27 Great Gifts for College Guys

Great Gifts for College Guys

Fun and practical college gifts for guys. 

Are you looking for some inspiration on what to get a guy in college for his birthday or for Christmas? Then take a look at this college gift guide for him filled with the best gifts for college guys that they’ll actually want. From funny gifts to practical presents, you’re sure to find inspiration on this list of gifts for college boys, so scroll down to find the perfect present to get.

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1. A Nice Quality Watch

a nice quality watch: gifts for college guys

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A nice watch is always a great gift idea for college guys, since they probably don’t have one yet and can definitely use it. This one comes in a couple of different versions and doesn’t look too polished without it being a straight-up stopwatch. If you have the budget, you can also go for a smartwatch, though that’s more of a luxury than a necessity. A nice watch is great to have during exams and interviews because you can check the time without needing to take out your phone, a big no-no on an exam.

2. A Defining Studying Mug

a 'study' mug - birthday gifts for college guys

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A mug is a gift idea that shouldn’t be missing on a gift guide and that’s true here as well. Though, college guys are probably one of the best people to give a mug to because of its versatility. And this mug that makes it clear what ‘to study’ actually means is a great one. Fill it up with sweets or some money and there you have a simple but great gift any college guy would want to get. It’s a great present because of its usefulness and because it’s really cheap.

3. A Microwave Ramen Cooker

microwave ramen cooker; funny gifts for college guys

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This microwave ramen cooker can do so much more than just heat up ramen. You can use them for a bunch of other microwavable foods as well and are easy to clean, and the two handles on the side make sure you don’t burn yourself. It’s a simple gadget every college student needs and will love (especially if they’re obsessed with noodles). So, if you want something to help them ‘cook’ stuff, then this ramen cooker is one of the best gifts for college boys to get.

4. A Sturdy Suitcase to Travel with

a sturdy suitcase (going away to college gifts for guys)

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If you want them to come home as often as possible, then getting them a nice suitcase to travel with is great for college guys that will help them on the way (literally). This one comes in a couple of different sizes and is perfect for air travel, since it’s incredibly sturdy and will survive all the throwing around that will happen to it. Or, if they’re planning to go on a bunch of trips abroad, then a suitcase is also great to have. There are cheaper options out there, though they’re probably also less sturdy and safe, so if they will be traveling by car, then those are perfectly fine as well.

5. A Water Balloon Slingshot: college boy gifts

a water balloon sling shot - amazon gifts for college guys

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If you study hard, you get to play hard, so a water balloon slingshot is a perfectly reasonable thing to have. I think this is one of the best gifts for college guys that they’ll actually use and will have great fun with. They’re the demographic this thing was basically made for. Pair it with a bunch of water balloons, and there you have a really easy and affordable toy that they’ll love. Do keep in mind if the weather ever gets warm enough for it, because if they go to college up north, then maybe you should keep scrolling.

6. A Small But Efficient Coffee Maker

a small and efficient coffee maker by Keurig - what to get a college boy for birthday

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When you’re in the middle of your exams or having to finish up a bunch of papers, then a good cup (or a couple of cups) of coffee is something you can’t live without. This Keurig coffee maker is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space but need your coffee and don’t want to pay for Starbucks all the time. It can fit a travel mug under it as well and has a removable water reservoir. It’s a great kitchen appliance for college guys who need their caffeine and would love to have their own little brewer in their room.

7. A Powerstrip with Surge Protection

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A power strip might not seem like a great gift, but it is, especially because this one has surge protection and an on-off button. As a college student, you typically have a bunch of devices that need charging, yet very few sockets to plug them into. And most buildings aren’t exactly recently renovated and you’re probably not the only one overusing the sockets. This power strip turns one socket into ten and protects your devices from anything happening to them by using one socket too much. And that’s why it’s a great practical gadget for college boys.

8. An Undated Planner

an undated planner: college gifts for guys

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Planners are great gifts for college students, though an undated one is even better. This way you can use it when you need it without having to skip a bunch of empty pages for the weeks that you didn’t need a planner for. It’s typical that you go through weeks where you need to plan every single day out and weeks where you only have to remember to go to your classes. This is why undated planners are great presents, because you can use them when you need them without having to throw out a partially empty planner at the end of the year.

9. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

a breakfast sandwich maker: gifts for college students guys

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College boys are pretty well-known for their appetite and their need for sustenance and this very unique machine is perfect for anyone who loves a good breakfast sandwich but doesn’t have a full kitchen at their disposal. This breakfast sandwich maker is the best and easiest way to make a breakfast sandwich or to just cook an egg or some bacon in as well. It’s a great addition to a dorm room and is a great gift for guys in college that they’ll love. And don’t worry it’s really not as expensive as you might think.

