44 Best Fortnite Gifts for Kids & Adults

Best Fortnite gifts for kids & adults

A Fortnite gift guide filled with the best gifts for Fortnite fans. 

Are you wondering what to get someone who likes Fortnite? Then check out this list filled with the best Fortnite gifts for kids and adults. A Fortnite gift guide filled with fun and original Fortnite gift ideas for everyone ranging in price and audience. So, scroll down to take a look and find the best gifts for Fortnite players.

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1. Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly: fortnite gifts

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There are many versions of Monopoly out there and this one is perfect for Fortnite players. Make them leave their computer and play a game of Monopoly with the Fortnite edition instead. The entire game has been altered to function more like the video game, from having to avoid the storm and finding loot boxes along the way.  This Monopoly is the perfect present for Fortnite fans that might not have the traditional game already.

2. A Life-Size Rainbow Smash Harvesting Tool

A Life-Size Rainbow Smash Harvesting Tool (fortnite gift ideas)

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Make the game come to life with the real-life pickaxe that you can play with in-game. For those that haven’t ever played the game might be a bit confused about its unicorn design. However, this is really a pickaxe in the game you can use. So, if you’re looking for a fun piece of Fortnite merch, then this life-size rainbow smash pickaxe is a great option. And if you don’t like the unicorn one, then be sure to check out the versions it comes in as well.

3. A Fortnite Brite Bomber Mug

A Fortnite Brite Bomber Mug - gifts for fortnite fans

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This mug might not shout ‘Fortnite merch’ at you, though every Fortnite player will recognize it for what it is. It is a direct reference to the rare Brite Bomber skin from the Sunshine & Rainbows set. So, if you’re looking for a small Fortnite gift idea that doesn’t depict any of the weapons in the game, then this is a fun option. I would say it’s one of the cuter items on this gift guide and overall, Fortnite-themed mugs are a great present to get.

4. The Battle Royal Bus & Figurines

Fortnite Set of the Battle Royal Bus & 2 Figurines: fortnite gifts for boys

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Another fun gift idea is this set that includes the recognizable bus and two figures of the game. The bus is 13″ tall and a great Fortnite toy or decor item to give that will look great on a bookshelf or is just fun to play with. The bus is a toy and not just a decorative item. The wheels can turn and the back of the Fortnite bus can open to drop your players from. I would say this is probably one of the most iconic and recognizable Fortnite toys on this list, though also one of the pricier ones.

5. A Fortnite Advent Calendar

A Fortnite Advent Calendar - fortnite gifts amazon

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If you’re looking for a Fortnite Christmas gift, then this advent calendar is a great gift to get. It contains 24 tiny Funko Pops of different Fortnite characters and skins you can play with. This advent calendar is also a great alternative if you don’t want to overload them with sweets during the holiday season, as it can be a bit much for kids during the holidays. All in all, these are pretty fun gift ideas for Fortnite fans.

6. A Survival Guide

A Survival Guide - fortnite gifts for adults

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This guidebook is the official survival guide written by the creators of the game. It will help you get better at the game and if this is for someone who generally doesn’t like to read books, this is a great way to get them started. The book is illustrated throughout to make the plethora of information digestible and easy to get through for younger readers. So, if you’re looking for a fun Fortnite gift idea that doesn’t involve more screen time, then this is a great gift to get.

7. A ‘Loot’ Llama Plush

A 'Loot' Llama Plush as one of the best fortnite gifts for kids

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No one can deny that Fortnite has some great and even cute designs in-game. From its colorful skins and its bright world to the ridiculous flying bus, it makes a lot of sense that kids love a game like Fortnite. Because of its cute design elements, there are also a lot of Fortnite plush characters out there. This loot llama one is perhaps one of the most recognizable items in the game. And that means that you can get it as a plush animal on Amazon.

