3 Fun and Original Father’s Day Crafts and Printables

father's day printable activities for free

Are you looking for some fun and original Father’s day crafts and activities for kids? Then check out these three free and original printables you can use to keep your kids entertained with these simple DIY projects for kids. These include; a fun and original father’s day card in the shape of a tie, a superdad bookmark, and a father’s day maze. Keep your kids busy with these fun and original crafts and activities!

1. A Colorful DIY Tie and Card in One

colorful diy tie and card

This first Father’s day craft is perfect for the dad who regularly wears a tie to work. You print out the free stencil available down below and fill in the questions and color in the front piece. Then piece it all together with a bit of string at the top and there you have a fun and easy-to-make father’s day craft and card in one.

The two tie pieces fit on top of each other perfectly and you can use the top bits to glue or staple it all together. If you want a young child to color in the tie, then you can make it a bit easier by blocking off certain section, so they can fill up one part at a time. This makes this craft a lot less overwhelming for young kids or toddlers.

The back piece is filled with fun questions about dad and what makes him such a great father to you. Fill it in together and put it behind the colored-in tie and there you go.

If you use normal paper, the top bits can be a bit flimsy, so just stick them onto an extra piece of paper to make it a bit stronger. You can then line the widest parts up to each other to make it even stronger, so you only have one top bit instead of two.

I decided to leave the front completely blank, but if you want to use it more as a coloring activity feel free to edit the file to turn it into something perfect for your child do as a great father’s day activity

Whether you use this with your kids at home or as a teacher, it’s an easy and low-effort activity that all kids can do. Just make sure to only use it for personal use and you can grab this printable I made for free right here.

Download this free printable here

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2. Create Your Own Superdad Bookmark

father's day bookmark superhero

This second craft will let you create your own superhero bookmark for your dad. You can use the free printable I made that’s available down below, or just wing it. The general idea and shapes are pretty simple, so you don’t really need the printable, but it can definitely make this craft a lot more hands-off for the parent or supervisor.

Make sure that you use different colors of paper, or if you use white paper to color it in before assembling the bookmarks. The assembly itself is pretty straight-forward. You stick the body to the cape/triangle and stick the circle on top. Then personalize it however you want by drawing in the face, their hair and maybe even designing a superhero logo for your dad.

This is a great father’s day craft to do with a couple of kids together, because then you can print the stencil out on a couple of different colors and they can mix and match without a lot of paper getting lost.

My advice would be to use cardstock or thicker paper if you can, because you want your bookmark to be as sturdy as possible. If you don’t have any colored cardstock, then you can always double up and stick another copy of each element on the back of them. This is actually what I did, and the pdf is made in such a way that for the body, you can just fold it in half to get that extra sturdyness.

This is just a really fun and colorful father’s day craft that your kids will love making and that will put a smile on their dad’s face.

Again, only use this for personal use such as in a classroom or at home because it is something I made from scratch, and I want people to enjoy it the way it was intended to be used.

Download this free printable here

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3. A Delicious Father’s Day Maze

father's day maze printable

My last printable on this list is this maze that is an easy and hands-off father’s day activity that you can just print out and put in front of your kids and they’ll know what to do. To make the maze a bit easier for younger kids, I added some snacks along the way to help them get an idea of which way they should go.

You can start on either side and there’s not really a wrong way of doing it. This is not so much a father’s day craft as it is an activity that’s perfect for young kids. It will also help them work on their pen-skills without having to trace any letters or even feeling like they’re training anything that might have to do with school.

So, if you’re looking for something simple and low-effort to have your child do for father’s day, then this printable maze is a great choice. And feel free to use it in the classroom for kids who might needs something to keep them busy for a while. I mean, all kids need more things to keep them busy.

Download this free father’s day maze here

If you’re looking for other spring crafts and activities for kids, then check out these mother’s day printables I made that you can use for mother’s day. In my opinion, most spring holidays sort of mesh together and are all perfect themes to mix up and use as inspiration for each other. For example, the superhero bookmarks are also great mother’s day crafts if you want to switch it up to suit your family perfectly.

So, if you’re looking for spring activities, keep your mind open and look at all the different holidays and themes that are perfect for spring and mix and match those activities that you think your child will enjoy best. And as you can see with these free father’s day printables and activities, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny or a lot of effort to do so.

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I hope you’ll enjoy using the free father’s day printables to keep your kids busy or use them to create a nice DIY gift for dad. I made all of these myself, so you’re free to use them for personal use without any strings attached. All I ask is for you to relax and use them to keep your kids busy when you need a break, because isn’t that something all parents can use from time to time. And you don’t have to feel guilty for it because doing something fun and creative.

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3 free father's day printable crafts

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