17 Easter Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Easter Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Find great Easter gifts for men. 

Are you looking for the perfect Easter gifts for your boyfriend? Then take a look at this list of Easter gift ideas for him. This gift guide contains fun and affordable Easter gift ideas for men that they’ll love. So be sure to scroll down and find the perfect Easter gifts for the man in your life.

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1. KUBB: The perfect backyard game

KUBB: easter gifts for boyfriend

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Have you ever played Kubb before? Because if you have, then you know what an amazing game it is to play with friends. Kubb is a strategic lawn game that everyone can play. It’s great for BBQs and garden parties to keep one another entertained. So, if he loves to hang out with his mates, having a beer in the garden, then this Easter present is a great gift to give. And the best part of this Easter gift for your boyfriend is that it’s really durable and affordable and perfect for spring.

2. A Pair of Easter Bunny Socks

a pair of bunny socks - what to get your boyfriend for easter

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Are you looking for a small Easter gift for him or something to add to an Easter basket for your boyfriend, then check out these fun Easter-themed socks. Socks have become a bit of an inside joke when it comes to gift ideas for men, but that doesn’t keep them from being fun gifts that are really affordable and you can’t go wrong with. So if you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for your boyfriend or small easter gifts. Then get him this pair of Easter socks.

3. A Small Bike Repair Kit

a small bicycle repair kit (easter gifts for men)

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Another great thing to do, now that the weather has improved, is to go on a nice bike ride. This can be mountain biking in the forest or just enjoying a leisurely ride. Either way, if he enjoys cycling, then this set of bike repair tools is a great Easter gift idea because it’s sure to be put to good use and really affordable. If you want to give some more cycling-related gifts, then you can add in some tire repair strips and so on. All of these are great Easter gifts for your boyfriend if he enjoys mountain biking or cycling.

4. A Tie With Tiny Bunnies

a tie with tiny bunnies on it: cute easter gifts for boyfriend

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This tie comes in a couple of different prints and designs with two different colors of the bunny design. It’s a great subtle pattern that’s perfectly wearable, because the bunnies don’t stand out. However, this will become the designated Easter tie from now on and is just a great easter gift for adults. So, if you want something Easter-themed that isn’t too in your face, then this adorable bunny printed tie is a great option. Just pick the color you like best and there you have a fun gift idea for men for Easter.

5. A Compact Power Bank

a compact power bank - easter gifts for him

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If you don’t want to go with one of the typical outdoorsy gift ideas for men on this list, you can choose to go with this gadget instead. A good power bank is a must-have if you travel a lot, or need to charge your phone regularly without always needing a plug. Power banks on their own are already great Easter gifts for your boyfriend, however, this one is so small that it’s even better. It can charge your phone up to 3 times in a row without needing to be recharged itself. With its size being just a bit bigger than a credit card, though a lot thicker, it’s easy to travel with and even carry with you in your pocket. All in all a great present to get.

6. Stylish Wooden Sunglasses: easter gifts for boyfriend

a pair of wooden sunglasses as boyfriend easter gifts

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This pair of sunglasses isn’t only great for the sunnier days, it’s also unique in that the frame is made from bamboo. You can pick from a bunch of different lens colors and it comes in a nice gift box, so it’s more than just a pair of sunnies. If you’re looking for something unique and original that he can probably wear on Easter, then this pair of sunglasses is a great choice. Just pick your favorite version and there you have a simple and successful gift.

7. A Compact Camping Cooking Set

a compact camping cooking set: easter gifts for husband

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Does he like going on camping trips? Well, then check out this perfect gift idea for him. This set of camping cooking tools are perfect to take with you on a camping trip where you don’t have a lot of room to pack your stuff. In other words, great for cycling or hiking trips. This set comes with all the tools you need to make a meal while camping and can be packed away into one single pot. So if he likes to go on camping trips, these tools are the perfect Easter gifts for men.

8. A Fancy Travel Mug

travel mug - cute easter ideas for boyfriend

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If you’re looking for easter ideas for a boyfriend that loves coffee, then check out this travel mug. This mug or thermos, depending on how you look at it, is great for traveling or to use in the office. This is a great Easter present for your boyfriend, because anyone can use it. Whether you prefer hot chocolate over coffee, or not, this is a great Easter gift idea. To make it even better, this thermos comes in loads of different colors to choose from. So if you like the idea, but none of these colors, then you can take a look at the other options Amazon has to offer for this versatile Easter gift idea.

