24 Best Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

best gifts for 14 year old boys

A list of the best 14-year-old boy gifts for him. 

Are you wondering what a teenage boy would want for his birthday or for Christmas? Then check out these great gifts for 14-year-old boys to find the perfect gift for teenage guys. This gift guide for boys age 14 is filled with the best gift ideas for 14-year-old boys you can get. So, take a look!

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1. A Good-Looking Skateboard

a skateboard - gifts for 14 year old boys

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A great first gift idea on this list of gifts for 14-year-old boys is a skateboard like this one that comes in a couple of different designs. It’s a great thing to get boys who enjoy outdoor activities and learning new skills. It’s a relatively affordable skateboard of good quality that they will use for years to come. A skateboard is a great toy for 14-year-old boys that they will actually like. This one in particular comes with a couple of different designs on the bottom to choose from and is an affordable option for a good-quality skateboard.

2. A Phone Case with Built-in Wallet

 a phone case with built-in wallet: gift ideas for 14 year old boy

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A phone case is a classic gift idea for teen boys, but this one is more than just a phone case. It also has a built-in wallet in it that can hold some cash and your id or other cards you need to carry with you. It comes in a couple of different colors, with this one being my personal favorite for teenage boys. This phone case is a great affordable gift idea for 14-year-old boys that they’ll love to get. Be sure to check which phone they have so you know what size case to get.

3. A Funny Burrito Blanket

 a funny burrito blanket; 14 year old boy gifts

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If you’re looking for funny 14-year-old boy gifts, then this burrito blanket might just be the perfect gift to get. It also comes in some other prints, though this burrito one is pretty great. You can choose from a couple of different sizes and it just a really funny blanket to have in your room as a teen boy. This is probably the funniest and coziest gift idea on this gift guide. It would serve as a great Christmas present for 14 yo boys because it is still a comfy blanket as well.

4. A Book on How to Create Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction

 book on how to create mini-weapons of mass destruction (what to get a 14 year old boy for his birthday cheap)

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This book is great for 13 and 14-year-old boys who like crafty projects and are interested in building stuff. You’ll learn how to build some fun weapons on a tiny scale to fire small objects with. It’s a great 14th birthday gift for boys who are creative and enjoy constructing things and mechanisms. This book is just one in a series of many. So, you can also choose one of the other books containing other types of mini-weapons to build. All in all, these are the perfect gifts to give any teenage guy who enjoys medieval weaponry or building stuff from scratch.

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

 noise-canceling headphones - presents for 14 year old boy

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Another great gift for boys age 14 is a pair of wireless headphones like this one. These are especially good because they also cancel out any noise, so they’re great if they struggle to focus on their schoolwork because of the noise around them. These are quite affordable for a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones and are one of the best gifts for 14-year-old boys to get. You can choose to get wireless earbuds as another option, though I would go for the over-ear kind like these since they’re a bit better for your eardrums.

6. A Swiss Army Multitool

 a swiss army multitool; gifts for 14 year olds

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A swiss army multitool like this one is a great gadget for 14-year-old boys to have. It’s easy to carry with you on hiking trips or adventures with friends and will come in useful whenever you’re in need of some really any tool. They come in quite a couple of different versions, though this one is a good in-between option that has all the basics you need, but doesn’t cost a lot. It’s a present any boy will use for the rest of their lives and will forever be thankful for. Just make sure they don’t take it to school with them.

7. A Ball of Whacks for Puzzle Fans

 Ball of whacks (amazon gifts for 14 year old boy)

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You might be wondering what this ball really is. Well, as you can see, it’s made up of loads of different pieces that can be put together in loads of different ways and thus creating lots of different puzzles. It’s one of the best toys for boys, since it looks cool and is actually fun and challenging to do. So, if they love puzzles like a Rubik’s cube, then they’ll love this toy. The magnets inside make it sturdy and easy to build up whatever shape you want and will keep it together to display on a shelf in your room.

8. A Gaming Mouse

 a gmaing mouse: gifts for 14 year old boys

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If they have a computer they play games on quite regularly, then they might want a gaming mouse made for playing games like this one. It’s a wired mouse, which means its reaction time will be quicker than a wireless one and it lights up with fun colors while playing. This is a perfect present for 14-year-old boys who love playing games. Just make sure to check that they don’t already have one and that they actually play games on their computer and not primarily on a PlayStation or Xbox.

