26 Best Gifts for Engineers That They’ll Want

best gifts for engineers

A list of quality and fun engineering gifts. 

Are you looking for great engineering gift ideas and gadgets? Then take a look at this list of the best gifts for engineers to find awesome gift ideas and presents for engineering students and actual engineers. So, scroll down and see which engineer gifts you like best. And make sure to keep their specialty in mind; don’t give a mechanical engineer the same present as an electrical engineer necessarily.

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1. A Waterproof Notebook

 waterproof notebook: gifts for engineers

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If you’re looking for something to give an engineer who spends a lot of time outdoors while on the job, then this first engineering gift idea is a hit. This notebook is waterproof, it will even survive if it’s left in the laundry by accident. It’s a fun gift to give engineers that’s both practical and thoughtful. It comes in a bunch of different colors and there are also some other sized options. Though, this medium-sized notebook is a good standard size to get. And to top it off, it’s not a lot more expensive than other notebooks out there. So, a great present to begin this gift guide with.

2. A Set of Tesla Patent Prints

tesla patent prints as gifts for engineer students

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Nikola Tesla has become a bit more well-known in the last couple of years and rightfully so. If you’re looking for a set of gifts for electrical engineers, then this set of prints of Tesla’s patents is a great option. He is one of the heroes of electrical engineering and every engineer has heard of him and probably studied him at some point in their study or career. It’s also just a nice set of prints to decorate your walls with. Give them some frames to go along with it, and there you have a great present that’s pretty cheap.

3. Solar Charged Power Bank

a solar powerbank - tech gifts for engineers

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Just in itself, it would already be a pretty great power bank, but then they added solar panels to it to make it even better. It folds down to the size of a thick phone and is able to charge multiple devices at once. It’s a great gadget for engineers to have, whether it’s for outdoor activities or when they’re on the job and not nowhere near a socket. It’s also water, dust, and shockproof, so you can really take it with you wherever you go. It also comes with a built-in flashlight to make sure you don’t need to charge your phone just for that feature.

4. A Maths Tie

a math tie (engineering gifts for adults)

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A fun tie is always a great small gift for men. This tie with its mathematical formulas and drawings is perfect for engineers to get as a present for Christmas or for their birthday. The tie comes in three different colors: black, red, and blue. The pattern is subtle enough that people won’t notice what it is until they come a bit closer. It would also serve as a great present for math teachers or just math fans in general. It’s a fun little gift that they will surely appreciate.

5. A Galileo Thermometer and Glass Barometer

galileo thermometer and barometer: birthday gifts for engineers

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If you didn’t read the subheading, then you might be wondering what this is. Well, on the left you see a thermometer based on Galileo’s own instruments. The colored bulbs in the tube will rise and fall depending on the temperature, with the lowest bubble at the top showing the actual temperature, which is written on small tags attached to each bubble. On the right, you see a barometer, the higher the water level, the higher the chance of bad weather, since it shows the atmospheric pressure. Basically, it’s a fun and pretty way to see what the weather is like.

6. Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

noise cancelling earbuds as gifts for electrical engineers

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You don’t need to pay the price of the AirPods Pro by Apple to get some of its features. These wireless earbuds are much more affordable, come in black, and do everything they needs to do. They’re one of the best gifts for engineers, if they have to travel a lot or do a lot of business calls while on the road. They come with a built-in mic, though the quality is not as good as that of Apple, you should of course be realistic with your expectations when the price is that much lower. These earbuds are a nice present and at a good mid-range price for a product like this.

7. An All-In Multitool

a multitool (gifts for engineers mechanical)

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A multitool is truly something every engineer needs to have. It’s a small portable collection of all the essential tools you may need. From screwdrivers to pliers and a wire cutter, this tool actually has a total of  15 different tools in it. It’s great to carry with you wherever you go to fix small things without having to get a toolbox or go and try to find a screwdriver. A great gift for all men to get and therefore also great to give an engineer. It’s a relatively affordable tool for all it can do. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate gift idea for engineers, this one is it.

8. A Mechanical Gear Clock

a mechanical gear clock - gifts for engineers students

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This clock is not for everyone, but most engineers will appreciate the design and gear work. It’s pretty expensive, but worth the price if they like this sort of thing. The gears show the hour and date. So, if you’re looking for a unique piece of home decor that is also a great present for engineers, then this clock is worth checking out. Again, I need to repeat; it’s pretty pricey, so if you’re on a budget and looking for a more affordable gift idea, then keep scrolling.  I think this clock is especially fun for mechanical engineers.

