42 Great Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls She’ll Love

Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Find the best gift ideas for 18 yr old girls. 

Are you looking for great gift ideas for 18-year-old girls? Then take a look at this gift guide for her filled with birthday presents and Christmas gifts for 18-year-old girls. Whether it’s a gift for your daughter, niece, sister, or best friend, you’ll find the perfect present on this list of the best presents for 18-year-old girls. So, take a look by simply scrolling down.

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1. Fenty Gift Set of Lipglosses

 set of fenty lipglosses - gifts for 18 year old girls

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This set of mini glosses from Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty are hugely popular and seen as one of the best lip glosses out there. This set contains 5 popular lip gloss shades that are a great gift idea for an 18-year-old girl. It is on the pricier side, but it’s still good value if you compare it to the price of the full-sized glosses. I think this would be a great Christmas present because of the pretty packaging and she’ll love to try these amazing sparkly shades of this lip gloss.

2. A Pretty Himalayan Salt Lamp

 Himalayan salt lamp (unique gifts for 18 year old)

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If you’re looking for something pretty to decorate their room or dorm room, then a salt lamp like this one is a great original gift to give. Each lamp is unique since it’s made from a piece of actual salt. It’s a pretty orangy pink when it isn’t turned on and will add a nice touch of prettiness to any room. People say these are also great for improving your sleep quality, though I wouldn’t buy them just for that. Instead, it’s a good gift idea because it’s pretty to look at and it’s a nice bedside lamp to have.

3. Personalized Name Necklace

a custom name necklace: personalized gifts for 18 year old female

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This necklace is custom made for whatever name you want and comes with a couple of different fonts to choose from. You can also pick for it to be made from copper or sterling silver and the color options are silver, gold, and rose gold. It’s a great small and personalized gift for an 18-year-old girl that she’d love to get for her birthday or as a Christmas present. It’s also relatively affordable, which makes it even better. I think it’s one of the best gifts for 18-year-old girls out there.

4. A Rose Gold Wireless Charging Pad

 a wireless charging pad - sentimental gifts for 18 year old daughter

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Most new phones nowadays come with the possibility of wireless charging and this rose gold wireless charging pad is a pretty alternative to most black or white ones out there. It’s not too expensive but has the technology to fast charge and charge both phones as well as wireless earbuds. It’s a great gadget to give an 18-year-old girl that is both a practical and pretty gift. If pink isn’t her thing, then it also comes in black and white, though there are also other charging pads out there that have lots of different color options, so take a look around.

5. A Kawaii Tarot Card Set with Beginner’s Guide

 kawaii tarot cards as gifts for 18 year old granddaughter

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This gift idea for girls age 18 is a bit silly, but a great gift to give. It comes in a nice box that contains a deck of cute tarot cards and a booklet on how to use them. It’s a fun activity to do with friends and that’s why I think it can be a great present. I personally don’t believe any of it, but it can be fun to do as more of a game than anything else. And if she actually does believe it, then it’s truly the perfect gift to give. It’s a great small and cute gift idea that an 18 year old girl will love.

6. A Set of Eco-Friendly Metal Straws

 rose gold metal straws; amazon gifts for 18 year old girl

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Everyone knows by now that we should avoid using disposable straws as much as possible, and a popular alternative are these metal straws. This set is a great gift set, since it’s cheap and contains everything you need to use these straws on a daily basis. From a satchel to keep them in to pipe cleaners to clean them on the inside. The set contains 4 different types of straws and you can also get these in rose gold, gold, silver, black, and an oil stain color if you take a look on Amazon. And to finish it off, you can put this in the dishwasher, which is a must in my opinion.

7. A Nice Insulated Water Bottle

 an insulated water bottle (gifts for 18 year old girls)

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If you’re looking for a good insulated water bottle to give as a gift for an 18-year-old girl, then this bottle by Iron Flask is a good option. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes and comes with three different lids. It’s a great alternative for the typical Hydroflasks, since these are more versatile and less overpriced. This is the perfect gift for college students or girls who enjoy working out. Pick the color your like best and what size you think will be most practical for her lifestyle.

8. A Pretty & Simple Sterling Silver Ring

 sterling silver ring - christmas gifts for 18 year old female

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A nice and simple ring is another great small gift idea. This ring is really affordable, real silver, and comes in a couple of different colors. Just get her ring size and you can give this ring as a nice small piece of jewelry she’ll love. This would be a great stocking stuffer for an 18-year-old girl since it’s very affordable and probably as small as a gift can get. This knot design is both timeless and trendy in its simplicity, so the perfect gift idea for her to give.