9. A Pair of Easter Bunny Cufflinks

Easter bunny cufflinks by CosmicFirefly on Etsy (easter gift for boyfriend)

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These adorable Easter bunny cufflinks by CosmicFirefly on Etsy is a great handmade gift idea. The seller even offers to wrap it as a gift for you, so it’s truly a low-effort gift if you want. This is perfect for someone who wears dress shirts to work or to family occasions and would love a pair of on-theme cufflinks like this. And don’t worry, they’re not as expensive as some cufflinks out there because they’re only silver plated. All in all a really fun present for men.

10. A Personalized Pocket Knife

a personalized pocket knife: easter basket idea for boyfriend

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A pocket knife is another practical example of a great gift idea for him. To make this one even better, you can personalize it with his name or a funny joke. Because of this, I think that this is another great addition to this list of Easter gifts for your boyfriend that he’ll love. It’s a useful thing to get and the personalization turns it into a great personal present.

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11. Socks for the Gamer – Easter gifts for men

gamer socks - easter gift ideas for boyfriend

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Would he prefer to spend Easter playing games on his pc or console? Then getting him this pair of socks and a day off from everything can be a great gift to give. However, only give this if you’re actually planning to not disturb him, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose. It’s a fun idea if you don’t have any plans for the Easter weekend and wouldn’t mind him spending one of those days playing his favorite games. And you know, that also gives you some me-time, so really more of a win-win situation.

12. A Grill Set for The BBQ Season

a grill set (easter gifts for guys)

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Together with Easter comes the beginning of barbeque season. Does your boyfriend like to grill? Then this grill set is one of the best Easter gifts for him. This set includes all the basic grilling tools you need. So if you’re looking for a set of affordable and useful easter gifts for men or for your husband that likes to grill, then get this set.

13. A Funny Easter T-Shirt

a funny easter shirt; easter presents for boyfriend

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Does he enjoy a good pun on his T-shirts, then he’ll love this Easter-themed shirt with a silly pun on it. To be completely honest, I didn’t get it straight away, but once I did, it put a smile on my face. It comes in a couple of different colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find a version that will fit him and is in a color that he doesn’t dislike. This shirt is probably one of the silliest and one of my favorite Easter gifts for men on this list. So, be sure to take a look if he likes funny T-shirts.

14. A Tripod To Take The Perfect Spring Pictures

a tripod for your phone (easter basket ideas for boyfriend)

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As said before, with Easter comes the start of Spring. And that means better weather. If he likes to take pictures, but hates selfies, then getting him a tripod is a great solution. You still get to take great pictures of yourself without asking anyone or using the selfie arm pose. All in all, a tripod for your phone is a great Easter gift idea for him and definitely one of the most well-loved gifts on this easter gift guide for men.

15. A Chocolate Bunny

a chocolate bunny: easter gifts for your boyfriend

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If you still don’t have a clue what to get your boyfriend this Easter, then maybe you should just stick to the classic chocolate. This chocolate is made out of Swiss chocolate, so perfect for adults, and will provide you with a fun Easter gift idea for him, while also sticking to just chocolate. In other words, this is a shoo-in for every chocolate lover. And if he doesn’t like chocolate, then you can always help him eat it of course…

16. A Personalized Guitar Pick

a personalized guitar pick: cute easter basket ideas for boyfriend

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This is really only for guitar-playing boyfriends and is more of a keepsake than anything else, because I can’t imagine it working all that well as a guitar pick. This is just one example of the many guitar pick options out there that you can get customized. Pick your message and there you have a simple and small gift that won’t take up a lot of space in your home. He can carry it with him wherever he goes in his wallet to have you with him wherever he goes.

17. A Beard Kit: boyfriend Easter gift

beard kit (easter boyfriend gifts)

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A lot of men tend to grow out their beards during the winter months. Well, it’s probably about time to either shave it off or take proper care of it. With this kit, you encourage them to trim and take care of their beard. If you want them to shave it off and they’ve been thinking about it as well, then you can get them a shaving kit instead. Either way, a fun addition to this list of gift ideas for husbands or boyfriends for Easter.

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Now you’ve hopefully found the perfect Easter gifts for your boyfriend. Whether he loves the outdoor or not, these easter gift ideas for boyfriends are sure to offer you some fun Easter ideas for men. If you want to add some smaller gifts to one of these Easter presents to create an Easter basket for him, then check out this list of homemade gift basket ideas for men to help you find some more fun gift inspiration.

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