17 Awesome & Original Gifts for History Buffs

Gifts for History Buffs

Find the best history gifts for history lovers. 

Don’t know what to get a history lover for his birthday or Christmas? Then take a look at this gift guide filled with the best gifts for history buffs that they will love to get. Be sure to know what era and type of history they’re into, so you know exactly what to look for. So, scroll down and find the best gift ideas for history buffs, teachers, students, and lovers alike.

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1. American Presidential Socks

presidential socks as gifts for history buffs

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The first item on this list of gifts for history buffs is this fun set of socks of memorable presidents (and Benjamin Franklin). So, don’t worry, I’m aware that the fourth pair of socks has a founding father on it instead of an actual president, so you can interpret or rename this present however you want. They also offer a set with famous pieces of art, though this set of presidential men is a really fun set and matches really well together.

2. The Greatest Stories Never Told

the greatest stories never told (book) - history gifts

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History is often described as a collection of stories that shape and explain the world we live in today. And most of these stories are widely known, yet some important and interesting ones are not so widely known. This book is filled with 100 of those stories that are no less interesting than the ones we already know and will keep any history lover entertained for a while. You can read this one story at a time, which makes it a great book to have laying around.

3. The Chronology Board Game

the Chronology board game (gifts for european history buffs)

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There are a bunch of fun board games out there, such as Risk or 7 Wonders, that would make for great gifts for history lovers, but this one will challenge their knowledge of the order in which events occurred. It’s a fun game that you can play with two or more players and will also be entertaining for non-history buffs because no one knows all dates and years of historical events. So, play this game and figure out how good you are at knowing the chronology of human history.

4. A Spitfire Model Building Kit

spitfire model kit by Revell: small gifts for history buffs

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This iconic airplane is probably well-known by most people, but definitely by history lovers. This little airplane was flown by the British Royal Air Force and other allied forces during the second world war and easily recognizable by its iconic design. Even me, who doesn’t know a lot about airplanes, knows about the spitfire, even if it’s just from watching WWII documentaries and movies. So, if they enjoy model building or airplanes, then this is a great gift to give.

5. This Day in History Tear-Off Calendar

this day in history calendar; gifts for history buffs

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This is one of the best history gifts to give for Christmas. Every year, the history channel makes one of these tear-off calendars that has a fact about each day of the year and what happened on that day in history on it. You’ll learn more about history one day at a time, and don’t worry, you get quite a bit of information for each day, it’s not just one sentence. This is especially great for people to keep in their office or for kids who love history to keep track of the days.

6. Guess Who with Famous Women Throughout History

historical female guess who by WhosShe on Etsy - history gifts

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This wooden Guess Who? game by WhosShe on Etsy is a great gift idea for historians looking at feminist history, or just anyone who’s interested in the women who shaped our world. Not all of them are great women, as in nice, but they’re all famous for one reason or another. So, if you want something truly unique and original, then this wooden Guess Who? game is a great choice

7. A Pocket Sundial and Compass

a pocket sundial as one of the best gifts for history lovers

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This pocket-sized sundial is a really fun small gift idea for history buffs to get. It’s very affordable and would make for a great stocking stuffer or just as a smaller gift. Obviously, it also has a compass in it, since you need to know where the north is to be able to read the time on the sundial. You can use it as a piece of decor in your office or actually use it to read the time, though keep the time zoning of the world in mind because that will be a bit different from your reading probably.

8. A Mead Making Kit

mead making kit (history buff gifts)

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To completely immerse yourself in history, it’s important to drink some mead from time to time. And with this kit you can make it yourself to make it even more authentic. You can pair it with a fun set of tankards to really finish off this historical gift idea. Though, the tankard might actually be more expensive than the kit to make the mead. Either way, this is a fun gift idea for people who love or study the middle ages and earlier time periods.

9. A Julius Caesar Pen and Pencil Holder

a julius caesar pencil holder; history nerd gifts

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This history-inspired piece of office decor is the perfect gift idea that commemorates the most famous case of someone being stabbed in the back. You can fill it with pencils or pens and will look great on anyone’s desk. Anyone who sees it will get the reference and it will put a smile on their face. I also looked for a knife block like this, but apparently they’re not easily available, probably because they’re a bit too in your face.

