22 Awesome and Unique Gifts for Brother-in-Law

gifts for brother in law

Find the best gift ideas for brothers-in-law. 

Trying to come up with good gift ideas for your brother-in-law? Then take a look at this gift guide for men filled with the best gifts for brother in law to help you get inspired and maybe even help you find the perfect present. These are all great birthday and Christmas gifts for brothers-in-law that they’ll love. So, scroll down and see what you think.

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1. A Phone Charger and Sanitizer Case

a phone charger and santizer: gifts for brother in law

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This case is a great way to keep your phone charged and clean. It’s a necessity in the world we live in today to think about sanitizing pretty much everything, yet one of the dirtiest things we carry with us, our phones, are rarely cleaned. This case comes with a built-in UV light that gets rid of the bacteria present on your phone. It’s a great gift idea for a brother-in-law since everyone could use a case like this. It’s a bit on the expensive side of things, though the technology is there to make it worth it.

2. A Personalized Pint Glass

a custom pint glass - personalised gifts for brother-in-law

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Do they enjoy drinking a good-quality beer? Then this personalized gift idea for your brother in law is the perfect one. You can get this pint glass customized with their name, year of birth, and something extra like a nickname if you want. There are three optional lines for you to fill in and turn it into a great gift for a brother-in-law. It’s a nice present for any man who loves drinking a nice pint from an actual glass, and not from a can. There are other custom designs out there, though this one almost turns their name into an actual beer logo.

3. A High-Tech Sous Vide Precision Cooker

 a sous-vide precision cooker (gifts for brother-in law amazon)

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Does your brother-in-law enjoy cooking and nice technological gadgets? Then this is the best item on this list of gifts for a brother-in-law. It’s a sous vide precision cooker that you connect to an app on your phone to get the perfect control over whatever your cooking. From meat to vegetables, you can cook pretty lunch everything with this nifty gadget. This one is also pretty pricy, and there are some more affordable ones out there, though this one is probably the best to get, since the price difference isn’t that big either.

4. A Nice Folding Pocket Knife

 a nice folding pocket knife; gifts for brother-in-law under $50

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A nice folding pocket knife is perfect for outdoorsy guys and this one is a great option that comes in three different color combinations. It’s a great gift idea for your brother-in-law if he goes hiking or camping a lot or just spends a lot of time fixing and tinkering with things. A knife like this is great because it has both a straight and serrated edge, so it’s perfect for different types of cutting. All in all, a great basic gift for your brother-in-law.

5. A Custom Pet Portrait of Their Cat or Dog

a custom animal print by PrintOurPet on Etsy - funny gifts for brother-in-law

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You can get a custom portrait of their pet made by PrintOurPet on Etsy to give your brother-in-law a truly unique gift. You just need to have a picture of their pet and choose the size, frame, and background color. Then, they’ll send you a mock-up for you to approve and after that, you just wait for the portrait to arrive. It’s a great gift idea for anyone who loves their pet and it’s also a really nice piece of home decor, to be honest. So, if you’re looking for something for someone who loves their dog, then this is the gift to get.

6. Exploding Kittens Card Game

 exploding kittens card game as gifts for brother-in law under $30

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This ridiculously fun card game is perfect for board game fans. It’s a card game about strategy, funny jokes, and luck. There are a couple of versions of this game for you to choose from. Though, the basic game is a great starting gift to give. It’s very much a gift for adults, and I wouldn’t recommend you play it with very young children, since there are some dirty on there. Though, they probably wouldn’t get the innuendos anyway. Either way, a fun card game is another great funny gift idea for a brother-in-law.

7. An Minimalist Aluminium Wallet

a minimal aluminium wallet: fathers day gifts for brother-in-law

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This RFID-protected wallet is a great small replacement for a regular wallet. It can house up to 7 different cards and has the space to hold some cash as well. It’s a great way to reduce the space taken up by a regular wallet and it’s just a really cool gift to give. It comes with a handy leather case which gives it a nice texture and you can pick from a bunch of different colors and finishes. This is a great smaller gift idea on this gift guide for brothers-in-law.