9. A LED Compact Mirror

 LED travel mirror; gift ideas for 18 year old female

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A good-quality compact mirror is something every adult woman can use and 18-year-old women are no exception. This compact mirror, in particular, is perfect because it has built-in LED lights that will give you good lighting wherever you are. It’s perfect to take with you to your first proper job to touch up your makeup or to have while traveling or on the road. This is another great small gift to give that would be great for Christmas or as a small birthday gift for an eighteen-year-old girl.

10. A Pair of AirPods

 AirPods as gift ideas for an 18 year old female

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If you have the money for it and are looking for a luxury gift for her, then a pair of AirPods is a great gift to get. It’s the most expensive gift idea on this list of great gifts for 18-year-old girls and honestly, not necessary to break your budget for. But if you have the budget, then go ahead, they’re a great gadget most young adults would love to have. It’s more a luxury than a necessity and maybe a bit extravagant. If you want to give them a pair of wireless earbuds but also think these are on the ‘too expensive’ side, then be sure to check out some of the alternatives out there.

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11. A Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

 vegan leather makeup bag (gift ideas 18 year old female)

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A good makeup bag is something everyone girl age 18 can use. This makeup bag comes in two different sizes and is made from vegan leather which gives it a luxury feel while also making the bag waterproof. You can choose out of a couple of color options to find the perfect makeup bag for her. It’s a great gift idea for 18-year-old girls because they’ll start traveling and can use a bag like this to store all the essentials you need while on the road. This is one of the best practical presents for 18-year-olds.

12. A Custom Constellation Print

Custom constellation print by VelvelPrint on Etsy - personalized gifts for 18 year old female

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This custom print by VelvetPrint on Etsy is a great 18th birthday gift idea for her. It shows the star map of whatever day you want from wherever you want. For a birthday it would be great to pick their actual birth date and the place they were born. You can add custom text to it such as their name or a personal message. It comes in a couple of different size options and you can order a frame to go with it as well. It’s a great personalized gift for any girl that is into astrology or astronomy and that will look great on her wall.

13. A Nice Classic Watch

 a nice watch - gifts for a 18 year old girl

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A nice classic watch is another great addition to this gift guide for 18-year-old girls. This watch pictured above is a great example of a simple and classic watch that she’ll love. It’s not crazy expensive and comes in a couple of nice and neutral color options that won’t be outdated in a year as well as some more fun designs. A nice watch is a classic 18th birthday gift idea for her that you really can’t go wrong with. You can also use it as a nice Christmas gift that she’ll love or as a gift for her high school graduation.

14. A Set of Velvet Hair Scrunchies

 Velvet hair scrunchies as 18 year old female birthday gift ideas

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If you didn’t know yet, scrunchies are ‘trendy’ again. They are great to protect your hair and are a nice accessory to add to any outfit. This set of velvet scrunchies from Amazon looks slightly more luxurious because of its velvet finish and comes in a couple of different colors. It’s a really cheap gift to give that you can pick up for just a couple of dollars. They’re great to wear around the house and are less prone to cause a kink in your hair like normal hair ties would. It’s a nice cheap and small gift idea for 18-year-old females.

15. Clip-on Lenses for your Phone

 clip on phone lens (gifts for 18 year old girl)

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This lens kit comes with two lenses and a clip-on light to easily increase the quality of the pictures you take on your phone. It’s a great kit to have for traveling or if you enjoy photography but don’t want to buy an expensive camera to get started. This is a great gadget as an example of good Christmas gifts for an 18-year-old daughter. It’s a nice set that has everything you need to upgrade any phone camera. It’s not the most affordable gift on this list, but it’s worth its price tag.

16. A Manicure and Pedicure Kit

a manicure kit; gifts for 18 year old daughter

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A good manicure set is something every adult needs to have and this kit contains everything she may need. It’s a great small and practical gift to give any 18-year-old. The rose gold color makes it just that bit nicer than most boring sets and makes it a nice present to get. A kit like this is something every kid who moves out needs or if you travel, then you need one of these as well. It’s another practical addition to this list of presents for 18-year-old girls that they’ll love to get.