10. A Backpack Laundry Bag

a backpack laundry bag as a gift for college boy

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Another very practical addition to this gift guide for college guys is this laundry bag you can wear as a backpack. This is great if you don’t have a washing machine in the building you’re living in and need to walk some distance with your laundry. It’s also perfect for hanging on a hook so it doesn’t need to take up any floor space, though it’s designed so you can also use it as a more traditional laundry hamper. And to make it even better it even comes with a mesh front pocket to keep your laundry detergent in.

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11. The Easy College Cookbook

the easy college cookbook - gifts for college boys

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Cooking your own meals is something everyone needs to learn at some point, and coming up with meal ideas can be the most challenging part. This cookbook is filled with quick and affordable recipes that are perfect for college guys and girls to make. From breakfast to dinner this is filled with recipes you can create in your dorm without needing a fully-equipped kitchen and a bunch of different appliances. Recipes can be found online very easily, though you need to have a meal in mind when you start searching and this book is filled with ideas and how you can cook them. All in all, a great Christmas idea for college guys.

12. A Nice-Sized Toiletry Bag

a leather toiletry bag (christmas gifts for college guys)

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A toiletry bag is great for traveling and for living in a dorm. This one comes in a couple of different colors and in two sizes that will fit anything you need in it. The pleather makes sure that it can take a hit and that it’s waterproof without being actual leather and paying the price that goes with that. It’s one of the more practical gifts for college boys on this list, that they’ll actually use during their college years, whether it is to travel or to keep their toiletries organized.

13. A Magnetic Whiteboard

a magnetic whiteboard - college boy gifts

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This is again not a very glamorous gift idea; however, it’s a really useful one for anyone in college. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colors and you can hang it using command hooks because it’s pretty lightweight. They can use it to keep a calendar on or to hold important notes and flyers. You can really do anything with this, even to keep tabs on the games you’re playing with your friends. It’s an all-purpose magnetic whiteboard you can’t go wrong with. Just make sure to buy a set of command hooks to go with it, so they don’t start drilling any holes where they’re not allowed to.

14. A Powerbank You Can’t Lose the Charger Of

a power bank with build-in cables (gift for college guy)

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In general, power banks are already some of the best gifts for college students, and this one has some great extra features. Instead of having to carry your wires and your power bank with you, with this one, the wires are part of the powerbank. It doesn’t need any wires, you even plug the power bank itself straight into the wall and it has three different cables to charge your different devices with. And to top it all off, it’s still really affordable for a good-quality power bank. So, I would say this is one of the best gadgets for college guys to carry with them.

15. A Decent-Sized Bedside Caddy

a handy bedside caddy: cool gifts for college guys

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You might have heard of these before and they’re perfect gift ideas for anyone living in a dorm. You can slip them under your mattress or between the mattress and bed frame to have some extra storage space or a bedside table where you don’t have a lot of room to spare. It’s perfect to use in dorm rooms and can fit everything from a bottle of water to a laptop or book in it. So, I would say this is a great item to give anyone who is living in a cramped space and can use any extra storage that doesn’t take up any floor space.

16. A Laptop Bag: gifts for college guys

a sturdy and stylish laptop case; gift ideas for college guys

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This laptop bag is perfect to keep your laptop safe and has space to keep a charger in the front pocket. It comes in a couple of colors and different sizes so check what size their laptop is before you order one. A laptop sleeve like this is perfect to store your laptop and to keep some papers or notes in them as well (at least, that’s what I did in college). It also has a handle, so you can use it as a bag as well when you only need to take your laptop to class. And the front pocket is a nice added feature that makes it even more practical.

17. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

a waterproof bluetooth speaker - birthday gifts for college guys

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This is a gadget that is a bit more expensive, but is a great gift for college guys. This waterproof speaker comes in a bunch of different colors, including plain black, and is perfect to use in college, because you don’t have to worry about people spilling a drink on it or using it by the pool (or when it rains). It’s a good-quality Bluetooth speaker in its own right and the fact that it’s waterproof just makes it so much more useful. So, if you’re looking for something for a music lover, then this is a great choice.

18. A Fleece Burrito Blanket

a burrito blanket (cheap gifts for college students)

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This fun burrito blanket comes in a couple of sizes and is the perfect throw blanket to give a college boy. It even comes in a fun tube packaging that makes it even more of a fun gift to give. You can pick the size you want and they’ll be able to wrap themselves up like a burrito. This is one of the most fun and slightly adorable gifts on this list and probably one of my favorite. So, if you’re looking for a fun and cozy gift idea, then this is a great option.

