43 Great Gifts for Your Brother

awesome gifts for brothers - gift ideas for brothers from sisters

Find fun and original gift ideas for brothers. 

Take a look at this gift guide for brothers that will help you come up with some great gift ideas for your brother that he’ll actually want. From cheap to more expensive gifts for brother, you will find the best birthday and Christmas presents for brothers right here. So, scroll down and find the perfect gift ideas for him.

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1. A Wooden Dock & Organizer

 organizer and dock - gifts for brother

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It can be a struggle for men to keep all of their stuff organized since they don’t have a purse, just really big pockets. This wooden dock is a great gift idea for a brother, since it gives them a place to store all of the things they use on a daily basis. It also comes with a wireless charger built-in to the dock for wireless charging. Docks like this are great gifts from sisters to use in their home or in their office. It’s a great alternative for just having your stuff all over the place. So, whether he puts his on his desk or nightstand, it’s sure to be used.

2. A Multi-Purpose Panini Grill

panini grill (presents for brother)

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Does he love a good panini or does he enjoy grilling up a good steak in the summer? Then getting your brother this panini press grill that has loads of options, including functioning as a griddle or grill, is a great gift to give. This is one of the more expensive gift ideas for him on this gift guide, though the functionality and quality are worth it. You can easily control the temperature and the grill plates are removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is another bonus.

3. A Personalized Whiskey Set

 monogrammed whiskey set; gift ideas for brother

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One of the best personalized gifts for brothers on this list that’s perfect for men who enjoy a good drink is this custom whiskey set. It comes in a couple of different designs to make it the perfect personalized gift to give. It also comes in a fancy box that really finishes it of as a proper present. I think this is a great Christmas present, because whiskey is the perfect drink for winter and a set like this will look great in front of a fireplace. Just make sure they actually drink it, otherwise, this set is a bit pointless.

4. A Pair of Cozy House Slippers

 cozey house slippers as gifts for brother amazon

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Another great example of Christmas presents for your brother is a pair of nice slippers. These ones are pretty cheap and come in a couple of different colors to choose from. It’s a great gift idea, since they’re both comfortable and not expensive at all. It’s an easy item to get because you can’t really go wrong with a pair of comfy slippers. If you don’t like these ones, then be sure to take a look around at all the other options out there. And maybe one of the wackier ones is a perfect choice.

5. Beer Chillers: presents for brother

 a set of beer chillers - unusual birthday gifts for brother

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A more ‘summery’ idea is a set of beer chillers. These ones are great to keep your beer cold or even make them cold during the hot summer days. You simply put them in the freezer ahead of time and then slide them into the bottle when you need them. They even come with a lid on top you can drink through while the beer chiller is inside. This is a great gift idea for a guy who enjoys a nice cold beer during the warmer days. They also come in a nice box that really makes it a nice present to give.

6. A Set of Retro Star Wars Patent Prints

retro star wars posters: gifts for big brother

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If you’re looking for a good housewarming gift for your brother, then maybe these Star Wars patent prints are a fun gift to give. This set of six prints are a great piece of classy home decor that’s perfect for a Star Wars fan. Each print is 8″ by 10″ and would look great as a collection of prints on your wall. It’s a more classy way to celebrate your love for the franchise that only fans of the movies will immediately see are actually fan art. Just make sure they’re actually into Star Wars. Otherwise, look for another set of patent prints of something you know he likes.

7. A Small Pop-Up Card Wallet

 small pocket wallet; personalised gifts for brother

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No more need to carry a big wallet with you when you have one of these. They are basically small card cases that pop up the cards when you need them. They come in a couple of different colors and are great gifts for brother since they are just great to have, whether they use it to replace their wallet or as a business card holder. It’s a nice present that any brother would actually use. I personally love the leather look, though the other options are also pretty nice.

8. A Sriracha Gift Set

a sriracha gift set (funny gifts for brother)

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Does he love a good hit of hot sauce and does he enjoy cooking? Then this sriracha gift set is a fun gift to give. It comes with a bottle of actual sriracha sauce and a set of two tiny hot sauce bottle keychains to take your hot sauce with you wherever you go. All in all, it’s a great unique gift for a sibling who’s into cooking or takeout and will enjoy adding some heat to his favorite dishes with a simple and fun gadget set. You can also get the keychains separate if he has a different hot sauce brand he prefers.

