24 Funny Gag Gifts for Men and Women

Funny Gag Gifts for Men and Women

Find the best funny prank gifts to give. 

Are you looking for funny and ridiculous gifts for your friends? Then check out this gift guide filled with great gag gifts for men and women that they’ll love, or at least everyone else will love their face when they get it. So, scroll down and see which one of these prank gifts you like best and you think are perfect to prank your friend or family member with.

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1. A Sequin Nicolas Cage Pillow

a sequin nicholas cage pillow (gag gifts for men)

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The first item on this gag gift guide is great for any Nicolas Cage fan. It’s a sequin pillow that comes in a couple of different colors and has the face of Nicolas cage on one side of the sequins. If you don’t like the face that it’s Nicolas Cage, then take a look around on Amazon, because there is also a Danny Devito and Keanu Reeves option out there as well. This is one of the best funny gifts that looks neutral and totally normal until they start playing with the sequins.

2. A Toilet Night Light

a toilet night light - gag gifts for women

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Who doesn’t know the pain of the bright light of the bathroom when you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. This toilet night light is a great and fun solution for that. It’s a clip-on light that’s battery-operated and you can pick the color to make your nightly toilet visit a bit less painful. This is perfect for pretty much everyone, even kids would like to have one of these in the house. You can also just use it to add some fun color to your bathroom in a non-permanent way.

3. A Set of Half-Pint Glasses

half-pint glasses as gag gifts amazon

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Now, this is probably one of my favorite gag gifts for men who like a good glass of beer. With this one, they can easily split a beer with one of their friends, or just feel like they’re drinking less without having to use a tiny glass to do so. It comes in a set of two that matches up together, so it would even look great on your counter or even as a piece of decor. If you want, you can even use it as a pair of bookends when you fill it with rocks or something.

4. A Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

a ben & jerry's ice cream lock (funny christmas gifts)

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For everyone who loves a good pint of ice cream, this Ben & Jerry’s lock is pretty essential to keep your prized possession safe from other people (or yourself). This is basically a lock to put on a pint of ice cream and has a number lock to keep other people from opening the dessert. Of course, if they’re really persistent, they will still get in, as it’s still just a cardboard container, but it definitely sends a strong message not to touch it. So, perfect for anyone with roommates who struggle to remember what food is whose.

5. Lightsaber Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks; funny gifts for women

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This gag gift idea is perfect for the Star Wars fan who also loves Chinese food. These lightsaber chopsticks come in a bunch of different colors and are really funny gift ideas. Of course, don’t expect these to be the best chopsticks ever as they are primarily a fun piece of merch. You can’t put them in the dishwasher because of the battery that’s inside but other than that, these are a fun smaller present that will put a smile on pretty much everyone’s face.

6. The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

the worst alphabet book ever: funny gag gifts

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If they are a teacher, or maybe study languages, then they will love this book for sure. It’s exactly what the title says it is: the worst alphabet book ever. Each page is filled with a word and illustration that’s perfect for learning the stupid twists that come with the English alphabet. Because everyone knows that ‘Czar’ is a great word to learn about the pronunciation and spelling of that letter. So, if you’re looking for a fun book, this is the item to get.

7. A Basketball Hoop Hamper

a basketball laundry hoop - prank gifts

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Who wouldn’t like to make laundry just a bit more fun? And if they also happen to like basketball, then this is the perfect gag present for teens or really anyone who struggles to remember what the laundry hamper is for. You simply hook this hoop over the top of your door and there you have a basketball hoop you can use to collect your laundry while also practicing your basketball skills every time you get changed and need to put something in the wash.

8. Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee (best gag gifts)

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Do they struggle to get up in the morning without a strong cup of coffee? Then this bag of ‘the world’s strongest coffee’ might just be strong enough for them to make the mornings just a bit easier. You can get a one-pound bag or go full in and get a huge five-pound coffee bag to make sure they have enough to last them for a while. Make sure you’re getting the ‘dark roast’ one as the other is a bit lighter, and you want to get them the strongest coffee possible to get them going.