17. The ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

 ABH eyeshadow palette - presents for 18 year old girl

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This eyeshadow palette is known as a cult classic that’s still incredibly popular years after its release. It’s a more high-end palette than some others out there, but it’s worth it and has all the basics a girl can need to make a nice eye look. A good-quality eyeshadow palette or other makeup basics are great gifts to give a girl who may not have loads of makeup but enjoys wearing it from time to time. This is not the perfect gift idea for a girl who already has a lot of makeup, since this palette would probably be a bit redundant in their collection. Though, it’s great as a good basic eyeshadow palette.

18. A Calligraphy for Beginners Book

calligraphy for beginners book (18 year old girl gifts)

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Modern calligraphy is a nice and relaxing skill to learn. You can get this book as a gift idea for creative 18-year-old girls as a nice new skill they can master. It’s a great book for beginners, pair it together with a nice set of brush pens, and there you have a great Christmas present for an 18-year-old that’s really affordable. Calligraphy is a really nice and relaxing pastime to have and is just a fun skill to master, so a great and creative gift to give any girl who loves this kind of a thing.

19. A Gold Vanity Mirror With LED Lights

 vanity mirror - gifts for 18 year old girl

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This gift idea is perfect for 18-year-old girls who are going away to college, since they probably won’t have a nicely lit mirror to get ready with. This mirror comes in a couple of different metal colors which give it a luxurious look without the expected matching price tag. It also has a small tray at the bottom for jewelry or trinkets and can be folded close so it takes up less space. It’s a nice gift idea for girls who enjoy putting on makeup or have a passion for skincare and are in need of a good mirror for it.

20. Retro Record Player with Bluetooth Speakers

 retro record player: gift ideas for 18 year old girls

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This retro record player won’t only play records, but it’s also a great piece of decor for any room and has built-in Bluetooth speakers to connect with your phone. It comes in a bunch of different colors and finishes to choose from that makes it a great addition to a room no matter the color scheme. So, this is the perfect gift for 18-year-old girls who enjoy collecting records, but also use their phone to listen to music from time to time. And don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you might expect.

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21. A Biodegradable Phone Case

a biodegradable phone case (gifts for 18 year old girls)

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A nice phone case is another present on this list you can’t really go wrong with, except of course if you get it for the wrong phone, so be sure to check that beforehand. This phone case is just that bit better because it’s made from plants and biodegradable. It comes in a lot of different colors and some have an etched design in them, though not all of them do. All in all, it’s a pretty gift idea to give an 18-year-old girl who is trying to live a more sustainable but also loves a good phone case.

22. A Nice Pleather Tote Bag that Fits a Laptop

 a tote bag: christmas gifts for 18 year old girl

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A nice tote bag is a great accessory to have as a young adult. This one is made from faux leather, which makes it a lot cheaper and waterproof. It comes in a couple of colors and is also big enough to fit most laptops. This tote bag has a lot of different pockets on the inside to keep your bag as organized as possible and is a great bag for going to work or class. It’s a staple that is also a great gift for 18-year-old girls. It’s both practical and pretty, so pretty perfect as a gift.

23. Raw Opal Earrings: gifts for 18-year-old girls

raw opal earring by Ringcrush on Etsy - gifts for 18 yr old girl

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This pair of earrings made by Ringcrush on Etsy is a great piece of jewelry to give as a gift. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s also truly unique and handmade. You can get the metal in silver, gold, and rose gold so depending on her preference you can change that. I think these earrings are the best pieces of jewelry to give. They are maybe my favorite gift idea on this list of presents for 18 yr old girls. It’s also great to give as a graduation gift or just for her 18th birthday.

24. A Cute Little Power Bank

a cute little powerbank (gift ideas for 18 year old daughter)

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A power bank is a great thing to get teenagers and young adults. The one thing you need to look at is the charging capacity since you want to get the most out of these things as you can. This little power bank has a good charge capacity and is just really cute. It’s a fun little gift that is also useful for the coming few years. This power bank isn’t just cute it also has multiple ports and LED lights to indicate the level of energy left. All in all, it’s a pretty fun and cute gift idea.

25. A Brownie Pan With the Only Corner Pieces

 brownie pan - gifts for 18 year old daughter

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Does she love baking and eating brownies? And does she love the corner pieces best for their crispy edges? Then this brownie pan which makes each piece the ultimate corner piece with four crunchie edges is a fun gift to get. You can of course also use it to make other things such as small square cupcakes. I would go for the non-stick version, though lining the pan is still a good idea to get the brownies out a lot easier. It’s the perfect gift idea for 18-year-old girls who love brownies and baking.

