21 Great Gifts for Flight Attendants

Great gifts for flight attendants

Original flight attendant gifts. 

Are you looking for some great gifts for flight attendants? Then scroll down and check out this gift guide filled with flight attendant gift ideas to help you find original ideas on what to get a flight attendant. Whether it’s for their birthday, retirement, or to say thank you, you’ll find some fun and useful gifts for a flight attendant right here.

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1. A Dual Time Zone Watch

 double time zone watch - gifts for flight attendants

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This is probably one of the best gifts for flight attendants out there. It’s a watch with two displays. One has a simple clock face and the other a digital display you can set for a different time. You can also use it to set an alarm or show the date. There are some other color options available, though this one is the easiest to read the time on in dim lighting. It’s also not made from metal, which means you won’t have to take it off to go through the metal detector. It’s a great gift idea for frequent travelers to keep track of the two time zones.

2. A Cashmere Scarf to Stay Warm

 cashmere scarf; flight attendant gifts

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It can get pretty chilly on an airplane and depending on where you’re flying, it’ll be cold there as well. A high-quality cashmere scarf like this is worth its price because it’s a staple in a traveler’s wardrobe. It comes in a lot of different colors, so look for one that will go with their uniform colors, and there you have a nice and thoughtful gift for a flight attendant. The scarf comes in a nice box that makes it even better as a present. It’s the perfect Christmas gift idea.

3. A Dainty Airplane Necklace

 a dainty airplane necklace (gifts for flight attendant friend)

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This pretty gift idea comes in three different colors: gold, silver, and rose gold as pictured here. It’s a cute small gift idea for any flight attendant that they’ll love to get. It’s subtle enough to wear on a daily basis and is a nice reference to their passion for traveling, because you have to love it to do it every single day. This piece of jewelry would also be a great stocking stuffer for a female flight attendant that’s both small and affordable.

4. Travel-Sized Hand Creams

 travel sized hand creme: small gifts for flight attendants

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From being in the dehydrating environment of an airplane to using disinfectant and washing their hands often, the hands of a flight attendant can use some care and moisturization. This pretty tin contains 12 travel-sized hand creams in 6 different tubes perfect for traveling and on the go. It comes in a nice metal tin that turns a set of hand cream into a nice gift set to give flight attendants. There are other gift boxes of this brand, though this one looks the best in my opinion.

5. A Set of Travel Bags for your Shoes

 shoe packing bags as best gifts for flight attendant girlfriend

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Packing shoes in your suitcase can be a bit of a hassle, becausee you don’t want dirty shoes touching your clean clothes, yet you need shoes. These bags are a great solution and would make any frequent traveler or flight attendant really happy if they get it as a gift. You can get a set of 2, 4, or 10. Though, it’s unlikely they’ll ten of these bags. It’s a very practical set of gifts, so it’s great for a friend or family member who is an airline stewardess who can use something like this.

6. A Detailed Watercolor Travel Map

watercolor world map (ArtPrintsVicky on Etsy) - best gifts for flight attendants

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This gorgeous watercolor print of the world map is made by ArtPrintsVicky on Etsy and comes in a couple of different sizes to choose from. It would be a great piece of home decor to give a flight attendant, with the added benefit of the colors being really pretty. There’s also a lot of detail on this map which makes it a great conversation piece and handy spot for a flight attendant to explain where they’ve been to kids. This is probably one of my favorite gifts for flight attendants on this gift guide.

7. Airplane Cufflinks as Gifts for Male Flight Attendants

 airplane cufflinks: thank you gifts for flight attendants

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If you’re looking for a nice small gift for a male flight attendant, then getting them these cufflinks is a great idea. These silver-colored cufflinks are shaped like tiny airplanes and are a great gift to give anyone in the aviation business. They’re really affordable and come in a nice box which means that they could also be a great stocking stuffer gift idea for Christmas this year. Anything airplane-shaped is a good idea, and these cufflinks are perfect for air stewards.

8. A Vintage Airline Travel Poster

 retro airline poster - flight attendant gift ideas

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You’ll find vintage airline travel posters like this for pretty much all popular destinations out there on Amazon. It’s a nice piece of wall art to give as a gift to a flight attendant. This one from New York is really nice with all the colors of central park with the skyline in the back. You can get these posters in a couple of different sizes, depending on where you want to hang them. They’re a great affordable present for a flight attendant to give for Christmas or for their birthday.

9. A Kindle for Reading while on the Road

 a kindle (gifts for male flight attendants)

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Reading a good book is a great way to pass time while you’re on the road, flying on an airplane, or having to wait around for the next flight. The downside is that books take up a lot of space. So, an e-reader is great for frequent flyers and flight attendants, since you can take as many books with you as you want without adding any extra weight to your luggage. This Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon is a great option as a good-quality e-reader that doesn’t cost a fortune, and to make it even better, it comes in 4 different colors.

10. The Lonely Planet Travel Book

 the lonely travel book: cabin crew gifts

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This book is not made to take with you, since it weighs 4 pounds. However, it’s a great resource to get an idea of where you’re going and what the must-see places to visit are. It covers pretty much all destinations in the world and is a great coffee table book to give as a gift to a flight attendant. If you’re looking for something to encourage them to spend more time discovering the places they’re going to, then this a great incentive.

