20 Best Game of Thrones Gifts for Every GoT Fan

Game of Thrones Gifts for Every GoT Fan

A Game of Thrones gift guide for fans. 

Game of Thrones was one of the most popular fantasy series ever, and with that comes a huge fandom. Everyone knows someone who loved or loves the GoT series. If you are looking for original gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans, then take a look at this list to find some of the best Game of Thrones gifts that every Westerosi would love to get.

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1. A Game of Thrones Map

a map of Westeros: game of thrones gifts

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If you’ve watched Game of Thrones or read the books, then you will know that the map can be incredibly confusing, yet vital to the actual story. So if you are looking for a great piece of decor that is a subtle reference to your favorite show, then this GoT map is it. It comes in a couple of different options and sizes and is perfect to have at hand while watching the show to keep track of where each character exactly is. It’s especially great for readers of the books, because the maps in the books are pretty small for the size of the world.

2. A “Dinner is coming” Apron

dinner is coming as game of thrones gifts amazon

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Are you looking for a fun and ridiculous game of thrones gift idea? Then this apron with the obvious reference to the house Stark motto “Winter is Coming” is the perfect option. This apron is just a funny reference to the show without being too weird for people who haven’t watched the show, though most people have. It’s a great smaller gift that’s perfect for summer and the grill master of your group, or at least the friend that thinks he is.

3. A Hand of the King Bottle Opener and Tyrion Beer Glass

hand of the kind bottle opener and tyrion beer glass (customized game of thrones gifts)

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There is no position more dangerous in the world of game of thrones as that of the hand of the king. Almost all of them have died in the series. However, it is also one of the most important roles. If you know someone who is a huge Tyrion Lannister fan, then this bottle opener is a great Game of Thrones gift idea. Because Tyrion is the only one so far who is still alive and the matching beer glass with one of his most famous quotes is a fun addition

4. A Game of Thrones Coloring Book for Adults

game of thrones coloring book; game of thrones gift ideas

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Just like everything that is game of thrones, even their coloring books are for adults. This is a great gift for the more subtle Game of Thrones fans. It’s a great book with some of your favorite characters and places popping up for you to color in as you please. You can maybe even make Jon Snow a blonde or a redhead if you want, it’s all up to you. It is primarily based on the books instead of on the series, so if they’ve only seen the show, keep scrolling for better gift ideas.

5. A Stark Sigil Tie

a stark sigil tie as gifts for game of thrones fans

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Do you know someone who is obsessed with house Stark and their Sigil? Then this tie is perfect for them. I love this tie because it’s subtle enough that not everyone will see that it’s a GoT tie straight away while also being a fun piece of merch from the show. Real fans will definitely notice and compliment you on your great tie choice and you’ve just found a new friend to discuss the show with. This is a great Christmas gift for the dad who loves Game of Thrones just as much as anyone else but can’t wear a full fur cape to show it.

6. Game of Thrones Gift Box of Socks

game of thrones socks - gifts

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Socks are always a great gift idea. The fact that these ones are game of thrones themed makes them even better. This gift box comes with all the sigils of the major houses as well as some other fun socks. This can serve as a great gift for Christmas since it’s wrapped as a twelve days of Christmas box with each slot having a new pair of socks that you can open each day. So not only are the socks themselves pretty amazing the packaging just raises it to the next level.

7. A Hodor Door Stop

a hodor door stop (game of thrones gifts)

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One of the most popular and most well-loved characters in Game of Thrones was probably Hodor. The loyal companion and friend of the Stark children. His death scene and the revelation of the history behind his name is probably one of the most emotional scenes of the series. So if you loved Hodor, then this doorstop is a nice and ironic addition to your home. and not only is it great for stopping your door, it also is a fun piece of GoT merchandise that comes in a couple of different wood colors.

8. GoT Version of Monopoly

GoT monopoly - game of thrones gift

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Another great piece of Game of Thrones merchandise is the GoT edition of Monopoly. In this version the streets are famous locations from the series and the entire game is transformed into the Game of Thrones world. With this Game of Thrones gift idea, you will give them a classic game that everyone knows and loves in a new version that looks way more appealing than the standard monopoly game. So, if you’re looking for Game of Thrones gifts for board game fans, then this is the gift to get them.

9. An Arya Stark Hoodie

an Arya Stark (faceless men) Hoodie: game of thrones gifts for her

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Are you one of the many fans of Arya Stark? Then this hoodie will be a great gift. It comes in a couple of different colors, all with the recognizable quote of the faceless men on it. So do you love the character of Arya Stark as much as I do? Then you need this hoodie in your life. Not only is it a fun nod to the show and your favorite character, it’s also just a comfy hoody to put one while watching show or hanging around the house.

10. A Game of Thrones Figurine USB Stick

USB figurine Jon Snow as game of thrones gifts for him

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Another great gift is one of these figurine USB sticks. They’re a more practical gift, because everyone is always looking for a USB stick and it’s fun to have. You can also hang it on your keys to make it even more useful. It has a version for most of the major characters, so depending on who their favorite is, you can get the character they want. It also comes in two different storage sizes, so take a look to see which one will be the best option for you.