9. A Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells

 adjustable dumbbells as christmas presents for brother

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This pair of dumbbells is the perfect gift idea for a brother who enjoys a good workout. These are easily adjusted with the dial on the side and have a safety feature so they lock up when out of their case to ensure no weights can fall off as you pick them up. Most adjustable dumbbells can be pretty expensive, luckily these ones are a pretty affordable option. So, if you’re brother enjoys lifting weight and could use a set like this, then maybe this might just be the perfect gift for him. Just make sure you have the budget to spare, as they’re still not cheap.

10. The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information

 book of useless information: gifts for brothers from sisters

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A good book is a classic Christmas present you can’t really go wrong with. And if you’re also looking for funny gifts to give, then this is the perfect thing to get. This funny book is filled with literal ‘fun facts’ and is just great to leaf through from time to time. So, no, it’s not some literary work of art, but he will love reading some passages from time to time. They come in a couple of different versions, so if you have multiple brothers, you can give each one a different one. And personally, I think they’re great for men to take with them to the toilet.

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11. A Smart Meat Thermometer

 smart meat thermometer (christmas gift ideas for brother)

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To make grilling meat or really any meat preparation that much easier, you can give your brother this wireless meat thermometer. You simply stick it in the meat and keep track of the temperature and cooking time on your phone. It works over Bluetooth and comes in a pretty bamboo case that also charges the probe. It’s a luxury gift idea for any brother that loves cooking or for that sibling who still hasn’t gotten the hang of cooking meat to perfection. This handy gadget is the perfect gift to give really anyone who enjoys a good steak.

12. The ‘Relative Insanity’ Card Game

relative insanity game; brother gifts for christmas

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If you’re looking for the best gifts for siblings, then this card game all about funny family situations is perfect for you. It’s a fun game to play with the whole family and all in good spirit and the good thing is that it can’t get really competitive since that’s not the kind of game it is. So, if your brother is anything like one of my brothers, that lack of competitiveness is a good thing. The game involves coming up with the most outrageous responses to a given scenario and the best one wins a point. It’s a fun game for the whole family, especially if they’re a bit insane.

13. A Portable Campfire: birthday gift for brother

a portable campfire - present ideas for brother

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Another great addition to this list of the best gifts for him is this portable campfire. It’s basically a big tin filled with soy wax and paper briquettes and is an easy way to have a campfire when you’re on a trip without having to build one. This is a great gift idea for any guy who enjoys hiking and camping and other outdoorsy adventures. It’s a nice gift that any outdoor-loving brother would love to get. And to make it even better, it’s also more eco-friendly than a traditional campfire.

14. A ‘World Okayest Brother’ T-Shirt

 world okayest brother; funny presents for brother

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Now, this present is perfect if you only have one brother, if you have more than one, it’s not as funny. This T-shirt comes in a couple of different colors and is a great funny gift for a brother who has a sense of humor. I would suggest only getting this if you have a good relationship with your brother so he knows you’re just kidding. It’s a great small gift idea to get him for his birthday or as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

15. A Book About the Beginning of the NFL

 the league, a football book: christmas gifts for brother

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Does he love the NFL and would he like to know more about the history of the national football leagues? Then this book all about the first couple of years of the league and its founders is a great book for your brother. It tells the story of the beginnings of the NFL in the first half of the twentieth century. It’s a real book to read, so not a book to just leaf through from time to time, so make sure he does read a book from time to time, which is not necessarily the case for everyone.

16. A Kombucha Starter Kit

 a kombucha starter kit (birthday gift ideas for brother)

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Learn how to make your own kombucha at home with this fun starter brewing kit. It’s a great birthday or Christmas present for anyone who enjoys the fizzy drink. You get all the ingredients you need and a big jug to ferment the drink in. I think this is a fun way to be busy in the kitchen without making a big mess or immediately having to make a meal or bake something. It comes in a nice sturdy box that’s easy to wrap as a present, which makes it even better.

17. A Custom Urban Map Glass or Glasses

urban map glasses on Etsy by OrSomethingShop on a gift guide brother

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A good example of stylish personalized gifts for brothers is one of these custom glasses with whatever map you want on it by OrSomethingShop on Etsy. All you need to do is give them a location and they will print the map on these custom glasses. You can get whatever number of glasses you want, with four being a nice number for a set of glasses. These are really great handmade gifts that they’ll love to get. And don’t worry, they can use it for whatever drink they want.