10. History of the World Map by Map

history of the world map by map (book) as gifts for history majors

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Looking at old maps is really fascinating, whether they show how a continent used to be divided or how people used to think the world looked like. With this book, you go through history by looking at different maps that all tell a lot about the state of the world at the time they were made or the time they represent. So, if you’re looking for gifts for history teachers and lovers, then this is a great and fun gift. You can spend days leafing through it and looking at maps you maybe had never seen before.

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11. A Mug Filled with Presidential Slogans

a mug with presidential slogans - gifts for history nerds

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When I say it’s filled with presidential slogans, I mean the outside is. This is a great present for the American history buff who you want to find something for. It’s not only filled with memorable slogans, it’s also just bright and fun to look at. So, if you’re looking for something simple that you can’t really go wrong with, then a mug like this is a great option. You can also fill it up with some fun smaller things such as snacks or sweets to make it even more special.

12. A Quill and Wax Seal Stamp Gift Set

history gifts for him: a quill and wax seal set

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Quills are great gifts for any history lover who wants to immerse themselves a bit. This set has everything you need from a feather and a couple of nibs to try out. On top of that, this fun gift set which comes in a couple of different colors also has everything you need to make your own wax seals on your letters. So, if they enjoy writing letters and such, then this is a great set to get them. You can also get a custom stamp for the wax seal made on Etsy, though, which will add to the more affordable cost of this gift idea.

13. Letters that Changed the World

letters that changed the world (book) as a gift for history buff

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A new way to look at history is by reading people’s letters to one another to get their perspective and truly jump into history in full. It’s a great read for any history buff and history lover. However, make sure that they actually enjoy reading, though I believe that’s the case for most history lovers. So, if you’re looking for a good book to give them for Christmas or their birthday, then this is a great choice and will be thoroughly enjoyed.

14. Mount Rushmore Bookends

mount rushmore bookends; gifts for civil war buffs

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A fun addition to their office and bookshelf are these two mount rushmore bookends. They are a bit pricey for bookends, but they’re also pretty unique and original. So, if you’re looking for American history gifts, then this is a good option to put on your list of ideas. You can also get bookends from Homer and Aristotle if they’re more into Greek ancient history. Either way, bookends are just a unique and unexpected present that they’ll love.

15. The Four Documents of Freedom as Prints

the four documents of freedom (US) - best gifts for history buffs

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These four documents include the US constitution, the declaration of independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the bill of rights. You can get them framed or leave it to them how they want to show it. If they’re not really interested in the US, then you can also get the Magna Carta as a nice alternative. Either way, prints of important historical documents like these four are great items to get a history lover for their birthday or Christmas.

16. Bad Days in History

bad days in history (book) as gift ideas for history buffs

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Another book that’s a great addition to this history gift guide is this one that’s all about the more unfortunate parts of history. It’s a fun recounting of people having really bad days in history told in a quick and gleeful tone. So, if you’re looking for more of a funny book on history, then this is a great option. It’s not a book you need to read in one go, because the stories are very varied and all about different people and events, so a great relaxing read.

17. An Ornate Golden Sword as a Letter Opener

a sword letter opener: gifts for history teachers

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This is another of those fun small gifts for history buffs. This golden and very ornate sword is actually a lot smaller than you think and serves as a handy letter opener. So, if you’re looking for something fun and affordable for in their office, then this is a great choice. There are quite a couple of different letter openers like this available on Amazon, but this Excalibur version is pretty fun with its matching small scabbard to keep the sword in.

I hope this list of gift ideas for history buffs has helped you come up with some fun and original present they’ll love. You can go quirky and ridiculous or with a good book that they’ll enjoy. There are loads of history books out there that are all great options as history gifts for anyone really, so here’s a list of some great reads. Either way, pick something that you think they’ll be interested in and you’re good to go.

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