19 Great Get-Well Gifts for Men in Hospital or At Home

Get-Well Gifts for Men

A get-well gift guide for men with great get-well gift ideas for him. 

Scroll down to find awesome gift ideas for men who are sick to make their being ill or injured a bit more fun and comfortable. These get-well gifts for men are great as a replacement for the typical bunch of flowers. So, take a look and find some ideas on this list for get-well gift ideas for men in the hospital or stuck at home.

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1. A Get Well Care Package for Men

get well gift box for men by UnboxMeGifts on Etsy - get well gifts for men

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The first present on this list is this care package for men by UnboxMeGifts on Etsy. It’s a great get well gift box that has everything to provide a bit of comfort and relaxation to the guy who’s sick. You can pick the card to personalize this gift and the box includes things such as peppermint tea, cold-pressed soap, and a pair of knit socks. It’s a simple and ready-made get-well gift idea for men that they’ll surely enjoy and you can get it shipped straight to their door.

2. A Microwavable Heating Pad

a microwavable heating pad: get well gift for man after surgery

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This heating pad uses corn to retain its heat and allows you to easily shape it to your body. You can also throw it in the freezer to use as a cooling pad and you can even wash it in the washing machine. You can pick from a bunch of different cover designs and from two different sizes. This is great if they’re suffering from a tummy ache or anything else that could use some soothing from a heating pad. These are so much easier than a warm water bottle and safer than something electric, so a great get well gift idea for men.

3. A Roku Streaming Stick

a roku streaming stick (gift ideas for a man recovering from surgery)

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Make it easier to use your streaming services on any screen you want. This Roku stick only needs an HDMI port and you’re ready to start watching whatever you want. So, if you’re stuck on the couch you can binge-watch whatever you want using the simple stick. It’s compatible with pretty much all streaming services and makes it that much easier to just sit back and watch tv for a day. Because that really all people want to do when they’re sick.

4. An Insulated Water Jug

an insulated water jug; gift ideas for a man recovering from surgery

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If they’re going to be stuck at home alone for a bit, then getting them a nice big water jug that will keep the water cool is a great idea. This one comes in a couple of different sizes and colors and is great to eliminate the need to constantly fill up your glass in the kitchen. So, not only is it going to be easier for the person who is going to be asked for that glass of water, it will also make sure that they’re staying hydrated while they’re sick and maybe running a fever. This is one of the most practical get well gifts for men that you can get.

5. A First Aid Candy Kit

first aid candy gift box as a get well care package for him

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This is probably the sweetest get-well present for him to get, literally. It’s filled with fun candy made to look like whatever they will need to get better. The pillbox is filled with jelly beans and the syringe is filled with chocolate and those are just two of the things included in this kit. It’s a fun gift that’s perfect for the sweet tooth who’s recovering from an injury. Probably not the best gift to give if they have the flu though, since candy might not sit well with them then.

6. A Pair of Comfy House Slippers

a pair of comfy slippers - get well soon gifts for him amazon

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The few times in your life that you really need a pair of comfy and easy to slip on slippers is when you’re sick. These come in a couple of different colors and be sure to read the reviews to figure out the size you should get, because they run a bit small. Slippers like these are great comfortable get well gifts for men after surgery if they don’t already have a pair. And if it’s wintertime, maybe even pair it with a pair of fuzzy socks to keep their feet nice and toasty.

7. Interesting Stories for Curious People

interesting stories for curious people book as post surgery gifts for him funny

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This book is filled with interesting stories, perfect to keep you from getting bored while in your sickbed. It’s definitely a book for adults, so don’t give this to your kid. The advantage to a book like this is that you don’t have to keep reading, or need to be too attentive to keep track of the story. Because all the stories are short enough to read in one go. There are lots of other books out there that are like this, but this one is perfect for adult men stuck and bored while getting better.

8. A Wakeup Light to Help you Sleep Better

a wake-up light: sick gifts for guys

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This is not only an alarm clock that won’t jar you awake, it also has a sunset setting. This way it’ll be a lot easier to fall asleep at night or during the day if necessary and you won’t be shocked into waking up by your typical alarm clock. Instead, this will slowly get you out of your slumber. This is a great get well gift idea for men, especially when they’re in the hospital or struggle to fall asleep at night. On top of all of that, it’s also a night light if you want, so you can find your way when you wake up in the middle of the night.

9. A Care Package of Their Favorite Snacks

a snack gift basket; get well gift basket for man

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If you don’t know what they enjoy best, then it’s easy to order this box from Amazon. However, this is probably even better as a DIY get well gift for men because you can pick and choose exactly what goes into it. Just grab a box, go to the store and fill it up with his favorites. It’s always a good idea to include some salty snacks, since that’s always a good choice when someone is sick. This box here comes with a total of 45 pieces of candy and snacks, so take a look to get an idea of what you can put in a care package for men.

