27 Best Useful Gifts for New Parents

Best Useful Gifts for New Parents

Find the best fun & useful baby gifts to give. 

Are you wondering what a good gift for a newborn baby and their parents is? Then take a look at this list of the best gifts for new parents filled with practical and useful baby gifts for parents with a newborn. From newborn gift ideas to non-baby gifts for the new parents, you’ll find them right here on this gift guide for new parents.

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1. A Mustache Pacifier

mustache pacifiers: funny baby gifts

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If you’re looking for a cute and funny gift idea for new parents who just had a baby boy, then this Mustachifier is a great present to give. It comes in a couple of different styles that are all fun and unique pacifier designs perfect for babies between 0 and 6 months old. It’s a great affordable gift to give and is sure to bring a smile to their faces whenever they see it. I think this pacifier is just too cute and adorable to resist as one of the best funny new baby gifts.

2. Energizing Eye Masks for Mom

 energizing eyemasks as gifts for new parents

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A nice self-care product is another great option to give as non-baby gifts for new parents. This set of eye-masks focuses on eliminating bags under your eyes and will give you a moment for yourself in the morning while putting it on. It’s perfect for new parents who are exhausted from waking up multiple times in the night, but would still like to look fresh and awake in the morning. It’s also a great gift because of its fun packaging that makes it clear what these are: an energy drink for your eyes, something every new parent can use during those first months.

3. A Snuggle Me Lounger Pillow

 a lounger pillow - luxury gifts for new parents

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If I were to describe this as a really well-made pillow designed for babies that’s also on the more expensive side, then I wouldn’t be doing it any justice. This pillow is designed to feel as if the infant is actually being held. This is perfect for those babies that just want to be held all the time and the new parents can’t get anything else done because of it. It also comes with a washable cover to make it even better. It won’t work for all babies, though for most it seems to work if you read the reviews. It is one of the more expensive baby gift ideas on this list, so only get it if you have the budget for it.

4. A Diaper Bag Backpack

 a diaper backpack: unique gifts for new parents

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A diaper bag can get pretty heavy and bulky pretty quickly. And most are mainly aimed at women to carry with them. This, on the other hand, is a great diaper bag backpack that comes in a lot of different neutral colors that is much easier to carry and can be used by men and women. So, you can have one handy backpack that fits everything you need that all new parents can take with them on a walk or trip. It also has hooks to attach straps to, so you can easily hang the bag on a stroller. A great gift idea for new parents that both mom and dad will appreciate.

5. A Small & Quick Bottle Warmer

 a bottle heater and warmer (useful baby gifts)

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There are loads of bottle warmers out there, and although it’s not a necessity, it is a very useful and affordable gadget to have to easily warm up bottles in the middle of the night without spending a lot of time or having to think about it too much and it will keep the milk warm once it’s heated up. It also had an option to heat up baby food and can sterilize chewing toys and such. So, it’s a great useful gift idea for parents with a new baby that’s perfect for night feedings and perfect to take with you on a trip where there may not be a clean microwave to warm your bottles.

6. A Clip-On High Chair to Take With You

 a clip on high chair; gifts for first time parents

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If you’re looking for a gift for new parents who travel a lot or visit a lot of family that may not have a high chair, then this is a gadget to get. It’s a high chair you can clip onto most tables and can be folded down to easily take with you in the car. The cover can be taken off to be washed and it comes in a couple of different colors to choose from. This is great for babies from 6 months and up who can sit up and join you at the table. Do make sure it’s securely attached before you put the baby in it though.

7. A Cute Hooded Towel and Washcloths Set

A baby towel set - best gifts for new parents

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Probably the best affordable newborn gift idea is this cute set containing a hooded towel with five matching washcloths. It comes in quite a couple of different designs to choose from that are all so cute and perfect for new babies. You’re sure to find one that will fit in with their style of nursery color scheme. It’s really one of the best new baby gifts, because a hooded towel is just great to snuggle up a baby in after a bath and you can’t have too many thin and supple washcloths around babies.

8. A Good Set of Baby Bottles for Newborns

 baby bottles as awesome baby gifts for first time parents

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When you’re caring for newborn babies you can never have too many bottles. So, baby bottles for newborns are great useful gifts for new parents. This is a set of good-quality bottles that has everything you need including lids to seal the bottles while storing them and a brush to easily clean them out. These baby bottles are also great practical baby shower gifts to give, since it’s something every new parent will need, whether they breastfeed or not, a good set of bottles will always be handy to have.

9. Nursing Pajamas for Mom

nursing pajamas as non-baby gifts for new parents

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If you’re looking for non-baby gift ideas for new parents, then a set of nice pajamas is a great option. These pajamas here are perfect for those first couple of weeks (or months) of night-feedings and unexpected visitors when you haven’t had time to actually get dressed. This set of pajamas comes in a lot of different colors and print to choose from and is a great comfortable option while taking care of a newborn. The buttons at the front also make it great for breastfeeding and can easily be worn over a camisole or top.

