own some records, they can of course use this retro turntable to play them. However, this thing also has a pair of Bluetooth speakers built into it. So, you can connect your phone or tablet to it to play whatever music you want that you don’t have a record for. So, not only is it a pretty piece of decor, it’s also useful to play music on in whatever shape or form they want. I think this is especially great for the parents that are music lovers and could use both functions of this device. And when it’s not in you use, you can just shut it and move it to wherever you want.

6. A Good Board Game Like Scrabble

a classic board game for in gift baskets for older parents

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The older you get, the more you start to appreciate classic games such as Rummikub and Scrabble. These are just two examples of the many great board games out there that are great gift ideas for older parents (if they don’t already have said games). All you need to check is what games they already own and if they actually would play any. My mother, for example, doesn’t have the patience for board games, so it wouldn’t be a good gift for her. Though, most parents will probably find the fun in it once they have the time for them.

7. A Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

a smart mug (gifts for the elderly woman)

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The name ‘smart mug’ might be a bit much, because it’s not that complicated. This is basically a set of a coaster and mug that can keep you coffee warm or even heat it up once cold. The coaster is the charger of the mug and is plugged into a socket or power bank. It comes in black and white and is a great present for that parent that always forgets that they were actually drinking coffee until it’s already cold. This thing will solve that problem by keeping it hot and being able to warm it up again. You can easily connect it to your phone to say exactly what temperature you want your drink to be.

8. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

50 States 5,000 ideas: gifts for parents who have everything

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This book is a great place to find some inspiration for their next road trip or travel plans. It’s filled with things to do and see in the United States. This is a perfect gift for older parents that love to travel and explore new places. Of course, they stereotypical landmarks are included as well, but there are also some new ideas and place you might not have know about before. It’s just a great book to get them in the mood for adventure for their next trip (or trips I should say with the 5,000 ideas title).

9. A Custom House Portrait

custom house portrait by HelloAm on Etsy - gifts for older parents

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Get a custom house portrait hand-made by HelloAm on Etsy as a great gift idea. You can go with their first home or a house you lived in as a family. It’s a great sentimental gift for parents that they’ll love and it’s truly unique. All you need is a good-quality picture and to pick the font and background color and so on. You can get it as a print, on canvas, or as a digital file to get printed yourself. So, if you’re looking for something unique and sentimental, then this is a great choice.

10. A Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock

a wakeup light alarm clock; gifts for parents

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To make the mornings a bit easier in winter when it’s still dark out, you can get them an alarm clock like this that simulates the rising of the sun, to have a less brutal waking up experience. Because let’s face it, they’re slowly past that age where they need to be shocked into waking up. It also has a radio built-in, so you have lots of options to truly personalize the way in which you wake up. All in all, a great addition to this gift guide for older parents.

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11. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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A KitchenAid stand mixer is the culinary dream to have for any person who loves baking or making bread. It comes in a bunch of different colors and is known for its durability. So, all you need to figure out is the color they would like best for in their kitchen and there you have one of the best presents you can give a parent that loves baking. You can even add in some add-ons such as a pasta maker or one of the many other attachments depending on what kind of things they enjoy making most.

12. A Fold-Up Neck Supporting Travel Pillow

a neck-supporting travel pillow (christmas gifts for parents)

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Let’s face it, sleeping while traveling will never be comfortable. However, this small travel pillow will help a lot against that crick in your neck you get for napping in your seat. It comes in a couple of colors and can be thrown in the washing machine, so it’ll be ready to go for your next trip. It’s not as bulky as other traveling pillows that are never really all that comfortable, to begin with. So, if they’re planning to go on a trip anytime soon, then getting them this travel pillow might be a great idea.

13. A Funny Mug from their Favorite

a funny mug with a pun: best gifts for parents

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This mug is perfect to remind your parents of who their favorite child is. There are a bunch of funny mugs out there that are all great gifts for older parents, especially if they make fun of yourself as well. Make sure to add some sweets or their favorite biscuits to it to turn it into a proper gift. It would also be a great addition to a gift basket that’s filled with foods they love, especially if it contains coffee or tea. Either way, a funny mug is always a present you can’t really go wrong with.

14. A Paint By Number Kit for Adults

paint-by-numbers painting for adults by MyPaintByNumbers on Etsy - gifts for elderly parents

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This paint-by-number kit for adults by MyPaintByNumbers on Etsy is one of my favorite creative gifts for elderly parents. You get the paints and the canvas and you’re ready to create your own masterpiece without having to be able to draw or design anything. Their Etsy shop offers a bunch of different paintings, so if this one isn’t their style, be sure to check out all the other designs they offer if they like the idea of this fun activity.

15. An At-Home Espresso Machine

an espresso maker (gifts for mom and dad)

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If they love a good espresso or latte from time to time, then getting them an affordable espresso maker is a great gift idea. This one comes in a couple of different finishes, which decides how expensive it gets. The machine itself allows you to make the perfect espresso at home and even has a built-in milk frother attached to it. This is a great present for the parent who loves coffee and would love to play around with a machine like this to make themselves an espresso at home.

16. A Home Beer Brewing Kit

a home beer brewing kit as a gift for parents

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Moving on from coffee, if your dad is more of a beer guy, then maybe this is the perfect present for him. This beer brewing kit has a lot of different beers to pick from that you can brew at home with this kit. It’s a fun way for your dad to fiddle and experiment to try and make his own beer. It takes a while for it to actually brew, so warn them that it’s not an instant pay-off kinda thing. Be sure to check out all the different beer options to pick the one you think he would enjoy making most.

