19 Awesome Dorm Gifts for College Students

Awesome Gifts for College Students

Find the best dorm room gift ideas for students. 

Are you looking for gifts for a college student or a fun gift idea for someone who’s going away to college? Then check out this college student gift guide filled with the best dorm room gifts for college students that will make their dorm life so much better. So, scroll down to find fun and original gift ideas for students.

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1. A Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

a wake-up light alarm clock - gifts for college students

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This alarm clock is great for college students because it emulates the sun rising, so you can feel like you are waking up at just the right moment, even when it’s already 10 am. It also serves as a light, so you don’t have to clutter your nightstand with both, you can just use this instead. An alarm clock would already be a great gift idea on its own, so the fact that it’s also a light and makes waking up so much easier is just a bonus.

2. A Handy Laptop Bag

a handy laptop bag (dorm room gifts)

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When you are in college, most of the time, you only need your laptop and a few other essentials. This means that a laptop bag is a very handy thing to have. You can use it to keep your stuff safe from rain or snow, yet also bring it with you to class. It’s also useful if your backpack isn’t big enough to hold your laptop. There are many different laptop bags that make for great gifts for college students, so take a look around. A laptop bag is just the perfect bag to take with you to class as paper will also fill in the main pocket.

3. A Microwave Ramen Cooker

a microwave ramen cooker; cooking gifts for college students

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In your dorm, you probably can only have a microwave and maybe an electric kettle To solve the issue of cooking ramen, pasta, or rice, there are now loads of microwave cookers available. This one is for ramen and is really affordable. You just fill it with water, add the ramen noodles to it and follow the instructions. This way you can cook ramen whenever you want. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can even go for a fun color with this one. Make sure to also get them a bunch of ramen packets to get started.

4. A Scanning Pen to Digitalize Your Notes

a scanning pen as one of the best gifts for students

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This is a very nifty gadget to have while in college. A pen that is actually a digital scanner. This way you can scan the parts of your book or course that you find important and it will automatically transfer it to your laptop. This is a great way to save money, as well, because you can just borrow books from the library and just scan in the parts you need, instead of buying the entire book. So if you are looking for a money-saving gift for a college student, then this might just be it.

5. An Insulated Water Bottle

an insulated water bottle - dorm gifts

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You can stop buying bottled water, and instead carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. This is a great way to have water with you wherever you go, without having to go out and buy water bottles from the store. This water bottle comes in an array of different colors and sizes, so take a look and see if there’s one you like. The fact that it’s insulated also makes sure that your water doesn’t get warm throughout the day.

6. An Electric Toothbrush

an electric toothbrush - best gift for students

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This might not be the most fun gift, but it is an extremely practical one. This way your teeth will stay clean and well-cared for without having to scrub with a normal toothbrush. An electric toothbrush fits into the category of the more practical gifts for college students, just like a hairdryer or other day-to-day items and gadgets you may need. So, if you want to give them something they’ll use every day and they will be grateful for, then this is a great example of a gift like that.

7. A Laptop Backpack

a laptop backpack - gifts for dorm room

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A backpack is another college essential every college student should have. This backpack is really affordable and looks very stylish. On top of that, this backpack fits most laptops in it even bigger ones that are 15″ will fit into this backpack. It comes in a couple of different colors and is a great neutral option that will last them for years to come. The grey one, especially, is a great option for everyone both girls and boys that are going to college.

8. A Fitbit Smartwatch

a fitbit smartwatch; best gifts for college students

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A Fitbit is a great upgrade for a regular watch, not only will you be on time in class, but you can also keep track of how much you sleep and how much you move around. This way you can be sure that you get enough sleep while still enjoying the college experience. There are a couple of different Fitbits that do the same thing, but the prices vary, so look for what you want to give as a gift for the college student, but also keep your budget in mind.

9. Basic Tools: dorm room gifts

basic tools as good dorm room gifts

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Whatever needs fixing or needs to be assembled, you now do it yourself. This small toolkit has all the essentials you need when you are living on your own. It is also very handy to have when you’re assembling (IKEA) furniture or trying to hang a picture. So if you want to give a very practical and useful gift, then this toolkit is one of the best gifts to give college students for their dorm room. It also comes in a pink version if you want something a bit more fun.