9. A Dartboard Set: gift ideas for 14-year-old boys

 dartboard set - gift ideas for 14 year old boy

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This darts set is great to get started with and at 14, you’re at that age where you can get the rules and can be trusted to throw sharp things around. This set is relatively affordable and comes with everything you need. Just make sure to hang it up somewhere safe (so not on the back of a door) and they’ll enjoy this game from time to time. It’s a classic game all teen boys will like and it doesn’t involve any devices, so they’re not bound to a screen while playing it, which is another benefit that makes this gift idea even better.

10. An Arduino Starter Kit

 arduino starter kit - gift for 14 year old boy

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Another great addition to this list of Amazon gifts for 14-year-old boys is this Arduino starter kit. It’s a set of everything you need to start building your own electric circuits and learning how electric engineering works. It’s a great way to get started with programming as well, since it incorporates some of the basic principles and you can expand this set to allow it to hook up to an actual computer if you want. So, if he’s into electronics and programming, then this is a fun gift idea to get.

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11. A Cookbook for Teens

 cookbook for teens; best gifts for 14 year old boy

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Learning how to cook some of the most basic meals is a valuable life skill to have and yes, teen boys can also like cooking. This cookbook is filled with 100 recipes that are easy to follow and will teach you all the basics of cooking along the way. And don’t worry it’s not just filled with sweet desserts, so you won’t have a house filled with cake because of it. It’s a great present for 14-year-old boys who are interested in cooking or enjoyed helping you bake or cook as a kid and can now try it all by themselves.

12. An At-Home Laser Tag Set

 An at-home laser tag set (14 year old boy gifts)

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Laser tag is a fun game to play as a teenager and with this set, you can do so at home or in a nearby woods. It’s one of the best toys for 14-year-old boys that will make them go outside for a bit. You are going to need a fair number of batteries to keep these things charged, though that’s definitely worth it. It would also be a great Christmas gift for a family that has a lot of teens to play this game during the holidays. All in all, a great gift idea for boys aged 14 who are into laser tag.

13. Throw Throw Burrito: toys for 14-year-olds

throw throw burrito: christmas gifts for 14 year old boy

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If you’re looking for a fun game for teens, then this ridiculous ‘Throw Throw Burrito’ game is perfect. It’s a small game you can take with you wherever you go and is a fun combination of indoor dodgeball and a card game. So, make sure to play it in a room that isn’t filled with your mom’s favorite vases. It’s great to take on holidays or even camping trips and all in all one of the best gifts for 14-year-old boys that they’ll love to get. A good game is something you can’t really go wrong with.

14. A Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

 A bluetooth alarm clock and speaker as gifts for 14 year old boy

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A Bluetooth speaker is another classic gift for teenage boys and this one is even better since it’s also a night light and alarm clock. You simply charge it and use it wherever you want. You can change the color of the light at any time to transform your room. It’s a fun gift idea for 14-year-old boys who struggle with getting up in time and can use an alarm clock like this that they’ll actually use. You can play music on it using Bluetooth or one of the ports on the alarm clock.

15. A 1000-Piece Astronaut Puzzle

 1000-piece puzzle of an astronaut (gifts for a 14 year old boy)

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Does he love puzzles or are you looking for a gift to challenge him? Then this 1000-piece puzzle is the perfect thing to get a 14-year-old guy. And once it’s finished (which might take a while), you can frame it and it will look great on their bedroom wall. It’s both a fun puzzle and a nice piece of decor, since the picture itself is pretty amazing. And to make it even better it’s a really affordable gift idea. This would be a great present if you really don’t know what to get a 14-year-old boy for his birthday or for Christmas.

16. An Affordable Drone

 an affordable drone: 14 year old boy birthday gift ideas

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This drone is not at all as expensive as you might think, and that’s why it’s also on this list of best 14-year-old boy gift ideas. You can connect it to your phone and use your phone in combination with a remote control to control it. It has a built-in camera which makes it into a real drone. It also comes with two batteries so you can use it for a bit longer without having to charge in between. It’s a really fun gadget for a 14-year-old boy to have that he’ll love playing around with.