10. An ‘I Do My Own Stunts’ T-Shirt

'I do my own stunts' T-shirt (get well gifts for men)

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If they recently got injured, then this shirt is a great funny shirt to give. The company also has a version of an injured arm, so you can even pick the one that matches them best. It’s a funny and affordable gift that will put a smile on their face and will be the perfect accessory to go along with their cast or crutches. All in all, this is a great addition to this get-well gift guide for men that is both funny and affordable. And if they’re unlucky, they’ll be able to wear it again in the future (or pass it on to someone else).

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11. A Black Out Sleep Mask

a black out sleeping mask as a great get well soon gifts for him

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Did they just have surgery or have to spend some days and nights in the hospital for another reason? Then this blackout sleep mask is probably the best thing to get. It will block out all the light from the hallway and such and even allows you to sleep well during the day. And everyone knows that sleep is the best cure for pain and headaches. And I know this mask looks a bit strange on the inside, but it keep the pressure from your eyes while also blocking out all the light.

12. A Nintendo Switch Lite

A nintendo switch lite - get well soon gifts for men in hospital

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Gaming is a great way to keep the boredom away from being sick or injured. This Nintendo Switch lite is the perfect solution, its screen is big enough to comfortably play and you can take it with you wherever you need to go, or of course, keep it right beside your bed. So, if they enjoy gaming and don’t own a Switch yet, then this is a great get well gift for him. It is the most expensive gift on this list as well, so if it’s not in you budget, just keep scrolling.

13. A Cozy Fleece Bathrobe

a comfortable bathrobe as great get well gifts for men after surgery

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A nice bathrobe is one of those staples that I couldn’t forget to include on this get-well gift guide for men. When you’re sick, you tend to just stay in your pajamas as long as you can, and a nice bathrobe like this one allows you to quickly throw something on if you need to. Or you keep it on to stay warm and toasty when you’re getting the shivers. So, whether they’re sick in the hospital or at home, a good bathrobe is a great affordable and useful present to get.

14. A Retro Candy Care Box

a retro candy care package: get well baskets for him after surgery

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This is another one of those get well baskets for him that you can probably assemble yourself if you have the time. But the idea is just a lot of fun. Go back to when he was young and get the candy that reminds him of being a kid and fill a nice box with it. This gift basket for men you can get on Amazon, but the homemade one is perhaps even better, but it will take some more effort, especially if you’re looking for his favorites. A get-well gift basket for men is just a really easy gift that they’ll surely enjoy and they don’t have to worry where they leave, they’ll just eat it. It’s kind of the male version of a bunch of flowers.

15. A Weighted Blanket for Better Sleep

a weighted blanket; get well soon gift for him

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A weighted blanket is a great solution if they struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. This one comes in a bunch of different weights and sizes and you can pick from a couple of different colors and prints. You need to check the chart to see how heavy the blanket needs to be for him, because that depends on his body weight. It’s a great get well present for men that need to sleep it off as much as possible or maybe struggle to sleep due to their illness or injury.

16. A Good Book to Distract Them

a good book as one of the best hospital gifts for guys

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A good book is probably one of the best gifts for men in the hospital, even if they don’t read a lot normally. I know that I never liked reading until I was stuck in a hospital bed for a while and I haven’t stopped reading since. Band of Brothers is just an example of one of the many great books out there that he may like. Try to find something that you think he’s into, though war stories like this are never really a miss. Or you can get him the audio book if he’s not up to reading right now.

17. A Self-Care Spa Basket for Men

a self-care spa kit: get well gift baskets for him

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Maybe now is the time for him to take a soak and take care of himself. This is the male equivalent of a spa gift basket. But instead of a basket, it’s a cooler bag, something that will be of more use than a basket probably. In it comes everything he needs to take a nice long bath and take some me-time to get better as soon as he can. A good bath also washes away all the sickly feeling and sweat you accumulate when you’re sick. A spa gift set is just a great get well gift for everyone.

18. An Fun Activity Book for Adults

An activity book for adults: hospital gift ideas for men

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If you’re not afraid of a bit of profanity or just looking for a funny get well gift idea, then this is a great choice. This book is filled with rude directions and activities to keep them busy while stuck at home or in the hospital being sick. Just make sure no kids can get their hands on it, because it is pretty profane. All in all, a fun and affordable present that will keep them from getting bored. It would also be a great addition to a gift basket for men who are sick.

19. A Set of Two Gourmet Get Well Cookies

two gourmet cookies - gift ideas for a man recovering from surgery

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The last addition to this list of get well gifts for men is this box filled with two 4.5 inch cookies that not only look great, but will taste a lot better than a bunch of medicine. So, if they can have something sweet, then this is a great gift idea if you’re looking for something unique and unexpected. It is a bit expensive for just two cookies, but the decorating and the wrapping make up for that I think. It’s a great gift for people who love cookies like this.

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I hope this get-well gift guide for men helped you find some good gifts for men who are sick. If you want to give them a gift basket by either making one yourself or ordering a ready-made one, then be sure to check out this list of basket ideas to help you get some inspiration. All in all, these are some great get-well gifts for men to help you come up with the perfect gift to give.

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