18 Fun Disney Gifts for Boys

fun disney gifts for boys

Find original Disney gifts for kids. 

Are you looking for Disney gift ideas for boys? Then check out this Disney gift guide filled with fun Disney stuff for boys that any little boy will love. This list is filled with the best Disney gifts for kids that especially little boys will love because it focuses on those movies and characters that are not your typical Disney princesses. Scroll down and you’ll find some of the best Disney gifts for boys for Christmas and their birthday.

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1. Olaf Bedding from Frozen

Olaf bedding from Frozen - disney gifts for boys

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Finding a fun Frozen gift for boys isn’t always the easiest thing, considering that most Disney gifts seem to be aimed at girls. However, choose a character that they love, and you’re sure to find something Disney-themed for boys that they’ll like. This bedding set is a great gift idea for boys who love Frozen and Olaf. It actually comes in a couple of different Disney themes. So, if you’re looking for a Disney or Frozen gift for boys, be sure to check this one out.

2. A Toy Story 4 Lego Set

a toy story 4 lego set (disney gifts for kids)

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Are you looking for a gift that combines his love for Legos and his love for Toy Story? Then this is one of the best Disney gifts for boys out there. This Lego set would even be a great gift idea if it wasn’t Toy Story-themed, so all in all a great toy to get for a little boy. If you don’t like this set, be sure to take a look at the other options out there, because there are a lot of Disney Lego sets out there, so you’re sure to find one you like.

3. A Wreck-It Ralph Keychain by Funko Pop

a Funko Pop wreck-it ralph keychain (disney gifts for children)

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If you’re looking for smaller Disney gifts for kids, then a Funko Pop keychain is a great option. This one is from the Wreck-It Ralph franchise, though these high-quality keychains exist for pretty much every Disney character out there. I think this is a great smaller option for kids and boys who love Disney because its size doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Of course, there are also the bigger Funko Pops, though a keychain is probably more fun to actually use.

4. Monopoly Junior

monopoly junior as disney gifts for children

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This is again a gift that comes in a lot of different versions, depending on the movie you like best. This is the Monopoly board game junior edition, with the Incredibles movie as its theme. The monopoly junior game is a great way to introduce Monopoly and board games to kids without overwhelming them. I remember it as being one of the most frequently played games in our household when I was a kid. So, the game itself is already a great gift idea for boys. Just find one that you like best and there you have an array of Disney gifts for kids to choose from.

5. A How to Train Your Dragon Plush

how to train your dragon plush - disney gifts for toddlers

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Another Disney present for children is to go with a stuffed animal of one of the many animal characters in the Disney movie. I, personally, really like this pretty big dragon stuffed animal from the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ films. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you might think it looks a bit scary, but the character is actually adorable and called Toothless. So if he loves the movies, then this is a great gift to get.

6. A Disney Water Bottle

a mickey mouse water bottle: disney presents for boys

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Like so many other gifts on this Disney gift guide for boys, this gift idea also comes in other Disney movie versions. A water bottle is something everyone needs, especially if they go to school or are just bad at drinking enough water on a daily basis. Make hydration more fun with a bottle like this that they’ll want to carry with them wherever they go. It’s especially great if they need something to take with them to school for lunch.

7. The Lion King Wall Decals

The Lion King wall decals as disney gifts for kids

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Bring their favorite movie to their bedroom walls with a set of wall decals like this. This way you can easily transform their room without having to paint or wallpaper the room. So, if you’re looking for Disney gift ideas for boys that will look great in his room, then this is the perfect gift idea to get for him. You can also go with a fun print or framed poster as another alternative depending on the design that are available for his favorite movie.

8. Moana Pajamas for Boys

Moana pajamas for boys (disney gift ideas for kids)

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If The Rock plays a character in a movie, then it’s a sure thing that little boys will love his character. And in Moana, his character is a great one. With this set of pajamas, boys can become Maui without having to get actual tattoos. These pajamas also come in a shorter version, so be sure to check that one out as well if you like those more. All in all, these pajamas are one of the most fun Disney clothes for boys on this list.

9. A Big Hero Six Picture Book

a big hero six story book - disney birthday present for boys

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One of the most affordable gift ideas on this list of Disney gifts for kids is to get one of the many Disney books based on their favorite movies. This one is a story based on Big Hero 6, but there are storybooks like this for pretty much every Disney movie out there. So, if you’re looking for a small and affordable Disney Christmas present, then one of these books is a great idea. It’s also an easy way to get your kid interested in books.