10. A Portable Power Bank

a portable powerbank (dorm room gift ideas)

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Keep your phones charged wherever you go. A power bank offers a great solution when you’re always on the go and forget to charge your phone during the night. This one is very affordable and small, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. It would even fit in your back pocket if you’re in a rush. Just make sure that they don’t already own one, because a lot of people have one of these nowadays, and having two is pretty useless.

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11. Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity (funny gifts for college students)

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Playing board and card games is a great bonding activity to do with your classmates during breaks or in your dorm with your roommates. This card game is particularly fun because it can be a bit dark at times. It’s not as big as a proper board game, so there’s no need to have a bunch of space to store it. Another great option is to get them a poker set, though they tend to take up a bit more space. A fun game like this is a great dorm gift idea.

12. A BedShelfie

a bedshelfie - christmas gifts for college students

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Most dorm rooms don’t have space for a bedside table for every bed, especially if you’re bunking up, the top bunk isn’t able to have a nightstand. This shelf that you can clamp to the side of your bed is a great solution for that. It comes in a couple of different versions with this one even having a cup holder to make sure you don’t knock over your drink or water bottle when you’re reaching for your alarm clock. All in all, a great addition to any dorm room.

13. A Burrito Blanket

a burrito blanket (gifts for college kids)

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If you’re looking for funny gifts for college students, then this blanket is a great option. It comes in a couple of different designs, including a pizza and waffle one. It’s perfect to have as a nice comfy blanket and it’s a great conversation starter with everyone who sees it. So, if you want to get them something that’s fun, comfy and useful, then this banket is all three. It comes in a couple of different sizes, with the biggest one always being a great safe choice.

14. A Tiny Fridge: gifts for college students

a tiny fridge; best gifts for college student

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This might seem like a luxury, but it’s not as expensive as you might think. This tiny fridge is perfect to put on the side of your desk and will keep some food and drinks fresh without having to go to the communal fridge every time you want something. Or if you have people stealing food, this is a great solution. It comes in a bunch of fun colors including a pretty pink for girls and a bright blue for guys. An alternative for this is a more traditional cooler.

15. Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise canceling headphones as dorm gift ideas

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Headphones are a must-have for all university students, and the fact that these are noise-canceling makes them even better. They’re pretty affordable, though there are also some more pricey versions out there as well. Having a pair of these will help them stay focused, especially if they work in a pretty loud and noisy space and need silence to be able to concentrate. They come in a couple of different colors, so take a look to see which option they would like best.

16. A Collapsible Vanity Mirror

a collapsible mirror - dorm gifts for college students

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When you’re in college, you’re likely sharing a bathroom and thus also a mirror with multiple people. And if you want to do your makeup in a mirror, you’re likely not to get a lot of time to do so. This handy mirror can quickly be folded up and even has a built-in light to make sure you can do up your face anywhere you want. This is probably one of the best dorm gifts for college students that will be sharing a bathroom with others but aren’t very quick in there.

17. A Handy Lap Desk

a handy lap desk (small gifts for college students)

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When you’re in college it can sometimes be tricky to have more than one spot to work from. So, if they like to switch up their studying from time to time, then a lap desk like this is a great option. With it, you can work from your bed or the couch and simply have everything propped up on the little desk. It’s also a lot easier to watch movies on your laptop from your bed with one of these. It comes in a couple of different colors, so take a look.

18. A Mini Projector

a mini projector (great gifts for college students)

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Another great way to watch movies in your dorm is using a mini projector like this. It’s a bit pricier than most gadgets for college students on this list but great for movie lovers and gamers. This way, you don’t need a tv nor the space to put a tv in your room. All you need is a white space to project on. So, this is perfect if they have a white wall or wardrobe to use as a background. You can hook up your phone, PlayStation, or laptop to this fun little projector.

19. A Fun Gift Card

a fun gift card - college dorm gifts

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If you still don’t know what to get a college student for their birthday or for Christmas, then one thing they will always like is a good gift card to their favorite store or to Amazon where you can order pretty much anything you can think of. You can pick whatever amount of money you want on this gift card and it comes in a couple of fun little gift boxes, including one that looks like a tiny amazon postal box. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with a good gift card.

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After scrolling through this dorm room gift guide for college students, I hope you’ve found some ideas on what to get a student who is going away to college, or as a Christmas gift for the college student. If you want to get them a simple gift card or some money, then you can always make a cheap DIY present to go with it. If you need some inspiration, then check out these fun DIY student gifts you can make for cheap. Either way, you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for college students that they’ll love.

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