18 Fun Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

fun gifts for 10-year-old girls

Fun presents and toys for 10-year-old girls. 

Looking for something to get a girl age 10 for her birthday or for Christmas? Then check out this list of great gifts for 10-year-old girls. Be sure to first figure out what her interests are and what she already has before figuring out what to get. From fun craft kits to toys, you’re sure to find some unique birthday gift ideas for 10-year old girls.

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1. A Clay Charms Craft Kit

clay charms craft kit - gift ideas for 10 year girl birthday

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This first gift idea is great for girls who love crafts or maybe would love to make their own jewelry. It’s a set with colored clays and everything you need to turn the clay into fun charms to hang on the accompanying charm bracelet. All you need is an oven to bake clay in to set it. Especially the book that comes with it with all the ideas and designs is a great part of this gift. You can even go out to buy more clay if they liked it. And to be fair, what adult wouldn’t love to try it out as well.

2. A Custom Name Necklace

Name necklace by LenaPersonalized on Etsy (personalised gifts for 10 year girl)

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A personalized piece of jewelry is always a nice gift for tween and teen girls. And this necklace by LenaPersonalized on Etsy is the perfect example. You can pick from a couple of metal colors and there you have a great personalized gift for a 10-year-old girl. If you don’t like this font, then have a look around as there are a bunch of different options and alternatives available on Etsy. And depending on the length of their name, maybe one design is prettier than the other.

3. A Color-Changing Moon Lamp

moon lamp; gifts for 10 year old girls

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This lamp comes in a couple of different sizes and will look in any 10-year-old’s bedroom. You can change the color with the little remote that comes with it. So, it’s even more fun than just a light. And whether you put it on a bookshelf or use it as a bedside lamp, it’s a great subtle night light to make your room a bit less dark without a typical night light. So, take a look at the size options and see which one you think she would like best for her room.

4. Blendable Brush Tip Markers

blendable brush markers as toys for 10-year old girls

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Is she into drawing and maybe watches a lot of art channels on YouTube? Then a set of alcohol brush tip markers are a great way to encourage her creative side. They’re easy to work with and can blend with each other to make your drawings so much better. This set here is a great starter set with a decent number of markers and really all sets by Ohuhu with brush tips are great gift ideas for 10-year-old girls. So, if she’s the artist in the family, this is the gift to get.

5. A Karaoke Microphone

a karaoke microphone - gifts for 10 year olds

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Who hasn’t at some point pretended that their hairbrush was a microphone? Well, now you can get them something a bit more real. This microphone can even be connected to your phone or speakers over bluetooth and has a built-in speaker as well. You can also put some fun effects on your voice to make it sound like you’re in a real arena performing. I think any tween girl would love to have one of these. And it even comes in a couple of different colors to pick from with this rose gold being a great choice.

6. A Unicorn Bathrobe

a unicorn bathrobe (10 year old girl gift ideas)

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This addition to this gift guide for girls age ten is great for any girl that’s into rainbows and unicorns. It’s basically a colorful unicorn bathrobe. It comes in a couple of different versions and colors to choose from. You can also go for another theme or animal, as there are loads of bathrobes like this out there. And all of them are great gift ideas. Especially if they love swimming or maybe have a swimming pool in their yard.

7. Paint Your Squishies Set

a squishy diy kit: girl toys for 10-year-olds

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Want to get them something crafty, but don’t know what to get? Then this squishies DIY set is a great choice. It comes with four blank squishies to paint and customize. They maybe even watch Moriah Elizabeth on YouTube as she’s the queen of painting them. It’s not too expensive and they even have a set of fun squishies as a result. So it’s both an activity and a gift to give. In my opinion, this is one of the most fun toys for 10-year-old girls to get as a present.

8. An Instax Mini Camera

an instax camera (best gifts for girls age 10)

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These cameras are a staple on all tween gift guides out there. And for a good reason. They’re a fun way to take pictures and a fun way to decorate your room with personal pictures. It’s such a simple but fun gift to get. And even if they already have a phone to take pictures with, that won’t take away from the fun of using one of these. If you decide to get it, make sure to also get a pack of film for it, so they can start using it straight away.

9. A Cute Neon Sign: 10-year-old girl gift ideas

a cute neon light - 10 year old christmas gifts for girls

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This is just one of the many fun neon signs out there. But, it’s a great small and cute one that most girls will love to put up in their room. It comes in a couple of different colors, so if she’s not really into pink, maybe the blue one is a better option. If you have a bigger budget, then you can also get a custom one made of her name. I think that would be one of the best personalized gifts for a 10-year-old girl. Just make sure she has the room to put it up.

