24 Original Gifts for Knitters

best gifts for knitters

A list of nifty knitting gift ideas to give. 

Are you looking for the best gifts for knitters? Then check out this knitting gift guide filled with gadgets and fun presents for the knitter in your life. From fun inspirational gift ideas to useful gift ideas for knitters that they will love to get. This list is filled with the best things to get a knitter for their birthday or for Christmas. So, scroll down to check out these great knitting gifts.

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1. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

japanese knitting stitch bible - gifts for knitters

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A nice knitting book is always a good gift idea for knitters, and this one is the perfect knitting book for experienced crafters. It’s all about creating complicated patterns using classic stitches or new stitches that make for a stunning result. It’s not a book for beginners though, so be sure that they already have some experience knitting some more complicated patterns before giving them this book. But if they are experienced knitters, then this is a great gift to give.

2. A Knitting Project Wrist Bag

 knitting project wrist bag from Amazon (knitting gifts)

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A nice place to store your on-going knitting project is something every knitter can use, and this bag is perfect for that. It’s a great place to keep your current project and it’s small enough to keep the yarn in while knitting. The sling is for over your wrist to keep your yarn close to you and to still be in a comfortable position to link your stitches. It comes in two different sizes and a couple of different designs to choose from. These bags are just great knitting gifts to get.

3. A Personalized Yarn Bowl

a personalized yarn bowl by KennyClayCo on Etsy; gifts for knitters and crocheters

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One of these personalized yarn bowls by

4. A Set of Interchangeable Knitting Needles

 Interchangeable needles as gifts for knitters amazon

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A set of interchangeable knitting needles is something every experienced knitter needs. It allows you to combine any needle sizes you want and will make it so much easier to create certain designs. It is said to be the most wanted item by knitters, according to actual knitters. So, if you’re looking for useful gift ideas, then these interchangeable needles are probably the best gifts to get a knitter out there. This set comes in a couple of different colors, though I prefer the simpler design and is not as expensive as some sets out there.

5. A Fun Novelty Knitting Mug

 gift for knitters - presents for knitters

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If you’re looking for a smaller present for knitters, then this fun mug that looks like a ball of yarn is a great fun gift to give. It’s a nice present to give for Christmas to someone you know that loves knitting and will enjoy a fun mug like this. I think an easy way to turn a fun mug into a great gift is by filling it up with sweets or chocolate to really turn it into a nice thoughtful gift. So, if you’re looking for a simple and fun gift idea, then this is a great option.

6. Stylish Knitting Scissors

 vintage yarn scissors (gift for knitters)

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These scissors are really unique and pretty knitting gifts to get. They come in a lot of different designs and color options for you to choose from on Amazon and are a fun knitting gadget any knitter can use. There are so many different designs to pick from that you’re sure to find a pair of scissors that are great gifts for her if you just take a look around. And to have a dedicated pair of scissors for your yarn is always a good idea, because you won’t struggle with a pair of blunt scissors that’s unable to cut through the yarn.

7. A Good-Quality Wool Shampoo

 gifts for the knitter who has everything: knitting presents

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A good wool shampoo is key to keeping your knitted projects looking amazing for longer. And this shampoo also comes in a pretty bottle, so you can give it as a gift. It can not only be used for washing knit products, but also for a technique called blocking, which helps make your projects look more even by evenly distributing the stitches at the end of your project. So, a wool shampoo might seem like a weird gift, but since this one is a bit more high-end, it is definitely a useful gift idea to consider.

8. A Knitting Enamel Pin

 a pretty knitting pin - yarn gifts

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Another great small gift for anyone who knits is an enamel pin like this one from Amazon. Enamel pins are also fun stocking stuffers for knitters, because they’re so small and unique. If you don’t like this design, then be sure to have a look around on Amazon and Etsy to check out all the other pins available. This one is really pretty, I think, because of the glitter and the pun. A knitting pin is also perfect to pin to the bag where you keep your supplies, so in general just a great small present.