10. A 4-in-1 Cover: gifts for new parents

 a nursing cover (new parent gifts)

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These covers are great for the colder weather months and to use while on the go in high chairs in restaurants or in a shopping cart. It comes in a couple of different prints and colors and is great for new parents to get as a practical baby shower present. My personal favorite is the floral design. It’s not as cheap as you might think, but then again it comes in a couple of nice colors and is a good stretch fabric. I think it’s especially useful for nursing in public as it’s a cover-up you can easily carry with you wherever you go.

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11. A Burrito Swaddling Blanket

 baby burrito blanket (funny gifts for parents)

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This blanket is perfect for swaddling a newborn baby and making them look like a burrito. It also comes in a couple of other versions such as a pizza or waffle, though the burrito is just perfect for bundling them up in. These blankets are the perfect funny baby gifts for parents who have everything and also love a good burrito. So give them this tortilla-looking blanket to make their baby look just perfect for when they’re in the mood for a laugh. It’s a great funny and affordable gift to give new parents.

12. A Diaper Caddy & Organizer

 diaper caddy: gifts for new parents

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Nothing is more annoying as a new parent than to ask someone to bring the wet wipes or diaper and for them to then not know where to look. This pretty basket is perfect to keep all the basics in and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Whether you put it in the car or on the stairs, it’s a great solution to keep all the essentials at hand and easy to find for everyone in the household. To really make this a wonderful baby shower gift is to fill it up with all those essentials.

13. A Baby Mirror for in the Car

 backseat mirror - new baby gifts

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Another great present on this list of presents for new parents is a car mirror that makes it possible to check your baby in a rear-facing car seat while driving. This mirror attaches to the back of the backseat and allows you to see your newborn while on the road. This is especially great for first-time parents who don’t have any other children to help them check up on the baby. It’s a nifty gadget any parent will want to have when they’re taking their baby with them in the car on their own for the first time.

14. A Pretty Nursing or Feeding Pillow

 a pretty nursing pillow (best gifts for new parents)

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Most moms have that one seat or chair in the house that’s best for feeding the baby, though you can’t take that chair with you wherever you go. This nursing pillow provides a more comfortable way to nurse or bottle-feed your baby during the day or night wherever you are in the house or anywhere else really. It comes with a cute removable cover that you can easily wash, so no worrying about stains, which are sure to happen. It’s a great practical gift to give new parents and you can even get some other covers for it as well.

15. A Robot Vacuum that Won’t Wake Up the Baby

 a robot vacuum; useful gifts for parents

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Most parents try to get some chores done when the baby is sleeping, though vacuum cleaning is probably the one chore that is sure to wake any baby up. On top of that, it’s also quite time-consuming and labor-intensive while you’re also caring for a newborn. A robot vacuum is probably the most expensive item on this gift guide for new parents, though it’s also a great gadget to have. It’s a lot quieter than a standard vacuum and can just do its thing while the baby is asleep or not. It’s the best luxury gift for parents with a new baby on this list.

16. A Matching Set of Holiday Pajamas

 matching holiday pajamas: sentimental gifts for new parents

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You choose the sizes and number of matching pajamas you want to create the perfect set of family pajamas for the family. These are great sentimental gifts for new parents and perfect for celebrating their first Christmas with their newborn baby. They are also perfect Christmas new baby gifts for parents with more than one kid, since you can order the perfect combination of pajamas for their little family. Though, the one thing they need to like is Christmas for them to like this gift.

17. A Baby Wrap Carrier

 a baby wrap carrier - new baby gift ideas

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If you want to give new parents a versatile and useful present, then this baby wrap is a great gift to give. It’s a sturdy wrap that can be used to carry your baby or to keep yourself covered while breastfeeding. A carrier like this won’t be for all parents, some prefer something a bit more sturdy and less intricate. And it will also take some time to learn how to wrap one correctly and efficiently. It is a great way to carry your child around while also keeping hands free to do things around the house.

18. Closet Dividers for Baby Clothes

 closet dividers as Christmas gifts for expecting parents

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Probably the most popular gift ideas for new parents are cute baby clothes in a lot of different sizes. It can be a struggle to remember all the clothes you have and which sizes each piece is. These closet dividers are a simple solution to keep your baby clothes organized by age category and are perfect to make sure all the clothes you got are actually worn and not lost to the back of the closet. They come in a couple of different designs, all perfect for baby clothes.

