23 Thoughtful Daughter-In-Law Gifts for Every Occasion

daughter in law gifts

Find the best gifts for a daughter-in-law right here. 

Are you struggling to come up with good gifts or don’t even know where to start? Then take a look at these daughter-in-law gifts that are great examples of things a daughter-in-law would like to get. So, scroll down and find inspiration and gift ideas from these great presents for her.

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1. A Dainty Bracelet Set

dainty bracelet set by TomDesign on Etsy - daughter in law gifts

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The first idea on this list of daughter-in-law giftideas is a piece of jewelry like this. This set of two bracelets by TomDesign on Etsy is a great example of a pretty and neutral gift idea that any woman would love to get. On top of that, it’s personalized for her by picking her initial to go on the bracelet and you can pick from a couple of different metal finishes. So, if you’re looking for something small and thoughtful, then this is a great choice.

2. Tea-Infused Bath Salts

tea spa bath salts (daughter-in law gifts amazon)

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If you want to give your daughter-in-law something to relax, then spa products are always a great option. This set of two bottles of tea-infused bath salts from Amazon are a great original choice. Bath salts are great for everyone and not as intense as a bath bomb and these ones don’t only look nice, they also smell like rose and lavender and they even include some petals. This way it’s more than just a bag of Epsom salt, but an actual nice gift to give.

3. A Hot-Air Popcorn Maker

a hot-air popcorn maker: funny daughter-in-law gifts

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If she loves having a movie night with a bowl of popcorn to go with it, or just enjoys popcorn as a snack, then this small popcorn maker is a great idea. It stays a lot cleaner than most popcorn maker and is great to make a smaller portion. You can pick the color, though this one is a really pretty choice. It’s a cheap kitchen gadget that’s perfect for anyone who loves making popcorn but doesn’t like the mess that comes with it. It’s also a lot quicker and easier to use.

4. An Indoor Herb Garden

an indoor herb garden - mom to daughter in law gifts

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I think most adult women would like to use more fresh herbs in their cooking, but that’s a lot easier said than done. This smart indoor garden basically does the work for you and you can put it on your kitchen counter to keep it close at hand while cooking. It comes in a couple of different colors and is especially perfect for those that live in an apartment or don’t really have the space to keep a proper herb garden. So, if she loves cooking, then maybe this is one of the best daughter-in-law gifts you can get.

5. A Kate Spade Lunch Tote

a Kate Spade lunch tote as daughter in law gifts from mother in law

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This insulated lunch bag is great for her if she takes her lunch with her to work each day. And it doesn’t only look great, it’s also really practical because it will keep your lunch safe and fresh while you’re working. So, if you want something for your daughter-in-law who likes to meal prep for work, then this is a great gift idea for her. If you don’t like this design, then be sure to check out all the other options out there on Amazon that are also great alternatives.

6. A Cute Pajama Gift Set

a cute pajamas set; son and daughter in-law gifts

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This pajama set truly has it all, from two different tops and bottoms to a matching sleep mask and scrunchie. It even comes with a matching bag to store it in. This is a really fun Christmas gift idea for a daughter-in-law, because that’s the ultimate occasion to give pajamas. It comes in a bunch of different designs and colors to choose from, so take a look to see which one you think she’ll like best. This is a great versatile and comfortable gift to give.

7. A Self-Cleaning Insulated Water Bottle

a self-cleaning water bottle: daughter in law gifts

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This bottle is basically an upgrade from most thermoses. Its cap contains a rechargeable UV light that keeps the bottle free of germs and clean on the inside. You can pick from a couple of different colors and it’s just a great gift idea for anyone who uses water bottles already and can use an upgrade. Do keep in mind that it’s more than just a water bottle, so it also comes with a heftier price tag. but if you have the budget for it, then this is a great practical choice that she’ll love.

8. A Fill-In Family Cookbook

a fill-in family cookbook (gifts for future daughter in law)

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Empty cookbooks like this one to fill with recipes she loves are great daughter-in-law gifts for those that have a collection for printouts and pieces of paper somewhere in the kitchen. This way, she can keep them all organized and in one spot to make it easier and prettier. Even if this book will end up with loose pieces of paper in it anyways. If she doesn’t enjoy cooking, then it also comes in a gardening version to keep tracking for your gardening.

9. A Set of Pretty Coasters

a set of pretty coasters - gifts for daughter in law

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A nice set of coasters is a pretty classic daughter-in-law gift idea that you can’t really go wrong with. Just keep her style and general decor of the house in mind when picking the coasters you think she’ll like. Amazon has a bunch of different options, all perfect for different houses. These ones are great with the gold detailing on them and the cork backing will keep the tables safe from scratches. A great present to go along with it is a holder for them as well.

10. A Smal Jewelry Travel Case

a jewelry travel case; gift ideas for daughter in law

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Does she travel a lot for work or for fun? Then getting her this small jewelry case is a fun and thoughtful gift idea. It has enough space to keep a couple of different pieces of jewelry safe without having to take a bulky case with you or risking losing some pieces. This case comes in a couple of different colors and is just a really practical gift for the daughter-in-law that enjoys jewelry and traveling. It’s also one of the more affordable gift ideas and would make for a nice stocking stuffer too.

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11. A Pretty & Relaxing Coloring Book for Adults

birthday gift for daughter in law; a coloring book for adults

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I think we all know by now that coloring books are no longer for kids only. This coloring book is filled with floral patterns and designs that are made to relax you as you’re coloring it in. It’s also really cheap, so if you want something under $10, then this is a great option. You can also pair it with a pack of pencils or a set of alcohol markers to make it into more of a gift set. It’s also great for moms to keep themselves entertained when their kids want them to join in with the coloring.

