17 Pretty & Girly Gifts for Her

Girly Gifts for Her

Find the best pretty gifts for girly girls. 

Are you looking for fun gifts for girly girls that she’ll love? Then take a look at this girly gift guide filled with gift ideas that a girly girl will want to have. So, scroll down to fun girly stuff and items from Amazon and Etsy that any girl will like who’s into girly things. It’s a list of the best girly gifts for women and girls.

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1. A Floral Insulated Tumbler

a floral insulated tumbler - gifts for girly girls

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A cute gift to start this girly girl gift guide with is this travel mug decorated with a floral pattern. It actually comes in two different floral patterns that are both so incredibly fun and cute. The mug can be used for both tea or coffee (or even hot chocolate if you prefer). A travel mug like this is a great gift to give to the working girly girl who is always running around. So, if you know she loves her Starbucks or lattes, then this might just be a great gift for her.

2. A Bullet Journal to Stay Organized

a bullet journal (girly girl gifts)

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Bullet journals are the way to stay organized and to keep your stress down while doing so by having fun with the organization of your life. This pink bullet journal comes with dots instead of lines to make it even easier to personalize your bullet journal. There are also a bunch of other colors to choose from, but I prefer this girly pink one as a gift for girly girls. So, if you are looking for a nice and minimalistic bullet journal, then this one is the perfect one to get.

3. A Set of Pretty Layered Necklaces

layered necklaces as girly gifts

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A set of necklaces layered like this looks so pretty! You can get this set from Amazon for under $10. So if you are looking for a gift idea that’s both girly and affordable, then this jewelry set might just be perfect. You can also decide to find a pair of earrings to match to really finish it off. There are a couple of different versions and combinations of necklaces available. So, see for yourself which set you think is one of the best options for her. And if you don’t like the gold, then be sure to check out the silver options as well..

4. A Pink Clay Mask

a pink clay mask; gift ideas for girly girl

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Another thing that can serve as a great gift is skincare. Especially masks or deep treatments are great gift ideas for girls, because they are pretty universal, no matter the skin type. This clay mask comes in lovely packaging and is pink itself. It is a bit pricier than some of the other gift ideas, so keep that in mind. However, the face mask is definitely worth it, so a great gift for girly girls. It’s primarily for olier skin types, so if she has dryer skin, maybe another mask is a better idea.

5. An Instax Mini Camera

an Instax Mini camera - gifts for girly girls

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A polaroid camera has been a popular gift idea over the last few years for girls and with good reason. Getting a camera like this makes it easier to actually hang up some pictures instead of leaving them on your phone forever. This camera comes in a variety of different colors and is great for college students to decorate their rooms with its pictures. Take a look for yourself and see if you think this is a great girly gift idea. The purple one is another color that most girls will love.

6. A Lip Stick Gift Box

a lip stick gift box (girly girl gifts)

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Who doesn’t like to get new lip colors to try out? This is why this set of NYX liquid lips is such a great gift for beauty lovers. You get a bunch of different colors to try out all for a pretty affordable price. This is a great gift set for girly girls who are obsessed with makeup and love trying new beauty items, with lipsticks being a popular one to change often. These lipsticks are minis and the box is made as an advent calendar, so perfect for Christmas and the holiday period.

7. A Pink Shimmery Phone Case

a pink shimmery phone case (girly gifts)

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Another classic gift idea is a phone case. This phone case, however, takes it a step further by being this amazing iridescent color that shifts with the light. This version also comes in a light blue and white version as well as some other designs, so see for yourself which one you like best for her. One thing to keep in mind is the phone she actually has, so be sure to check that before you purchase a phone case that wouldn’t fit.

8. A Pretty Makeup Bag

a pretty makeup bag - gifts for girly girl

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A makeup bag can be a great gift idea for girly girls. This one is a smaller one, though it also has a bigger version, so you can carry the essentials with you wherever you go. This pink is such a lovely blush color, but don’t worry it also comes in a couple of other colors. So if the pink is too much, then you can go with one of those. Or you can have a look around and see if there are other makeup bags you like. Because a makeup bag is one of those gifts that you can never do wrong with, especially with women.