19. A Keurig Mini Coffee Machine: a non-baby gift idea

 a keurig coffee machine - new born gift idea for parents

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A good cup of coffee is something most parents need quite often during the first few months (or years) or parenthood. This little coffee machine by Keurig allows you to make exactly one cup whenever you want in a matter of seconds. It comes in a couple of different colors and will fit in any kitchen (or nursery if that’s where you need it most). A good coffee machine is a really great non-baby gift idea for new parents, since they’ll crave some caffeine from time to time.

20. A Personalized Pacifier Clip

personalized pacifier clip by RaeBabyCo on Etsy (gift for new babies)

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This pretty personalized pacifier clip made by RaeBabyandCo on Etsy is another great baby gift idea to give. You can get it in a couple of different color variations and with the name of the baby on it. It’s a really pretty and practical gift, since it’ll keep the pacifier close at hand while also being a great gift for babies to keep as a sentimental keepsake later on. It’s also great to make sure everyone knows it’s your baby’s pacifier, for example in daycare, and not that of another baby. To get this handmade gift for newborn babies, use the link above.

21. A Cute Set of Flannel Receiving Blankets

 flannel receiving blankets - gift for new parents

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A good set of flannel receiving blankets is such a useful set of gifts for expecting parents. These blankets can be used for so many things, from using them as a burping cloth to swaddling the baby in them. This set of seven flannel blankets comes in a couple of different color and print options to choose from, all perfectly cute and adorable. These blankets are great baby shower gifts for new parents of a newborn, since you can never have too many of these blankets.

22. A Hydrating Spa Set

 A spa set - non-baby gifts for new parents

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Taking your time to take care of yourself is just as important when you’ve just had a baby to make sure that you can keep caring for the baby without burning out. One of the best non-baby gifts for parents is a spa set like this with a nice body butter, hand cream, and other hydrating products. So, give her an at-home spa day with this lovely spa set that has everything to take care of her own body for a bit. Especially including hydrating lotions is a good idea since your skin tends to be quite dry after just having had a baby.

23. A Baby Bath Tub – new baby gifts

 baby bath: practical baby shower gifts

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This is probably not the most glamorous or luxurious present for new parents on this list, though it is an incredibly useful present to give. It’s a simple baby bathtub that is designed to be perfect for the first 12 months. It’s almost more of a bucket, which makes it a bit more difficult for the baby to slip from your grasp. It has a drain at the bottom for easy cleanup and is still small enough to fit in most sinks. This is one of the best affordable useful gifts for parents on this list that they’ll love.

24. An Electric Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer

 bottle sterilizer: gift ideas for new parents

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Cleaning out and sterilizing bottles can be one of the most tedious tasks to do as a new parent. If you want to speed up the process and make it a lot easier for them, then getting them a bottle sterilizer and dryer is a great idea. This one is reasonably priced and has the added bonus of a drying function, so that’s taken care of as well. I think this is definitely a necessity if you don’t have a dishwasher to take care of the in-between washes or if you hate sterilizing bottles by using a pot of boiling water. This is really a great useful gift idea to give.

25. A Travel-Proof Baby Bouncer & Rocker

 travel baby bouncer - gifts for newly born baby

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A good travel-sized and affordable baby bouncer and rocker is a great gift idea for new parents who will be visiting family quite often. This can be folded down to easily fit in the trunk of your car and has an option to stop it from rocking, so you can use it as more of a seat to use while bottle-feeding, for example. I remember a rocker like this being the only thing that would soothe my youngest sibling when he was little, and we took it everywhere with us. It’s an affordable baby rocker and bouncer that’s great for traveling.

26. A Set of 10 Baby Bandana Bibs

 baby bibs as practical baby shower gifts

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When a baby starts teething, be prepared for a lot of drool. These bandana bibs are great at catching most of it and protecting their clothes and necks from the drool. It’s also great for younger babies who have issues keeping all the milk in their mouths while feeding. The set of bibs comes in a couple of different variants and can easily be washed and reused. Because each set has 10 of these bibs, it’s a great gift for new babies and their parents who don’t want to be washing even more than is already necessarily with newborn babies.

27. A Monthly Milestone Blanket

a monthly milestone blanket (christmas gifts for new parents)

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One of my favorite items on this list of baby gifts is this monthly milestone blanket that will help you make keepsake photos of your newborn. It’s meant to use as a backdrop to make a picture of each month to keep track of how much they grow and change during the first twelve months of their lives. It’s a great way to keep track of the changes and makes sure you have a picture of each month of their first year. There are a bunch of different designs out there, so take a look around if you don’t like this floral one.

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I hope that you now have a list of fun and original gift ideas for new parents to choose from. Whether these are non-baby gift ideas or gift ideas for a newborn baby, you’re sure to give someone a nice gift from this list of the best fun and useful baby gifts for new parents. If you want to make a gift yourself, then also take a look at these homemade gift ideas for babies and new moms. Either way, as long as you don’t blow your budget and try to give something they’ll actually use then it’ll be a successful gift for a new family.

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