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11. Airplane Stud Earrings: gifts for flight attendants

 airplane earrings as gift ideas for flight attendants

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Another great piece of jewelry on this list of best gifts for flight attendants is this pair of small stud earrings. They are made from sterling silver and perfect for a stewardess, because stud earrings are much preferred over dangling earrings which are less practical for travel and work. It’s a great small gift to give and would work really well for your girlfriend if she’s a flight attendant or as a Christmas gift for a family member. All in all, a really cute gift idea for her.

12. A Stewardess Rubber Duck

collapsible water bottle (best gift for flight attendant)

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If you’re looking for a super practical gift for an airline hostess, then a collapsible water bottle is the perfect gift to get. It’s ridiculous how useless this is while on the road. You can easily carry it with you while folded up and fill it with water once you’re past the security. It comes in a couple of different colors and is a great way to stay hydrated while being in one of the most dehydrating places. So, take a look which color option you like best.

13. A LED Travel Compact Mirror

 travel compact mirror - good gifts for flight attendants

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This is probably the perfect mirror for a flight attendant. It has two mirrors, a magnifying one and a normal one, and has a built-in LED light to make sure you can touch up your makeup in a dimly-lit space (like an airplane during the night). It’s also slightly larger than most compacts to make sure it’s easy to use. It comes in three different colors to choose from and is just a must-have for makeup touch-ups while on the go. It’s probably one of my favorite gift ideas for flight attendants on this list.

14. Travel-Sized Evian Refreshing Facial Sprays

 evian travel sized - flight attendant gifts funny

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These travel-sized refreshing sprays by Evian are perfect for long-haul flights or long shifts at work. You can use them to freshen up your makeup or to just freshen up yourself. They give a nice mist of hydration that’s great in the dehydrating environment of a plane or in a warmer climate. This set of two small bottles is a nice gift to give a flight attendant, because they’ll sometimes feel a bit worn out without having anywhere to properly freshen up.

15. A Handy Travel Jewelry Pouch

 travel jewelry pouch - christmas gifts for flight attendants

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To keep your jewelry organized and together, it’s a good idea to have someplace to store it while traveling. This zipper pouch makes sure you won’t lose any jewelry on the road and can store a lot of different pieces. You can also use it to store your phone charger as well. It comes in two sizes and several different colors, though the small one is probably the perfect size for an air stewardess to carry with her. It’s a really nice present to give that they’ll surely use.

16. Noise-Isolating Earbuds

noise-cancelling earbuds as gifts for air hostess

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Most modern earphones are now wireless and noise-canceling, which uses a buzz to block out any sound. However, that’s not very practical for a flight attendant. These ones are wired, which means you can’t drop and lose one and they’re noise-isolating, which means you can also use them as earplugs for sleeping. And to make it even better, they look pretty and are really cheap. They are probably your best choice of earbuds as gifts for flight attendants.

17. An RFID-Protected Travel Wallet

 rfid wallet (flight attendant gift)

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Traveling around for their job means that they have to carry around a lot of important documents. This zipper wallet will protect them all and can fit all your cards and tickets you need as well as your passport. It comes in a couple of different colors to choose from and is RFID protected, which means no one can use a scanner to get information and digital access to some of your documents. It’s the perfect size, because it can even fit a pen and most smartphones, so the perfect travel wallet to have.

18. A Set of EOS Lip Balms

 set of lipbalms as gifts to give flight attendants

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Chapped lips are something most air stewardesses are constantly struggling with, so a great gift idea that they’ll love and use is some lip care. This set of 4 different eos lip balms, doesn’t only look great, it also tastes delicious. It’s a great small gift that any flight attendant would love to get. It’s also one of the cheapest gift ideas on this list, so if you’re looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer for flight attendants, this is a great option.

19. A Small Freezable Cooler Bag

 a freezable cooler bag - gifts for flight crew

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This bag is perfect for storing food and drinks while on the road. You can fold it down to be a lot smaller, but is basically a cooler bag you can freeze before use to make it even longer-lasting. It comes in a bunch of different patterns and colors to choose from and is a really handy and practical gift idea for flight attendants. If you’re looking for even smaller bags, then be sure to take a look at the other freezable bags this brand has to offer on Amazon.

20. A Compass Bracelet for Traveling

 compass bracelet - funny gifts for flight attendants

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This dainty bracelet with a small compass charm in the middle is a great present for flight attendants to always find their way home. It’s a nice and subtle reminder of home while they’re on the road for their job. It also comes in a rose gold version, though that one is a bit too pink, in my opinion, so the silver version is probably a better option. All in all, it’s another great addition to this gift guide filled with gifts for flight attendants that they’ll love.

21. A Carry-On Cup Holder

carry-on cup holder; gift for a flight attendant

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Everyone can use a fresh cup of coffee before getting on a flight or just getting off one. However, holding it while carrying around your luggage can be pretty tricky, and that’s what this handy gadget for flight attendants and frequent flyers is all about. It simply hooks onto the handle of your carry-on and will keep your cup upright while you roll around your suitcase. Just make sure to take it off before collapsing the handle.

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Now that you’ve gone through all of these gifts for flight attendants, I hope you have found some ideas on what to get a flight attendant. This flight attendant gift guide is a great way to find gifts to give or to find some inspiration and tips on what to get a flight attendant for their birthday or Christmas.

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