18. An AirPods Leather Case

 AirPods leather case; gifts for brother

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If he has a pair of AirPods, a nice gift idea is a quality case to store them in. This leather case comes in a couple of colors and makes it easier to carry these with you. You can clip them onto your belt or on your keys and make it easy to find them wherever you are. This case also comes with a nice cleaning set as a bonus and is a great gift for someone who loves a good gadget and has a pair of AirPods. The case is made from real leather, so if you don’t like that, then maybe go for a faux leather option instead.

19. An Major League Baseball Map

 major league baseball map as a gift for brother

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Does he enjoy watching baseball and would love to visit some of the major league baseball stadiums? Then getting your brother this map of all the stadiums across the US is a great idea. It comes in two sizes and is not just a way to keep track of the ones you’ve visited, but is also a nice piece of wall art to keep track of where each team comes from. It’s a fun gift for any guy who’s into baseball. So, if he is, then maybe you’ve just found the perfect present for him. Just make sure that he has the opportunity to at some point visit some of them.

20. A French Press for Fresh Coffee

 a french press coffee maker: gift ideas for brother

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A nice way to get the perfect cup of coffee without having to buy an entire coffee machine is to use a french press like this one. This french press quickly makes the perfect coffee and is easy to use, clean, and store. It comes in a couple of different color options and is a great housewarming gift for the brother who enjoys a good cup of coffee but doesn’t have a coffee machine. It’s also a way to save money since you don’t have to go to a coffee shop anymore to get your daily dose of caffeine. And to top it off, it’s really affordable.

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21. A Grow Your Own Peppers Starter Kit

grow your own pepper kit - gifts for brothers

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This fun starter kit to grow your own peppers on Amazon is a great gift idea for that brother who can use a new hobby or enjoys learning new skills. This kit comes in a nice wooden box and is presented really nicely to teach you how to grow your own peppers with instruction and all the materials you’ll need. So, if he loves peppers and wants to learn how to grow his own vegetables, then this starter kit is a fun way to get started with growing your own produce.

22. A Herschel Mid Volume Backpack

a good-quality backpack (christmas gifts for brother)

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A good-quality backpack is another one of those classic practical gifts for brother you can’t go wrong with and this one also looks good. It comes in lots of different colors and is a great backpack to commute with or to use in college if he’s still in school. It’s also a great backpack to have on trips because it can fit lots of stuff in it without being too big to properly carry on your back. If you don’t like this style of backpack, then have a look around at all the other options out there. For example, a good hiking backpack would be great for a brother who enjoys hiking.

23. An Insulated Water Flask

 an insulated water flask; brother gifts

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If you’re looking for a versatile Christmas gift for guys that they can use for different activities, then an insulated water bottle like this is a great option. It comes in a couple of different sizes and comes with three different lids all perfect for different circumstances. It’s a great bottle to have during a workout or a cycling trip, or to take with you while camping. Even if he doesn’t do either of those things, then it’s still great to take with you to work to keep fresh water with you wherever you are.

24. A Gerber Multi-Plier

 a multitool - birthday gifts for brother

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A multitool like this one is a great birthday or Christmas present for the brother who is always fixing things or just spends a lot of time outdoors and is always looking for certain tools. This multi-plier has all the basic tools you need to get most jobs done. It’s a great thing to take with you on trips and just really to go everywhere. You have all the necessary tools to do whatever you need with you, from screwdrivers to a pair of pliers, this little gadget has it all.

25. A Set of Bocce Balls

 a set of Bocce balls as a christmas gift for brother

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If you’re looking for a fun backyard game you can play with adults and is easy to take with you on a trip or to a barbeque, then a set of bocce balls like this is a great idea. It has everything you need for a bocce game and is a great gift for guys who enjoy a get-together and love playing simple and not too intensive games. It’s a fun and relaxed game anyone can play, so there’s no need for athleticism, really anyone can play it. And it comes in a nice bag to store it and to travel with.