9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

a pair of headphones as knitting gifts

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A pair of noise-canceling headphones aren’t just great gifts for knitters, but really for all crafters. You can listen to your music in peace and quiet or use them to have a quiet moment to yourself. Because they’re wireless, it’s also easy to keep them on without having to keep the device actually playing the music or sound nearby. I find that crafts such as knitting, crocheting, and embroidery are great to do while listening to a good podcast or audiobook. So a good pair of wireless headphones will come in handy while crafting.

10. A Needle Gauge Keychains: knitting gifts

 a needle gauge: best gifts for knitters

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This keychain that’s basically a set of three small needle gauges is another handy knitting gadget knitters will love to get as a present. They’re made from wood and won’t take up a lot of space. I think they’re really pretty and great small gifts to give. Another plus is that this gift idea is really affordable. If you want something even cheaper, then check out the other needle gauges available, since they’re generally quite cheap. Though I must say that these ones are much prettier than most.

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11. The Knitter’s Life List

 The knitter's life list (knitting gifts for knitters)

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This book is pretty much a bucket list for everyone who enjoys knitting. It’s filled with more classic things to do and new experiences to try on your knitting journey. It’s a fun way to encourage someone to keep knitting and for them to try out some new things. It’s a fun book that’s just a great present to get knitters. I think this book would be great for beginners and more experienced knitters, because there’s something in there to do for every level of skill.

12. Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters

 crochet coasters of cat buts as knitting gift ideas

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Do they love knitting and cats? Then this is the perfect gift idea for her. These cute cat butt coasters are the perfect funny gift for knitters that they’ll love. Technically speaking, they’re not knitted but crocheted, but it’s the idea that counts and they’re just really cute presents. So, if you’re looking for something cute and useful that’s also slightly ridiculous, then this is a great gift to get. You can also make these yourself if you have some crocheting skills using this DIY tutorial. And whether you make it yourself or order this gift online, they will love it.

13. Personalized Bamboo Knitting Needles

personalized knitting needles by SmartParts on Etsy (gift ideas for knitters)

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Another great personalized knitting gift are these knitting needles by SmartParts on Etsy you can get engraved with whatever you want. You can pick the font and what to engrave on these bamboo knitting needles. They’re the perfect unique gift to give if you’re looking for something special for that person who has been an avid knitter for years. Whether you keep it simple with just their name or decide to write a personal message, they are perfect practical presents.

14. Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

 vogue's knitting book - unique gifts for knitters

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If you’re looking for an encyclopedia on knitting, then this is as close as you’re going to get. This book doesn’t only look good as a coffee table book, but is also filled with a wealth of information on knitting techniques, patterns, and types of wool. This book truly contains every piece of information you need to know about knitting. So, if you’re looking for a nice book that’s great to leaf through and to learn new techniques from, then this is the perfect book for them.

15. A Funny & Sturdy Reusable Canvas Bag

 funny yarn ballsack bag (funny gifts for knitters)

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This can be a great gift idea for knitters with the right sense of humor, so it won’t be for everyone. It’s a funny bag that’s also useful to have, whether you use it for groceries or to carry your yarn in, it’s a fun and practical gift to give. The canvas is sturdy, so no need to worry about the bag tearing under heavier contents. This is one of the best funny gifts on this list, so if they will think it’s funny and actually use the bag, then be sure to consider giving it as a present.

16. A Knitting Stitch Counter

 a knitting stitch counter as an original gift for knitters

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If you’re looking for knitting gadgets to get them as a present, then this is probably one of the best gadgets out there. This is a simple but effective stitch counter that’s perfect for counting rows or for keeping track of where you were in between knitting sessions. It’s a simple gadget that just works and is small enough to be a fun stocking stuffer for knitters. So, if you’re looking for a great small gift idea or a good crafting gadget, this is it.

17. A Knitting Journal

 a knitting journal; gifts for the knitter

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Keep track of all your knitting projects with this knitting journal made to keep track of everything you need to remember about each of your knitting projects. From what type of yarn you used, how long it took you to knit it, and what needles and patterns you used. It’s a great notebook for knitters who are always making new projects and would like to keep track of all their projects. You can also include pictures of the items you give to people, so you basically have a log of all your creations.