9. Mini Perfumes: girly gifts

mini perfumes as girly girl things to buy

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Giving someone a fragrance can always be tricky, because what if they don’t like the scent? Well, this gift idea solves that issue. This is a set with miniature versions of some luxury perfumes. This way, you basically get to have 4 different fragrances without having to buy entire bottles. On top of that, who really ever empties out an entire bottle of perfume before switching to another scent. So as a set of gifts for girly girls, I think this is a winner.

10. A Jewelry Box

a jewelry box: girlie gift

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This girly gift idea is probably my favorite. The jewelry box is so pretty and will look amazing on your nightstand or dresser. This is the concrete with rose gold version, but you also have a glass one or marbled one. Besides looking amazing, it’s also really practical with its separate layers and the tray on top as the lid. And don’t be afraid it’s pretty affordable. So, if you still haven’t found the perfect gift for a girly girl, then this one might be it.

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11. A Lip Sleeping Mask

a lip sleeping mask as a gift for girly girl

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Skincare can be tricky to get right as a gift, though a lip mask like this one by Laneige is really something you can’t go wrong with. Pretty everyone struggles with dry or chapped lips and this overnight mask is a great help to solve that. It’s a pretty pink color and has a berry flavor to make sure that you don’t have a disgusting taste in your mouth for the entire night. It actually also exists in some other versions if the berry isn’t really your thing.

12. A Personalized Mug

a personalized mug - girly gift

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One of the best personalized gifts for girly girls is a pretty mug like this one here. You can pick from a couple of different floral designs and colors that are all really pretty gift ideas for girls. A mug is a great gift idea if you have no clue what to get. For example, for a colleague, this is a great option. Fill it up with some chocolate or candy and there you have a simple and quick gift ready to go. If you don’t like this design from Amazon, then maybe check out Etsy for even more options.

13. Pretty Geode Bookends

pretty geode bookends as cute girly gifts

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If she loves home decor and maybe loves reading, then a pair of nice bookends that will look great in her home or room is a great idea. These ones look like geodes and actually come in a couple of different colors and sizes, including a pretty pink one. This only makes sense if they actually have somewhere to put it, so don’t get this for someone who has little space and doesn’t own any books. And if she’s not into geodes, then maybe look for another pair that is equally as girly.

14. Soft Hair Scrunchies

hair scrunchies (girly gift ideas)

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You can never have too many scrunchies, and these ones by the brand Kitsch are a great addition to anyone’s collection. They come in a couple of different colors and are great girly birthday presents or stocking stuffers for girly girls. It’s such an easy gift and perfect for anyone with longer hair. So, don’t give this to someone with a pixie cut or really short because they won’t be able to use this in any way. For everyone else; go for it!

15. Disney Princess Prints

Disney princess prints as girly presents

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Does she love Disney princesses and just the Disney franchise and movies as a whole? Then maybe this set of prints is a great gift to get her. They’re eight by ten inches and great to have framed on your wall to add some color to your bedroom. And these prints are really girly gifts for girls of all ages. If you know what princess or movie they’re into most, then getting a bigger print of that one is also an option. Really anything Disney is fun to get.

16. Dainty Layering Bracelets

layering bracelets by Silesta on Etsy (gifts for a girly girl)

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If you’re looking for a small and dainty piece of jewelry, then a pretty set of bracelets like this one by Silesta on Etsy is a great idea. This, of course, is just one of the many pretty bracelets that you can find on Etsy that are all really great gift ideas for girly girls. A set of bracelets like this is great because she’s likely to at least like one of them and they’re generally a bit cheaper than more high-end bracelets that are stand-alones. So, really you can’t go wrong with a set like this.

17. A Set of Martini Glasses

a set of martini glasses; girly girl gift ideas

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 These Z-stem glasses are a really great addition to this girly gift guide for women. Of course, these are aimed at adult women and not little girls. These are great housewarming gift ideas and if you still have some budget to spare, match it with everything you may need to make a pink martini. Just make sure she’ll actually use them, so check if she drinks, and if so, if she likes martinis. All in all, another fun option for what to get a girly girl.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these gift ideas for girly girls, you now hopefully have some ideas on what girly gifts you should give her. If you have found the perfect girly girl gift ideas, the only thing left to do is wrap it up in a nice piece of wrapping paper or in a fun gift box. Most of these presents were pretty affordable, but if you want to go even cheaper, you can also try to DIY it. If so, then check out these fun DIY gifts for girls you can make yourself.

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