18 Best Disney Gifts for Teenagers

best disney gifts for teenagers

Find great Disney gifts for teenage girls and guys. 

Do they love Disney as much as they did when they were still kids and are you looking for the best Disney gifts for teenagers? Then scroll down and take a look at this Disney gift guide for teens filled with great gifts to give that are Disney-themed and overall fun gift ideas. Disney-themed gifts don’t have to be childish. There are a bunch of fun gadgets and merchandise pieces out there that are great for teens and even adults. So, if you want a Disney gift for a teen girl or teen guy, then take a look at this list filled with fun options. Ranging in price and subtlety, you’ll find the best Disney gifts for teens right here.

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1. A Dazzling Disney Phone Case

phone case - disney gifts for teenagers

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One of the most popular gifts for teenagers is a fun phone case, and this one is even better because of its Disney design. Be sure to get the right size for the phone they have. This Disney phone case is a great Disney gift for teenage girls because it isn’t childish yet still very clearly showing their love for Disney. So, all you need is to figure out what phone they have and then you can get the right size and one with a design you like.

2. Winnie the Pooh Enamel Pins

winnie the pooh enamel pins as disney gifts for teenage girls

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No matter how old you are, you’ll always love Winnie the Pooh. With this set of cute enamel pins, you can decorate your pencil case, backpack, or favorite jacket with these adorable characters. So, if you’re looking for a sure winner on this list of Disney gifts for teenagers, then this set of pins is a great gift to get. Of course, if you know what their favorite movie or Disney character is, then you can probably find a pin to match either on Amazon or on Etsy.

3. A Disney Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow pallete (disney gifts for teen girls beauty and makeup)

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Is she into makeup and does she love Disney? Then this gift idea for her is one of the best Disney gifts for teens to give. This is an eyeshadow palette by Colourpop with a Disney princess theme. It is a gift idea that’s on the pricier side. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable Disney gift for her, then be sure to also take a look at the other makeup items such as a simple lip balm or lip gloss. All in all, makeup is in general a good gift for teenage girls, so pick something Disney-themed and there you have a great Disney gift idea for girls.

4. A T-Shirt to Never Grow Up

a fun quote t-shirt - disney gifts for teenage girl

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This T-shirt is just one of the many Disney-themed T-shirts out there. Though, this one probably has one of the best messages for teens. Because isn’t one of the core messages of Disney to enjoy being young and always staying in touch with your inner child? So make sure they’ll never grow up (or at least not too much) with this fun T-shirt.  This shirt comes in a couple of different colors and is just one of the best useful gift ideas on this list. Another option is to go for the Hakuna Matata shirt that you can also find online.

5. A Snow White Notebook

A Snow White Notebook: disney gifts for teens

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This notebook is Disney-themed without being childish, which can be a tricky thing to balance. The notebook comes in a couple of different variants with this one being my personal favorite. Though, the evil queen version is pretty fun as well. A notebook is one of those gifts that you can’t go wrong with, because every teen uses and needs them for school or other activities. If you don’t like this Snow White-themed one, then be sure to have a look around, because there are a lot of other Disney notebook options out there that would also be great teenage Disney gifts.

6. A Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace 

A Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace; disney birthday gifts 

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This necklace is both gorgeous, dainty, and refers to the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie. It comes in four different colors, including rose gold, silver, and yellow gold. It’s a relatively affordable gift for a teen compared to some of the other Disney jewelry out there. I think this is such a good gift to give because it’s subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, yet Disney fans will surely recognize the rose from the movie. And it’s, of course, especially great for Beauty and the Beast fans.

7. A Set of Disney Princesses Wall Art

A Set of Disney Princesses Wall Art (disney gifts for girls)

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Are you looking for a more grown-up way to decorate your room with Disney posters? Then this gift idea is a great solution. This set of 6 prints comes in 2 different sizes and is just a beautiful way to add a touch of Disney to your room. Frame them in and hang them on your wall to transform your room. Even if you just hang one of them, they’re a great fun addition to anyone’s space. These would also be great Disney gift ideas for college students to decorate their dorm room with.

8. A Minnie Mouse Makeup Bag

a Minnie Mouse makeup bag - disney gift ideas

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This makeup bag can either be used as a makeup bag or pencil case. Either way, they’re great Disney gifts for teenagers. There are a couple of other designs out there as well, though this one is the most age-appropriate and doesn’t cost a fortune. All in all, I would say this is a pretty good Disney gift idea for teenage girls. If you don’t like the color scheme, then check out the other colors this bag is also available in on Amazon.