26. A Personalized Luggage Tag

custom monogrammed luggage tags - personalized gift ideas for brother

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Another great addition to this gift guide for brothers is one of these monogrammed luggage tags. These are great personalized gifts for a man who travels a lot and can use a good-quality luggage tag. You get to choose from a couple of different designs and leather colors to really customize one of these luggage tags. Of course, they are a bit more expensive than your average luggage tags, though they’re not unreasonably priced. They’re a nice stocking stuffer or smaller gift that’s truly personal.

27. A State Map for Beer Caps

 state of beer caps: birthday gift for brother

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One of these state maps to be filled up with beer caps is another great present for him. You can collect different caps from different beers in one of these and it’s just a fun piece of home decor. It would make for a great housewarming gift idea and you can get it in whatever state you want and will fit about 50 beer caps in each state map. I think this is a pretty funny gift to give that any beer lover will appreciate. Especially if he tries out new breweries from time to time.

28. A Faux Leather Phone Case

a nice phone case - unique gifts for brother

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This phone case is probably one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. It’s made from PU leather and comes in a couple of different sizes. The overlapping pieces in the back give you some space to keep some cards and money without making the phone case bulky. It’s a really nice gift that looks expensive but isn’t pricey at all. I would say this is maybe one of my favorite gifts for your brother on this list, especially in this color. It’s just a great affordable gift that looks amazing and is pretty practical.

29. A Wooden Knife Block with Knives

a wooden knife block; christmas gifts ideas for brother

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A nice knife block looks great in any kitchen and would make for a great housewarming gift for your sibling if they enjoy cooking (or just loves knives). This set comes with a nice set of knives and the knives themselves look pretty great too. If he already has a good set of knives, then you can also get a separate knife block on its own. The wooden ones are the most popular, because they are just a classic you can’t really go wrong with.

30. An Electronics Organizer for Traveling

an electronic organizer - christmas gifts ideas for brothers

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Another great gift idea for any man who travels a lot is an electronics organizer like this one. It comes in a couple of different sizes and layout options and is a great way to keep your cables and electronics organized and safe while traveling. You can also choose from different colors and is just a great gift idea for someone who travels a lot for work and needs to take a lot of devices with him. It’s also an easy way to keep your cables from getting tangled or lost in your bag.

31. Retro Game Cufflinks: gifts for brother

retro cufflinks as gifts for your brother

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These cufflinks are great unique gifts for brothers who have to wear a dress shirt from time to time and love gaming. You can find cufflinks like this in a couple of different designs, though these PacMan ones are my favorite. They’re a great small present that you can easily wrap up as a stocking stuffer and are great things to get an adult man who probably doesn’t really like most of his cufflinks. These are really the perfect cufflinks for retro video gaming fans.

32. A Cookbook of Only One-Pan Dishes

 a cookbook for men (best gifts for brother)

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A nice cookbook is normally a present you’d expect to get for a woman, but that’s just old-fashioned. There are a bunch of great cookbooks out there specifically for men filled with healthy dishes most men will enjoy. This one is called ‘A Man, A Pan, A Plan’ and is filled with easy recipes that you only need to use one pan for, so a guaranteed easy clean-up. It’s a great way to stimulate his love for food in an accessible way, because everyone knows the most difficult part of cooking is the cleaning of the pans afterward.

33. A Wireless Power Bank

a powerbank as one of the best gifts for your brothers

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A good power bank is a classic gift for men that they’ll actually use. This one is even better than most, since it’s also compatible with wireless charging and has a wireless charging pad on it. You can use it to charge your phone multiple times as well as an iPad, AirPods, and most other wireless charging devices. This gift idea for a brother is also usable for devices that still need a wire to charge. It’s a great gadget to have when you travel a lot, or when you’re just really good at forgetting to charge your phone.

34. A Funny Door Mat for Introverts

 a funny doormat (gift ideas for brothers)

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Another great housewarming gift idea on this list is a doormat like this one that’s perfect for introverts who just enjoy their space and time alone. There are loads of funny mats out there that are a great funny gift for people who just moved or as a birthday gift for a guy who you know doesn’t enjoy having company over. And yes, that is perfectly acceptable, not everyone enjoys constant company or get-togethers. Just make sure they get the joke and won’t be insulted.

35. A Duffel Bag for Traveling

 A good-quality duffelbag - bro birthday gifts

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A good duffel bag is great to have lying in your car or to take with you on short trips. This duffel bag by Herschel is available in lots of different colors on amazon.com and is a great practical gift to give. It’s a staple piece of luggage most men should have since it’s so easy to take with you by just throwing it in the trunk of the car. It’s also really useful to keep a pair of spare clothes or workout gear in and to store it in your car to have that with you at all times.