8. A Light-Up Boogie Bomb

a light-up boogie bomb (fortnite gifts)

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This piece of Fortnite merch is small and a fun gift idea for kids. It lights up and plays music from the game to dance to. It’s a very affordable present, so keep that in mind because the quality isn’t necessarily the best according to some of the reviews. Though, I would say this is a good gift for kids or when you want to use it for a Halloween outfit or as a nice piece of decor to put on a bookshelf in your room.

9. 100 Stickers: Fortnite gift ideas

100 Fortnite Stickers; fortnite gift

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This set of stickers are great to turn any item into Fortnite merch. They are vinyl stickers and can be put on your laptop, water bottle, and pretty much everything that has a smooth surface without having to worry about water getting to it. These stickers are great affordable Fortnite gifts that every player of the game will love to get. It includes all of their favorite characters, weapons, and much more. So, take a look to see if you think this would be a great stocking stuffer or not.

10. Fortnite Pajamas

Fortnite pajamas as fortnite gift ideas

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This pair of pajamas for kids is a great comfy piece of Fortnite merch to give. The design is bright and colorful and just wonderful for boys and girls to wear as some comfy pajamas to sleep in. It comes in two different designs that are both cute and Fortnite-themed without any of the violence or guns that are in the game on them. These would be great Christmas gifts, as pajamas are always a great choice for the holidays.

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11. A Funko Pop of Your Favorite Fortnite Skin

A Funko Pop; fortnite birthday gifts

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Fortnite Funko Pop figurines come in pretty much every single skin (aka character) in Fortnite. If you know what their favorite is, then head over to Amazon and you’ll probably find a figurine of it. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then this skin/character, in particular, is a good one to go with. This skin has become legendary in the community and is one of the most sought-after ones among players. So, if you’re looking for a small but successful gift, then this one is it.

12. A Chug Jug Water Bottle

a chug jug water bottle - gifts for fortnite fans

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Another fun small gift idea for him on this list of Fortnite gift ideas is this bottle that makes any of your drinks look like an energizing chug jug. This is a drink in the game that will restore your health and shields. Not sure that this will work the same in the real world, but you can give it a try. You can use it for sports or take it with you on a trip. Not only makes it look like you’re drinking a chug jug, it might also make them drink more water if you use this. All in all, a pretty fun affordable gift idea.

13. A Loot Llama T-Shirt

a loot llama t-shirt; cool fortnite gifts

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A fun Fortnite shirt is not something you can go wrong with and this one actually looks good and has a fun design on it. This shirt is meant for boys and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. So, if you’re an adult and you wanted this shirt, sorry. Though, you can try to get a large, since they tend to fall out a bit big. Either way, this shirt is another fun gift idea to add to your list of Fortnite gift ideas for boys.

14. A Nerf Fortnite Rocket Launcher

A Nerf Gun (fortnite presents)

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Nerf and Fortnite have collaborated in creating a set of Nerf guns that look just like their Fortnite counterparts. There are a couple of different designs out there ranging in price and popularity. The one depicted here is one of the more popular affordable options that most kids would love to have and play with. It looks just like one of the rocket launchers in Fortnite and will be a great piece of Fortnite merch to have without it looking like an actual gun.

15. A Llama Loot Pinata

a llama loot pinata: gifts for fortnite players

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The loot llama in Fortnite is supposed to be a pinata, so what’s more fun than an actual loot llama pinata? This pinata is filled with small Fortnite toys, so you get more than just the pinata. The one seen above is the biggest, but also the most expensive one to get. There is a smaller version as well, which is also filled with some toys, just fewer. So, click here if you want to take a look at the smaller version. Both pinatas are great gift ideas to celebrate a Fortnite-themed birthday with.

16. A Fortnite Keychain

A Fortnite Keychain (fortnite birthday presents)

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Another great birthday gift idea for Fortnite players is one of these adorable keychains. They come in a wide variety of characters and you’re sure to find one of their favorite skin. This one, in particular, is one of my personal favorites. It’s just really cute and any boy is sure to love this one. If you prefer one of the other skins better, then head over to Amazon and you’re sure to find a version of that skin. These keychains are one of the best small Fortnite presents for boys out there.