10. Monsters Inc Slippers

Monster Inc slippers as disney gifts for boys

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Last but not least on this list of gift ideas for boys are these fun and fuzzy slippers that you may recognize from the Monsters Inc movies. Slippers are always great Christmas gifts for boys and girls, and that’s why I think this is also a great Disney gift for boys. If he isn’t into Monsters Inc. there are also some really fun Toy Story slippers on Amazon, so be sure to check those out as well. There are a bunch of Disney slippers out there that you can choose from. Just type in the movie title plus ‘slippers’ and you’re sure to find something.

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11. Disney Memory Game

Disney memory game; disney gifts

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This memory game comes in a couple of different Disney themes, including Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Raya, and Frozen. It’s a great Disney gift idea for small kids that will enjoy a simple game like this. It’s also great to train their memory and, more importantly, their attention span. So, take a look and see which version you like best. For me, personally, the Winnie the Pooh one stands out because the illustrations are so well done.

12. Avengers Hero Inventors Kit

avengers hero inventor kit - cool disney gifts for kids

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If they’re a bit older, then the Disney movies they’re probably most interested in the Marvel franchise which includes Iron Man. This gift has everything a tween may need to build their own iron man arm and hand from scratch. It’s a great Disney toy to get started with programming and electromechanics in a fun and playful way. It is quite expensive, so only get it if you know they’re both interested in the electronics side and the Marvel movies.

13. A Cars Race Track

a Cars race track: disney gift ideas for children

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Most little boys are pretty obsessed with the Cars movies and are very likely able to say ‘Lightning McQueen’ before they can properly pronounce their ‘r’. Either way, there are a bunch of fun Cars gifts for boys out there with this race track being a favorite to many kids. You get to actually race with your favorite car and a Carrera race track is already a fun gift for boys without the Disney element. You can even purchase more cars and extra pieces for the track to make it even bigger.

14. A Buzz Lightyear Hoodie

a Buzz Lightyear hoodie (disney gifts amazon)

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This is probably one of my favorite pieces of Disney merchandise for kids. It’s a simple hoodie that you can wear as both a hoodie or a costume and is so well-thought-out. When you put on the hood, it actually looks as if you’re wearing Buzz Lightyear’s helmet. So, not only is it a fun costume, it’s also just a fun and colorful hoodie that they can actually wear. So, if they love Toy Story, then this is a great sweater to get them for Christmas or their birthday.

15. Disney Puzzles: Disney gifts for boys

a Disney puzzle - disney present ideas for boys

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A good puzzle is another one of those items that I couldn’t leave out of this Disney gift guide for kids. This one here is actually a set of a couple of different puzzles with a different number of pieces each. That’s really the thing you need to look out for because it having a lot of pieces means it’s more difficult. You can find a puzzle for pretty much every movie or character from a Disney movie and it’s a great traditional gift idea for kids.

16. The Mandalorian Plush

The Mandalorian plus (disney gift ideas for boys)

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A bit more of a grown-up gift idea for boys is something from Star Wars. This plush from the Mandalorian series is a great example of that. It’s adorable and fun while also being a bit cooler because it’s not from a cartoon. It’s also pretty affordable, which makes it a bit more accessible to get as a gift. There are a bunch of different Mandalorian figurines, plushes, and so on available. So, if you don’t like this one, then be sure to check out the other options as well.

17. The Avengers Luggage Tags

avenger luggage tags as disney presents for boys

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Are you going on a trip and you want to add a fun touch to their bags? Or are they in need of a name tag for their schoolbag? Then this set of luggage tags that actually comes in a couple of different themes is a great option. These tags are great small Disney gifts for kids to get for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. They’re an easy way to transform a plain bag into a Spiderman or Marvel bag without it costing a bunch of money. And they can even change them out from time to time.

18. Fun Vinyl Stickers

fun vinyl stickers - disney christmas gifts for boys

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Another way to personalize your stuff by adding a touch of Disney is getting a set of vinyl stickers like these ones here. They’re perfect for sticking on water bottles, lunch bags, cell phones, and so on. There are a bunch of different themes and options available and you typically get a bunch of different ones that you can pick from and they’re also really cheap. So, if you’re looking for something simple, then these vinyl stickers are great Disney gifts for boys.

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Hopefully, you now have a list filled with Disney gift ideas for kids that will help you find the perfect gift to give a Disney fan. Once you’ve found the perfect present on this list of Disney gifts for boys, all that’s left to do is wrap it up nicely. Here are some fun ways to wrap up gifts for kids, be sure to check them out. Of course, the Disney stuff for kids on this list is also great for girls that aren’t interested in the stereotypical Disney princesses and movies.

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