8. A Water-resistant Solar Power Bank

a waterproof solar power bank (gifts for brother in law)

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A power bank is a classic gift idea for men, however, this is not just any power bank. This power bank allows for wireless charging and has a small solar panel on it to make it perfect for camping trips. It’s also water-resistant, so no worry when it catches a bit of rain. It comes in four different colors and is just a great present for a brother-in-law, especially if he enjoys hiking and outdoor sports. A good power bank is just a great gift in and of itself to, begin with.

9. A Set of Two Design Whiskey Glasses

 a set of two design whiskey glasses: brother in law gifts

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A nice set of design whiskey glasses isn’t something you can go wrong with for a man who loves some whiskey now and then. This set of two is a great gift because it’s useful and it looks pretty great. You can get a set of two, which is what I would do, or a set of 4 or six. The design makes them tilt and lean to one side which makes them a lot more interesting than regular whiskey glasses, but they’re not that more expensive. So, all in all, glasses like these are great gifts for a brother-in-law.

10. A Backpack Cooler for the ‘Cool Guys’

 a cooler backpack as a gift for brother in law

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A handy cooler bag is typically not associated with anything remotely ‘cool’ or ‘manly’. But this backpack actually is perfect. It’s a cooler that can fit quite a lot in it, is waterproof, but still looks and feels like a normal backpack. It’s great for trips and barbeques or for taking on a hike. There are a lot of backpacks like this out there that cost a fortune, but this one doesn’t even cost much more than your average backpack. It comes in four different colors, including black, dark blue, and two different shades of grey and would also be a great father’s day gift for a brother-in-law.

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11. A Cookbook for Men Who Don’t Like Doing Dishes

 A man, a pan, a plan cookbook (christmas gifts for brothers in law)

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This cookbook is made for men and all the recipes are can be cooked in just one pan, so not a lot of cleaning up and washing pots and pans afterward. It’s great for men who enjoy cooking and for men who are not so great at it, but want to know more about simple and healthy dishes they can make with just one pan. It’s a great gift for a brother-in-law who lives on their own and can use some help or inspiration in the kitchen. The book is specifically written for men and gives you 100 one-pan recipes to try.

12. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

 a waterproof bluetooth speaker - brother in law christmas gifts

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Anker is a well-known brand for offering good technology for an affordable price and this speaker is no exception. It has a 24-hour battery life and is waterproof, which is a great idea if your brother-in-law has kids, or a pool, or just spends a lot of time outdoors. A Bluetooth speaker is something everyone can use and is a great universal gift you can’t really go wrong with. This speaker comes in three different colors, with the black one being the best neutral option.

13. A Leather Monogrammed Passport Cover

 a leather personalized wallet; gift ideas for brother in law

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One of the best-personalized gifts for a brother-in-law who travels a lot is this custom-made passport cover. This cover is made from leather and can be personalized with up to 6 characters. It’s a great good-quality gift to give that looks good, will be used, and is truly unique. It’s a nice gift idea for any man who travels a lot and it’s even better because of the personalization. If you don’t like the color or stamping style, then head over to Etsy, where there are a lot of other designs available for you to choose from.

14. A Classic Swiss Army Knife for On the Go

 a swiss army knife - birthday gifts for brother in law

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This little gadget is a great item to carry with you wherever you go. It is small enough to slip into your pocket or to hang on a keychain, yet has over 15 different uses. From screwing in a screw, opening a bottle to cutting something down, it can do pretty much anything you need it to. There are a couple of versions out there of the classic army knife with a different set of tools, though this one is a good middle option. It has all the basics without missing some useful gadget, but it’s still affordable. You can get this one in 9 different colors, though the classic red one is always a good idea.

15. A Simple & Effective Cold Brew Maker

 a cold brew maker (christmas gift for brother in law)

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If you’re looking for a gift idea for your brother-in-law who enjoys trying out new coffees or drinking cold brew, then this is a great gift to get. This cold brew coffee maker comes in two different sizes and three different colors and is a great way to make cold-brew coffee overnight in your fridge using its fine-mesh filter. You can fit it in most fridge doors and can be washed in a dishwasher (always a good thing for a kitchen gadget.)

