22 Best Toys and Gifts for 2-Year-Old boys

best toys and gifts for 2-year-old boys

Find the best toys for 2-year-old boys to give. 

Are you trying to find a good gift for a 2-year-old boy? Then take a look at this gift guide filled with the best gifts for 2-year-old boys. So, scroll down and see what idea you like best. If you know what his interests are, it’s also a lot easier, because then you can keep a theme in mind. But you’re sure to find some great gift ideas and toys for 2-year-old boys right here.

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1. A Wooden Block Train Set

a wooden block train set - gifts for 2 year old boys

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If you’re looking for great toys for 2-year-old boys, then a set of classic wooden blocks is always a great choice. And this set is not just a random set of blocks, but rather a train set. So, if he loves trains, this is perfect. You get the blocks that you can stack by themselves without the train base even having to be a part of playtime. Though it does add another factor of fun to it. The holes make it a great educational toy as well, as it trains their motor skills and sorting skills while just trying to build their own train.

2. My First Sport Bag

my first sports bag; 2 year old birthday gifts boy

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Plush toys or stuffed animals are also great gift ideas for toddler boys, with this sports bag set being a great original and unique option. It comes with four different sports balls that are soft enough to throw around the house without risking a broken window. The bag itself that the balls all fit in just really finishes it off. So, if he loves sports and wants to play basketball but is a bit too young still to actually do so, then this is the best present you can get him.

3. An Insect Catcher Kit

insect catching set (best gifts for 2-year-old boy)

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Is he obsessed with bugs and wants to go outside all the time to find more? Then this bug catcher kit has everything he needs to explore this hobby even more. From a cage to keep them in for a bit before releasing them back in the wile to a bunch of different tools to help you catch and inspect bugs. Now, make sure that the parents are okay with this interest of him actually involving proper bugs being caught, otherwise, you might get a pretty annoyed set of parents.

4. A Sit N Scoot Tractor

a sit n scoot tractor: best amazon gifts for 2 year old boy

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A sit n scoot tractor is another great addition to this gift guide for 2-year-old boys. Of course, these sit n scoot toys come in a bunch of different options, with a tractor being a great classic option that you can’t go wrong with. And don’t worry, it’s not as big as it looks in this picture. You can either use it in the house or if you have a really smooth deck, that could also be a great place to play with this if you want to save your floors from too many scratches.

5. An Ice Cream Scoop Set

an ice cream scoop set - best toys for 2 year old boys

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This is probably one of my personal favorite toys of 2-year-olds out there. It’s an ice cream playset that comes with a scoop that actually works and ice cream scoops that are made to stack. So, if it’s getting close to summer or he loves helping in the kitchen, then this is the perfect gift to get. With this little set, he gets to make the most outrageously big ice cream whenever he wants. He gets to put on as much sprinkles and chocolate sauce as he wants.

6. Playmobil Take Along Noah’s Ark

playmobil noah's ark; gift for 2 year old boy

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You don’t have to ever explain the actual story of Noah’s ark for this Playmobil set to be a great gift. This is because it comes with an actual boat that will float in the bathtub and with a bunch of animals to play with. They all fit in the boats, so the entire set is also great to take with you on a trip. This line by Playmobil is specifically aimed at younger kids around toddler age because it’s a lot sturdier and doesn’t contain any tiny parts that could be a choking hazard.

7. Washable Finger Paints: gift ideas for 2-year-old boys

washable finger paint (best gifts for 2 year olds)

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If you want him to explore his more creative side, or maybe you already know he loves crafting, then a set of finger paint is a great gift to get. This set has six different colors to play around with and they are easy to wash out of any clothes he’s surely going to mess up. If he’s approaching his 3rd birthday, then you can also get a set of toddler paintbrushes to combine with the paint. Just make sure that someone has the time to supervise them while they’re doing it.

8. A Car Ramp Racer Track

a car ramp toy; gifts for two year olds

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You probably remember this toy from your own childhood and spending hours just starting a car at the top and starting at how it comes racing down the track. It’s a great one for little boys who love cars and would probably be one of the best Christmas gifts for 2-year-old boys that he’ll love. You can find it in a couple of different sizes and materials, with this smaller wooden one being a great option because it won’t take up too much space and is sturdy enough to last for years to come.

9. A Mr. Potato Head Set

a mr. potato head set: gifts for 2 year old boys

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Mr. Potato Head is a classic that every toddler has played with at some point in their life. Whether you know it from the Toy Story movies or from your own childhood, you’ll know how much fun this can be for a two-year-old. This set is called the ‘silly set’ because it comes with a bunch of fun and silly attachments. You can also go for a Toy Story version or one that comes with a Mrs. and baby Potato Head. Either way, this is a great addition to this list of toys for two-year-old toddlers.

10. A Bouncy Hopping Horse

a bouncy hopping horse - toys for 2 year old boys

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By the time they turn two, they tend to have a bit more energy than you thought, and a great way to expend some energy is to play on a hopper like this horse one. It’s covered in fuzz, so you won’t get any friction burns and it will look great in your home. It’s especially great if they’re obsessed with horses or animals. You can also get these in other animals in shapes and they’re a lot more accessible for this age than an actual hopper ball, which requires a lot more balancing.

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11. A Piano Keyboard: gifts for 2-year-old boys

a piano keyboard (birthday gifts for 2 year old boy)

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Do they love making noise or dancing to music? Then they’ll love to have their own little keyboard to play music on. Especially the buttons at the top are great to play around with at this age. You can even change the instrument that will sound when you play on the keyboard. This one is great because it’s not attached to an entire table that will take up a bunch of space. Instead, they can simply play on the ground or coffee table to give a concert.