26. A Set of Pretty Canvas Art

 art print canvasses as good presents for girls age 18

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This set of canvasses from Amazon is perfect for 18 yo girls who are moving out and in need of some pretty things to add a bit of coziness to their new space. It’s a great gift to give to your niece or friend as it’s neutral enough to be actually liked and used. This low-riks gift is great to give for their birthday or a housewarming party. If you are looking for something specific in a print that you know she’d like more, then check out Etsy, where you can find pretty much everything or get something custom-made by someone on Etsy.

27. A RFID Protected Wallet

 RFID protected wallet (christmas gifts for 18 year old female)

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A good wallet is another thing you need when you become an adult. This is a pretty big wallet that comes in a lot of different colors and will hold pretty much everything you need it to. It’s also RFID protected which makes it a lot safer to travel with. It comes packaged in a nice sleek box which makes it a lot easier to wrap as a gift and makes it a bit more luxurious. The wallet is pretty reasonably priced and a perfect adulting gift idea for her.

28. A Fitbit Activity Tracker Smart Watch

a fitbit smartwatch; gift ideas for 18 year old girl

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This is probably together with the AirPods the most expensive gift on this gift guide for 18-year-old girls. It’s not for everyone, so only get this if you know she’ll love and actually use it. This is a great luxury gift if she enjoys working out and fun gadgets to keep track of her progress. It can sync with your phone and also be used as a smartwatch and also looks pretty nice. It comes in a couple of different colors to choose from. Though I want to stress once more, a gift this expensive isn’t necessary to make her happy, but if you have the money to spare, go for it.

29. Luxury Highlighter Set by Hourglass

 luxury highlighters - presents for 18 year olds

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If you’re looking for a piece of luxury makeup that she’ll likely never splurge on though secretly would love to have, then this Hourglass highlighter palette is a nice product to get. It has a highlighter for different skin tones and different uses and is a classic when it comes to the best highlighters out there. It is on the more expensive side of things, though not as outragedly expensive as some branded products out there.

30. A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

 fruit infuser water bottle: best gifts for 18 year old

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Drinking enough water is more important than ever and a great way to improve the taste of your water is by using a fruit infuser to give it some flavor without having to resort to drinking a soda. This pretty infuser bottle is great for this since it has a built-in infuser, comes with an insulating sleeve, and looks great with the rose gold details. It does come in other colors as well if you don’t like the rose gold. It comes in a pretty box which turns these bottles into great practical gift ideas for 18-year-old girls to give.

31. A Fun PopSocket: gift for 18-year-old daughter

 a fun popsocket - christmas gifts for 18 year old girl

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If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for 18-year-old women, then a PopSocket is a great option and this one is also bright and fun. A PopSocket is something you stick on the back of your phone to keep it from slipping out of your hand and it can be used as a stand to prop up your phone. These come in a lot of different colors and design, with this bright and fun lemon one a fun example. This lemon design is a great one for all girls, though if you know she doesn’t like bright colors, then maybe pick a different design.

32. A Great All-Purpose Crossbody Bag

 crossbody bag (gifts for 18 yr old girls)

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This crossbody bag from Amazon that comes in loads of different colors is probably one of the best cheap gifts for 18-year-old girls. A simple crossbody bag will last you for years and is easy to take all the essentials with wherever you go. This one is a great neutral design that will stay trendy for years and you can choose from some fun pastel as well to make it a bit more interesting. Though, this brown look is a good neutral option to pick that will go with any outfit.

33. A Gift Set of Hydrating Sheet Masks

 hydrating facemasks as birthday gifts for 18 year old female

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Skincare is another great gift idea. This is a gift set by FaceTory that contains seven different sheet masks to hydrate your face and is packaged in a nice gift box. It’s a great present that all girls will love to get, especially girls who love to pamper themselves and have a little spa day at home. You can also get the set with just six, though the price difference is so small, that you might as well get the set of seven. It’s a great affordable and fun gift to give and one of the best gift sets for 18-year-old girls out there.

34. A Kodak Instant Print Camera

 kodak camera as a gift for 18 year old girl

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Polaroid cameras have been very popular in the last couple of years and this camera is a bit of an upgrade. It’s a lot slimmer than most and also has a slot for an SD-cart, which means it not only instantly prints your photos, but also makes a digital copy. And it’s actually cheaper than other popular models out there. It comes in a couple of colors, including a neutral black or grey as well as some pops of color. It’s a nice gift for capturing memories and is a fun way to fill their room with candid photos.