17. A Set of Fortnite Posters

Fortnite posters as best fortnite gifts

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If you’re looking for something to decorate your room with, then this set of Fortnite posters is a great option. The posters are about 10 inches in height each, so not too big nor too small to hang on your wall. I would say these posters are a fun and simple way to transform your room without having to make any drastic changes. You can find a bunch of different prints online, so have a look around if you like this idea but not the design.

18. A Fortnite Hoodie

A Fortnite Hoodie - best gifts for fortnite gamers

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This hoodie comes in a couple of different designs, depending on what skin or theme and design you like best. So, don’t worry if this one’s too bright for you, there are some other options to choose from as well. The sizes range from an x-small all the way to an xx-large, so it’ll fit both kids and adults. This hoodie is a fun piece of Fortnite merch to give someone as a gift because they’ll actually use it. It’s also great for the holidays as it will keep you warm and cozy.

19. A Fortnite Notebook

A Notebook to Keep Track of Your Wins (and Losses) - fortnite gifts for boys

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A good notebook is just one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with and for Fortnite, this is no different. This notebook is bright and colorful and perfect as a fun and useful gift for Fortnite fans. It might not be as exciting as some of the other Fortnite gifts on this list, but that won’t make it any less successful. This can serve as a diary or for them to keep track of their games. All in all, a fun and useful present to get.

20. A Fortnite Bed Set

a fortnite bedding set (fortnite christmas gifts)

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Do you want to get them super comfy, then this is it. This bedding set is completely inspired by the game, from the reversible comforter to the sheet set, you will be sure to recognize it for what it is: A fun piece of Fortnite merchandise. This set is perfect for a twin bed and is sure to be a great gift to give. It’s another way to decorate your room without making any permanent changes. So, if he loves to play Fortnite, then he’s sure to love this bed set. Just make sure you have the budget for it, as it is a bit more expensive than the other items on this gift guide.

21. A Fortnite Baseball Cap

A Fortnite Baseball Cap: fortnite present

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This baseball cap comes in three different designs, with this one being the brightest. A cap like this is a fun and versatile gift to get, keep in mind though that the baseball is an adult size, so be prepared for kids to grow into it, though it will be a perfect fit for a teen. I would say this is a fun basic Fortnite gift idea to get someone who loves Fortnite and can use a bit of protection from the sun from time to time. And who can’t use a good baseball cap for summer?

22. A Fortnite Coloring Book

a Fortnite coloring book (fortnite gifts for kids)

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A fun coloring book is not just for small kids. This Fortnite coloring book is filled with great illustrations from the game and the drawings are not too simple, so a lot of ages will love this book and enjoy coloring it in. So, if you’re looking for a Fortnite activity that takes them away from the actual game for a bit, then this is a great gift idea for them. The book is filled with different illustrations for you to color in and the book itself is pretty affordable. So a cheap gift to get as well.

23. A Fortnite Beach Towel

A Fortnite Beach Towel; birthday present fortnite

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A towel is something everyone can always use, and that’s also why it’s on this Fortnite gift guide. This towel has a fun and bright design without any of the weapons from the game on them and is a great Fortnite gift for boys and girls of all ages. This is one of those presents that are great for under the Christmas tree and great for the start of summer when you just can’t have too many towels in your house. So, to make their swimming trip a bit more fun, you can get this Fortnite towel to add a bit of color.

24. A Fortnite Drift Mask for Halloween

a Drift mask (fortnite present ideas)

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This gift idea is a bit more restricted to one time of the year, and that is Halloween. This mask is a great and easy way to dress up as a Fortnite player. And afterward, you can hang it on your wall is a fun piece of decor. It’s a bit big, but any boy that plays Fortnite and loves Halloween is sure to love this mask of one of the legendary skins in the game. This mask is a part of the Drift skin and is one of the most wanted skins in the game. So, you’re sure to make someone very happy with this Fortnite present.