18. A Big Knitting Basket

 a big basket for your yarn: best knitting gifts

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Another great addition to this gift guide for knitters is a basket to keep all their knitting material and yarn in at home. This basket is perfect, because it’s big enough to keep lots of different balls of yarn and will look great in most homes. You can pick between a couple of different colors, depending on what color you think will go best with their home decor. It’s a great knitting present, because it’s very tempting to leave your yarn all over the place and this way there’s a dedicated place for your knitting stuff.

19. Light-Up Knitting Needles: gifts for knitters

 light-up knitting needles (luxury gifts for knitters)

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Other fun gift ideas are these lite needles that have points that can light up. They’re great to take with you on trips to knit in the car or plane where the lights aren’t always great for knitting. It’s a simple idea, but really useful if you sometimes struggle to knit in dimmer places. It’s another great knitting gadget that they’ll actually use. They come in a couple of different colors, though all of them are rather bright and they are different sizes, so do your research.

20. Set of Hexagon Stitch Markers

hexagon stitch markers by alovelyhomemadelife on Etsy (knitters gifts)

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These pretty hexagon stitch markers by alovelyhomemadelife on Etsy are great gifts for knitters since they’re both pretty and practical. They come in three different sizes for you to choose from. They are also one of the cheapest knitting ideas on this list, yet look a lot more expensive than they are. So, if you’re looking for an affordable small gift set, then a set of stitch markers like this is a great idea. Etsy also has lots of other designs available, so if you like this idea but not the hexagons, be sure to check out the other versions out there.

21. Leather ‘Made By’ Tags for Knitting

leather made-by tags as great gifts for knitters

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These leather tags by LocalLaserCo on Etsy are great handmade knitting presents that they’ll love. You can get them customized with whatever text you want and choose the font. They’re simple tags, but will look pretty on any knitting project, including scarfs, hats, and sweaters. They are not the cheapest gifts on this gift guide for knitters, however, if you have the budget for it, then it’s definitely worth it. Just make sure to know what they want written on it before ordering it.

22. A Handy Yarn Ball Winder

 yarn ball winder - knitting gadgets on Amazon

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Another practical idea for knitters is this yarn ball winder. It’s a handy gadget to easily wind up your yarn so that it’s a lot easier to use. The result is a compact ball of yarn that won’t get tangled while knitting. If you’re thinking about getting this gift idea, then be sure to check that they don’t already have one of these, since they’re quite popular knitting gadgets. Ball winders like this one are great presents for knitters to get.

23. Knitting in the City Books

gifts for the knitter who has everything

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This is just the first novel in a series that’s centered around a group of knitting friends. Each book tells the story of one of the members of the knitting circle. And even if you have never read any of Penny Read’s books before, you’re sure to love this series. It’s a fun and easy read that would also be a great audiobook to listen to while you’re knitting your own project. So, although the focus isn’t on the knitting, it is a common thread throughout the book (see what I did there?)

24. Yarn Ball Earrings

yarn earrings as gifts for a knitter

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This addition to this gift guide won’t make knitting easier or really has anything to do with actually knitting. However, you have to admit that these earrings are pretty stinking cute. They’re really affordable, so a great small and cheap option. This would be great in combination with a gift card to their favorite yarn store. That way, they get to splurge on their hobby while also getting a pretty little gift. To be honest, that would be one of the best knitting gift ideas to get.

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Hopefully, you now have a list of fun gifts for knitters in mind to give them for their birthday or for Christmas. If you are pretty crafty yourself then check out these handmade DIY presents for knitters to find even more great knitting gifts to give. The one thing to keep in mind is to not go overboard with your presents and to think about whether you want to give them something practical or cute. Either way, you’re sure to find great gift ideas for knitters on this gift guide. And if not, then be sure to also scroll around on Etsy, since they have a lot of cute and funny knitting-themed items out there.

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