12. An Interactive Plate

an interactive plate; 2 year old boy birthday gifts

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Do they love everything to do with construction? Or maybe they recently became a picky eater. You can make dinner, lunch, and breakfast a lot more fun by getting a plate and utensil set like this. It makes dinner time more playtime while also getting them to sit for dinner for longer than two minutes. This set comes in a bunch of different colors and is probably one of my favorite gift ideas for 2-year-olds. I know my little brothers would have loved playing around with this at that age.

13. A Doctor Set

a doctor set as one of the best toys for 2-year-old boy

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Every child has this set at some point. And age 2 is the perfect age to get started with it. This set has all the basics without being overwhelming. There are also bigger sets out there, though they have so many tools that a child probably wouldn’t even know where to start. Instead, this set has everything you need; a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, hammer, and even an otoscope (you know the thing to look in your ears with). So, it’s the perfect playset to treat your stuffed animals with.

14. A Toddler-Sized Lawnmower

a toddler-sized lawnmower: presents for 2 year olds

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Do they want to join mom and dad whenever someone is doing yard work? Well, then this little lawnmower is the perfect gift to get. It looks just like the real thing and is perfect to join in the lawn mowing fun (yeah, I know it’s no fun for us, but it is for them.) If they also want to help with other jobs such as leaf blowing and cutting the hedge, then be sure to check out all the other yard tools that are all great gifts for 2-year-old boys

15. A Play-Doh Fun Tub

play-doh as best gifts for 18 month old

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Play-Doh is the perfect material to make a mess with without actually making a mess. This tub has everything you need to get started. From cookie cutters to molds and some actual tubs of Play-Doh. So, if they don’t have any yet, this is a great starter kit. If they already own the basics, then you can always have a look around at the fun sets that are out there. I find that the food-related ones are typically the most popular and well-loved.

16. A Fishing Bath Toy

a fishing rod bath toy (best gifts for 2 year old boys)

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Bath time is either one of their favorite or their most dreaded time of the day. This fishing set can make it a lot more fun without adding a bunch of toys to your bathroom. It’s a simple magnetic fishing rod that comes with three magnetic sea creatures that will hang on to the rod if it passes by. It’s a great way to make bath time even more fun. And it’s just one of the many fun bath toy sets out there. Another classic is a set of foam letters or animals to stick to the side of the bath.

17. A Radio Flyer Scooter: toys for two-year-old boys

what to get a 2 year old boy for his birthday? A flyer scooter

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A two-year-old boy can have quite a lot of energy and this little scooter is a great way for him to expand some of that energy without requiring a lot of energy from mom or dad. There are a bunch of scooters like this out there. Though, this one with the rubber wheels is a great option, because you can start out indoors without risking your flooring and then take it outside once they got the hang of it. So, if you’re looking for a really versatile gift for a 2-year-old boy, then this is a great choice.

18. A LEGO DUPLO Airport Set

a DUPLO airport set; toys for 2 year old boy

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If you’ve never heard of DUPLO before, then you probably didn’t even know that there was a toddler version of LEGO. But that’s exactly what it is. LEGO has some great sets in this range that are some of the best toys for two-year-olds, with this airport set being a great example. It’s not as expensive as you might think and is really versatile if they end up with multiple sets. This way, they can be creative and build entirely new things from scratch with the blocks they have.

19. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Spin and Learn color flashlight - best toys for 2 year old boy

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What kid doesn’t like playing with a flashlight? And this one even has a couple of different colors. It’s a fun toy to play with and it will teach them their colors by naming them as you go. So, a great combination of fun and learning. It also has some other teaching things, such as a couple of animals to play around with. And don’t worry, it’s not so loud that it will wake up everyone in the house if they start playing with it early in the morning.

20. A Proper Tool Set

a tool set (gift ideas for 2 year old boy)

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Do they want to help dad or granddad with the odd jobs around the house, but they want to do more than just hold a screwdriver? Then, this toolset that has everything from a drill to a chain saw will be the perfect gift to get. And perhaps as important as the tools is the hard hat that comes with it. Of course, if the entire set is a bit much, then you also just get one of the tools separately. All of them are great gifts for 2-year-old boys that they’ll love to play with.

21. A Classic Book We All Love

classic reading books as gifts for 2 year old boy

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Maybe you remember reading this book as a kid, or remember having it. But it’s a great interactive book that you can read with a two-year-old again and again. The little flaps where you will ook under to try and find Spot is a great way to keep them engaged while actually reading them a book. Of course, other stories, such as ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ or ‘The Rainbow Fish’ are other classics that are great presents. I especially like a good book as a nice Christmas gift idea for little boys.

22. A Paw Patrol Truck

a paw patrol toy set (best toys for 2 year old boys)

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If there’s one thing all 2-year-old boys are pretty much obsessed with right now, then it’s Paw Patrol. And there are a bunch of fun-themed toys out there. One of the actual cars or trucks from the show like this garbage truck is probably one of the best out there. It comes in a bunch of different versions for the different characters. So, try to find out which is his favorite and there you have the best 2-year-old boy toys out there.

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I hope this list helped you find some great gift ideas for 2-year-old boys. Whether it’s a toy or something else, as long you keep their favorite things in mind, then you’ll surely find something they’ll love. You can also make something yourself like a fun craft kit. This way, you’re not adding to their pile of toys and they will have a fun activity to do. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find some great gifts for 2-year-old boys.

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