9. A Disney Coloring Book for Adults (and Teens)

A Disney Coloring Book for Adults (and Teenagers); disney birthday gift

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A coloring book for adults is actually a great gift for teens. This coloring book is all about Disney and features some of your favorite Disney characters. Though it should be noted that it’s mostly Disney princesses in this book. There are other versions of this coloring book such as this Frozen coloring book for adults. All of these coloring books are just great Disney gifts for teenagers. Just pair it with a set of alcohol brush markers to make the coloring even more fun to color it in.

10. Set of Little Mermaid Socks: Disney gifts for teens

Set of Little Mermaid Socks as disney gift ideas for kids

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This set of short Little Mermaid socks is a great gift to give if you’re looking for something small and cute. These are pretty great low-key Disney gifts for teenagers since they’re just socks and not everyone will see them. So, if you’re looking for a small Disney gift idea for her, then this is a fun gift to give. There are other versions on amazon as well with different movies and characters that are just as fun as gift ideas. Just figure out which one they would like the best.

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11. A Funko Pop! Disney Character

A Funko Pop - disney princess gifts for teenagers

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There are pretty much Funk Pop! figures for every Disney character out there. So, whether they love Star Wars, Marvel, or one of the Disney princesses, you’re sure to find an on-brand figurine of it. This one here is of Ariel, who is one of the most popular Disney princesses, though all the others are available on Amazon as well. You can pick from the normal-sized ones like this one or one of the many keychain versions that are also out there.

12. An Adorable Wallet

an adorable wallet: cute disney gifts

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There are a bunch of bags, coin purses, and wallets out there with fun Disney themes. This one here from the movie Dumbo is a great example of a cute wallet that you can actually use as a wallet that isn’t too in your face with the theme and is just a fun Disney gift idea overall. This brand offers a bunch of different wallets and bags that are all really great Disney-themed gifts for teens, so take a look. You’ll even find an adorable Mandalorian backpack on there as well.

13. A Big Disney Puzzle

a big disney puzzle (disney princess teenagers)

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Puzzles are perhaps not something you would typically think of for teens. However, this puzzle is a lot bigger and trickier than your typical jigsaw puzzle. It has most traditional Disney movies and characters and is a great activity to relax and not be behind their computer for a bit. So, if you want something fun that they can even hang on their wall once finished, then this is a great gift idea. If you don’t like this design, then be sure to check out all the other options as well.

14. Food Magnets: Disney gift ideas for teenage girls

food magnets as disney teenagers gifts

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If you’re looking for something small and fun, then something cute like these magnets is always a fun present to get. These would be great Disney stocking stuffers and items to add to a gift basket or just to give in and of itself, if they have a magnet board and love Disneyworld foods. This is one of those gift sets that you can’t really go wrong with and great if you really don’t know what to get a teen that loves Disney.

15. A Colorful AirPods Case

AirPods case (best disney gifts for teens)

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Do they own a pair of AirPods? Well, then a fun gift idea is a case for them. These are silicon cases that you put around the actual original case and it protects them from being dropped and breaking. There are a bunch of Disney cases out there and this one here already offers some great Disney characters in their design. So, take a look around at all the different cases and designs that you can get on Amazon that are all great Disney presents for teens that own a pair of AirPods.

16. Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings

Mickey Mouse stud earrings as disney gifts for kids

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These stud earrings are great small gift ideas for teenage Disney fans that are perfect for a small birthday gift or Christmas gift. It comes in a bunch of different colors, including rose gold, gold and silver as well as a bunch of more unusual metal colors. So, if you want something that’s cute but not too over-the-top, then these earrings are a great option. Just make sure they actually have their ears pierced, otherwise, a pair of earrings is pretty useless.

17. A Disney Insulated Tumbler

disney insulated tumbler (disney birthday gift ideas for teenagers)

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A good insulated tumbler or water bottle is one of those gifts that you really can’t go wrong with for a teen and this one here comes in a bunch of fun Disney designs. You can pick from a couple of different sizes and types, including a cup or a bottle depending on what they would use the most. The cup is probably the handiest at home, while a bottle is great for taking with you to school. Either way, be sure to take a look at all the fun designs these Disney gift ideas for teens come in.

18. A Fun Disney Baseball Cap

a fun disney baseball cap - disney gifts for teenage guys

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This one here is just one example of the many Disney-themed baseball caps out there. Some are a bit more obvious than others, thought I really like these subtle ones that just have some small embroidery on the front. I think this would be a great Disney gift for a teenage guy as you can actually wear this hat and use it while still carrying a touch of Disney with you. If you know what movie or character they like best, then be sure to see if it has a baseball cap available with something like that on it.

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What did you think of these Disney gifts for teenagers? Did you end up with some good gift ideas for them that you think they’ll like or did you struggle to find something from their favorite movie or character? Be sure to save this Disney gift guide for teens for later to get the gift ideas you liked. If you’re looking for fun ways to wrap said gifts, then check out these fun Disney gift wrapping ideas to really finish off your Disney gifts for teenage girls and guys.

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