19. A Bottle Loft to Save Space

a bottle loft - gifts for college guys

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This is another fun and useful gadget to add to this list of gifts for college boys. It’s an original way to store bottles in your fridge so they don’t take up an entire shelf. The magnets can carry one bottle each and are just a fun way to store your beer. So, if you’re looking for something fun and maybe slightly ridiculous, then this is a great present to get. Maybe add in a carton of beer to go with it to really finish it off.

20. A Pair of Noise-Canceling Headphones

a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones; gifts for college boys

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This pair of headphones by Sony is without a doubt the most expensive gift on this gift guide for college guys. However, it’s definitely worth its cost if they struggle to focus when there’s lots of noise and need a quiet space to work in. These block out any sound and can also just play music without having to blast it at full volume to be able to hear it. So, if you’re willing to invest in something and have a pretty big budget, then maybe this is the gift to get.

21. A Professional and Practical Backpack

a professional backpack - gifts for college students

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A professional-looking backpack that’s also really practical is great as a gift for a college guy because they can take it to class and take it to internships or job interviews. This one is a good example that combines functionality with a sleek design that you can take to any occasion. So, if they don’t already have a nice backpack, then getting one like this is a good option to give as a gift. You can choose between a couple of colors, though black is probably the best choice for something professional and neutral.

22. An Ultimate Snacks Care Package

a snack packs care package (christmas gift for college guys)

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Looking for something to get that will bring them comfort without it being something they’ll have to keep in their dorm permanently? Then this care package filled with snacks is one of the best gifts for guys you can get. It’s pretty much the college version of a bunch of flowers; something they’ll enjoy that you don’t have to spend a fortune on and that they can’t be disappointed about. You can get these care packages in a bunch of different versions, so if they have a favorite type of snack, then pick a box filled with those.

23. A Homesick Scented Candle

homesick candle (college gifts ideas for him)

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This candle comes in versions for each state of America and is a great gift idea for a college student who goes to college in a different state. It’s a simple and sentimental gift that they’ll appreciate and it can add a bit of decor to an otherwise rather plain dorm room. It is a pretty pricy candle, so only get one if you know they like candles and will actually appreciate the gift. Otherwise, keep scrolling and pick one of the other presents on this college gift guide.

24. A Mini Projector

a mini projector; college gift idea for guys

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No room for a tv? Or do you want to be able to watch a movie on a screen wherever you are? Then this mini projector is a great gadget to have. It’s also one of the most fun gift ideas for college guys because you can get a movie theater experience multiple times a week without having to pay the accompanying price tag. And don’t worry, this projector is not as expensive as you might think. Though, that also means you can’t expect to get the quality of a top-range projector, but it’s perfect for small spaces and can even handle 1080p.

25. A Small and Basic Toolkit

a small toolkit - gifts for college kids

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A basic toolkit is great to have wherever you live and even in a dorm you’ll need some basic tools from time to time. This small set has everything you need and is a great going away gift to get a college student, since they won’t have a lot of space to store tools and this is more than enough without taking up a whole drawer in their room. So, if you want something that’s more practical than anything else on this list, then get this toolkit or a similar one.

26. A Mini Beer Pong Kit

a mini beer pong set (gifts ideas for college guys)

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Are you looking for presents for college guys who are perhaps your sibling or close friend, then this mini beer pong kit you can’t lose the ball of is a fun present to get. It’s best to be used with just a few people and not at full-blown parties, because those tend to be a bit less calm and controlled. It’s also just a fun little gag gift to get them that’s great fun to play right after they receive it. All in all, another fun addition to this college gift guide for him.

27. A Wake-Up Light

wake-up light: gifts for college boy

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Something a bit more responsible is this wake-up light alarm clock. It’s great to help you get up in the morning for early classes or lectures. It’s maybe not as much fun as some of the other gift ideas on this list, however, it is maybe one of the most practical ones for guys in college. So, if you want something that will help them get to class in time and something they’ll appreciate, then a wake-up light is a great choice. Because who really likes to be woken up by an old-fashioned alarm clock of phone alarm?

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After scrolling through this college gift guide, I hope you’ve found some inspiration and ideas on what to get him. If you’re still not sure, then write down your favorite gifts for college guys from this list and keep looking for similar or other ideas. You can also try to DIY your gift, though most ideas out there can be pretty girly. Either way, try to get them something useful, or something funny and keep your budget in mind as you’re browsing around the internet in search of that perfect college gift for boys.

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