12. A Keepsake Ornament

a keepsake ornament (personalized gifts daughter in law)

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A custom ornament like this is a great daughter-in-law gift idea for Christmas. You can pick from a couple of different designs for this ceramic keepsake ornament that will look great in any Christmas tree. There are a bunch of other designs out there on Etsy that are also great options. A keepsake ornament is just a really thoughtful gift because it will remind them of the day they got it every time they see it on their Christmas tree.

13. Bad Girls Throughout History

bad girls throughout history: gift for daughter in law

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This book is filled with the illustrated stories of 100 badass women that you may or may not have heard of in history class. It’s a fun read to get to know more women that made a difference in history. The stories are not too in-depth, so it’s perfect to read one at a time and they’re a great jumping-off point to learn about these remarkable women. Some of the women mentioned are more appropriate than others, so keep that in mind when reading it.

14. A Monogrammed Coffee Mug

a monogrammed mug - birthday gift ideas for daughter-in-law

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If you don’t really know what kind of things your daughter-in-law is into, then getting a monogrammed mug like this is a great option. I think every woman would appreciate this as a gift and is sure to be put to good use. You can pick from a couple of different designs and a great way to upgrade a mug into more of a present is to fill it up with chocolate or sweets that she can enjoy. So, if you want something personal but neutral at the same time, this is a great idea.

15. A Pair of Minimalist Earrings

minimalist earring by MinimalistMagnolia on Etsy (daughter in law jewelry gifts)

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These earrings by MinimalistMagnolia on Etsy are a great example of minimalist earrings that are great daughter-in-law gifts that she’ll love. They also come in silver and rose gold, so be sure to find out what metal she prefers to wear. A pair of pretty earring like this is just a great small gift that any woman would love to get. And by sticking to the more minimalist designs, you generally also get a lot of neutral options that everyone will like.

16. Joanna Gaines’ Cookbook

Joanna Gaines' Cookbook (daughter-in-law gift ideas)

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If she enjoys cooking and discovering new recipes, then a good cookbook is always a great gift idea for your daughter-in-law. This one is filled with great all-American recipes that are not too fussy or complicated to make. It’s by Joanna Gaines, who you may know from the tv-show Fixer Upper, though she also owns a restaurant together with her husband. So, it’s filled with her recipes and the design of the book itself also makes it a pretty piece of decor in any kitchen or living room.

17. A Handy Cosmetics Travel Bag

a cosmetics travel bag as christmas gifts for daughters in law

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This cosmetics bag is of course only one of the many options available on Amazon, but it’s a great option because of the many pretty colors and sizes you can choose from. A cosmetics bag is another one of those more practical daughter-in-law gifts on this list that she’ll definitely use on her next trip. You probably know yourself how handy it is to have one or more to store not only your makeup and skincare but also things such as a curling wand or even charger. All in all, a great useful gift idea.

18. A Set of Pretty Bath Bombs

a set of pretty bath boms (gift ideas for daughter for daughter in law)

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A set of nice bath bombs is another example of a gift that’s both fun to get and will make her have some me-time, or at least it’s something she can use when she finds that time. These bath bombs almost look too delicious, so don’t keep it around any small kids, but it’s a great gift idea for a daughter-in-law that can keep them safe from being eaten. It’s a fun and adorable present while also being something nice and relaxing to use.

19. A Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

a waffle maker: christmas gifts for daughter in law

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A waffle maker is typically something you don’t buy for yourself, but would want to have one nonetheless. These types of gadgets or kitchen appliances are great to get, because they’ll just be really happy to have one. This waffle maker comes in two different colors and is a great good-quality and affordable rotating Belgian waffle maker. Just make sure your daughter-in-law has the room to store, otherwise, she probably won’t be too happy with it.

20. A Personalized Wine Tumbler

a personalized tumbler; a gift for daughter in law on wedding day

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If you’re looking for personalized gifts daughter in law, then this wine tumbler that you can get customized with her name and a design of your choice is a great option. It comes in a couple of different colors and you can pick the script of the text to personalize it for her. On top of it being a personalized gift, it’s also just a handy and pretty wine tumbler that will keep any drink warm or cool with its insulated walls.

21. Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

a loose leaf tea gift box - best gifts for daughter in law

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This gift box is perfect for the tea-loving daughter-in-law. It includes six different natural loose leaf teas and is great to give her some tea without it being a bag full of it. So, not only does it make great tea, it also just looks nice as a gift in and of itself. It is on the pricier side, but you get some great quality teas for it and she’ll be able to make quite some cups of tea from it. So, it’s definitely worth it if she loves drinking tea instead of coffee.

22. A Personalized Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

a personalized passport and luggage tag; gifts for new daughter in law

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Another great personalized gift idea for a daughter-in-law is this set of a passport holder and luggage tag with her name across. It comes in a couple of different colors and all you need to do is type in her name. If this design isn’t really your taste, then be sure to check out all the other options that you can find on Etsy. They’re great for anyone who travels a lot or likes to keep their stuff nice and organized while on the road.

23. A Nice Pair of Fluffy Slippers

A pair of fluffy slippers: christmas gift ideas for daughter-in-law

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This pair of slippers is perfect as a Christmas gift for daughters-in-law. It comes in a bunch of colors and just looks so comfortable. Of course, other types of slippers are also a great option. You can’t really go wrong with a pair of slippers, except if you get the shoe size wrong. It’s a great comfortable present that’s she’ll surely love, whether you get this fluffy pair pictured here or something a bit less out-there.

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I hope this list of daughter-in-law gifts helped you find some inspiration on what to get her for her birthday or Christmas. If you don’t know what to write on the accompanying card, then check out these ideas to help you out. It can be pretty tricky to find something for your daughter-in-law, so use this gift guide to find the perfect present for your daughter-in-law.

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