36. A Rotating Pizza Oven

 a rotating pizza oven as brother bday gifts

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This is another great funny gift for a sibling who also loves pizza. This basically replaces a pizza oven and is perfect for melting your pizza topping to the perfect crispiness and cheesiness. It’s not the most practical kitchen appliance, but it sure is a fun gadget to have and it does actually make a great pizza. The pan simply rotates through the oven bit and slowly bakes the pizza to perfection, and you have perfect control since you can check it without having to even open an oven door.

37. A Bottle Loft for in the Fridge

 a bottle holder for your fridge: gift for your brother

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Bottles can take up a lot of space in your fridge during the summer days, space you may need for other produce. This simple gadget for the ceiling of your fridge is a great solution to store your bottles without taking up valuable space in your fridge. It’s a fun gift idea for anyone who loves a good bottle of beer and can use a better way to store them. There are also stackable organizers available on Amazon which are great alternatives to store your bottles in your fridge more efficiently.

38. A Retro Suitcase Record Player

 a retro suitcase record player; best gift for brother

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A great gift idea for a sibling that really loves music and old records is a retro turntable like this one. This is not only a record player, but can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker set since the built-in speakers can be connected with your phone over Bluetooth. It comes in lots of different colors and finishes and is not at all as expensive as you might think. It’s a great Christmas present for a music lover and just a really nice gift to give.

39. The ‘Ticket to Ride’ Board Game

 ticket to ride board game - what to get my brother for christmas

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This board game is one of my personal favorites and a great game to play during the holidays with family. You can play it with up to five players and is relatively quick to play but involves a good deal of strategy and thinking ahead. This is the standard version that works with a map of the US, though the European version is pretty fun as well. So, depending on what you prefer, you can get the game for that continent or country. Especially the European countries are well-represented in the available versions of this board game.

40. A Set of Ceramic Coasters

a set of ceramic coasters (brother bday gift)

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If you’re looking for gifts for brother for around the house, then these ceramic coasters are a great gift idea. You can get these that have a nice cork bottom to protect the actual table. They look great in any household and are neutral enough that most men will love them too. They even come with a handy holder that you can use to store them in. You can find a set of coasters like these in a bunch of different options, so have a look around.

41. A Multi-Purpose Tactical Gear Pen

 a tactical gear pen as what to get your brother for christmas

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One of the best nifty and cool gadgets to get your brother is a tactical pen like this one that comes with lots of different tools built into it. From a multi-tool to a torch and glass breaker, this pen is pretty powerful. It’s a great small gift that any man would love to have. It’s especially great for handy people, so don’t give this to someone who isn’t particularly handy or interested in how things work. What it is, however, is the perfect gift for guys who love a good gadget and are handy to boot.

42. A Beer Brewing Kit

a beer brewing kit: christmas gifts for brothers

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If you want to get him something crafty, then getting a beer brewing kit can be a great original and fun option. And you don’t get stuck with a craft product at the end that you don’t really want to have in your home. Instead, you’ll have a bunch of beer to drink or share with friends. It’s perfect for anyone who’s into craft beers and would love to try it out himself. Just make sure he actually drinks alcohol, otherwise, it might be a bit of a dud.

43. An Insulated Travel Mug

an insulated travel mug (best gifts for brothers from sisters)

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This doesn’t look like a stereotypical travel mug, though it definitely is one. It’s just a lot more stylish. You can pick from a couple of different colors and sizes and all of them are great gifts for brother. You can simply wrap it up and they’ll be surprised with how well-designed it is without you having to spend a fortune on it, because they’re not as pricey as you might think. Of course, you can also go with the more classic Yeti one if you don’t like the look of this one, but think the idea has merit.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these great gift ideas for brothers, I hope you now have a list of ideas on what to get. These gifts range from cheap to more expensive, though none of them are ridiculously expensive, since I believe a good gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you really want to go down the cheap route, then check out these great DIY gifts for men that are all even more affordable gift ideas for a brother to make yourself. So whether you make it yourself or order it online, I hope this gift guide helped you find the best gifts for brother to give for his birthday or Christmas.

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