16. A Stainless Steel Grill Set

 a stainless steel grill set - unique gifts for brother in law

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A nice set of grilling tools is another great gift idea for a brother in law. This set comes with everything you need for a great barbecue, including a thermometer to help you grill the perfect steak. It’s a great gift to give because of its nice and sturdy case that makes it easier to put away and to bring along on a trip. All in all, a set of nice grilling tools is always a good idea for men who enjoy grilling. It’s a great birthday gift for summer or spring, when the grilling season is about to start.

17. A Good-Quality Tablet Case

 a tablet case: christmas gift ideas for brother in law

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Everyone who owns a tablet knows that a great way to protect your device is to get an affordable but good-quality cover or case. Well, this case has a leather look and some built-in features which turn it into a great add-on for your tablet. You can use it to prop up your tablet on an angle, includes an elastic to keep the case closed, and has a handle in the back, so you’re less likely to drop it when you’re using it while standing or walking around. It’s a great gift idea for your in-law who uses their tablet for work and need s something to protect it from accidents.

18. A Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

 a stainless steel travel mug (gifts for your brother in law)

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A good insulating travel mug like this is great for on the road, or to use at work to keep your drink hot for longer. It comes in a lot of different colors, though this stainless steel one is perfect for men. It’s a great gift idea for a brother-in-law who enjoys a good cup of coffee, whether they’re on the road a lot or not. A mug like this is also great for camping trips, since it’s made from stainless steel. So, you get the benefits from a thermos in the size of an average mug that fits under every coffee machine.

19. A Small Multitool for in your Wallet

 a small multitool - best gifts for brother in law

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If you’re looking for good stocking stuffers for a brother in law, then this one is probably one of the best. This small (and cheap) gadget fits into your wallet and has a series of handy functions you can use it for. From opening bottles to screwing in screws, this small gift idea is filled with handy uses that make it such a great gadget to give as a gift. It has over 10 different uses and costs less than 10 bucks. So, it’s a great stocking stuffer or small Christmas gift for a brother-in-law.

20. A Chef’s Knife with a Wooden Handle

 a chef's knife: BIL gifts

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Typically, men enjoy using big knives in the kitchen, so if he enjoys cooking, then getting your brother-in-law a good chef’s knife like this one is a great gift idea under $50. It has a wooden handle, which makes it look a bit fancier and isn’t overly expensive, compared to some of the knives out there. It’s a good-quality knife that can be used for a lot of different ingredients, including vegetables and meats. So, a good gift for the men who enjoy cooking is this chef’s knife.

21. An Affordable Pair of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

 affordable noise-canceling headphones (brother in law gifts)

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Noise-canceling headphones are a great gadget to improve your concentration in busy spaces and to be able to listen to your music at a lower volume. However, most noise-canceling headphones are priced at a couple of hundreds of dollars. Luckily, this one stays far below the 100 dollar mark. It’s a good pair of quality headphones that’s great for commuting on public transport or to improve your concentration while working from home or in a busy office.

22. A Nice Toiletry Bag for Traveling

 a nice toiletry bag as one of the best christmas gifts for brothers in law

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A practical toiletry bag is something everyone needs, and this one also looks great. It comes in a couple of different colors and designs and is really affordable for how good it looks. It’s the perfect size for traveling and has a nice loop to hang it up by. This bag is also waterproof, which ensures that nothing will spill onto the rest of your luggage if something were to leak inside. All in all, a toiletry bag like this one is a great gift for a brother in law that stays under $20, so pretty affordable as well.

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I hope this gift guide for your brothers-in-law helped you find some great gift ideas for your brother-in-law. Whether you use this as a jumping-off point to go look for the perfect present by yourself or get one of the gifts on this list, you’re sure to get something that he’ll like and actually use. And if all fails, don’t be afraid to give a fun pair of socks and maybe a gift basket of his favorite snacks, which are also fine gifts for brother in law.

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