25. Fortnite Jenga

Jenga (fortnite themed gifts)

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Earlier on, this gift guide had the Fortnite version of Monopoly, and here is the Fortnite version of Jenga. We all know Jenga as a fun game for all ages and with this edition, the game gets an addition of a spinning wheel. On top of that, an added goal is to reach the top with one of the characters as quickly as possible while removing blocks as you go. A great upgrade to the basic game that might seem a bit outdated to some kids. This is a great way to get them into board games and other games that aren’t necessarily Fortnite.

26. Socks as Fortnite Gifts for Boys

fun socks as fortnite birthday present ideas

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These socks are great Fortnite presents for kids and adults alike. A fun little gift that you can’t really go wrong with, except if you get the wrong size, so make sure to figure out which size to get. If you’re looking for a small and funny gift idea, then these socks are a great option to get. Every Fortnite fan is sure to smile when they open this present and it’s great to wear around the home or to show off when they’re changing their shoes for PE.

27. A Fortnite Gaming Mouse Pad

a fortnite gaming mouse pad (best gift for fortnite players)

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Are you looking for something to decorate their desk or to improve their gaming with? Then this big mouse pad is a great gift to get. It has a fun design and is a bit bigger than your average mouse pad. This is another smaller and more affordable gift idea on this list and is sure to be well-loved. One thing you have to check though before you get it is that they actually play the game on a pc and not on some other console because then they won’t have any use for it.

28. A Colorful Backpack

a colorful backpack - best gifts for fortnite lovers

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This backpack is another great gift idea, especially for the beginning of the school year. This backpack comes in a bunch of different Fortnite-inspired designs. The different designs are all completely different, so you’re sure to find one they’ll like. It’s big enough to fit in all your school supplies and even has a laptop slot inside to keep their laptop safe wherever they go. This sturdy Fortnite backpack is a great addition to this list of Fortnite gifts for kids.

29. A Battle Bus Drone

A Battle Bus Drone; gifts for fortnite lovers

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When I first came across this battle bus drone, I thought it would be way too expensive to put on this gift guide, however, it’s not all that ridiculously expensive. It’s not the cheapest gift idea on this list, but for a drone, this Fortnite one is pretty affordable. You get a small controller with it which makes it easy to control for kids and is a great outside toy that will keep them busy for hours on end. It’s not too big, but that probably makes it a lot safer to play with. So, if you’re looking for a really cool Fortnite gift, then this battle bus drone will probably be your best choice.

30. A Night Light Projector

a nigh light - fortnite christmas presents

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This night light will take your dreams to the next level (and maybe into a Fortnite game, you never know). With it, you can project the loot llama from Fortnite in your room in 7 different colors or one of the many other Fortnite-themed designs they offer. You can use it as a night light or as a fun piece of decor in your room. It’s touch-activated, so perfect for on your nightstand. You can charge it using USB or use good old batteries to power it. Either way, this projector is a really unique Fortnite gift to get.

31. A Fortnite Visual Encyclopedia from Season 1 to X

A Fortnite Visual Encyclopedia from Season 1 to X: fortnite merch gifts

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Get a good overview of all the items, skins and everything in between that are in Fortnite with this visual encyclopedia. Spend your time leafing through it to find the skin you want to get next in the game. This is an encyclopedia that is also a great way to talk about the game and the skins that will help make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what you’re talking about. In other words, this Fortnite book is a great gift idea for kids to discuss the game with their friends.

32. A Fun Pillow Cover

A Pillow Cover with the Fortnite Ranger - presents fortnite

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This fun pillow is a great present to add a bit of Fortnite merch to your bedroom without having to do an entire makeover of your room. It’s relatively small at 16″ and can be put on your bed or in your chair as a bit of back support while gaming. The fabric is super soft, so also great to take with you while traveling. This gift idea is both cute and useful and every Fortnite fan will love to get this for their birthday or Christmas.