10. A Reversible Octopus Plushie

reversible octopus plushie; birthday ideas for 10 year old girl

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Any plushie as long as it’s fun and cute would be a great present. But this reversible octopus is a great one. It comes in a bunch of different color combinations and you can even use it as a mood signal. When you’re sad, the sad octopus is out, when you’re okay and happy, you flip to the happy side. So, take a look at all the color options that are all great ideas. I would go with one that has two different expressions, because that makes this plushie so unique.

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11. Adorable Bath Bombs

bath bombs (gift for 10 year girl)

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This set of bath bombs is so adorable and actually looks delicious (but definitely don’t eat them.) It’s a set of six bath bombs that all look like different sweets or cupcakes. They’re pretty affordable and even just one of them would be a great present, especially as a stocking stuffer for a girl age 10. So, if she’s into Lush products and fun soaps, then this is a great gift. Of course, you can also go to Lush to pick out some more luxurious alternatives.

12. A Rainbow Fold-up Bottle

a rainbow fold-up bottle; gift ideas for 10 year old girls

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You can go for the more popular insulated water bottles, but they can get pretty pricey and are not always the most durable for young kids. Instead, this fold-up water bottle is probably a better option. This one comes in a fun rainbow color option and can be folded down to more easily fit into your bag. Because I think we all know how good kids are at not being able to fit their stuff in their bag at the end of the school day. 

13. A Learn How To Sew Kit

How to sew kit for kids (best gifts for 10 year olds)

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Maybe she watches a lot of sewing videos or would love to make her own clothes someday. If so, then this sewing kit for kids is a great gift idea for her. It comes in a couple of different versions and it comes with all the supplies you’ll need to make your first little sewing projects. They won’t turn out perfect, but that’s also not the point. It’s a great craft kit that feels a bit more adult than most craft kits for 10-year-olds. So, one of the best gifts for 10-year-old girls.

14. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

taco cat goat cheese pizza: gifts for 10 year old girls

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If you’re wondering what this is, well you’re probably not the only one, because its name doesn’t say much. But it’s basically a card game that you can play with just two people or more. It’s pretty complicated, though kids between 8 and 12 will love this the most. So, perfect for a girl of 10. So, if you want a game or activity that you can do together or they can do with their siblings, friends or cousins, then this is the perfect present to get.

15. Roller Skates: gifts for 10-year-old girls

roller skates as 10th birthday toys for girls

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Roller skates are popular again and for good reason. They’re so much fun to play with and learn how to skate on. These ones are even better because of their fun design and adjustable size. If their size isn’t in the range, then check out all the other alternatives. I think going with a fun color or design is a great way to upgrade a normal pair of roller skates. So, if they would love ice skating in winter, then they’ll love to get these.

16. Animal Crossing

animal crossing (presents for 10 year old girl)

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Does she have a Nintendo Switch? Then getting her a new game is also a great option. This one here is super popular in that tween age range, so if she doesn’t have it already and you have the budget, it’s definitely worth considering. Some other great options are Mario Party Superstar and Just Dance. Though the last one won’t be for all girls, as not every girl loves to dance. So, have a look around at the different games out there that she doesn’t have yet.

17. A Mermaid Blanket

a mermaid blanket - 10 year old birthday presents

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This idea is one of my favorite gift ideas for 10-year-old girls. It’s basically the perfect blanket for anyone who gets cold feet and legs and also happens to love mermaids. It’s a blanket in the shape of a mermaid tail. It comes in a couple of different colors and patterns. If she’s not into the mermaid stuff, then maybe skip this idea. I just think it’s something they can use while also being a really unique idea that they won’t be expecting, but will definitely love.

18. Starburst Lip Smackers

startburst lip smackers (presents for 10 year olds)

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Lip smackers are a great first step into makeup by adding a hint of color to your lips. This set here is Starburst-themed and flavored to make it even better. The brand has a bunch of other collaborations as well like M&Ms, Skittles, and even Disney. So, if you like the idea but they don’t like Starbursts, then check out the other options as well. Even just one of these would work great as a party favor or small stocking stuffer to get her.

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Now that you’ve scrolled through these fun gifts for 10-year-old girls, I hope that you now have some ideas on what to get her. You can also collect a bunch of smaller gifts and add some DIYs to make your own gift basket. Because those would also be some great gift ideas for 10-year-old girls that are even more unique and original.

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