9. The Perfect T-Shirt for Engineers

a funny t-shirt - funny gifts for engineers

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It might be a stereotype, but one that seems to be true rather often. This T-shirt is a fun gift idea for any engineer who might not be the best at languages, but sure is good at what he or she does. It’s a fun and small present to get and great fun if they’re in on the joke. A funny T-shirt is a great neutral gift you can get when you truly don’t know what to give someone for their birthday or for a gift swap. All in all, it’s a great idea to add to your list of gifts for engineers.

10. A Robotic Arm Kit: engineering gadgets

robotic arm - electrical engineer gift ideas

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Is your kid interested in engineering and loves creating new devices? Then this kit to create your own working robotic arm will be a great gift to give. It’s aimed at kids over 12 years old, though I think it’s also doable for kids aged 10 and up with a bit of help. The robotic arm is fun to build and fun to use afterward. It’s a great first step on the road to engineering and also just a fun way to learn more about how something like this works. It comes with a small wired controller that lets you control the arm and make it do whatever you want. 

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11. A Drone that Doesn’t Break the Budget

 a mini drone; cool gifts for engineers

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A drone is probably something every guy who’s into technology would appreciate getting. However, most drones out there are pretty expensive. And I don’t think a good gift needs to be expensive at all. This drone is a great solution, it’s pretty small and has a built-in camera that allows you to do more than just fly around with it. You simply install an app on your phone to track whatever the drone is doing. A drone like this is perfect for beginners and a great present because of it. And don’t worry, it’s not as big or expensive as you might think.

12. The LEGO International Space Station

lego version of the international space center (fun gifts for engineers)

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Maybe you didn’t know, but there are actually a lot of LEGO sets out there that are aimed at adults. This model of the international space station is one of them. It’s perfect for engineers who are into aeronautics and everything related to space and. There are other sets out there that feature the skyline of some famous cities. Though, I think this set is the best one for people who are into engineering and this kind of thing. It also comes with a  stand to put it on display. So, not only is it fun to put together, it’s also a great addition to their office space or home decor.

13. A Decision Maker Based on Physics

 a decision maker - cool gifts for engineers

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This is a fun light-hearted gift for anyone who’s into physics and isn’t very good at making decisions. This basically is the magic eight ball for those who also enjoy staring at one of those sand pendulums. The movement of the ball can be very intriguing and distracting and once it stops moving after a while on one of the magnetic points along the edge, where the answer to your question is. It’s not expensive at all and a great gift for a colleague or someone who’s an engineer and not very decisive.

14. A Circuit Board Card Case

a circuit board card case (gifts for engineers)

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Perfect for keeping his business cards or credit cards in one spot, this card case is truly a unique gift for engineers. The design is precision cut into a real layer of wood and looks just like a circuit board. You can choose whether to go with a lighter or darker wood to make this the perfect gift to get. It’s also one of the best gifts for electrical engineers on this list, because of its ties to the electrical engineering field. Truly a unique gift idea.

15. The Elon Musk Biography

 the Elon Musk biography - best presents for engineers on Amazon

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There are many biographies out there about famous physicists and chemists. Now, there is also a biography of one of the most famous engineers of the moment. This book is highly rated by its readers and gives a bit of insight into an engineer who has tapped into many different fields of engineering. It’s an interesting read and is sure to capture the attention of most engineers. From PayPal to Tesla, to SpaceX, you’ll read all about the man behind this in this book. I would say, this is a great Christmas gift for any engineering (or Elon Musk) fan.

16. A Strategy Game that’s All About Geometry

 a strategy game - great gifts for engineers

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This abstract strategy game is another great gift for mathematically inclined people. It’s all about strategy and geometry to help you win the game. The goal of the game is to reach your opponent’s side of the board. Each game lasts about 15 minutes, so a great short game to play when you have a bit of time to spare. You can play it with a minimum of two and a maximum of four players and is relatively simple to explain. The rules are pretty basic, it’s your strategy that makes it difficult for the other player. So, if you’re looking for a great strategy game, then this is a fun one to get.

17. A Clip-On Lens for Your Phone

a phone lens (engineering gifts)

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Improve your picture quality with this small clip-on lens kit you can attach to your phone. It comes in a nice travel bag with all the accessories you need. It’s a great gift idea for pretty everyone who enjoys taking pictures of buildings or landscapes, but struggles with the limitations of their phone’s camera. It’s a nice stocking stuffer for engineers and just a great Christmas present in general to give someone. The lens kit isn’t only good for improving your distance shots, but also for close-ups of all sorts of things.