33. A Battle Royale Water Bottle

a battle royal water bottle as a fornite gift

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This water bottle looks a lot cooler than most out there. Its design is great for kids and adults and because it’s made out of stainless steel, so it will also work as an insulated water bottle, keeping your drink cool for longer. The water bottle doesn’t look like a water bottle, but it is, though it looks more like a can. So, if you don’t want to get a gift that’s too brightly colored, then this travel sippy cup is a fun gift to get. You can take it with you to school and it will keep your drink fresh throughout the day.

34. A Fortnite Phone Case Filled with Emotes

A Fortnite Phone Case Filled with Emotes (fortnite related gifts)

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A phone case is one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with for tweens and teens and this one filled with colorful emotes from the game is a great phone case for Fortnite fans. Be sure to check what phone they have to ensure that it’ll fit. This Fortnite phone case is one of the best Fortnite gifts for boys on this list, because everyone is sure to love and use it. So, if you don’t know a lot about Fortnite, don’t worry there are plenty of gift ideas you can get them without having to actually understand or know the game in detail. And this phone case is one of those.

35. A Squad Mode Set of Figurines

best fortnite gifts - Squad Mode Figurines

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Squad mode in Fortnite is how you can play in teams, and this set is a reference to that. It’s a set of Fortnite figures, weapons, and four building materials to make the game come alive. The set contains 4 popular characters including the ‘Team Leader’ skin, the ‘Rex’ skin, the ‘Ragnarok’ skin, and the ‘Brite Bomber. This is a great gift idea for kids to play with and if you get some of the other sets that include more building materials to go along with it, they can actually build their own Fortnite simulation in real life.

36. A Fortnite Inspired Bluetooth Speaker

fortnite gifts for adults - A Fortnite Inspired Bluetooth Speaker

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A tiny Bluetooth speaker that looks likes your favorite character or skin in Fortnite, that is what this gift idea is. It comes in a bunch of different designs, so you’re sure to find one of their favorites in there. It’s a great small gift and would also serve as a great Fortnite stocking stuffer for Christmas. You can charge it using a USB port and it will work for over four hours before having to recharge. This is a great and cute gift idea for Fortnite players and should definitely be on your list of Fortnite gift ideas to get.

37. A ‘How to Draw’ Official Fortnite Book

A How to Draw Official Fortnite Book (fortnite birthday gift)

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Learn how to draw your favorite Fortnite characters and skins with this official Fortnite ‘How to Draw’ book. You’ll learn how to draw the weapons, skins, and even the Battle Bus. So, if you’re looking for a Fortnite activity that’ll keep them busy for a while and will teach them some creativity, then this is a great Fortnite book to get. And once they finished with this book, there’s even a part two to keep them going. this is a great gift for kids to learn how to draw some of their favorite characters and items in the game.

38. A Fortnite Calendar

A Fortnite Calendar to Count Down the Days to the Next Season

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A great item to hang on your wall is this Fortnite calendar with each month being a vertical poster with one of the many skins of the game accompanying that month. It’s a great gift idea that doesn’t cost a lot and is sure to be used. So, use this calendar to add a bit of decor to his room and it will help him keep track of time. Every year Epic Games makes one of these calendars, so be sure to check them out and ensure that you get the right year.

39. An Actual Loot Drop Box to Wrap Your Gifts In

An Actual Loot Drop Box - cool fortnite stuff

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This gift idea is a twofer. First, you can use it as an original way to wrap or hide your gift in, and afterward, the box can be used for storage in their bedroom. Get the balloon filled with helium and there you have the perfect way to wrap a Fortnite present. And because the box can be used after the party to store stuff in, it’s not a waste of money. If you are only interested in the box, then you can get that separate as well. All in all, a pretty fun Fortnite birthday present to give.