9. An Adorably Funny Beard Beanie

an adorable beard beany; gag gift ideas for kids

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Are you looking for a funny gift idea for kids or one of the best gag gifts for men who struggle to grow a beard? Then this is the best funny gift to get. It comes in a bunch of different versions and sizes and makes it look as if you have a beard while also keeping your face warm and cozy on the colder winter days. Don’t worry, you can also wear the hat by itself, as the beard is attached to the hat with velcro strips. If you like this idea, make sure to check out all the options it comes in and if you want to take it a step further, then maybe consider one of the bigger Viking beards that are also out there.

10. A WTF Notepad

a WTF notepad - funny gift ideas

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A notepad like this is perfect for coworkers or to have in the office when you want to easily write a note on something weird that just happened without having to write out an entire note. It’s a simple fill-in form that you can use for whatever purpose you want. You can also use it to write a note to a teenager if you’re taking care of one as they quite often do something that is rather wtf-worthy. So, if you’re looking for something fun and simple, this notepad is a great choice.

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11. A Wine Stocking: a funny Christmas gift

a wine stocking; funny Christmas presents

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Boxed wine is perfect for the holidays and with this stocking, you can even make it more fun. Make sure to fill it up above the sink in case of a leak or the tap being open and then just hang it with the other stockings as a funny Christmas gag gift idea for adults. You can even get a couple of them and fill them with different types of wine to then get people to try and guess which is which. So, you can use it for whatever drink you want and it just makes it that much more festive.

12. A Finger Weightlifting Kit

the finger weightlifting set (joke gifts)

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If they’re really into weightlifting and working out, then one of the best gag gifts for men you can get is this finger weightlifting kit to help them exercise whatever strength they may have in their hands. It comes with a little book filled with exercises to try out as well as a barbell, a kettlebell weight, and some elastic bands. It’s a fun exercise-themed present that will put a smile on everyone’s face and everyone will want to try it out and see who has the strongest fingers, something women might find very interesting to learn.

13. A Cat Tarot Set: gag gifts for women

the cat tarot kit; gag gifts for women

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Reading tarot cards is one of those things people can find really interesting or really weird and useless. Either way, it’s a fun activity to do with friends at a party. And this cat tarot set has everything you need to do so yourself in a fun and original way. You get a card set with 78 different cat-themed tarot cards and a guidebook to help you translate whatever cards you end up laying out. So, if you’re looking for something fun and a bit kooky, then this is a great option.

14. Light When … Farts Candle

a candle for smelly farters; christmas gag gift ideas

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Candles are always great Christmas gifts and this one is funny to boot. You can get it personalized and ready to go by just picking the scent, choosing the color of the lid, and typing in the name of the person who is notorious for having rather smelly farts. Did you have a person in mind straight away when you saw this present? Then you’re probably going to be quite successful with this one. Just make sure they won’t be too embarrassed and will actually use it (even if it’s just as a normal candle.)

15. A Boyfriend Snuggle Pillow

a boyfriend pillow (funny gifts for girls)

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Now, this is probably one of the best gag gift ideas for women who’ve been single for a while but would like to have someone to snuggle with from time to time. It’s not only funny, but it’s also super comfy to have in your bed and it even comes in a bunch of different colored shirts. So, if they have a favorite color, you can make sure their pretend boyfriend matches that perfectly. It’s a bit of a weird gift, but that’s why it’s such a great addition to this funny gift guide.

16. A Shakespearian Insults Poster

shakespearian insults poster - funny present ideas

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If you know they love books and particularly poetry or older plays, then this poster filled with Shakespearian insults is perfect for them. It’s not a book, but it will make them smile and would be perfect for in their office. Of course, this would also be a great prank gift idea for someone who curses a lot, but isn’t very original with his wording. Either way, this is a great addition to this gift guide and is perhaps a bit more subtle than the other options I showed.