17. A Timex Watch: gifts for 14-year-old boys

 A timex expedition watch - best gifts for a 14 year old boy

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A good watch like this one is another great example of a good classic gift idea that isn’t a new game. This Timex watch comes in a couple of different colors and is great for teen boys to grow into as they will wear it for many years to come. Though do make sure that they will actually wear it, since not everyone is into wearing a watch these days. This one is great because it has some extra features such as a date dial and being water-resistant. All in all a great watch for teenage guys.

18. A How to Draw Marvel Comics Book

 How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way book (birthday gifts for 14 year old boy)

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Learn how to draw comic books in the Marvel style yourself with this book by Stan Lee the creator of some of our favorite superheroes. It’s a great book for teens who are into drawing and art. This is probably the perfect Christmas gift for a 14-year-old boy who enjoys drawing and is into comics such as the Marvel ones. It’s a great book to teach some great new techniques and will teach you a new way of drawing and what makes a comic book work. This is a great affordable birthday or Christmas present.

19. A Light-Up Basketball

 A light-up basketball (gifts for boys age 14)

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This light-up basketball is a great piece to keep in your room or to actually play basketball with. Though, it should be noted that the ball itself is not the best basketball out there, its major feature is that it lights up. It’s a fun gift idea for teenagers who love basketball and would love to have something like this in their room. There are also other versions available on Amazon, such as an American football and a soccer ball as alternatives if he’s not really into basketball, but you like the idea of a light-up ball.

20. A Survival Gear Kit

 A survival gear kit: what would a 14 year old boy want for his birthday

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Does he love the outdoors and activities such as camping or going on a hike? Then he’ll love this survival kit that has everything you may need to make outdoor activities that more fun and easy. It’s one of the best gift ideas for 14-year-olds who enjoy outdoor adventures and could use some tools for survival. It includes things such as a fire starter, compass, and multitool, just to name a few. All in all, a really nice kit to give a teenage boy aged 14.

21. A Crave Box with All the Sweets He Can Imagine

 A cravebox as one of the best gifts for 14 year old boys

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The easiest surefire gift for 14-year-old boys on this list is this box filled with sweets and snacks that he’ll love. This is the perfect gift if you have no idea what a 14-year-old boy would want for his birthday and you don’t mind giving him loads of unhealthy stuff. Make sure to check with his parents that they’re also okay with you giving him this, since not all parents will be happy with it. But any teen boy will love it. It’s also a nice gift to give if he’s going on a trip for him to take his favorite snacks with him.

22. A Movies Scratch-Off Poster

a movies scratch-off poster (gift ideas for 14 year old boy)

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Nowadays there are so many movies to watch that it can be tricky to actually pick one to watch. This poster will ensure that they go through some of the most popular and iconic movies out there and they’ll have something to do for a while. He might already be able to scratch off some that he has watched. And on top of a ‘to-watch’ list, you also just get a nice poster to hang up on his bedroom wall. So, if he enjoys movies, then this is a great idea.

23. A Spikeball Kit

a spikeball kit: toys for 14 year olds

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If he loves sports and enjoys learning new activities and games, then this spikeball kit might just be the perfect present for him. It’s an outdoor game that you can play with your friends and all you’ll need is this set and a lawn to play it on. So, whether they use the yard or take it with them to a park, it’ll keep them busy for a while without them spending it staring at their computer screen. Just make sure they don’t already have it and actually like doing sports.

24. An Amazon Gift Card

an Amazon gift card - 14 year old boy gifts

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Still don’t know what to get a 14-year-old boy? Then the one option you can never go wrong with is a gift card to their favorite store or something general like Amazon. This gift card by Amazon comes in a bunch of different packaging options, including a fun tiny shipping box. It’s also great because you can set exactly how much you want to spend as you can just customize the money on the gift card. So, pair it with some cookies or sweets and you have one of the easiest gifts for 14-year-old boys that you can’t go wrong with.

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I hope you now have some great gift ideas for 14-year-old boys in mind and know what to get a 14-year-old boy for his birthday or for Christmas. These are just some gift ideas to think of but are sure to be successful gifts to give any teenage boy age 14. The gifts on this list range from more expensive to more affordable 14-year-old boy gifts and you’re sure to find something in your budget. If you still want to go even cheaper, then maybe you can create your own gift. You can find some ideas on how to do that and what you can make on this blog post full of DIY gift ideas for teen boys. All in all, be sure to stick to your budget and don’t underestimate their age and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for a 14-year-old boy!

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