40. An RC Fortnite Vehicle with Drift

An RC Fortnite Vehicle with Drift - best fortnite toys

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A Fortnite present that’s more for smaller kids is this RC vehicle that comes with the character Drift from the game. It’s a fun way to play without being stuck behind a screen. So, if you’re looking for a Fortnite toy for kids, then this is a great gift to get. In total, it fits up to four figurines in the cart and is great fun for younger kids. Though, keep in mind that older kids won’t be as impressed, since it’s not the faster remote-controlled cart out there, however, this one is Fortnite-themed.

41. A Handy Pop Socket

A Popsocket; gift for fortnite player

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Another small gift that would be a great Fortnite stocking stuffer on this list is this fun little pop socket. It’s a great way to make the grip on your phone more secure and adds a bit of fun to your phone. This is also a present that is sure to go over well with teenagers who enjoy Fortnite. A pop socket is not something you can go wrong with. If you don’t like the Loot Llama on it, then check out this plainer version that is also available on amazon. Either way, these pop sockets are great Fortnite gifts to give.

42. A Joke Book Filled with Terrible Fortnite Jokes

A Joke Book Filled with Terrible Fortnite Jokes (fortnite birthday gift ideas)

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This joke book is perfect for 9-year-olds or to make adults suffer. It’s filled with really bad and corny Fortnite jokes, so if you want to give someone more of a gag gift than anything else, then this is it. Filled with jokes about flossing and other cringey Fortnite fun, it is sure to make every adult roll their eyes. So, the perfect gift for a 9-year-old, or for someone you want to see suffer through the worst jokes they’ve ever heard.

43. A Do Not Disturb Door Sign

a do not disturb door sign - fortnite gift ideas

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If they have a tendency to get pretty upset when you disturb them in the middle of a game, then getting this door sign can be a great funny gamer gift idea. It makes it clear to everyone around them why they might not react immediately when you call their name. Of course, only get this if you know they won’t actually expect everyone to listen to the sign. It’s just a fun addition to anyone’s bedroom door whenever they’re playing games.

44. A Fortnite Graphic Novel

a fortnite graphic novel as a fortnite present

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Making reading more fun and attractive to kids can be pretty tricky, though this novel is a great example of how you can try to do so with one of their favorite hobbies. It’s a story based on the Fortnite gameplay and is a graphic novel or comic book, so it doesn’t involve pages and pages of plain text. This is just the first book in the series and is great to get kids to read more and become interested in reading even more. So, a win for all involved.

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So, now that you’ve looked at these gifts for Fortnite players, you hopefully have a good idea of what to get someone who loves Fortnite. These gifts range from very cheap to a bit more expensive, but I’m sure there was something on here that is in your budget. Let’s go over the three things you need to keep in mind when looking for the best Fortnite gifts:

  1. Keep their age in mind: Not every Fortnite player is a 10-year-old boy, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for gift ideas. when you want to find a present for adults, you can always take the route of a good gag gift or getting them one of the toys for kids as a fun gift to get.
  2. Stick to your budget: There are more than enough great Fortnite gift ideas out there that won’t break the bank. So even if you see an awesome gift, but it’s maybe a bit expensive, don’t get it straight away. Just take a look around and see if there is another gift you like just as much that is within your budget. I’m of the opinion that gifts shouldn’t be too expensive, especially when it’s a gift for kids. And gifts like these are very trendy, which means they can go out of style as well. So, be careful and always keep your budget in mind.
  3. Do your Fortnite research: When you are looking for something to get someone who likes Fortnite, it’s a good idea to do some reconnaissance first. If they have siblings, ask them what their favorite part about the game is and if they know what their favorite skin is. This way, you can look for a more personalized gift by looking for the character they like best.

At the end of the day though, it’s the thought that counts. So, if you choose one of the Fortnite-themed gift ideas on this list, then you’re sure that they’ll like it. I’ve purposely chosen presents that most Fortnite fans would love by either choosing the most popular skins or by picking another iconic feature of the game. All in all, I hope you now have the perfect Fortnite present in mind.

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