17. A ‘Porn for Women’ Book

a 'porn for women' book: prank gifts for her

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Don’t be scared away from this book, just because of its title. Because it’s a lot more subtle than you might think. It’s basically a book of what women really want a man to do, namely chores around the house. What’s better than watching a man do the vacuuming without breaking something. It’s one of the funniest prank gifts for women on this list, though also great for men to get inspired on how to please their partner.

18. A Giant Tortilla Blanket

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What would be more fun than to actually turn yourself into a giant burrito whenever you want. This is great as a gag gift for a family or someone who just really loves burritos. Though, you can also get this blanket in a couple of different designs, with the pizza one being another favorite of mine. You can even pick from a couple of different sizes and I think that you can’t really go too big with a nice comfy blanket, so go for whatever one you want.

19. A Funny Wine Glass

a funny wine glass; adult gag gifts

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If you’re looking for gag gifts for mom or dad, then this is the perfect one to embarrass all your other siblings. Or, if you’re an only child, then it’s a nice pun. A funny wine glass is one of those things that are always fun things to get. It’s a nice change from the typical mug with a pun that you probably already thought of while looking for funny prank gift ideas. This is just one of the many options, but definitely a great one if you’re looking for something to give your parents.

20. Cold Beer Coats: funny gifts for men

beer cozy coats: funny adult gag gifts

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Do they love a good can of beer? Or are they always drinking soda while out and about? Then this set of beer cozies that look just like miniature puffer coats might just be the perfect little funny Christmas gifts to get them to keep their drink colder for longer. You can also get a set of swimming vests just like this as well, though I think the little coats look a lot better. So, if you’re looking for something small and fun, then this is a great option.

21. Animal Butt Magnets

animal butt magnets as cheap funny gifts

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A great set of small funny gifts are these animal butt magnets. They actually come in a couple of different versions with, for example, only cat or dog butts instead of the assorted set you see here. It’s a fun little prank gift for in the office to put on the fridge or magnet board or for someone who collects a bunch of magnets on their fridge. It’s probably not the best option for teachers, except if you know they can have fun with it just like their pupils will.

22. A Dinosaur Taco Holder

a dinosaur taco holder - funny christmas gift ideas

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Who can’t use a handy dinosaur to hold their taco? It’s maybe a bit of a weird kitchen gadget, but definitely a fun addition to anyone’s love for tacos. With it, you don’t have to worry that your taco will fall apart when you put it down. Instead, this handy triceratops will keep your taco safe and ready to eat. There are actually a couple of different animals that can do this out there on Amazon, though this dinosaur does have the perfect shape for it.

23. Toilet Golf Set

a toilet golf set - good gag gifts

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Do you know someone who loves a good game of golf and also happens to spend a lot of time in the smallest room in the house? Then this toilet golf set is a great way to combine their two hobbies. It’s a funny little set that might not be the most professional setup, but it’s sure to put a smile on their face while they practice their putting skills. It’s also one of the cheapest prank gift ideas on this list, so you don’t have to be afraid that you wasted your money on something like this.

24. A ‘Grow a Boyfriend’ Kit

a grow a boyfriend kit as a funny gift idea for women

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Now, this addition is perfect for the single lady (or man) in your life. It’s basically a tiny man that you can hydrate to grow a bit taller. This way, they can finally have the boyfriend they’ve been dreaming of right in their own little glass of water. Don’t expect too much from this cheap gag gift, because it won’t grow into something life-sized. So, it’s truly more the idea behind it that counts. Either way, I think it’s a great addition to this prank gift guide that’s filled with ridiculous items that you probably didn’t know even existed.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these funny prank gift ideas, I hope you have some ideas in mind for what to get your friend for Christmas or their birthday as a gag. If you want to go the super cheap option, then you can always make something yourself. If you don’t know where to get any ideas from, then take a look at these funny DIY Christmas gifts. Whether you make them from scratch or order them online, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect funny gag gifts to give.

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