18. A Set of Super Strong Neodymium Magnets

 super strong magnets as best gifts for mechanical engineers

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You might wonder what is so special about these magnets. Well, they’re ridiculously strong. Anything can be hung from them as long as it is made out of a metal that can be attracted by a magnet. Be careful though, not to get your finger stuck between some, because the force can pinch your skin pretty badly. It’s a fun way to hang up stuff onto your wall or wherever you want. For example, it’s a great way to hang up your tools. These magnets come with a sticky backing you can attach to them if you want. You can also use them on a whiteboard. Just make sure the whiteboard is secured on all sides, or it will pull it off of the wall.

19. A Funny Mug: gifts for engineers

a funny mug (stocking stuffers for engineers)

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A mug with a pun is another typical gift idea you can’t go wrong with. This one is simple and funny and just a great option if you’re looking for something neutral and affordable. Fill it up with some of his favorite candy and there you have a simple, but effective gift to give. There are loads of mugs like this out there. So, if this one isn’t your thing, then have a look around on Amazon and you’re sure to find some more options that can serve as simple but great gifts for engineers.

20. A Tiny Multitool that Fits in Your Wallet

 a tiny multitool: an engineering gift idea

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Another smaller gift on this engineering gift guide is this tiny multitool that can fit in your wallet. The card in itself has already a lot of great tools in it and you also get some small accessories you can hang on your keychain with it. It comes in a nice box and is a great small present or stocking stuffer. You can carry it with you wherever you go and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet it can serve a lot of purposes. A simple but very useful idea.

21. A Build Your Own Catapult Kit

a build your own catapult set (good gifts for engineers)

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If you’re looking for something affordable and something they need to put together themselves, then this kit modeled after Leonardo da Vinci’s catapult design is a great gift to give. The assembly takes about an hour and is perfect for an adult to do by themselves or with a kid ‘helping’ them. It’s definitely too tricky for a child on their own though. It’s a fun gift idea that will keep them entertained. The catapult is made out of wood and is able to throw stuff for about 20 feet. All in all, a fun thing to put together, to play with, and to put on display.

22. A Pocket-Sized Mini Projector

a mini projector: best gift ideas for engineers

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This is probably one of the most expensive item on this list of engineering gifts, but it’s also one of the most interesting. This is a mini projector that can fit in your back pocket and is battery-powered. You can take it with you wherever you go and all you need is a surface to project it on and you’re done. This version comes with built-in speakers and Wi-Fi, so you can connect your phone to this projector over Bluetooth or wifi to project whatever you want. From giving a presentation while on-site to watching tv while on the road. This is truly a unique gift to give.

23. A Set of Mechanical Pencils

mechanical pencils as presents for engineers

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If they still do a lot of sketching by hand, then this set of mechanical pencils is a great idea to get. It contains 4 different pens each with a different colored design to make it easy to recognize which pencil size it is. It comes with a couple of refills and is just a great gift set to give someone who does a lot of drafting and likes to use mechanical pencils. You can also get each of the pens individually if you’re not interested in the entire set as pictured above.

24. A Set of Gear Cufflinks

A set of gear cufflinks - christmas gifts for engineers

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These cufflinks are a great small present for engineers. It looks like the inside of a watch with all of its gears and mechanisms. You’ll only notice what these cufflinks are when you look up close. From afar, they just look like your average pair of cufflinks. It’s a great small and thoughtful gift idea for an engineer who has to wear a lot of dress shirts. It’s an easy and fun way to add some personality to your wardrobe. These cufflinks are also great stocking stuffers for Christmas or as a small birthday present.

25. A Stunning Architecture Book

an architecture book - engineer gift ideas

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There are loads of great architecture books out there that are great gift ideas for architects and structural engineers. This one focuses on the history of architecture. It follows the different styles and building designs using photography of real-life buildings that are still out there. So, you know they’re structurally sound. If they’re really into design and stunning buildings, then a good coffee book centered around architecture or design is a great option.

26. A Minipresso Espresso Maker

a mini espresso maker; gadgets for engineers

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This addition to the gift guide is great for anyone who’s slightly addicted to caffeine. And let’s be honest, most engineers are. This is basically an espresso maker for on the go. Both its technique and what it can do are interesting for an engineer. So, if they like camping or are on projects a lot where they don’t have great coffee, then one of these is a great gadget to have. It might actually be one of the best ideas on this gift guide for engineers.

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I hope that this engineering gift list helped you find some great gifts for engineers to choose from that won’t break your budget necessarily. This gift guide for engineers is a great way to find new gift ideas for them and inspire you to find more engineering gifts and gadgets that they’ll love. If you are looking for even more inspiration, then check out this list of fun gadgets for engineers to find even more ideas on what they might like.

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