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11. The Official Game of Thrones Board Game

offical GoT board game: best game of thrones gifts

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Do you love Game of Thrones and board games? Then this one’s for you. This is an original game based on the series and books. In the game, you will come across some of the great locations in Westeros and you get to play the game of thrones yourself, where you win or die. It’s not based on any already existing games like the monopoly game above, which means you get an entirely new board game to play with your friends while immersing yourself in the world of ice and fire.

12. Three Dragon Egg Candles

three dragon egg candles as cool game of thrones gifts

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Are you more of a Daenerys/Khaleesi fan? Then these decorative dragon egg candles are a great gift idea. I think they look amazing even to people who won’t get the reference. So bring a bit of Game of Thrones into your home decor with these stunning candles. They’re unscented and are great to put on a bookshelf or as a piece of decor in your office. And don’t worry, they’re not as expensive as you might think. And unlike in the show, we know what will happen to these when you light them on fire.

13. The GoT Cookbook

the GoT cookbook: A feast of ice and fire - funny game of thrones gifts

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This GoT cookbook is George R.R. Martin approved and will teach you all sorts of recipes from Westeros. It will teach you a lot about more traditional and medieval cooking with added twists so they’re perfect for Game of Thrones Fans. But don’t worry there isn’t a recipe on Ramsey Bolton’s favorite meal in there, everything is perfectly edible and relatively normal to eat. So, if you want something unique to try out, then this is a great Game of Thrones gift to get.

14. A Banner of Your Favorite House

stark sigil banner (games of thrones gifts)

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If you want to decorate your home with a clear message as to what your favorite Game of Thrones house is, then this one is for you. You can get the banner of your favorite House and hang it on your wall to make your allegiance clear. They’re pretty affordable, so even if you’re looking for Game of Thrones party decor, these banners are a great addition to any room. You can get them for all the main houses that the show focuses on without spending a fortune.

15. A GoT 4D Puzzle of Westeros

4D Westeros puzzle - birthday gifts game of thrones

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Do you want to get to know the geography of Westeros even better? Then this puzzle is a great way to discover everything you need to know. This puzzle will create a map of Westeros and you can build the major castles on the map. You can also move the sigils around according to which house is in possession of which lands as you watch the series or read the books. This is a great activity to take your time with and will be a lot of fun to put together.

16. The Game of Thrones Box Set

game of thrones box set on Amazon

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Are you not done with the show yet and want to rewatch it from scratch (though maybe not watch the last season again and pretend it didn’t happen)? Then this box set with all the series is the perfect addition to your DVD or Blue-Ray collection. In this box set, you get all the eight seasons of the show with bonus material such as more information about the history of Westeros. It is one of the more expensive piece of merchandise on this list, though a must-have for fans of the show.

17. Iron Throne Toilet Decal

iron throne decal as gift game of thrones

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Always wanted to sit on the iron throne? Well, here’s your chance to do exactly that. This funny decal is perfect for any Game of Thrones lover who can use some decor for in their bathroom and they will probably spend more time on this throne than any of the characters did in the series. So, if you’re looking for funny game of thrones gifts for fans for the show, then this is a great affordable option to get. Just make sure that if they share a bathroom his roommates are also fine with this fun idea.

18. A GoT Version of Risk

GoT version of risk (game of thrones gift set)

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The politics of Game of Thrones are very recognizable and have a lot to do with military conquest. Well, you can play out this part of the story to a tee with this GoT version of the board game Risk. You play on the Game of Thrones map and get to battle for the seven kingdoms as you play the game. Don’t worry, there’s no need to actually kill one another, you can just play it out on the map. It’s great fun if you’re with more people.

19. A Stark Family Sigil Mug

winter is coming mug; game of thrones themed gifts

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Do you want to give a more stereotypical gift, then I can strongly suggest this mug with the famous quote and Stark sigil. ‘Winter Is Coming” is probably the most well-known quote of the show and everyone will recognize it. So to put it on a mug is a good idea to have a bit of fun with the quote. The mug itself already looks pretty great with its matte black background and the direwolf just really finishes it up. Just fill it with some snacks and you’re good to go.

20. A Leather-Bound Book Set

book set leatherbound of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin (best game of thrones merchandise)

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If you love the tv-series, then you’ll adore the books. This leather-bound set of  A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the name of the book series, is an amazing gift. I have the paperback book set, but I would still love to get this version. So, if you know someone who loves to read and maybe they haven’t read the books yet, then this is the perfect Game of Thrones gift for them. Even for people who have read them, this set would still be a great thing to receive.

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Hopefully, you found what you were looking for and are going to make someone very happy with their Game of Thrones gifts and presents! If you want even more tv-series based gifts, then be sure to take a look at this post filled with great gift ideas based on your favorite series and movies.

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