35. A Bullet Journal Kit for Beginners

 a bullet journal kit (presents for 18 year old girls)

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Bullet journalling is a great and fun way to stay organized as a young adult, it’s also perfect for college students. This set has all the basics you need to get started with bullet journalling, including journal markers and stencils. It’s a great present for 18-year-old girls who like to stay organized or enjoy being creative and maybe this is a way to add some organization to their life. It’s probably the most fun way to schedule and plan your life.

36. A Cactus Jewelry Dish

 jewelry dish - best gifts for 18 year old girls

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Another great affordable addition to this gift guide for girls age 18 is this jewelry dish. It comes in a couple of designs all with a figure in the middle of the dish that’s perfect for holding your rings. There are some different cacti to choose from as well as some animal designs. It’s a pretty little affordable present to give. Perfect as a small Christmas gift or for her birthday. Especially if you’re looking for a small gift for a friend turning 18, then something like this is a great option.

37. A Retro Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

retro radio & speaker; birthday gifts for 18 year old female

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This retro radio with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to connect your phone to is a great gift to give. It comes in this pretty color as well as some other color options to choose from. It’s a bonus that on top of looking great and being a Bluetooth speaker that it also has an actual functioning radio function. It’s a great gift for girls who love the retro or beachy look and will look great in any room of an 18-year-old girl. So, if you’re looking for something fun and unique, then this retro speaker is a great present to get.

38. A Dainty Bracelet with Her Initial

LYLA Initial Bracelet on Etsy by MinthologieStudio - 18th gift ideas for her

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This is probably the prettiest of the personalized gifts for 18-year-old girls on this list. It’s made by MinthologieStudio on Etsy and comes in three different colors. You can get any letter from the alphabet and it’s a great custom gift that she’ll love. It’s also a timeless piece of jewelry that’s very wearable so it’s not something that will spend most of its time in a jewelry box. I think it’s a great thoughtful gift for her that she’ll love.

39. A DIY Bath Bomb Kit

 DIY bathbomb kit (gift ideas for 18 year old girl)

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If you’re looking for something creative that they’ve probably never done before, then a set like this to create your own bath bombs is a fun gift to give. This kit has everything you need to DIY your own bathbombs at home. So not only is it a fun gift, but it’s also a fun experience. Now, you can also just get them a set of ready-made bathbombs from amazon.com if you know she’s not really into messing around with stuff like this but does love a good bath bomb. You can also just get her a nice gift card from Lush, which is also a gift for 18-year-old girls you can’t go wrong with.

40. A Set of Fairy Lights with Photo Clips

 fairy lights as gifts for girls age 18

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Fairy lights are a fun way to decorate any room with and perfect to make a dorm room a bit cozier. This set of fairy light also comes with transparent clips that are perfect for hanging photos on. And because these clips come separately there’s a lot more versatility on how to use them. Fairy lights are just great gift ideas for 18 year old girls who want to decorate their dorm room or want to add some coziness to their bedroom at home.

41. A Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

a good backpack - 18 year old christmas gifts

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The last gift idea on this list of gift ideas for 18-year-old girls is a cult classic. This backpack by Fjallraven Kanken comes in loads of colors and will last for years because of its simple and sturdy design. It is quite expensive, though not that crazy expensive for a good-quality backpack. I would say to be careful with your color choice, since some colors are quite bold and out there. It’s a very trendy gift that she’ll surely love and will use if she still goes to school or is going away to college.

42. Microfiber Hair Turban Towels

microfiber hair towels as gift ideas for 18 year old girls

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If you want something that’s super practical and great for anyone who has hair longer than a pixie cut. This set has two different microfiber towels that will make it a lot easier to dry your hair and will help keep the frizz away. You can choose from a bunch of different color combinations, so you’re sure to find a set that she’ll like. So, if you were looking for something you can’t go wrong with, then this set of microfiber towels is the way to go.

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I hope you now have found the perfect gift for an 18-year-old girl to give, or that you at least have a list of gift ideas for 18-year-old girls. If you’re also looking for some inspiration to celebrate her 18th birthday, then read this post about fun 18th birthday party ideas for her. And the one thing to keep in mind when trying to find gifts for 18-year-old girls is that they’re adults now, so you can give them a more grown-up present than you might think. Something practical or pretty is always a good direction to go in.

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