17. A Fun Stand for Their Glasses

glasses stand by MijMojDesign on Etsy: useful gifts for parents

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This sweet glasses stand by MijMojDesign on Etsy is another great addition to this gift guide for older parents. You can pick the message you want and there you have a practical and sweet gift idea. There are a bunch of glasses stands out there, some funnier than others, but I like this one for its simplicity and the message on it makes it into a great gift for mom or dad. It’s especially handy, since most older parents start to need glasses to read after a while. And they can put this stand in the kitchen or on their nightstand, wherever they will need it most.

18. A Set of Reusable Grocery Cart Bags

reusable grocery cart bags as gifts for older parents

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This is probably one of the most practical gifts for older parents on this list. And anyone who has ever had to do the grocery shopping for a family dinner will know how handy these can be, especially if the store has one of those hand-held scanners. This set of reusable grocery bags will keep your groceries organized and makes it easier to transfer them from the cart to your car. It comes in two different colorways and is a great practical present to give?

19. A Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

a wireless charger and UV sanitizer - gift ideas for parents who have everything

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We all realize how dirty our phone might actually be, because we take it with us everywhere we go. This wireless charger is great, because not only does it charge your phone or earbuds, it also sanitizes it using UV-light. You can also sanitize other things such as jewelry or your keys in them from time to time. Because of its versatility, this is one of the best gadgets for older parents to give as a gift. This one is also pretty affordable, but if you want one that allows for charging with a wire as well, then have a look around for other options on Amazon.

20. A Multi-Purpose Instant Pot

christmas gifts for parents who have everything; an instant pot

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An instant pot is a great addition to any kitchen and that’s no different for your parents if they don’t already have one. This combines a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and so much more in one kitchen appliance. You can pick from a couple of different sizes, depending on the number of people they typically cook for. Be sure to also check out the air fryer lid as an addition to this great gift idea if they don’t already have an air fryer or convection oven.

21. A Gardening Tool Set

a gardening tool set (good gifts for parents)

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If they enjoy gardening in their spare time, then getting them a nice gardening set like this is a great idea. This set comes in a couple of different versions, some better for dads, some better for moms. Either way, these sets are great gift ideas for older parents that enjoy gardening and can use an update of their current tools. It also comes with a handy bag to carry everything from the shed or garage to wherever they need it.

22. A Small and Sleek Bluetooth Speaker

a bluetooth speaker - christmas gift for parents

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Now that most of our music is on our phones and we can use our phones to listen to the radio, a nice wireless speaker is a great item to have in your home. This one is small and subtle, so it will fit in with any home decor and won’t stand out. It’s an affordable Bluetooth speaker for your parents that they’ll surely enjoy if they like a bit of background noise while they’re at home. So, is one of your parents a music lover or enjoys listening to the radio, then getting them this Bluetooth speaker is a great option as a present.

23. A Water Drop Weather Predictor

a water drop weather predictor; gifts for elderly mom

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If you’re looking for something original and unique, then getting this water drop weather predictor is a great idea. The water inside shows different patterns of crystallization depending on the weather outside and is a great gauge to know what to expect when you’re going out. On top of that, it also just looks really cool and sleek in your home. It comes in a couple of different sizes and is not as expensive as you might expect, it’s actually a really affordable gift idea for parents.

24. A Fun Day-to-Day Calendar

a fun day-to-day calendar as christmas presents for parents

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A fun Christmas gift idea for your parents is a new day-to-day calendar for the next year. This life hacks one is just an example of the many options out there. For example, there are also calendars with a new sudoku or crossword puzzle for each day if they enjoy doing those. Or you can pick one that’s filled with cartoons from the paper. Either way, this is a great simple gift that most parents will enjoy, now all they have to do is remember to use it.

25. A Personalized Robin Family Print

robin family print by PawprintIllustration on Etsy - gift ideas for older parents

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This adorable customizable print by PawprintIllustration on Etsy is another adorable present to add to this list. You can get it customized to fit your family. If you would want a different animal, then be sure to check out the Etsy store, because they offer a bunch of different animal options with these kinds of prints. So, if be sure to take a look around to find one that you think fits your family best. This robin one is a great choice nonetheless and probably one of their most popular designs.

26. A Heated Stadium Seat

a heated stadium seat (gift for older parent)

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If they have grandchildren who play any sports, then this heated stadium seat is a great way to make bleachers a heck of a lot more comfortable. You can easily charge it at home and fold it up to take it with you. It will keep you (and your butt) warm for however long you’re going to be there, so there’s no need to freeze like they did when you were small. This is a great gift for grandparents who would love to watch their grandchildren play, but can use a bit of added comfort to do so.

27. A Floral Embroidery Starter Kit

embroidery kits as great gifts for retired parents

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Whether they’ve ever embroidered before doesn’t really matter with this kit. It has everything you need to get started and create three pretty floral designs from scratch. It’s a great way to introduce your mom to a new hobby or to revive an old one. There are a bunch of different kits like this out there and are all really affordable and just great gifts for older parents who now have time to do the things they never had time for before.

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Now that you’ve scrolled through all of these great gifts for older parents, I hope you’ve found the perfect gift idea for your parents. These are of course just ideas to either order directly or to inspire you to come up with the perfect present for your mom or dad. Or if you want to get creative, you can also try one of these DIY gifts for parents as a great affordable and original alternative. Either way, you’re sure to find the best present for them.

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